In Poonam's state, even carrying a Bible can lead to conversion charges.
Jul. 18, 2024 | India

Christian Wins Fellow Inmates for Christ

While meeting for prayer on June 28, 2023, Poonam Bind, her parents and another sister in Christ were arrested on charges of converting Hindus. They spent the next two months in jail. Poonam and the other Christian women with her used the time to minister to the other 150 female inmates in the jail and led many of the women to place their faith in Christ. "I realized God had a wonderful plan for those people to be saved, and so I was there," Poonam said. "I saw how people were treated and troubled and how badly they needed Jesus in their lives." She continues to disciple many of the women who came to Christ in the jail. Read More.

Christian activities like baptisms are coming under increasing scrutiny in Tunisia.
Jul. 18, 2024 | Tunisia

Churches Face New Restrictions

Christians in Tunisia are finding it harder to gather and worship the Lord together. Front-line workers say the Tunisian government has banned Christians from meeting in hotels or other public gathering places without official pre-approval. "Only foreigners and officially registered NGOs [non-governmental organizations] are allowed to meet in those facilities," said a front-line worker. The worker added that one church leader has been harassed and "can no longer lead weekly services on Wednesdays and Saturdays." Read More.

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