Imran Ghafur is serving a life sentence in Pakistan and hopes that his appeal will be heard in court soon.
Imran Ghafur is serving a life sentence in Pakistan and hopes that his appeal will be heard in court soon.
May. 15, 2015 | Pakistan

Pray for Christian Prisoner Imran Ghafur and His Family

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Imran Ghafur’s family requests prayer for his release and for the needs of the family. He is currently serving a life sentence on a conviction of burning a Quran. Imran’s brother Naveed told VOM contacts that the entire family was able to visit him before Easter and that Imran continues to read his Bible, fast and pray. His attorney has filed an appeal with the Pakistan High Court, but no hearing date has been set. VOM has regular contact with Imran’s family, offering prayer and encouragement.

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  • Father God, we don't know how our prayers help, but we do it in obedience to reach Your ears as we hurt for our brothers and sisters in Christ. You know Imran's state and condition. Please supply his every need and strengthen him by Your Holy Spirit. Please comfort and provide for his family and we ask for his soon-release to safety in Jesus' name.
    Kathy G - USA
  • My brother in Christ, The Lord called to me to return to writing to the Martyrs. When I saw your name - Imran, a direct anagram of my own name - Marni, I knew that he meant for me to write and pray for you! I pray that the Pakistan High Court will hear your appeal case soon and that the Lord will open the prison doors allowing you to walk out free!!!
    Marni S - USA
  • Praying
    Carla M - USA
  • Dear Lord Jesus, Help Imran and his family. Work a miracle to get him out of prison. He does not see what you are doing for him but we know that you are and we thank you. Give him hope and strength. Speak to him as he reads your Word. PF-USA
    Pamela F - USA
  • Merciful Father, please,show continual mercy to this man and his family. Please comfort them, strengthen, them, provide for them, and reunite them as a family. May truth and justice prevail, and may this life sentence be overturned. May Your name be honored and glorified in the midst of this trial and difficulty. May the light of Christ shine.
    Sherry H - USA
  • Let The Lord bless Imran Ghafur and watch guard and keep Imran. Let the Lord make his face shine upon and enlighten Imran and be gracious. Let the Lord lift up His countenance upon Imran and give him peace. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
    Merike O - Finland
  • Father Yahweh, I ask for divine intervention for this precious soul. Work a miracle in his situation and bless him and his family. Surround him with Your favor as with a shield, and bless him coming in and going out. Into Your hands I commit his appeal. Work justice in this matter because You are a God of Justice. Come quickly to help him.
    queen s - USA
  • Father, I pray that You would comfort and encourage Imran during this hard time. Let him feel Your presence with Him. Help him to be strong and faithful. Father, please move on his behalf and may he be released soon. I pray that his life would be a testimony to those around him, even his jailers, and that many would come to Jesus.
    Roma K - USA
  • Dear Father, we pray for this dear man. Give Him your strength, love and joy. May his enemies find faith in You, by watching him and the way he lives and reacts to their evil actions an words.
    mark m - USA
    Please Protect this Precious Christian and Bless him and his family. Surround him with YOUR fiercest of angels to shield him from the enemy .Heal him and help him to establish YOUR Covenant in the Earth and win many souls. Strengthen, teach and encourage him. IN JESUS' NAME. AMEN.
    Doris G - USA
  • Heavenly Father, Thank You for blessing our brother Imran with continued faith and perseverence. Please bless his family with encouragement in the Holy Spirit and meet their financial needs as well. I ask for a speedy court date so the lawyers can make an appeal. Put words of wisdom in their mouths so Imran will be released. In Jesus name, Amen
    Jacqueline H - USA
  • Dear Lord please bless Imran and may be be released to continue Your work please see to the needs of his family and bless his health may they be protected from all evil please encourage him and let him feel your presence please soften the hearts of the judges to him in Jesus name Amen!
    Shaunagh N - United Kingdom
  • Abba Father I bring Imran before You asking for Your Divine provision of the removal of his charges. I ask for his release. In Jesus name I pray amen.
    Carol P - USA
  • Dear Father, I pray that Imran Ghafur be released from prison and all his and his family's needs are meet according to Your riches in glory by Christ Jesus, continue to bless his mind, strengthen his soul & renew his body increase his anointing & knowledge of You & save those in prison. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
    Brenda T - USA
  • Dear Lord please be with fellow Christian brother Imran and bless him during this trial and give him provision. Please also provide for his family and strengthen both them and Imran. I thank you for his bravery in proclaiming you to others. In your name-Amen!
  • Father please bless Imran and his family. May he be released and preach to others in peace. In Jesus name, Amen.
    Karla G - USA
  • In Jesus holy name I ask and receive for this family release of Imran Ghafur and blessings to pour out on his family, Amen.
    Jamie D - USA
  • Father thankyou for these Your children. Please release Mr. Gharfur from prison and return him to his family. Protect him in prison and bless them with courage, strong faith and hope. Please provide the truth about the charges. Please let the appeal be successful. Bring him home to his family and brethren. Thankyu
    Sharon P - USA
  • I want to share my testimony on how i was able to get back my husband around June this year with the help of Dr Ekaka. My husband left me for over 3years and went on with another lady and i was unable to move on with my life because of the love i have for him, On the 1st of June i saw a testimony on the internet on how Dr Ekaka help someone with love s
    Natasha M - USA
  • I pray for Imran Ghafur, prisoner in Pakistan. Please be with him and comfort him and his family. I thank you for his most courageous witness and pray for his timely release from captivity.
    Charles G - USA
  • Dear Lord,
    Please watch over and strengthen Imran Ghafur while he waits for his trial . Provide for his family's needs as well as his, physically and spiritually. Holy Spirit, please give him comfort. Let the trial date be set and proceed quickly and let the trial bring glory to you, oh Lorf. Please reunite Imran with his family. In Jesus name. Amen.
    Deneshia K - USA
  • Father I pray that You will move the hearts of the people of Pakistan to release brother Imran & my sister Asia. I hear Asia is very sick. Please arrange for both of these to return to their families.
    Debbie S - USA
  • Dear Jesus, come to the assistance of this precious son of yours. Please release him from prison. If you choose to allow him to remain imprisoned even as Joseph was wrongly imprisoned, stand by his side and help him not to despair. Make haste to help his family. I pray that his suffering not be in vain.
    Patrecia J - USA
  • Jesus, I pray for the release of Imran to his family. Only You can move the hearts of the officials to release hm. Please provide for the needs of his family. Encourage Imran. Help him hear Your voice and feel Your presence. May he be a courageous witness to those who are daily around him. Please send a great awakening to Pakistan.
    Debbie S - USA
  • Lord, I pray that the peace in Imran's face here only grows as He remembers You are in control. Let his family also be comforted and remember You are sovereign. Let he and his family go to a new place in You, and see the results of Your favor. Let Your will be done in the courts, as they must obey You, whether they know it or not. Amen.
    Lisa T - USA
  • Father, please deliver Imran in a miraculous way.
    Chad K - USA
  • Father, please deliver Imran in a miraculous way.
    Chad K - USA
  • Father I ask in Jesus name that just as you did in the days of Paul, send ministering angels to this Pastor in Pakistan. I pray the officials will allow him to leave the prison and not even understand the reason behind the release. I ask you to shake the prison doors just as you did for Paul and that many of the jailers will come to know Jesus.
    Debby S - USA
  • Dear God, You who rule in the affairs of men; rule in Imran's life and set him free from prison in Your time and way. Continue to give him grace for each day to fast and pray and read his Bible. Let him be a light and witness to all he meets and allow him to meet each hardship with Your grace. Bless his family and let them not be discouraged. Amen.
    Anne S - USA
  • Dear God Father in heaven please take care of Imran Ghafur and his family in Jesus name your son our savior amen Also remind all who love your and lose their lives in Jesus name will receive a crown of life in heaven. We will love you forever and always Father in Jesus name amen.
    Bill E - USA
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