Anti-Christian rallies and processions continue throughout Pakistan in protest of a Quran burning.
Anti-Christian rallies and processions continue throughout Pakistan in protest of a Quran burning.
Jul. 27, 2023 | Pakistan

Protests Threaten Christians Across the Country

[198] prayers in [13] nations have been posted for Haroon Shahzad.

After a June 28 incident in Sweden in which pages from the Quran were publicly burned, protests have swept across Pakistan. The prime minister urged the organization of large rallies and convened a joint parliamentary session on July 7 to protest the burning. During these rallies, angry protesters desecrated crosses and insulted Christianity. Christians across the country are bracing for attacks. Haroon Shahzad, a Christian, fled after being charged with blasphemy on June 30 for posting a Bible verse online. Christians in and near Sargodha have been unable to leave their homes because of dangerous protests over an anonymous anti-Islam message left on a local mosque. Christian street-sweepers in Hasilpur have been pulled from duty. Front-line workers ask for prayers of protection for believers and for peace across the country.

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  • Lord continue thy blessing on Haroon Shahzad and other believers in Pakistan. May the whole land say Jesus is Lord.
    Margaret D - USA
  • Father, although I don't know where things stand at this time for Haroon, will you please work in his life according to your perfect will. Provide for his needs and protect him. Thank you. Amen.
    Vicki Y - USA
  • Dear Jesus, Haroon Shahzad has been falsely accused simply for bearing witness to Your Truth. Protect him. Protect the Christians in Pakistan. May many come to know You by seeing the evil of these wicked people.
    Patrecia J - USA
  • Dear Jesus our Savior, please protect Your brothers and sisters in Pakistan. Send peace to this country. The divisions between religions and races in many countries seems to be escalating. But All things work for good for You are our deliverer forever. May Your name be glorified by Your followers. Amen
    Peggy A - USA
  • Dear Lord Jesus Christ, please protect Your people from their enemies, please give them everything they need on this earth and in this life while they're on their way to meet You!
    christine s - USA
  • Heavenly Father, please deliver Haroun Shahzad and my brothers and sisters in Pakistan from the enemy's attacks because of Your covenant with them through Jesus Christ. Lord, You have not given them a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. Give them Your peace. Make them Your witnesses for Your glory Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
    Sarah A - USA
  • Heavenly Father, we join with our brothers and sisters in lifting brother Haroon to Your throne of Grace. Please encourage him in Yourself and strengthen his faith to follow You. Use his persecution to advance the Kingdom. We also pray for all the believers in Pakistan as they brace for the storm that is coming. Help them to remain faithful. Amen!
    Paul K - USA
  • Father, we pray for peace and protection of believers in Pakistan. Open eyes of those who oppose you to understand your grace and forgiveness. May our brothers and sisters in Christ find their hope and security in you alone.
    Jackie V - USA
  • Dear brothers and sisters in Christ- I pray that you will feel the love and grace of Jesus. He holds you in his hand. Matthew 16:18, "I will build this church and the gates of hell will not stand against it." Stay strong. Jesus is coming back soon. Your reward is great in heaven.
    Susan R - USA
  • Father please protect your people in Pakistan. Please replace fear with your peace.
    Rebecca H - New Zealand
  • In the interceding name of Jesus, our heavenly Father, El Shama, God Who hears, as brothers and sisters in Christ, we praise You for faithfulness of Pakistani Christians. We ask they continue to watch and pray, for a hedge of protection, angels direct from heaven to encamp around and minister to them. Amen
    Gary F - USA
  • Father, I lift up my brothers and sisters in Pakistan and pray You will protect them and provide care for them. I ask You to settle the protestors and bring a calm. Lord Your wordhas spread there so It's no surprise that the enemy would do this. Father I pray Your will is accomplished there and your people remain strong. In Jesus's name, amen
    Teresa V - USA
  • Father thank you for these believers and thank you that you call blessed those who suffer for your name. I pray that they would know your fellowship, joy, strength and courage as they live in this world as a witness for you and I pray that you would give them eyes to see the hope that they have and to remain firm in their faith in you. In Jesus name
    Becky G - New Zealand
  • Heavenly Father, we seek Your mercy and grace upon the believers in Pakistan. Give them discernment and wisdom during this difficult time. Lord Jesus we ask for Your peace and love on Pakistan. Use the believers to display Your power in love. In Jesus Precious name, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit Amen.
    Alvin A - USA
  • Lord,
    It feels like quite a strange thing to imagine being so upset about someone burning Scripture thousands of miles away. It leads me to wonder if I lack some zeal that I ought to have. Of course, such a thing occurring would not change how I would treat my Muslim neighbors. It is a very foreign thing, indeed. I pray for protection for our brothers.
    Lysander S - USA
  • Father, please put your arms of protection around Haroon Shahzad, may his persecutors not find him. It would not surprise me Lord to find out it is actually Islamic radicals that are initiating the incidents just to persecute the Christians, Lord you know the truth. Protect your believers in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen
    Judith B - USA
  • In the saving name of Jesus, our heavenly Father, God Who Speaks, as brothers and sisters in Christ we praise You for faithfulness of attacked Haroon Shahzad. We ask for a hedge of protection on him, angels direct from heaven to encamp around and minister to him. Amen
    Gary F - USA
  • Dear Jesus we lift up Haroon Shahzad in your name we pray your hand upon him for guidance and we pray for all our brothers and sisters in Pakistan dear Lord you I know that you are with them may they feel your presence take away any fear and soften the hearts and stop these protest in Jesus name your protection over her brothers and sisters we pray ame
    Maria F - USA
  • Father, I lift Your people in Pakistan up to You for protection and comfort during this time of upheaval in their country. I ask You to be with Haroon Shahzad as he flees for his life. Give him great courage, as well as the front line workers and other Christians in Pakistan. Help them to stand firm in their faith and pray for their enemies to know You
    Laurie W - USA
  • Father God, I pray for your people in Pakistan. I ask that you watch over and protect them. Please help Haroon to find a safe place. Please calm the protestors and bring peace over the land. I pray that the gospel of Jesus Christ and the light of your truth would be spread throughout Pakistan. Please continue to draw the people to yourself. Amen.
    Julia F - USA
  • In the name of Jesus our hope, Miqweh Yisrael, God of hope, as brothers and sisters in Christ, we praise You that Haroon Shahzad and other Pakistani Christians hope in name of Jesus. We ask for a hedge of protection and angels direct from heaven to encamp around and minister to them. Amen.
    Gary F - USA
  • I pray for protection and peace for all Christians in Pakistan.
    Barbara T - USA
  • Dear God, please protect and provide for Haroon Shahzad and other Christians in Pakistan. Remind them of your love and presence regardless of the circumstances. Let them be at peace in spite of worldly troubles. Let those who persecute them repent and turn to You. We ask all according to your will. Amen.
    Delphine H - USA
  • Almighty God, for these your dear children in Pakistan I pray. Fill them with your Holy Spirit. Replace the fears with faith, hope and trust in You. Grant them grace to share boldly of the love of Christ and their lives be a witness for Him. May those who oppose them witnessexperience the love of Jesus shared with them. In Jesus name Amen Pat US
    Patricia S - USA
  • Father, I pray for Haroon Shahzad that he would be filled with your Spirit of power, love and sound mind. I pray that he would not be afraid but would find rest in you. May he go where ever you want him to go Lord and be a bold witness for your Kingdom. I pray that every Christian in Pakistan would be emboldened by your Spirit and you would help them.
    Becky G - New Zealand
  • Lord I pray for wisdom and discernment for all the Christians in Pakistan and for them to know how to proceed. I pray for courage and boldness and truth as well as grace and the aroma of life to pour out of them. I pray that they wouldn't live in fear but would be able to peacefully keep serving You and being Your hands and feet of love and truth.
    Joy H - USA
  • Lord, please protect believers in Pakistan. Bring peace that surpasses all understanding and let Your light shine across this nation through believers. Open the eyes of the Muslim people that You are a God of love who wants a relationship with them. Please protect Haroon and other believers to be able to live safely where they are. Encourage them. amen
    Cynthia H - USA
  • Oh Father, we know how the Satan moves and stirs up trouble for your children. He has taken this to work evil. I pray you move on the behalf of your children in Pakistan. I pray you bring peace to this country. You have taught us to love and respect all mankind, not ridicule and belittle, this is not from you. Please, protect and move.
    Polly C - USA
  • Heavenly Father, we know that You know all that is going on and we ask You for protection for all of our Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan. Please help the protest to subside and help all the Christians to once again live their lives. Help the protestors find that there is no use in going against You because You are all that they need! Amen!
    Donna H - USA
  • In the name of Jesus, the light of the World, our heavenly Father, Jehovah Ori, Lord is our light, as brothers and sisters in Christ, we praise You for faithfulness of Haroon Shahzad and Pakistan Christians. We ask their light will shine, a hedge of protection and angels direct from heaven to encamp around minister to them. Amen
    Gary F - USA
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