A group of Christians in Oaxaca state recently celebrated baptism to proclaim their faith publicly in spite of ongoing opposition from their community.
A group of Christians in Oaxaca state recently celebrated baptism to proclaim their faith publicly in spite of ongoing opposition from their community.
May. 26, 2022 | Mexico

New Believers Celebrate Baptism Amid Community Pressure

[167] prayers in [15] nations have been posted for Christians in Oaxaca state.

Christians in Oaxaca state recently celebrated baptism to proclaim their faith publicly despite ongoing opposition from their community. In the past few years, members of the community have openly opposed the Christians, making false accusations against them, calling them thieves, destroying their homes and shooting at them randomly. Because of this hostility, the Christians planned a baptism celebration, expecting members of the community to oppose or prevent the gathering. However, the Christians held the service publicly and the pastor preached the gospel openly, baptizing many new believers in obedience to God’s Word without opposition from the community. Praise God for the believers’ bold obedience in the midst of a hostile community. Pray that their faithful witness will lead others in their community to faith in Christ.

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  • as happened here with the water baptisms. I pray Your light would so shine in the darkness as they bear fruits meet for repentance. I pray this to Your glory in the name of the LORD Jesus Christ, amen.
    Devin C - USA
  • Romans 3, and have broken spirits and contrite hearts as in Psalm 51. I pray this would lead to repentance of their sins and to believe on Your word. I pray that would lead to the remission of sins unto salvation by Your increase. I pray, LORD that there would be many more who are saved in this way and willing to make a public declaration of faith
    Devin C - USA
  • Dear LORD, thank You for the boldness of believers in all places of persecution making us as bold as lions for the gospel. I pray, LORD, that those who were thinking of persecuting Your body would now think to search Your word in the A1611 Bible. I pray they would be convicted as in Romans 2, have Godly sorrow realizing we are all sinners as in
    Devin C - USA
  • Hallelujah! Praise God for these faithful believers' witness. May you be glorified greatly in Oaxaca state and among villages in Mexico hostile to Your truth. May Your goodness permeate this region, may You bless Your servants, pastors, missionaries there with wisdom, courage, and strength to continue Your work, as You already have. In Jesus name amen
    Allison F - USA
  • Father, please protect these brothers and sisters. May their faith of Jesus shine forth and draw many to a saving relationship with him. Meet their needs. Thank you. Amen.
    Vicki Y - USA
  • Gracious Father God. Thank you for these faithful believers in the Oaxaca state. We praise you God for the believers' bold obedience in the midst of a hostile community. We pray that their faithful witness will lead others in their community to faith in Christ. In Jesus Precious Name, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit Amen.
    Alvin A - USA
  • What a wonderful thing that these brothers and sisters care more about praising You Father than for their own safety. That I would even have a tenth of this courage and faith! Please bless their faith by leading those in their community that show hostility towards You into the saving truth that is Jesus Christ.
    Jason R - USA
  • Dear Father, Thank you Father for the courage of these brothers and sisters in Christ against such opposition and danger from their community in Oaxaca. Please protect them and strengthen them as they continue to serve You and stand for their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May their persecutors get saved by the witness of these believers.
    In Jesus.
    Madeline T - USA
  • Father, I rejoice that my brothers and sisters were bold and was a witness for you and your power to change lives and give hope. I pray you use this baptism and the hearts of the community will find truth. I pray you continue to strengthen your children here. Give them wisdom. Help them to reach the lost. Open the eyes of the blind. Move Holy Spirit
    Polly C - USA
  • Dear Lord Jesus, I'm so grateful for Your mercies and everlasting love. I praise You for the privilege You gave to the christians from Oaxaca, so that You discover to them Your Word and that they followed You and got baptised securely without any troubles. I'm asking You now for other people from the community to know and surrender to You. Amen!
    Ligia R - Romania
  • Praise God for this stand of faith in the face of despairity. Bless the we pray to be a witness to a lost and dying world, Amen
    jeff h - USA
  • Thank you Lord for the boldness of these believers in Mexico who would stand strong and be baptized in Jesus name. I pray Lord that those in the community will see their changed lives. Fill them with peace and joy and love to share the gospel of Christ. In Jesus name
    Linda B - USA
  • Lord, we praise and thank You for the believers who have boldly and publicly declare their faith in Jesus through baptism and we ask for a protective hedge to be raised up around their lives and their gathering but we also recognize that the devil will bring a full frontal assault and we ask that they would stand firm and gird up their loins for battle
    Forrest B - USA
  • Our Father, thank You that the open baptism ceremony went without opposition. May there have been seeds planted as the Gospel was preached. Bring renewal and refreshment to this community, and especially for Your children. In Jesus' name, Amen
    Elizabeth S - USA
  • In the loving words of Jesus, our heavenly Father, the Holy Spirit, our Comforter, as brothers and sisters in Christ we praise You for faithfulness of Christian in Oaxaca. We pray for comfort, to direct their steps, for a hedge of protection, angels to surround and directly from heaven to minister to them. Amen
    Gary F - USA
  • Lord, You do above and beyond what we could ask or think. Thank You for the peaceful baptisms, and opportunity to declare the gospel. Use the faithful testimony of believers in this area. Draw many into the kingdom as they return good for evil. As they love those who persecute them. As they demonstrate their faith through word and deed to unbelievers.
    Toni D - USA
  • Father, I pray that many souls will be added to the Kingdom as a result of their faithful witness . Thank You . In Jesus mighty name . Amen
    Ann S - USA
  • Thank You for these dear believers. May they continue to be strengthened to boldly stand for You, and may their faith grow as they walk in obedience. I pray for many opportunities to share the gospel, and that their lives would be used to cause many to come to know You. Please give them wisdom and love for their daily decisions.
    Danielle H - USA
  • In the loving name of Jesus, our heavenly Father, Jehovah Megan, our Shield, as brothers and sisters in Christ, we praise You for faithfulness of new believers in Oaxaca. We ask that they walk with the wise, a hedge of protection, angels to surround and directly minister to them. Amen.
    Gary F - USA
  • Praise God. Praying
    Anne Margaret H - USA
  • Lord,
    Thank You for our brothers and sisters in Oaxaca state and their boldness in publicly holding a baptism service even in the face of expected opposition. We praise You for their obedience amidst hostility and thank You that they were able to baptize peacefully. May their faithful witness lead others in their community to faith in Christ.
    Lysander S - USA
  • Father God to you goes the glory. Praise God under fear of retaliation this baptism occurred and the Good News was preached. May their other activities go as well. Because of their strong faith they may soon be baptizing their oppressors. All things are possible with God. We learn from their strength. Stay safe,stay blessed. In Jesus's holy name. Amen
    Judith B - USA
  • Dear God. Thank You for these faithful believers who follow you despite the persecution. I pray many others in the community will see that You are the only way, truth, and life and they will choose to follow you. Please bless the believers in many ways for their faithfulness. In Jesus name. Amen
    John S - USA
  • Lord I lift up the believers in Oaxaca state, Mexico. May these baptisms set hearts on fire, so that many many people would be drawn to you. Father God I pray for revival in Oaxaca state, send your Holy Spirit to work in the hearts and minds of the people! In Jesus name, Amen!
    Mike M - USA
  • Praise You Father for this beautiful day full of baptisms & worship of You. May they be blessed as they reflect on this day. Let them be reminded of the beautiful shadow of Your wing over them at all times. May they be at peace knowing You go before them. We lift up pesecutors that they are drawn to You & reveal Yourself to them. Believing in JN!
    Lisa T - USA
  • Halleluyah! Praise The living GOD!! Halleluyah!!! Father we bless your name for the lives of these Christians in Oaxaca, be thou glorified Oh LORD, may you cause your face to shine on them, may they move from strength to strength forward ever and backwards never till they win the entire Cities for Christ to your glory in JESUS mighty name Amen!
    Chima U - Switzerland
  • Father please grow your church in Oaxaca. Encourage your people there to continue in their bold witness for you.
    Rebecca H - New Zealand
  • In the wise name of Jesus, our heavenly Father, Jehovah Jireh, God Who provides, as brothers and sisters in Christ, we praise You for faithfulness of Christians in Oaxaca. We ask for provision, for wisdom, hedge of protection, angels directly from heaven to surround and minister to them. Amen
    Gary F - USA
  • Praise God for giving these new believers to rejoice in You in the midst of trials. Give them courage to withstand trials & be strengthened in Christ. Love of God rule & reign in their lives. Lead them by the hand & give answers to their prayers. May the presence of God indwell in their midst & Draw may to the saving knowledge of Christ Jesus.
  • Thank you Lord for these believers' boldness in witnessing for you in a very intimidating environment! I pray that their courage would be contagious, that others would repent of their hostility, and that your church there would grow in numbers, strength of character, patient endurance, and favor with the community.
    Margaret M - USA
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