Pastor Dereje's life has been threatened because of his bold witness for Christ.
Pastor Dereje's life has been threatened because of his bold witness for Christ.
Aug. 04, 2022 | Ethiopia

A Pastor's Bold Witness

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Pastor Dereje came to faith in Christ 20 years ago through his friends’ Christian witness. Once he became a Christian, Dereje felt called to serve the Lord. As he witnessed about Christ throughout his community, a church gradually formed. As more and more people become believers, others in the community started opposing Dereje. They threatened to kill him if he did not stop evangelizing, and they refused to rent homes to any Christians. Eventually, he was attacked for his bold witness, suffering a broken leg. Though he can’t walk, he is still traveling from place to place to share the gospel. “I was called to serve the Lord,” he said. “I am ready to do so under any circumstances.” Pray that Dereje’s leg heals quickly, and pray that his community is receptive to the gospel.

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  • God I praise You for who You are Sovereign God You reign & You are in control! Lord I'm lifting up Pastor Dereje thank You for his life Father surrendered to You & his bold witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ in his community! Jesus You are Jehovah Rapha I'm asking in Your name Lord heal Pastor Dereje's broken leg & let him testify Jesus did it! Amen
    Kisha M - USA
  • Father, I pray that Dereje's leg would heal quickly! I also pray that his community would be receptive to the gospel. I pray that they would see his determination to share the gospel, and be convicted to receive Christ.
    Cheryl B - USA
  • I pray in the name Jesus for the courage, protection, perseverance, of Dereji that despite the pain in his leg that he continues to boldly share the good news, and that some that hear would turn to Jesus - repent, confess, follow, and also that Dereji's leg heals quickly
    Michael Z - USA
  • Father, just as Pastor Dereje has been bold in his witness, we boldly as that you would heal this leg injury, no matter how long ago it was. Please continue to use him to bring many into the Kingdom and to grow your people up in the knowledge of your Word.
    Brenda M - USA
  • Thank You for this dear man of God and his faithful witness for You. May he be strengthened and given the hope and endurance to continue spreading the gospel. I pray that his leg would heal quickly, and that even this attack would open the hearts of those he speaks to, that they would be drawn to You and repent.
    Danielle H - USA
  • Dear Lord, thank you that Pastor Dereje has been a bold witness for the gospel for more than 20 years! I pray for complete healing of his leg, continued courage in telling others about you, and protection and provision for him and his family friends! May God continue to bless Pastor Dereje and his ministry. In Jesus' name, amen!
    Michelle D - USA
  • Lord, please bless Pastor Dereje with a quick healing of his leg. I also ask that you open the hearts of all who hear the good news of the gospel. May there be an outpouring of your Spirit on the people of Ethiopia.
    Lillie G - USA
  • Dear Lord,
    Please hold Your Pastor Dereje in Your loving embrace. Keep Your Holy Angels at watch so that only Your will for him will be done. I pray Your healing grace for his leg. Thank you Lord for this holy man doing your will in a dangerous place. Keep him in the rain of Your Holy Spirit so that his community is receptive to the Gospel. Amen.
    Constance B - USA
  • Father, I pray for Pastor Deere in Ethiopia who boldly proclaims Jesus despite persecution. Heal his leg and supply all of his needs, Lord. Protect him, his family and church from all evil with a hedge of angels around them. Speak thru this pastor that many will come to Christ. Make the community receptive to the gospel thru Your Holy Spirit. Amen
    Alan G - USA
  • Thank You for Dereje's diligence and faithfulness in following you Lord. I pray for his leg to heal properly and quickly and that his community is receptive to the gospel. Help the church to continue to grow by training and discipleship. Soften the hearts of the persecutors that they may come to faith in You. Please protect the current church members.
    Cynthia H - USA
  • Heavenly Father, We thank You that Pastor Dereje came to know you 20 years ago and that he has embarked upon the ministry of bringing others to You. We praise You for his determination to serve You no matter the costs. We declare that his leg is healing quickly, and that his community is receptive to the gospel as he goes forth, in Jesus' Name, Amen!
    Michael S - USA
  • Loving Father, please strengthen Pastor Dereje with his own words, "The One who is with you, He is greater than fear. Don't be afraid. Trust the Lord" . Please provide complete health for him and protection as he continues to share the Truth and love of Christ. Open hearts and glorify Your name in Ethiopia
    Julie C - USA
  • Father I pray that you will bind the demonic influence over that community. I ask that you would soften the hearts of those who are opposing our brother's witness. I ask that you would open the people's eyes to see the good that your servants are doing and that those who have chosen you would demonstrate love unconditional to their neighbors .
    Becky W - USA
  • Father God, thank you for saving & calling Pastor Dereje, and for filling him with passion and commitment. Please heal his leg and give him continued strength and energy. Amount him powerfully with the Holy Spirit. Open hearts before him and may more and more in his community and surrounding communities come to Christ. IJNA
    Kevin R - USA
  • Avi Ad! I thank You that Pastor Dereje lives in continuous, confident dependence upon You. That the one thing in You that counts is his faith and trust in You is motivated by Your love which has been shed abroad in his heart by the Holy Spirit. Thank You for healing his broken leg. In Yeshua's name
    Randal A - USA
    MIRIAM S - Argentina
  • Thanks you, Lord, for Pastor Dereje's bold and faithful witness over the last 20 years. May he be as fruitful for the next 20 years, and may his leg heal so that he can walk again.
    Bill B - USA
  • Gracious Father God, thank You for Dereje's faithful witness and impact on his community! May You receive much glory through those he has helped find salvation. Thank You for his resolve to continue his mission. Please sustain him and provide for all his needs. Bring full healing to his leg. Speak powerfully to his attackers to bring them to repentance
    Jean S - Canada
  • Father, thank You for the great faith of Pastor Dereje and I pray You will completely heal his broken leg. I pray Your Holy Spirit will open the understanding of those in his community that have opposed him and brought him harm. Thank You working Your forgiveness and boldness in Pastor Dereje's life as he yields to You daily. In Jesus name. Amen.
    Nancy E - USA
  • Lord thank You for the boldness and willingness of this pastor! Let there be many saved souls because of his witness and work. Please heal him completely, Lord, and protect him from any future attacks.
    Jocelyn L - USA
  • Thank you Pastor Dereje for your faithful witness. May many come to a saving knowledge in the One True God because you are not deterred by the enemy. Praying for your healing and your ministry. Protect Dereje Father as you use him mightily.
    Kathi M - USA
  • Dear Lord, we lift up Pastor Dereje and ask You to help his leg to be healed in order to facilitate his witness for You. Help the people in his community to continue to become believers and may the believers soon outnumber the non-believers so that their witness will be all over the area allowing others to see the gospel working in their town. Amen!
    Donna H - USA
  • Thank You Holy Father for Dereje's bold witness, sharing Your love with his community. Thank You for the churches he has seeded. Please allow his wounds to heal quickly what a blessing his quick recovery is to him and all who witness the joy and commitment You provide him. Praise Your Holy name! Thank You for all who walk in Your Kingdom with Dereje!
    Colleen R - USA
  • Father we pray in Jesus name for Pastor Dereje to experience a Supernatural healing upon his leg. And also to be a great influence and Witness for Jesus in Ethiopia by the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen
    Ralph F - USA
  • Father God please help Dereje leg heal and his community be receptive to the gospel, In Jesus name. Amen
    Arnie W - USA
  • Lord Jesus thank You for Pastor Dereje. Please heal his leg and help him to continue witnessing for You. Let Your kingdom come through his work and the witness of the other Christians in his community. To Your glory Lord.
    Andrew S - USA
  • Heavenly Father, I pray for the healing of Pastor Dereje's broken leg. I thank you for his bold witness in spite of opposition. I pray your blessings and protection for Pastor Dereje and other Christians in this community. May he be able to keep spreading the gospel and those in his community come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord.
  • Lord, I pray that Pastor Dereje's leg heals quickly. I also pray that you will protect him and the other believers in their area from harm. Help them grow in their faith and understanding of you and may Pastor Dereje be able to continue to spread the good news of Jesus.
    Christa B - USA
  • Lord I pray your hand upon my brother Dereje during this time of trial and persecution in his life , please give him healing in his leg , strength to continue to travel and share your love n word with others ,keep him safe from the evil one and bless his witness to bear much fruit in the community that many would be saved In Jesus name I pray!
    Dean B - USA
  • God, I thank You for this pastor's bold witness in Ethiopia. I pray for rapid healing for his leg. I pray You will tear down all obstacles thrown in the paths of these believers, and I pray those who are persecuting the Christians in Ethiopia would repent of their sins, that they might find forgiveness through Jesus Christ.
    Curtis M - USA
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