North Korean defectors share the gospel in the North Korean dialect via radio waves.
North Korean defectors share the gospel in the North Korean dialect via radio waves.
May. 19, 2017 | Korea, North

Pray for the Spread of the Gospel Through Radio Broadcasts

[233] prayers in [19] nations have been posted for Gospel Broadcasts into North Korea.

A new shortwave radio program created by North Korean defectors and VOM is reaching an estimated 2 million North Koreans nightly. Each 90-minute program includes a Scripture reading, encouraging messages from Christians around the world, readings from Pastor Richard Wurmbrand’s Tortured for Christ and a recitation of the Nicene Creed. Although largely isolated from their worldwide Christian family, North Korean believers now have access to God’s Word and, through the creed, a connection to historical Christianity. Despite the possible penalties, North Koreans continue to listen to the broadcasts. Pray that the broadcasts will continue to reach new believers and unbelievers, and pray that those who hear them will grow in faith and find ways to share the gospel.

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  • Lord, please direct and protect all of the Christians in North Korea. Please provide security, strength and wisdom as they listen to the radio broadcasts. Please keep this radio program out of the hands of anyone who is opposed to You, dear Lord. May many more people come to worship you. Glory to you!
    deb l - USA
  • Lord thank you that your word is getting out to the North Korean people .Your word will not return void as the scripture says. use the broadcasts to grow the faith of current believers in North Korea and to bring others there to faith in Christ. Surround and protect the broadcast stations and its workers from the harm Satan would bring against them.
    Dean B - USA
  • Jesus let your spirit bring freedom and joy to those who hear the gospel.
    michele r - USA
  • Adoni raise many brave men&women to labor in Your kingdom,give them creative ideas&their willingness be rewarded,Spirit of peace&quietness dwell in the household during this radio message&the words sink deep&yield fruit,carry to the neighbors&friends to uplift their downcast spirit.Holy Spirit may Your presence be known,love overflow, yield much fruit
  • God, quiet the households who will hear this radio message.
    Linda D - Korea, South
  • Father: I thank you for these Gospel Broadcasts that are reaching into North Korea. Draw many to yourself. Protect those who do the broadcasting and those who listen. I pray for the salvation of precious souls and for spiritual growth for those who love you. In Jesus' name, Amen.
    Nancy R - USA
  • Father, please use this ministry as a powerful tool through which the good news of Jesus' love and forgiveness may be found. Please provide tangibly for those involved in this ministry. Please thwart physical and spiritual attacks that may hinder your Word from spreading in this area. May millions turn to you in North Korea - to you, our only hope.
    Dave C - USA
  • Father, thank You so much for VOM and the work they are doing. Please bless this ministry. Please bless North Korea please help the people there and protect them from enemies. Please be with the church and strengthen them. Have mercy on this nation I pray many would turn to You in faith. I pray that North Koreans would know the truth and be free.
    Kia W - USA
  • Adoni, bless&enrich the valiant believers of S.Korea propagating the gospel thru radio.May your underground church be nurtured,grow&be strong in N.Korea.Open many hearts to hear Your message. may they be blessed and You be honored by Your visitation to the God.May there be rejoicing in heaven when North&south unite and be one country.Praise Jesus
  • Lord, You said in Your Word that You will build Your church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Thank you for your children who are persisting in spreading your word. Protect them from the enemy's plan as they continue to be bold for You in this dark world. I bless You and praise You in Jesus' name.
    Lynda M - USA
  • Lord praise you for this wonderful ministry. Keep it going, Lord, expand it's range. Bless those who listen to it, draw others into listening for the first time. Build their faith Lord, help them to know how precious they are, to you and to us. Bless all who are involved greatly please Lord. Give them food for their bodies, and this spiritual food.Amen
    Susan G - Australia
  • Father God I ask that you hold these people , both the broadcasters and the listeners, in the safe refuge of you hands, Give them strength and courage and continued and growing faith in You.

    sherry r - USA
  • I rejoice, OH LORD, that many North Koreans are coming to know JESUS through radio broadcasts which are now reaching them in that dark and dangerous land. I pray that the Gospel will continue to reach new believers and that their faith will be well grounded in the true faith and that new ways will continue to come to light to share the truth of JESUS!
    Paul H - USA
  • Father, thank You for the ways the gospel is getting to those in North Korea. May the Holy Spirit continue to teach and grow the Christians there and to convict those who do not yet know Jesus to be saved from sin and death. Continue to raise up others to join in this mission to North Korea. Thank You for the great work that You are doing in N. Korea.
    Vicki Y - USA
  • Father, draw many North Koreans to Yourself through these amazing shortwave radio broadcasts and I pray that those who know you would be introducing others to these broadcasts and that this outreach would expand even further to programs that provide teaching and training to build up the church in North Korea. We praise you that Your word prevails!
    Matt B - USA
  • Heavenly Father, i know that Gospel Broadcasts are the only way that some people in North Korea hear the Gospel. I pray for the Broadcasts to be able to continue their work, and I pray that many who hear the Gospel Broadcast will come to know the Lord. In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.
    Maydell Harper S - USA
  • Father God, how we give You praise for what You allow with Gospel Broadcasts into No. Korea. I'm sure they will bring encouragement and Blessings to the hearers. You are so I novative on how You bring believers what they need, Thank You Lord. May those that are bein Blessed by these programs, spread the good news. In Jesus Holy Name, Amen
    Patsy Mae W - USA
  • Lord, bless these workers for Christ in their work and allow your radio waves to reach out many new souls for Christ. Thank you for being with the radio ministry and providing means and ways for them to continue their work. Amen
  • Father God, first I thank you for the creators of the radio program. I am thankful for the willingness and their courage to share the gospel with their brothers and sisters in N.Korea. Let the seeds that are sown through this radio program settle in the hearts of people who hear them and let them accept Christ as their savior. Amen!
    David A - USA
  • God of all, I pray that Your Word would reach believers & non-believers in NK daily. Let more NKorean's come to know Christ than every before & let them find new, creative, & safe ways to meet each other & worship You O God! Father I also pray for peace over that area of the world, as only You can bring that! In Jesus' powerful name I pray, amen.
    Matt H - USA
  • Lord, thank You for bringing hope to the hopeless. I pray that our North Korean brothers and sisters are strengthened overwhelmingly and that Your word is proclaimed and heard everywhere that there are seekers. May officials also be brought to You, for they will be able to afford much change for the people. In Jesus' name, Amen
    Connie A - USA
  • Dear Lord we pray for the spread of gospel through radio, we claim souls upon souls in Jesus Name, May the airwaves not be hindered because You are King Almighty. Amen
    MARYANN T - Kenya
  • God, reach the North Koreans with the gospel. Use this ministry and every other means to do this. Help them see their need for your Son. Help me see my need. Help the church be in unity of heart and soul. God be with us. Help us. Love us. Grow your kingdom. In Jesus name, amen.
    James M - USA
  • Lord Jesus, Thank you for causing radio to be invented and for using it for Your glory! Please multiply the effect of these broadcasts. Please help the radio waves to reach the radios of those in North Korea. Please soften hearts and give faith, boldness, and courage.
    Susan B - USA
  • Thank you, Lord, for radio! We rejoice that Your message can cross borders and find its way into the ears and hearts of listeners. Bless those who spread Your Word this way. Father, please increase those who hear and believe. And we pray your protection over them as they fasten their eyes on you. Increase their faith, spread your Word!
    LymanDana M - USA
  • Lord I thank You for the courage of these believers to listen despite the threats on their lives. Multiply Your church there, strengthen them through this and other outreaches that they may feel part of the church universal. Amen.
    Elaine H - USA
  • Thank you dear Lord for the spread of the gospel in North Korea and how for the progress so far, I pray that the broadcasts will continue to reach new believers and unbelievers, help their faith to grow more for them to share to the gospel with love, peace and freedom in Jesus name, Amen
    Esther O - Nigeria
  • Dear father, Spreading your gospel is the greatest commission which is given to us, i pray for the people who have started the radio broad cast, let you harvest be flourished through this, as the people hear let their hearts be open to receive accept and transform into your likeness..your grace is sufficient for us and let your will be done.. Amen
    Sanjay K - India
  • Lord God, use this new broadcast to bring hope, life and strength. May many come to faith because of Your Word going forth. Help these new believers to grow in Your Spirit as they are so isolated from other believers and the Bible. Also, use this to encourage Christians living in secret there. May this bolster their hearts and their faith, O God.
    Amy G - USA
  • Dear God and Father, I praise You for the shortwave radio program and the NK defectors behind it! Use it to safely bring the Gospel into NK without it being intercepted. Use this to give nurture NK in their faith, and to bring NK people to Jesus. Protect all who have any exposure to the Gospel. May all grow in faith and holiness. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
    Lisa D - USA
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