The majority of Sri Lankans are Buddhist.
The majority of Sri Lankans are Buddhist.
Jan. 26, 2023 | Sri Lanka

Assault on Pastor Leads to Charges Against Him

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On Sept. 21, Pastor Tony Benjamin of Anuradhapura province in Sri Lanka investigated a noise outside his gate and was assaulted by two men with a shovel, demanding that he stop his religious activities. He was able to crawl back into the house before the men began breaking windows and causing other damage. When the pastor’s son heard the commotion and responded, he too was knocked down and beaten, then hospitalized for three days for his injuries. During the initial investigation, the police promised to arrest the two attackers, but six days later they instead filed charges against Pastor Tony for inciting the attack. Though the charges were proved false, local officials sealed the family’s home and confiscated church property. The family and church members ask for prayers that they would be strengthened in their faith and be bold witnesses for Christ amid this persecution.

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  • and bear fruits meet for repentance. I pray Tony would see this glory of thine at work and know thy word is true forever and cause anyone to be saved. I pray O LORD this man and his son would rejoice in thee always and be healed quickly by thou making them whole. I pray thou would get all the glory. In the name of the LORD Jesus Christ, amen.
    Devin C - USA
  • convicted according to their conscience and understand thou givest all mankind a law on the heart. May that conviction lead them to a broken spirit and contrite heart. I pray that would lead them to Godly sorrow and repentance of their sins for they serve their father Satan. I pray they would then believe on thy word unto salvation by thine increase
    Devin C - USA
  • Dear LORD, I pray this man continues to stand firm in the faith according to the A1611 Bible so that he can be a strong witness to that Bible. I pray his witness would even be towards these men which persecuted him and his son and afflicted them with violence. May their witness lead them to search that Bible to see what they believe. I pray they are
    Devin C - USA
  • Father, please protect Your children and provide for them. I pray for emotional and physical healing, along with spiritual strength. I also pray for leaders to be fair in their decisions. In Jesus Name, amen
    Debbie M - USA
  • I hope and pray in Christ Jesus' name for a daily abundance of blessings, especially your Holy Spirit, wisdom, healing, restoration, love, grace, compassion, mercy, protection, deliverance, resiliance, and so much more. I hope and pray that things are going well and improving everyday. These snakes and scorpions are crushed in Jesus' name, amen.
    Gabriel S - USA
  • ABBA FATHER, I pray that YOUR peace reigns inside Pastor Tony, and his family, that is beyond all man's understanding, that only comes from knowing YOU, JESUS, and that we, as YOUR born again, HOLY SPIRIT filled children, that when we die, we will be with YOU in heaven, for all eternity! YOU are the PRINCE OF PEACE, JESUS! Bathe them in YOUR Love!
    Michael V - USA
  • Dear Jesus, bind the forces of evils that are seeking to silence Pastor Tony. Physically heal pastor Tony and his son. May the leaders who have sealed off his house repent of their injustice. Soften the hearts of the wicked men and may they turn toward You, Jesus!
    Patrecia J - USA
  • Oh Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ, these people are in turmoil, and they need Your help, and they need Your presence, they need Your comfort!
    christine s - USA
  • Father thank You for Pastor Tony and his family. I pray for his full and quick recovery and that his son would also quickly recover from injuries both physically and emotionally. Please grant them favor and justice and strengthen them in the faith. I pray that You would fill them with Your Holy Spirit. In the Name of Yeshua, Amen.
    Kia W - USA
  • Thank you Father that you hold Pastor Tony, his family and congregation in the palm of your Hand, and that no weapon raised against them will ever prosper. May the Holy Spirit of conviction and repentance fall upon the hearts of those in authority and cause them to favor Pastor Tony, allowing believers to gather in fellowship. Convert a top authority.
    Danae V - USA
  • Father please help this church to be bold witnesses for you in spite of the trials they face. May they see many others come to faith in Jesus.
    Rebecca H - New Zealand
  • In the omnipresence of Jesus, our heavenly Father, Jehovah Shammah, the Lord is there, as brothers and sisters in Christ, we praise You for faithfulness of Pastor Tony. We praise You that You stand along side. We ask for Your presence, for a hedge of protection and angels from heaven to surround and minister to him. Amen
    Gary F - USA
  • Father, I thank you for the faith of Tony and the grace that is keeping him. I pray that you will enlighten him to remember that you suffered the same way and be encouraged that you always make a way out, for every temptation.
    Lydia F - Kenya
  • In the loving name of Jesus, our heavenly Father, Holy Spirit, Counselor, as brothers and sisters in Christ, we praise You for faithfulness of this Pastor Tony. We ask for comfort, for peace, for a hedge of protection and angels direct from heaven to minister to him. Amen
    Gary F - USA
  • Lord, Most people think of Sri Lanka as a tropical paradise, truly it is a very difficult place for Christians who are persecuted daily. Please protect Pastor Tony & his family against further persecution & allow their church to grow & prosper. They are beacons of light. Forgive those that persecute them. I pray they find you. In Jesus's name. Amen
    Judith B - USA
  • Father, we know your Word says, "we are to consider it joy, when we encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of our faith brings about perseverance, and to let perseverance have its perfect work, so that we may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. May the truth of your promises be the comfort of our brother and sisters. Amen
    Cheryl C - USA
  • Lord, I thank you for the continued faith of Pastor Tony. Please strengthen the faith of the family and bless the congregation with the courage, strength, and faith that they need in this difficult time. Help them to be bold witnesses for the gospel. In Jesus's name I pray. Amen.
    Cassie K - USA
  • Our Father, heal Pastor Tony and his son physically and emotionally. Continue to bring justice for them. May they see Your hand and continue in their faithfulness. In Jesus' name, Amen
    Eli S - USA
  • Lord God, I pray that justice would be served in this situation and that truth would be brought to light. Please strengthen Pastor Tony and his family as they suffer under injustice; may they demonstrate their trust in You despite these difficult circumstances. I pray that their home would be reopened and the church property returned.
    Danielle H - USA
  • Our Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus, I pray for comfort, peace, and protection for our brothers and sisters in Christ. We can take comfort that the Lord is working. He is in control and His Will will be done. We can only plant the seed, the Lord will reap the harvest. We will continue to pray. Stand firm, Jesus is coming soon!
    Susan R - USA
  • In the name of Jesus, our Mediator, our heavenly Father, Elohim, God of all, as brothers and sisters in Christ, we praise You for faithfulness of Pastor Tony. We praise You that Jesus and Holy Spirit are mediating for him. We ask of a hedge of protection, and angels from heaven to surround and minister to him. Amen
    Gary F - USA
  • Father God, I pray for Pastor Tony and his son and ask for complete healing from their injuries. I pray for justice for them, but also strength as they work through the persecution and loss of property. Please help them continue in their good work for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please draw those who attacked them to Jesus, that they may repent. Amen.
    Julia F - USA
  • Father, thank You for our brother in Christ, and bold man of God, Pastor Tony. Thank You that Pastor Tony and his son weren't injured more seriously during the attack and have recovered. Strengthen and encourage our Sri Lankan family members as they endure persecution and suffering in Jesus' name. May they faithfully proclaim Your Word to the unsaved.
    Patrick V - USA
  • Father, you love Pastor Tony and his family dearly. Please give them wisdom to know what to do in this situation. May they persevere in hope through the persecution, keeping their eyes fixed on Jesus and You, Father, who is the Almighty God. May they overcome fear and learn to love and forgive their enemies. Please deliver them from evil as you work.
    Vicki Y - USA
  • Father I pray for pastor Tony and members that they will betrothed despite the enemy provocation ,justice will come in the end ther is an all seeing eye watching us all the time, let the church be courageous and not be intimidated by evil doers, butbe bold for God and right, we shall over come some day, faithful is he that calls you, stand by them
    Joyce D - United Kingdom
  • Everywhere the Apostle Paul went in his travels , he had persecution and much opposition from his own people, the Jews. Even though VOM is helping in Sri Lanka, the major force of Hindu is opposing all different religions in a forceful way. The power of the HOLY SPIRIT and the blood of CHRIST will find souls that want eternal peace with GOD. Praise GOD
    Bobby C - USA
  • Dear Lord, I lift up Pastor Tony, his family and church members. Strengthen them in the faith and help them to be bold witnesses for Christ amid this persecution. Thank You Lord, Amen.

    Dara W - USA
  • Father, I pray Pastor Tony and his son....for their physical and emotional healing and for the those who inflicted harm upon them. May they observe the faith of these faithful believers and desire to know and understand that their is a God who loves them and sent His Son to die for them. Strengthen these church members so that they will be bold.
    Betty D - USA
  • Lord,
    Thank you for Pastor Tony Benjamin of Anuradhapura, his son, and their willingness to serve You despite intense persecution. We know that You are all powerful and faithful. I pray that You would heal these men of their injuries and strengthen them in their faith to be bold witnesses. May they see justice. May their tormentors repent of their sin.
    Lysander S - USA
  • Father, I lift up this pastor and his son to you. I ask you to heal their bodies and renew their spirits. I pray you give them wisdom and strength with holy boldness to stand up to the enemy. I pray you guide them as they reach out. Help them forgive those who did this. Open the eyes of the officials and those who beat them; help them to see truth.
    Polly C - USA
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