Amid threats from Islamists to stop attending church, a Lebanese brother witnessed to them about the joy and peace he has because of Christ.
Amid threats from Islamists to stop attending church, a Lebanese brother witnessed to them about the joy and peace he has because of Christ.
Sep. 23, 2021 | Lebanon

Islamists Threaten Christian Family Due to Church Attendance

[168] prayers in [16] nations have been posted for Brother Amir.

Brother Amir was traveling with his wife and a friend when he received a phone call from a member of an Islamist group. The man threatened Amir’s family, telling him that his family is under surveillance and that they spotted his only son attending a Christian church. The man warned Amir that if he doesn't stop his son from going to church, he will “reap what he sows with his only son.” The man also asked Amir what kind of financial support the church was giving to him. “The only support they are giving me is the joy and peace of having Jesus Christ as my Savior,” Amir told the Islamist. Pray that Brother Amir and his family will stand firm in the Lord amid this pressure from those who oppose their gospel witness. Pray that the Islamist will hear Amir's testimony and begin to search for the joy and peace Amir has in Christ.

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  • Father God we pray for this family to stay strong and faithful during times of trials. May they be a witness to a lost and dying world, Amen
    jeff h - USA
  • Dear Jesus, protect Brother Amir's son. Thank you for this brave Christian. Thank you for his willingness to witness to the peace and joy he has experienced from You. Guard and protect him and his family.
    Patrecia J - USA
  • Father, give Amir and his family the courage and strength to continue to follow Jesus fully in spite of threats or persecution. Please protect them. Remind them that this world is not their home and someday they will live with You in a place with no evil, pain or sorrow. May they trust Jesus fully and rely on you for daily wisdom and guidance. Amen.
    Vicki Y - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Father,
    We pray for Brother Amir and his family. Give them the strength to stand strong in the face of this persecution. Cover them with Your wings and surround them with Your peace. May Amir's words plant a seed in that man's heart, causing him and other to seek You and find You.
    In the name of Jesus, Amen
    Madison F - USA
  • Almighty God and Father of Heaven and Earth. Bless brother Amir and his family with boldness and courage to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ Our Lord. Heavenly Father, soften the hearts of these Islamist and reveal to them the great love of Christ. Thank you Lord for the faithfulness of Amir and his family in standing for Jesus. In Jesus Name Amen.
    Alvin A - USA
  • Father, touch the heart of this Islamist and visit him in dreams and visions such that he is deeply convicted of his need to repent of his own sin and realize that his only means for finding peace is through Jesus. Grant further opportunities for believers to share the love of Christ with this individual such that he will also be a committed to Jesus.
    Forrest B - USA
  • Father please protect Amir and his family. May they know your abundant life and your peace. Help them to be able to rejoice in suffering for you. Fill them with hope, knowing that you have great plans for their future. May their faith be a great witness to those around them.
    Rebecca H - New Zealand
  • Lord Jesus, I pray right now for our brother Amir. Give Him your supernatural strength to stand firmly on the rock of His salvation. He cannot be easily moved if He clings to you alone. Help Him Father to be washed in your Word daily. Protect His son and wife as well as they continue to seek after you. May your √Āngels of protection cover them.
    BillandRenee' M - Mexico
  • Father, you know where this family is at this point and I thank you, trusting that you are providing all that they need to persevere. Please keep their son safe and give them courage to know that they are completely in your hands. Please work and soften the heart of this one who has been harassing them that his heart might be turned to Christ.
    Vicki W - USA
  • May Brother Amir and his family stand firm in the Lord amid this pressure from those who oppose their gospel witness. May the Islamist will and those in sympathy with him hear Amir's testimony and begin to search for the joy and peace Amir has in Christ.
    Tom H - USA
  • In the delivering name of Yeshua, our heavenly Father, Savior, as brothers and sisters in Christ, we glorify You for faithfulness of Brother Amir and other Lebannesse followers of Jesus. We pray for provision, for a hedge of protection on them and angels directly from heaven to minister to them. Amen
    Gary F - USA
  • Father God thank your giving brother Amir boldness and courage in Jesus. Thank you for giving him the opportunity to speak truth to the Islamist on the phone. May that gospel seed grow in his heart and sprout faith in Jesus Christ. Thank you for this wonderful brothers faith and the encouragement he has given other believers. Bless him in Jesus Name
    Alvin A - USA
  • Father, may Your protective and sheltering presence continue to be with Amir and his family as they stand firm in the Lord Jesus Christ. Enable Amir to not fear or be dismayed by the Islamist's threats. Rather, may Amir be bold in the Lord, fearless, and place His complete trust and confidence in You to care for him and his family despite persecution.
    Patrick V - USA
  • I do ask that You would strengthen Amir and that he would walk in Your peace as he faces persecution. May he continue to stand firmly in You and lead his family in Your way. I pray that his witness would reach many, and that even those who persecute him, would be drawn to the hope and joy found only in Your gospel.
    Danielle H - USA
  • In the great name of Jesus, our heavenly Father, our awesome God, as brothers and sisters in Christ, we bless You for faithfulness of Brother Amir and family. We ask for healing, for provision, for a hedge of protection and angels directly from heaven to minister to them. Amen
    Gary F - USA
  • Holy Father, protect Brother Amir, and his family, as they are being threatened. May the joy and peace they have in You be a witness to others who need Jesus and the salvation found in Him. In Jesus' name, Amen
    Eli S - USA
  • Oh Lord, please provide for Brother Amir's needs. Please give him courage in the face of threats, protect his son from harm. I pray that this Islamist would be so drawn to You as to confess his sins and turn to You for salvation. I pray for continued joy and peace for Amir, and especially for his son and family. Thank you for this witness opportunity!
    Margaret M - USA
  • Dear Lord, we pray for Amir's family and ask that you protect them. Please bling these Islamists to what this family does. Please work in the hearts of the persecutors. Please give Amir and his gamy courage, and also safety. We love you, and we love them from afar. In Jesus' name, Amen.
    Alice D - USA
  • In the saving name of Jesus, our heavenly Father, Jehovah Jireh, God Who provides, as brothers and sisters in Christ we praise You for faithfulness of Brother Amir. We ask for provision, a hedge of protection on them and angels directly from heaven to minister to them. Amen.
    Gary F - USA
  • In Jesus Name we pray for our brothers & sisters around the world that are being persecuted for their faith in Jesus our Lord and as You Lord remember we are made of the dust and can do no thing without you John 15:5 strengthen each one with the power of Your Holy Spirit to overcome and continue in the faith & may no weapon formed against them prosper
    barry p - USA
  • Father in heaven, tonight I pray for Brother Amir with joy in hearing of his joy and peace in Christ Jesus. Thank you for giving him the words to speak life into the threats of the Muslim on the phone. Keep him and his family from focusing on the threats but instead have their eyes fixed on Jesus. May seeds be planted in the hearers heart. Amen.
    Diana F - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Father. Thank you for our brother Amir. Bless them, protect them, and help their persecutors to have a change of heart. In Jesus's name. Amen.
    Karen C - USA
  • Praise you Father! Thankyou for those who belong to Jesus & are living testimonies of your love, grace, peace & forgiveness. I ask that Amir & his family will be filled with your Holy Spirit as they continue to serve & worship you. I pray that those living in darkness will be drawn into the light of your love &Salvation. I pray for revival in Lebanon.
    Tracey B - USA
  • Father, we ask that You protect Amir and his family from Islamists who wish them harm. Hide them from their sight. May Amir remain unshaken by threats and continue to trust You Who are faithful. May the Islamists, Lord, be open to hearing the Gospel and of Your amazing love and grace for them.
    Gail M - USA
  • Dear Lord may your will be done amen
    Sherry S - USA
  • Father, Thank you for the witness of Amir. May his shield of faith deflect the flaming darts of the evil one so that fear does not grip his heart. May faith and love overcome fear, in spite of threats. May Brother Amir and his family sleep on peace trusting in you. May the man who talked to Amir be stirred in his heart to seek Jesus.
    Laurie P - USA
  • Father God we bring Amir and his family to You. We ask for Your protection for him and his family from those who oppose them. We pray Amir and his family will continue worshipping You and that the ones who come against them will be changed and believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior. In Jesus' name we prayAmen.
    Marita J - USA
  • Father God I commit. Amir and family to your care , spread your wings over his son, and shield him from their cruel hands let no harm befall them Lord subdue the enemies and bound them to hold ther peace, strengthen his heart and grant him boldness not to be afraid cover him with your blood where ever they go she'd them daily and keep their mind on
    Joyce D - United Kingdom
  • Heavenly Father, thank you for these precious believers. Thank you that they are a witness for the gospel. Help them not to be afraid, but instead bold and courageous. Bless their faith and hope, softening many hearts for the gospel.
    In Jesus,
    Lis S - USA
  • Father God, I thank you for this amazing testimony that Brother Amir gave in spite of the threat of harm to his family. Thank you for the strength he gives me. I pray that you will supernaturally protect Brother Amir and his family and draw the Islamist man to yourself and your kingdom.Please spread the gospel throughout Lebanon and draw many to faith.
    Julia F - USA
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