Buddhist extremists threatened to kill Malaramma for her gospel work.
Buddhist extremists threatened to kill Malaramma for her gospel work.
Jul. 21, 2022 | Sri Lanka

Buddhist Monks Threaten to Kill Front-Line Worker

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After a woman named Malaramma led a Hindu priest and his family to faith in Jesus Christ, the former priest urged her to raise funds to build a new worship hall next to his home. When a local Buddhist leader learned of the project, he quickly opposed it. One Sunday, as Malaramma led a worship service at the Christian man’s home with other new believers, several Buddhist monks arrived. They stole everyone’s Bibles, chased the worshipers away and threatened to kill Malaramma if she didn’t leave that night. She and other believers prayed through the night for God to protect them. The next day, local authorities learned of the threats and assured Malaramma that she would be protected. Pray that these believers remain safe, and pray their persecutors find faith in Christ.

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  • Heavenly Father, We thank You for the witness of Malaramma and her steadfast love for Your kingdom, for her bringing others to You and working to build a place to worship. We praise You how the authorities protect her in her work for You. We declare that these believers will be safe, and their persecutors find faith in Christ, in Jesus' Name, Amen!
    Michael S - USA
  • Lord God, thank you for the faith and witness of Malaramma. I pray your protection for her as she works to spread the gospel. Protect her from these Buddhist monks who wish her harm and may her faith lead them to Christ. I pray these believers remain safe and grow in their faith. Provide for them and protect them that many others will come to Christ.
  • Lord I ask that you would provide safety and comfort for Malaramma. May her persecutors find Christ. In Jesus name amen.
    David H - USA
  • Abba Father only thing satan can do is to threaten to kill us for bearing the witness but he cannot kill our soul because it belongs to you. I pray for Malaramma's protection, courage, boldness, wisdom. Protect her family as well God. multiply her efforts many folds as compared to the obstacles placed by the buddhist monk. Holy Spirit hound the monk
  • Lord, I pray that you will continue to protect and lead Malaramma as she desires to honor you and further your kingdom. Thank you that the authorities have said they will protect her from threats of harm. Please help her and the other believers in her community to grow in their faith and understanding of you as they trust you in this situation.
    Christa B - USA
  • In the name and healing power of Jesus, our heavenly Father, Jehovah Rapha, God Who heals, as brothers and sisters in Christ, we adore You for faithfulness of Malaramma. We ask for healing, growth, hedge of protection and angels direct from heaven to surround and minister to her. Amen
    Gary F - USA
  • The Lord bless you and keep you, The Lord let his face shine upon you and be gracious to you, The Lord look upon you kindly and give you his peace. Numbers 6:24-26
    Mary-Ellen V - USA
  • In Jesus Name we pray for our brothers & sisters around the world that are being persecuted for their faith in Jesus our Lord and as You Lord remember we are made of the dust and can do no thing without you John 15:5 strengthen each one with the power of Your Holy Spirit to overcome and continue in the faith & may no weapon formed against them prosper
    barry p - USA
  • Thank you for your continued protection of these brothers and sisters of mine. Thank you for giving them courage to follow after you
    Amy L - USA
  • Drear God, thank You for Malaramma's faith and boldness. Thank You for those that have come to believe in You in Sri lanka. Please change the minds and hearts of those who are opposing this new church building. May there be a Great Awakening in Sri Lanka for your glory!
    Tricia G - USA
  • Jesus, thank You for keeping Malaramma and the other believers safe that night. Please make their attackers curious about the Bibles they stole and have them be converted by reading Your powerful Word. Please continue to keep Your loved ones safe.
    Elizabeth M - USA
  • Lord Jesus! Thank you for Malaramma a& her strong witness to buddhist followers. Keep her safe & surround her with your love, grace, mercy & compassion. Grant her wisdom & strength as she continues to share the Good News with others. Protect them Lord! Provide more Bibles as they grow to follow YOU & truth! Open the eyes of those who persecute her!
    Sharon W - USA
  • Dear God, Thank you for my sister in Christ. Thank you for the people who have come to You because of her beautiful ministry. Thank you for her courage and faith. Please continue to protect and strengthen them. Cast out fear with your love. In Jesus name, amen.
    Paola M - USA
  • Father, Thank you for giving assurance to Malaramma that You would protect her despite the threat of death. I pray that these believers remain safe and I pray that their persecutors will find faith in Christ. May the ministry of this faithful serve grow and thrive as she reaches shares the gospel with others.
    Betty D - USA
  • HOLY FATHER thank You for sending Holy Spirit to dwell in us. Thank You for Your power displayed here in Malaramma's community! May her faithfully serve remain a light in darkness and her fruitfull ministry continue to be blessed. Through our Savior, Presto and King Jesus we pray.
    Colleen R - USA
  • Lord,
    Thank You for Malaramma and the Hindu priest who came to faith in Jesus. Thank You for their faithfulness in serving You despite opposition. Thank You for the protection you have casted over them. May this group of believers be protected from harm and may their persecutors repent and find faith in the healing power of Jesus Christ.
    Lysander S - USA
  • Heavenly Father,God thank you for Malaramma and the love she is sharing with those people around her. Help her to persevere and overcome those who try to persecute her. Give her your divine resources, so she may lovingly reconcile through Jesus Christ to your Glory God the lost you have called. Keep her healthy and safe, protected in Jesus Christ.
    Pam W - USA
  • Father may those stolen Bibles be read and may those reading them come to know You as their Savior. Protect these precious believers as they seek to follow You. Watch over Malaramma as she faithfully lives for You. Protect her, give her wisdom, strength and joy each day.
    kathleen r - USA
  • Lord, I want to remember my precious sister in prayer. TY for the authorities assuring her she would be safe, & more importantly, the fact that she is hidden in Christ. TY for growing & grounding her in her faith & Your Word even more, and may the persecutors see what they are missing in her witness.Let them respond to the calling on their hearts.
    Lisa T - USA
  • Father, Thank you for Malaramma and her faith. Please continue to protect her and keep her and the other believers their safe. I pray those monks would keep hearing your words in their hearts and even in their dreams and they would bend their knee to the Lord Jesus Christ. In His name, Amen.
    Nancy H - USA
  • Father open the hearts, minds and souls of the Buddhist monks to You and Jesus. I pray that they embrace your Word and seek you for their salvation. Take away their fear so that they can see clearly who You are and turn from darkness into Your light. Continue to protect Malaramma from evil and harm and help her to bring thousands of buddhists to You.
    Laurie T - USA
  • I bind the strongman in your area & tell him to be caste into the dry places! I rebuke any mission or commission he has on your life! I break any oppression off your life in Jesus name! I send angels of protection in Jesus name! I speak life, abundance & joy over your life as you go forth & proclaim the gospel! I say that no weapon formed will prosper!
    Patricia R - USA
  • Father God, I pray that you will protect Malaramma and the other believers with her. Please keep them safe in the midst of the opposition. Spread the gospel message throughout Sri Lanka drawing many to faith in Jesus Christ. I pray that many will hear the gospel and receive it. Help these Christians to continue to share their faith and be strong in Jes
    Julia F - USA
  • In the giving name of Jesus, our heavenly Father, Jehovah El Roi, God Who sees, as brothers and sisters in Christ we praise You for faithfulness of Malaramma. We praise You that she sees Jesus. We ask for provision, hedge of protection, angels directly from heaven to surround and minister to her. Amen.
    Gary F - USA
  • Heavenly Father: Encourage & protect Malaramma as she faithfully is your witness. May many come to faith in Christ because of her witness. In Jesus' name, Amen.
    Nancy R - USA
  • Father, thank you for the faith you have given our sister Malaramma and the courage she has demonstrated in the face of intense opposition. We pray in Jesus' name that you would defeat every evil plan of the enemy against her so that she would be enabled to continue to share the Word with all wisdom and boldness.
    Matthew E - USA
  • Father, thank you for the faith you have given our sister Malaramma and the courage she has demonstrated in the face of intense opposition. We pray in Jesus' name that you would defeat every evil plan of the enemy against her so that she would be enabled to continue to share the Word with all wisdom and boldness.
    Matthew E - USA
  • I praise You, Holy Father, for Your answer to prayer through the support and protection of people in their local government. I do ask that You continue to open doors for your people to meet together to worship You without fear. Please open the eyes of the monks that abused them to be able to see that Jesus is alive and is God. alone.
    Karen K - USA
  • Holy and Heavenly Father thank you for your grace, your love and your peace. Father God we lift up Malaramma to you for protection as she goes about doing your work. We pray that all the evil plans of the monks will come to nought. Guard her with your angels that she might carry out your will in Jesus Mighty name, amen !
    Philip V - USA
  • Father, what a contradiction. Buddhist monks are supposed to be holy men in their faith, in touch with their "Zen". Evidently, Zen dies not mean love or tolerance. Keep your hands on Malaramma as she continues to minister to her small sect of Christians. Give her peace in knowing she is not alone. We ask this in your son's precious name, Jesus. Amen
    Judith B - USA
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