Christians in India remain firm in faith amid ongoing pressure from their communities.
Sep. 21, 2023 | India

Young Man Stands Firm in Faith Amid Ongoing Pressure

Ajay, 24, has been pressured by his community and the police to return to Hinduism. The police arrested him and brought a false charge against him in an attempt to make him recant his faith. He was jailed for 9 days. Despite the ongoing pressure, Ajay has persevered in his faith. Read More.

Ton and Tan
Sep. 21, 2023 | Laos

Christian Teens Resist Family Persecution

Ton, 18, and Tan, 16, are teenage sisters who became Christians and have been harassed repeatedly for this decision. Recently, their mother said that she will sell her daughters to any men who make an offer. Their older sister has also begun trying to bribe them into a life of prostitution with offers of phones and jewelry. The mother pressures the girls to prostitute themselves and regularly mocks their faith. Read More.

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