Mary Sameh George died after an attack by protestors.
Mary Sameh George died after an attack by protestors.
Apr. 10, 2014 | Egypt

Pray for Family of Woman Killed for Faith

[633] prayers in [28] nations have been posted for Mary Sameh George's family.

Mary Sameh George, a 25-year-old Christian who lived with her parents and sister in Cairo, was brutally attacked and killed on March 28 by pro-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators. As she does each Friday, Mary was on her way to deliver groceries and other necessities to a poor family in the Ein Shams area when she was stopped by a group of protesters. When protesters spotted her gold cross necklace, they dragged her out of her car and repeatedly stabbed and choked her to death. Her family was devastated when they learned of her murder; her fiancé's mother was so grief-stricken that she died shortly after learning of Mary's death.

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  • In the name of Jesus, our heavenly Father, our Rock and deliverer, as brothers and sisters in Christ, we adore Your for faithfulness of Mary George. We ask for comfort for family, for deliverance for them, a hedge of protection on them and angels directly from heaven to minister to them. Amen
    Gary F - USA
  • Praying
    Carla M - USA
  • My daughter and I pray together for this precious family that Jesus would protect them so no one else will be harmed.
    Patrecia J - USA
  • Dear Jesus, I pray for this family who have been deprived of Mary Sameh George and the mother of her fiancé. Now, today, they still may need Your touch of comfort and healing. Come to their assistance, make haste to help them.
    Patrecia J - USA
  • Please help Mary's family. Comfort their hearts as only you can do. Let them know she didn't die in vain, and give them the peace that you give. In Jesus' name. Amen.
    Reatha G - USA
  • Lord, strengthen the family of Mary and grant them your peace and grace.
    mark m - USA
  • We are praying for you here in Dallas, Texas. Remember the Lord your God is with you no matter where you go. (Joshua 1:9) We love you
    Charles O - USA
  • Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Amen
    Elizabeth S - USA
  • Dear Father, I pray for healing of Mary's family & friends. I ask You deliver and heal Egypt & its people. I pray for forgiveness for the murders & ask You save and deliver them and their families. In Jesus' Name.
    Brenda T - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Father, please continue to watch over all persecuted Christians and keep them safe and out of harm's reach. I pray that peace finds the hearts of those who loved Mary and justice is served for those who harmed one of your shock. May those who hurt others have their hearts softened and turn away from such brutality. Amen
    Lori Q - USA
  • God when will this all come to an end? So much pain for being a good samaritan. But Mary and her fiancé's mother are in heaven with you. comfort the comfortless. Deal with the brotherhood for killing the innocent. May they have a deep encounter with you in a most difficult situation and understand your love, receive forgiveness. May you be known among
  • Father, I pray for Mary George's family as well as her fiance and his family. Please strengthen and encourage them during this difficult time. Help them to feel Your arms surrounding them and let them know that You are right there with them. Thank You for the life and witness of Mary. Thank You that she if safe with You now.
    Roma K - USA
  • Blessed Trinity, One God, thank You for Mary's life. Please comfort her family and bring them joy and peace. Please help those who Mary was helping with groceries. Please soften her persecutors heart to the Gospel. So be it.
    Carolee P - USA
  • Lord God, I pray for Mary's family, fiance and friends as they grieve her murder by those who have chosen hate over love. May the offenders come to know you Lord and repent of their wickedness. Please send others to do the work that Mary was doing and to be a light in the darkness and to be bold and on fire for Jesus. Amen.
    Beverly G - USA
  • Dear Father, my heart is so heavy for these believers who are murdered one after another because they love the One True God. Please pour your great love over her mourning family and draw them near to Your side. Soften the murderers hearts and please do not hold this sin against them. Let her death be a testimony of Your great love for all men. Amen
    teresa f - USA
  • Dear Lord, thank You for the faith of this lovely young woman. Please encourage and comfort her family. Please convict the people who did this heinous act. I pray Psalm 91 protection over all believers in this area. In Jesus Name, Amen!
    Elizabeth G - USA
  • i am young but wise thanks for guiding me this far i will watch over my family.
    Dylan B - USA
  • Father, please help and encourage this dear family. I can't imagine what they have been going through, but I pray for your gracious work in their hearts and lives. Please bring good out of this evil in a way that only you can. Amen.
    James K - USA
  • Dear Lord, Please continue to envelope this dear family and friends of Mary's, especially the fiance who lost both her and his mother. Lord, strengthen his faith and let him hear only Your dear voice speaking hope to him. Let the survivors find hope and peace in continuing to serve You and be instrumental in bringingmany to Your kingdom. Amen.
    Lisa T - USA
  • Dear Lord, be with the family of Mary Sameh George who was killed for her faith. Strengthen them and do not let them be afraid. Rather let them stand up taller and prouder as they profess the faith you give to them so that all may see that death is not to be feared for in You in everlasting life. Bless them Lord and comfort them. Amen Kathy Geiger, US
    Kathryn G - USA
  • Dear Father, thank You for the faithfulness of Mary Sameh George; protect her family & fill them with Your peace. Let them feel YOur arms around them! Convict & bring to repentance her killers & Your other enemies in these areas. Thank you for Your people in Egypt. Protect them, fill their material needs & embolden them as they seek to serve You. Amen
    Lisa D - USA
  • Abba, thank you for this woman's faith. May John 12:24 be true of this woman's life; that it will bear even more fruit after her death than in her life on earth. I pray that her death would increase the faith of all who knew her and all who hear her story. I pray that those closest to her would be comforted by the fact that she rests now.
    Morgan H - USA
  • Lord God we don't even know what it is to suffer such a loss so sudden. God please comfort this family. God please place your hand of protection over her friends and family. God bless them and encourage them. Lord only you can turn this terrible murder into something to glorify your name. Heal their broken hearts God.
    Desiree T - USA
  • Holy Father may we remember this murder as a reminder of the price that JESUS paid for our sin so that we can have a relationship with you. May we also realize that you gave us new hearts so that you could live your life through us to minister to others as this volunteer did. May we all answer your call to be your witnesses with boldness.
    Mark M - USA
  • Our Heavenly Father, we pray that you bless Mary Sameh George and her family and all who are resolute and steadfast in their faith in you as their risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We pray for those who are persecuted in your name. We plead and know by your Word that they will be richly rewarded. In Jesus' name, AMEN!!!
    carl h - USA
  • Lord God, how our hearts ache for the family and loved ones who cherished the life of this precious Daughter of Zion! May the soul of Mary Sameh George continually abide in the Peace of Your Holy Presence, in Jesus' name! Continue to answer all the prayers she prayed from earth while she was yet alive! Comfort the family and her fiancé as well! Amen!
    Ginger G - USA
  • Father God this is horrific lawlessness in Egypt. This terrible religion of murderers called Islam is of the evil one and needs eradication. Come quickly Lord Jesus and set this world back on track. Send your Holy Spirit to comfort all who mourn for Mary's parting, bless her and hold your child in your glorious arms, in Jesus name amen.
    Ellis L - USA
  • Oh Father, there is so much evil in the world, and only you can strengthen us to face it and console us in grief. I pray for our sister Mary, who died in the name of Jesus. I pray for her fiance, who has suffered great loss. Console him and all his and Mary's family. Bring them to greater love for Jesus, and turn the black hearts of all evil doers.
    Patrick F - USA
  • Our Father who art in heaven,
    I pray for this grief stricken family. I pray that Mary's blood will cry out and many in Cairo will come to the Lord because of her death. Amen
    Charlotte G - USA
  • I pray for Mary Sameh George. Praise to her witness and suffering in the name of our Lord.
    Charles G - USA
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