May. 23, 2024 | Iran

Kolbars Imprisoned, Killed for Converting

Kolbars are Kurds who live mostly along the Iranian border with Iraq. For generations, they have carried items over high mountain passes between the two nations. Their name means "those who carry loads on their back." It is extremely dangerous work - every year, kolbars are killed by freezing temperatures, from falling off precipitous heights or after being shot by Iranian border guards. Desperation and a lack of job opportunities drive many Iranian Kurds into the life-threatening career: "They are a neglected people group," said a front-line worker. Read More.

Many Ethiopian churches have been destroyed in recent years.
May. 23, 2024 | Ethiopia

Church Destroyed by Fire

While Ethiopia is a majority-Christian nation, Islam is a growing force. Muslims now compose nearly 40 percent of the population, and Islamic extremists actively persecute Christians, sometimes violently, especially in areas close to the Somali and Sudanese borders. Sometimes the extremists destroy churches, and they recently set fire to one in Homosha, located in the far western part of the country near the border with Sudan. "Now the Christians in that area don't have a place to meet for worship," said a front-line worker. Read More.

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