Phin with one of her daughters.
Dec. 07, 2023 | Laos

Mother and Children Rejected for Faith

When Inn's uncle shared the gospel with his family in February 2022, Inn was the only one who accepted Christ. The village leaders threatened Inn and his parents, saying he would be kicked out of school and jailed and the whole family would be evicted. Inn sought refuge with front-line workers so that he could finish high school and grow in his faith. Inn stayed in touch with his family, sharing about Christ whenever he could. Those gospel seeds took root. In January 2023, Inn's mother, Phin, and his two sisters accepted Christ. Village officials made daily threats, and Inn's father persecuted them as well. Read More.

A family gathering in a Gulf nation.
Dec. 07, 2023 | Arabian Peninsula

Local Churches Minister to Stateless New Believers

The nations of the Arab Peninsula attract people from around the world. Some come to participate in a religious pilgrimage while others arrive seeking job opportunities. Very few who decide to settle are ever given the opportunity to become citizens. "I know of one family where a grandfather came for a visit and stayed. Some of the family members have since become Christians," said a front-line worker. "And if they, or other second- or third-generation people living in the country, experience persecution the church becomes their only refuge." Read More.

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