This newspaper article accused the Christians of running a "conversion racket."
This newspaper article accused the Christians of running a "conversion racket."
Sep. 06, 2018 | India

Pastors Arrested and Accused of "Conversion Racket"

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Two pastors have been detained since July 22, when they were arrested on accusations of running a 13-year “conversion racket.” The men were teaching a discipleship lesson to 18 believers when members of the Hindutva youth movement interrupted their class and accused them of converting people by allurement. Police held the entire group overnight, releasing everyone but the pastors and two other believers the following morning. A local newspaper published the story as “conversion racket exposed,” reporting that the two pastors had been converting Hindus from the area for the past 13 years and that police had sealed their office. The children of the imprisoned Christians have been left without means of support or even daily food. Please pray for the pastors and for the provision of their families.

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  • Father, thank You for those who were being faithfully taught by the two pastors. I surrender this entire situation into Your hands, asking that Your will be done for the pastors and their families. I ask for provision, for a clear witness through their lives, for others to come to know Jesus through this situation. Strengthen their children's faith.
    Karen K - USA
  • Bring millions to faith through this man's testimony!
    Mark M - USA
  • Our Father, thank You for Your work in India. Please strengthen all believers in faith. I am worried about the children of these arrested Pastors, please let them have food and safe place to live. If You are willing please let them have good professions and jobs when the time come. Please reunite arrested Pastors with their families, ITNO JesusC, Amen.
    Merike O - Finland
  • Father thank you for the faithfulness of these pastors. Please met the needs of their families. Use them to spread and glorify your word. Rescue them from perverse and evil men. Strengthen and protect them from the evil one. Let them know the power of Christ's resurrection as they share in His suffering. Fill them with an inexpressible joy.
    Kendall P - USA
  • Heavenly Father we pray for these pastors and insurance that you are able to make all grace abound toward them, and that they will always have all sufficiency in all things, and have an abundance for every good work. Weather do not war according to the flesh, their weapons are able to pull down strongholds.
    Julie C - USA
  • Dear Lord, we lift up both the arrested pastors and their families to you in India. We thank You for their faithfulness in bringing others to Christ & leading discipleship lessons. Let no fear take hold. Vindicate the pastors from false charges. May the body of Christ come alongside encouraging the pastors and helping provide for their children.
    Peg B - USA
  • We pray for these pastors falsly accused and their families. We claim your abundant provisions.
    Kathleen R - USA
  • Father, I pray the truth come out and this pastors be released to provide for their children. I pray for their families that you watch over them and provide for them. I pray you strengthen them as they serve you. May they feel your presence and know you are with them. Speak to the hearts of those opposing them. Help them to continue serving you
    polly c - USA
  • Abba Father, remember the pastors and believers who have been imprisoned and their children. We ask, You, LORD, to supply the daily needs of the children and families of those imprisoned and we pray that Your justice will prevail and flow like a mighty river over the lives of both believers and persecutors, for Your Namesake. Amen.
    Everett T - USA
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  • Father, I pray for these brothers who are in jail for being obedient to You. Lord, they are needed at home to support their families. I pray for their release. Thank You for their testimony. Lord strengthen them thru this difficult time. I ask thru Jesus. Amen
    joey S - USA
  • Please continue these believers' growth in discipleship. Help the innocent church. Be their rock; don't let them falter. Be with the pastors, strengthening to only share your light more boldly wherever they go. Be with the church, encouraging them in prayer and boldness and strength to not be pressured. Help their precious children with your provision!
    Grace O - USA
  • Dear Lord,
    I pray for these arrested Pastor's and believers. Be with them in this time. Give them grace and courage to face all that comes. May they be released. I pray for their children; provide for their families. May Your name be glorified and may their faith only grow stronger. Let Your light shine.
    In Jesus' name I pray, Amen
    Madison F - USA
  • Father, show yourself strong in this situation. Let justice and truth win. Release these pastors from jail. Give them strength and faith to stand strong for you. Protect and provide for their families. Send them help. Provide their daily food and immediate needs. Change and enlighten the hearts of their persecutors.
    Terry K - USA
  • Father God, May no weapon formed against these pastors prosper in the name of Jesus Christ! May the truth prevail in their defense and may those in authority have their eyes open to the truth of the gospel. Bless their families...provide, protect and prosper them. Convict those in authority and bring them to a knowledge of Your truth! In Jesus Name
    Carolyn L - USA
  • Protect their hearts and heal them. Help them to forgive and fix their eyes on Jesus. Lead them into the good works you have prepared for them. Let this work together for good for these families. Holy Spirit, lead their persecutors to repent. Convince them about their sin and reveal Jesus to them. Forgive them, for they don't know what they do.
    Audun B - Norway
  • Father, nothing can separate these two pastors and their families from your love in Christ Jesus. Thank you that you are the same yesterday, today and forever. You provided food in the desert and Abraham gave you the name Jehovah Jireh, meaning "the Lord will provide". Provide comfort, encouragement, faith and new courage to my brothers and sisters!
    Audun B - Norway
  • Lord You know each one who has been arrested and each child who needs Your provision so desperately. I pray for provision, protection and endurance upon each one despite the opposition. May those in authority come to know You through their faithfulness.
    Tricia W - USA
  • Father according to Your Word these pastors and believers are blessed to suffer for Your name. May their spirits experience peace and joy. We ask daily provision for the children left without resources. May Your people care for them as for orphans. We stand against the lies that they did wrong and pray for the light of Your truth to exonerate them.
    Toni D - USA
  • I pray for these poor pastors and believers (but rich in Spirit!) that they would receive Holy comfort and Spiritual guidance so that they do not despair or give up their faith. I also pray that their lives and actions provide a witness to the Truth of Salvation only through Christ. I also pray that their needs be met daily with food, water, and home
    Brian E - USA
  • Adoni the demonic spirits of Hinduism multiply and continually attack these children.shun their plans and dismantle their evil plots. Gather them under your wings and nurture them God. Answer peace in these difficult situations and preserve their lives. Provide physical needs Jesus send more help and your angels. Praise and glory to God
    Benedicta N - USA
  • Please dear Lord help the pastors who are imprisoned & their families. I ask that You would work on their behalf to release them and to be daily sustaining their families. Give encouragement , wisdom, healing, strength to all who feel depleted & broken. May those who are in prison be treated humanely until they are released and use them while in prison
    Linda H - USA
  • Dear Lord, please attend to the immediate needs of these families and especially the children that they should suffer not. Let your light shine even in this dark hour and let this media report provide a means to a bigger audience of converts to the only Truth, the good news of your son Jesus Christ who died for ALL. Amen.
    Tracy L - USA
  • how cruel are satan's followers. they know not what they do. but God is over all, and still on the throne working out His plans. lean on Him and He will see you through. the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back soon to take us all away from all this wicked world has.
    Donald F - USA
  • Abba, thank You for your truth in 2 Peter 1:3,
    "His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness."
    Oh Lord, we trust Your provision for the hungry and your faithful ones. Bring justice and rescue. Show each one of us how we can serve our brothers and sisters.
    Carrie H - USA
  • Help these pastors in their trials.
    Debbie V - USA
  • Lord, give justice to the oppressed, food to the hungry, and strength to those weary of we'll doing. I pray for the release of these men and for help for their families. Father, none of this seems right; all we can do is trust to work all things together for good! Let Your Word not return void, but bring eternal fruit for Your Kingdom.
    Amy N - USA
  • Father, please encourage and strengthen these pastors during this time of persecution. I pray that you would provide for the children left without their parents. Lord, may your truth continue to be shared and known in spite of the difficult circumstances. I pray that this congregation of believers would not lose hope or become discouraged. Amen.
    Julia F - USA
  • Lord God we pray for these who suffer for your word, please Father God provide for these children, big and small as we are all children of God, Amen
    jeff h - USA
  • Father God, please provide for these faithful. Please father release them from their chains and empower them to be bold in their witness. In Jesus name
    mark h - USA
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