Dong's sons stole his land and livelihood.
Jun. 20, 2024 | Laos

Sons Abandon Christian Father

When Dong became a believer in Jesus Christ, his adult sons became angry that he followed what they saw as a foreign religion. They moved out of his house and took all his farmland and supplies for themselves, leaving him no way to grow food or earn income. Dong appealed to the village chief, who said he would only intervene with the sons if Dong agreed to give up his Christian faith. Read More.

Pastor Osman now uses audio Bibles to spread the gospel.
Jun. 20, 2024 | Sierra Leone

Transformed by the Word of God

Pastor Osman was once a practitioner of witchcraft. "I have killed many people," he said. One day, a pastor visited his village and shared the gospel with Osman, and the message of Christ's forgiveness changed Osman's heart. "It was very difficult for me to leave my practice of witchcraft," he said. "This message sounded good to me to be free from the evil that I was in. The pastor said that whatever you have done, God will forgive you." After receiving an audio Bible, Osman continued to be changed by God's Word. "I would listen to it secretly," he said. Read More.

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The Voice of the Martyrs

The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) serves persecuted Christians in the world’s most difficult and dangerous places to follow Christ. Pastor Richard Wurmbrand and his wife, Sabina, founded VOM after being imprisoned for their Christian witness in Communist Romania. Since 1967, VOM has been dedicated to inspiring all believers to a biblical faith by telling the stories of persecuted Christians, thereby inspiring a deeper commitment to Christ and the fulfillment of his Great Commission, no matter the cost.