Thousands of Christians in the CAR are living in IDP camps, like the one pictured here, after fleeing their homes when attackers invaded their villages, destroying property and assaulting anyone who opposed them.
Thousands of Christians in the CAR are living in IDP camps, like the one pictured here, after fleeing their homes when attackers invaded their villages, destroying property and assaulting anyone who opposed them.
Sep. 02, 2021 | Central African Republic

Displaced Christian Encouraged by Medical Help

[185] prayers in [17] nations have been posted for Emmanuel Dounia.

Emmanuel Dounia lives in an IDP camp in the Central African Republic. He was driven from his home after Seleka rebels attacked his village, burning his home and sexually assaulting his wife in front of him. His sons were killed in cannon fire, and he was also tortured. Since living in the camp, Emmanuel has struggled with his health, and access to the necessary medications has been limited. Recently, with VOM’s help, Emmanuel received the prescriptions he needed, and his peace has been restored. “My joy is immense. May the name of God be praised. Thank you — today I have peace of my heart,” he said. Though he has suffered much, his faith has not wavered as he has found comfort in the Scriptures. “What comforts me most is the Word of God,” he said. “In our camp, we never stop meeting to share the word of God.” Pray for Emmanuel to continue to find strength and encouragement from God’s word as his health recovers. Pray that his witness will reach others inside the camp with the love of God.

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  • Dear Father, Please heal Emmanuel and his wife from the physical and emotional suffering they have endured because of their Christian faith. Please wrap them in Your love and comfort. Reassure them that they will be reunited with their sons in heaven. Thank You for Emmanuel's medical help from VOM. Please keep them safe in the IDP camp. In Jesus.
    Madeline T - USA
  • Dear Jesus, please look upon Your servant Emmanuel Dounia who has suffers so much for his faith in You. Thank you for his faith and his witness even after so much suffering. Comfort and encourage him and allow him so see a great harvest because of his faithfulness to You and Your Word.
    Patrecia J - USA
  • Father, Emmanuel and his wife have much to recover and to be healed from, physically and emotionally. I thank you for the way you have ministered and brought faith and healing. Please continue to restore and to give peace and trust and to continue to the hurt of losing children. I thank you that you are working and are there.
    Vicki W - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Father,
    We lift up to You our brother Emmanuel Dounia and his family. Bless them mightily for being willing to suffer for Your name's sake. Give them continued healing, physically, emotionally and physically. May they feel Your presence wirh them and have peace.
    In the name of Jesus, Amen
    Madison F - USA
  • Dear Lord, with praise and gratitude for his care and healing, may Emmanuel's witness in spite of the horrors and persecution he has suffered be a beacon of the message of Christ. Amen.
    Tom H - USA
  • Gracious Father of Heaven and Earth hear our prayer.s. We thank you for giving brother Emmanuel Dounia renewed joy and strength in the faith. Thank you for blessing him with the medication that he needs and support from the VOM worker. Use him to share the Gospel and many come to the saving grace of Christ. In Jesus Precious and Glorious Name Amen
    Alvin A - USA
  • Lord God, I pray for this dear brother, and that he would continue to find hope and strength as he studies Your word. May he have many opportunities to proclaim Your truth, and I do pray that You would continue providing for his medical needs. May he know Your healing, and be able to minister to the suffering around him.
    Danielle H - USA
  • Lord I marvel at the faith of Emmanuel and pray for his continued peace and healing. I pray for the trauma and pain of the abuse he suffered at those who tortured him. I grieve with him as he lost his sons to the savagery of war and the evil of men. I pray for the camp to flourish and prosper based on Your Word and thrive with the hope of Christ.
    Joy H - USA
  • Heavenly Father, thank You for peace that passes all understanding. For the joy that is our strength. For the power of Your work in the life of Emmanuel. Continue to strengthen and encourage him through Your word and bring healing to his body. Use his witness to reach others in the camp with Your love. In Jesus name, Amen.
    Rachel T - USA
  • DearLord, My heart breaks at the suffering this family has endured. YOU alone can make beauty from ashes. May Emmanuel & his wife experience untold JOY even in their sufferings. Provide for all their needs. May he continue to receive his medications & May they work well for him. Strengthen them as they see Your LOVE & FAITHFULNESS to them. In Jesus nam
    SM D - USA
  • our Father God, we praise your Holy Name. We ask for continued healing in Emmanuels heart & body. We ask that you meet his daily needs. We pray that he will be continuously be filled with your Holy Spirit & his life will be fruitful for your Kingdom. Bless all who continue to gather in the Name of our Lord & Savior Jesus. Amen
    Tracey B - USA
  • Father, I thank you that Emmanuel has found peace and joy. Thank you for the freedom to share your Word in the camp and the voice you have given your people there. Thank you for the provision of medicine for Emmanuel. May many in the camp come to know you through Emmanuel.
    Laurie P - USA
  • Praise the Lord Jesus, Hallelujah for his work with this young man Emmanuel. Dear Heavenly Father strengthen him and bless him with spiritual blessings. Go before him, Jesus and touch the hearts that they will receive you through his witness. Thank God for those who Emmanuel has lead to Jesus and those who will be touched by your love.
    Pam W - USA
  • Jesus, I pray for Emmanuel Dounia & his wife. I praise you for the joy and peace he has in you Father. I pray he continues to find strength & encouragement from your word God, & that his health continues to improve. I also pray his witness will be strong inside the camp, & many hearts will turn to you Lord as the only true source of peace and comfort.
    Katherine S - USA
  • Oh God, praise You for those like Emmanuel and Job who, despite heartache and loss, continue to praise You, revealing that Your are worthy of all glory, honor and praise apart from Your provision. Continue to heal and use him to bless and reach others in the camp with the love of God. Thank You that they "never stop meeting to share the Word of God."
    Toni D - USA
  • Dear Father in Heaven, it is so evident that You are pleased with Emmanuel and have given him strength and peace! We praise you for the witness Emmanuel is to those around him despite the horrific things that have occurred to him and his family. He is such a powerful witness to the grace of God in action and I ask You to bless him in Jesus' Name!
    Jennifer T - USA
  • Holy Father, continue to hold Emmanuel close to You as he journeys through hard times, and yet he can recognize Your presence in the midst of his sufferings. Thank You for the joy he has, and let him be a powerful witness for You to those who need You. In Jesus' name, Amen
    Elizabeth S - USA
  • Father, thank you for providing Emmanuel with the needed medical care. Please heal him and his wife from all the trauma they have experienced. May he continue to have unwavering faith in Jesus. Draw others to Jesus through him. Thank you for loving him and working powerfully in his life. Amen.
    Vicki Y - USA
  • Dear Father, we know that You love Emmanuel so very much. Thank You for helping him through this horrific time. Please erase the awful memories of his sons' deaths and his wife's assault. (If she is still alive, help her through this difficult time. ) Thank You for giving Emmanuel peace. Please bring a Great Awakening to Africa!
    Tricia G - USA
  • In the forgiving name of Jesus, our heavenly Father, Jehovah El Roi, God Who sees, as brothers and sisters in Christ, we bless You for faithfulness of Emmanuel. We ask for healing and medicines, that he not be deceived, a hedge of protection be upon him, and angels directly from heaven minister to him. Amen
    Gary F - USA
  • Father God, I lift up Emmanuel. Please completely restore his health and strengthen his faith. Remind him that his name is special; God with us. You are always present with him. Please restore everything to him and help him to have abundant life and peace in Jesus. Please draw many more in Central African Republic to faith and salvation in Jesus Christ
    Julia F - USA
  • Oh God THANK YOU for Emmanuel's witness to others- to us around the world!- that You stay so close to those who suffer from the violence and brokenness of this world- that this not our home, and that You have given Emmanuel a heart to know this truth. But every day is a new challenge to believe- strengthen his faith today to continue on!
    Margaret M - USA
  • Father, It is impossible to even imagine the horrific persecution that Emmanuel has endured. I pray that he will have access to the medications that he needs. Thank you for filling his heart with joy and peace despite what he has gone through. I pray for healing for both him and his wife. May their witness reach others with the love of God.
    Betty D - USA
  • Ohs my heart cry's out at the darkness in this world and I ask for your redemption over these torturers. Let them humble themselves and accept forgiveness as you change them and make them new creations. Heal Emmanuel and his remaining family. Love him so tangibly that he cannot but know it is You - Father of the broken-hearted. Use him for your glory.
    Atacy U - USA
  • Father of comfort and love, for you are "our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.", please strengthen and encourage Emmanuel as his health recovers. May his heavenly joy from you and recovery by you become witness that will reach others resting in your stronghold. May those whose hearts you open come to you and find deliverance. Amen
    Jonathan C - Hong Kong
  • Lord,
    Thank You for Emmanuel Dounia and his willingness to find joy in Christ and Your Word despite the horrible things he has suffered. May he continue to grow in You each day; thank You for the peace he experiences. May he continue to find strength and encouragement from the Bible as his health recovers and may his witness reach others in the camp.
    Lysander S - USA
  • Heavenly Father, thank you for Emmanuel and his strong faith you have given him. Please continue to heal and strengthen him. Help him to continue to be a bright shining light for the gospel.
    In Jesus,
    Lis S - USA
  • Father, thank You for a faith that is real and meets Emmanuel in his time of greatest need. May the power of who You are and what You're about continue to heal his broken heart and raise him up to be an overcomer. May You strengthen, encourage and empower him to walk in the love of Christ in every day. In Jesus name, Amen.
    Bruce B - USA
  • Lord, we are so grateful for what you have done for the displaced people of CAR who have received medical assistants. I pray in particular for my brother Emmanuel Dounia to grow in the Lord and the power of his might. Let this message of the truth spread throughout the camp for many to be saved. i ask all that in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Dumezweni M - South Africa
  • Our Father, please have mercy to Your servant. Please help him. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen
    Maria D - Finland
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