Practical assistance during this difficult time can be a way to show God's love.
Practical assistance during this difficult time can be a way to show God's love.
Sep. 09, 2021 | Afghanistan

Meeting Practical Needs with God's Love

[227] prayers in [16] nations have been posted for Afghan people.

With ongoing turmoil in Afghanistan, front-line workers and others face challenges in getting aid into the country. One of the biggest obstacles is that most banks are closed, blocking necessary funds for relief supplies, food and other materials. “We pray in God’s mercy that the Taliban would allow the country to open back up,” a front-line worker said. “We have connections where VOM is able to get practical assistance to our front-line workers … we have contacts on the ground who are getting practical assistance into the country to assist our brothers and sisters.” Believers in the country are using opportunities to serve through such “practical assistance,” displaying the love and humility of Christ and building relationships. “It is a powerful witness, and coupled with praying with and for them and sharing the Word of God with them, God is pursing the Afghan people, and they are coming to Christ,” said the worker.

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  • Dear Lord Jesus, we thank and praise You for Your amazing goodness! Thank You Jesus for dying for us and our Afghan brothers and sisters. Bless them as they go through this time of testing. Let their faith, worth more than gold, be refined in this fire. Let them be a sweet smelling offering and sacrifice to You!
    Allison F - USA
  • Dear Jesus, I pray for all the Afghan people during this time of extreme anxiety and turmoil. Please give wisdom to all Christians. Please supply their needs. Guard and protect them. Give them discernment about sharing with others. Convert even members of the Taliban.
    Patrecia J - USA
  • Father please open up means for essential supplies to get to Afghanistan. Please let the Talibans allow aid to reach the people. Let the banks and other institutions open up to allow normalcy return. Bless the believers who are being channels of your love to the people. We ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.
    Grace A - United Kingdom
  • Dear Heavenly Father,
    Move powerfully in this situation! Guide the Christians and front line workers in all that they do. Bless their work and their words. May thousands come to know You through this. Take what is meant for evil and use it for good.
    In the name of Jesus, Amen
    Madison F - USA
  • Lord, in your great mercy, may the efforts of front-line workers and other Christians in Afghanistan be a witness to the Taliban, the government and Islamic majority as to the love of Christ that draws them to His message and softens their hearts to allow aid to enter.
    Tom H - USA
  • Heavenly Father I pray that you come to the help of Afghan Christians speedily they are in demand save from starvation and hostility in the country, you are their provider , you sit high, but you look low , let not Satan prevail against thou art the provider and refuge make haste to their help, let the Talaban cooperate So that the country get go
    Joyce D - United Kingdom
  • I do pray for the dear ones in Afghanistan, that through this turmoil, they would come to know the faith and hope that are in You alone. May the practical help be able to assist those who truly need it, and I pray that Your people would have many opportunities to proclaim You as they serve in the midst of this crisis.
    Danielle H - USA
  • God, you can move mountains, we believe you will move the Afgan leadership to permit help to come into the country. Father, give life and protection to those on the ground.Amen
    Gustav J - USA
  • Thank you Father! For this wonderful piece of good news from Afghanistan, blessed be thy most wonderful name forever Amen! May you continue to increase their faith and numbers by the day and may your wonder working power rest upon them all and for always, that as the days go by that we shall hear but only good news from there in JESUS name Amen!
    Chima U - Switzerland
  • Our Father we praise your Holy Name! You alone know every heart & every situation among those caught in the chaos & danger in Afghanistan. We ask that your will be done & all those who belong to Jesus will continue to hope in You as they face persecution & death. Your love never fails & I pray that many more repent & give their lives to you.
    Tracey B - USA
  • Father, Thank you for the courage the Christians in Afghanistan have to continue to reach others for Christ when they are under such pressure. Thank you for the assistance getting through and the opportunity to pray and share your Word. Thank you for new believers. May many more come to you and may aid reach everyone in need.
    Laurie P - USA
  • Father, I pray for the situation in Afghanistan. Lord, please pour out your Spirit. Open doors so that relief can be brought to these people. Watch over your children, rebuke fear, work miracles, strengthen them. I pray you give them wisdom and courage as they share your love, open the eyes of those Satan has blind.
    polly c - USA
  • How beautiful that the Afghan people are coming to YOu Father, & may this continue in YOur Name! Bring Your provisions in the mighty Name of Jesus. Phil 4:19. Nothing can stop the work that You have there. Open the banks in Jesus' Name. May the taliban respond to Your callings in Jesus' Name. Turn the land upside down for You!
    Lisa T - USA
  • Father, we pray that You will cause the necessary changes for VOM to help & provide for those in need. Please protect the believers, provide for them in every way, & help them to strongly sense Your presence & guidance. Help their love & joy to draw many others to Christ. Please help their persecutors to come to know You as well.
    Anne W - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Father, we know that You know about and allowed the things in Afghanistan to unfold as they have unfolded. Please use these circumstances to help the Christians to reach out to those who oppose them and to those who do not know You. Let Your love be seen through them and may they speak Your gospel to all their neighbors and friends.
    Donna H - USA
  • OLord, May the turmoil bring help & revival to the Afghan people, thru Jesus, Our Lord. Open hearts & minds to Your mercy & grace in Your Son. Meet the needs of Your saints for protection, housings, & food. May the Body of Christ reach out in love to those in need. Come soon for Your people, Lord. We long to be with You forever. Have mercy on us. Amen
    SM D - USA
  • Heavenly Father, Our hearts intercede for the Afghan people. We praise you for those who are witnessing the love of Jesus through difficult times. Continue to shower them with grace, hope and joy. May they observe miracles of You opening doors for needed assistance. May the power of Word of God in Afghan change hearts. In Jesus name Pat US
    Patricia S - USA
  • We know Father, that when You open a door no man can close it. So we ask You to open the doors in Afghanistan to meet the needs of Your children and to allow them to meet the needs of others. As they display the love of Christ in humility and share the Word with their neighbors, would You open hearts and reveal the love of Christ to the Afghan people
    Toni D - USA
  • Father God, I lift up the Afghan people and pray for their salvation and that they would turn to you during this turmoil. Please use VOM and the frontline workers and any other Christian groups to share the gospel with the Afghans and to provide for their practical needs as well. Protect the Christians there now and let them remain true to You! Amen
    Sarah H - USA
  • Father God,
    Praise You that despite Taliban oppression and murder of Christians, You are still pursuing the Afghanis , and they are coming to Your Son! Thank You for the believers who are using practical assistance to show Your love, and build relationships. Please act in Your mercy to move the Taliban to allow the country to open back up. Jesus
    Debbie D - USA
  • Dear Father, We ask you to continue to work in Afghanistan. The conditions are horrific but YOU ARE GOOD and Provide. May aid go to the needed and wounded and may the Love of Christ be known to ALL - Taliban and innocent people. We ask you to MOVE in AFGHANISTAN in the NAME OF JESUS in a MIGHTY WAY!!! Amen
    Jennifer T - USA
  • Holy Father, You have promised Your Spirit to speak for us when we don't have the words to express our deep thoughts. So much is going on with the people of Afghanistan; their needs feel overwhelming. But You are a God of strength and power, and nothing is impossible for You. Open doors that are closed, provide where needs are most, and soften hearts.
    Elizabeth S - USA
  • Thank You. LORD, for these Afghan Christians, the front-line workers, and for VOM! Thank You for sending Your Word, preparing Afghan hearts, and drawing the people to You. May channels of help open wide and flow throughout the country. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
    Christienne D - USA
  • God, I thank you that contacts on the ground are getting practical assistance into the country to assist our brothers and sisters." and that believers in the country are using opportunities to serve through such "practical assistance," displaying the love and humility of Christ and building relationships. Please bless and protect them.
  • Holy Father, I pray for the people of Afghanistan. I pray that you would continue to work in their midst and bring more and more of them to You Lord! I pray that the believers in country would be bold in sharing the hope they have in You and grant them protection, fellowship, and peace. I pray the banks would open and the Taliban would know you too!!
    Katherine S - USA
  • Abba Father Thank you that You will never leave or forsake Your children. Thank you for providing for the physical and spiritual needs of believers and even through the turmoil are adding daily to the fold of God. Lord, please protect and keep safe women and children from becoming victims to the evil plans of satan's men. Glorify the name of Jesus, Ame
    Tammie J - USA
  • Father, So many times when the church and Christians are persecuted, there is a moving of the Holy Spirit drawing many unbelievers to you. I pray for Afghan Christians that they will remain strong in their witness and give them many opportunities to share their faith. Protect and provide them with both physical and spiritual sustenance.
    Betty D - USA
  • Lord thank You that many Afghan people are coming to Jesus Christ. Christians in this area are showing love and humility and building relationships. I ask that in Your mercy inspire a miracle so the Taliban will let the country open back up. This is prayed in the Mighty name of Your son, our Savior, Jesus. Amen!
    Gayl D - USA
  • Father, I pray for the VOM front line workers and other Christians in Afghanistan during this turmoil and violence. Lord, protect them with a hedge of Your angels from Islam and the evil of the Taliban and others. Supply the practical needs of our family and use these to share the love of Christ with hurting Afghans. Draw the lost to Jesus, Lord. Amen
    Alan G - USA
  • God, I pray for the Afghan People. I pray the Taliban would ease the restrictions on the people & allow them to have significant freedom, especially the women. I pray aid will be allowed into the country, and will not be misused by the ruling powers. I pray for the safety and protection of my Christian brothers & sisters, and for their faithfulness.
    Curtis M - USA
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