Farsi New Testaments being delivered under the cover of night.
Farsi New Testaments being delivered under the cover of night.
Jun. 10, 2021 | Iran

Police Chief Helps Distribute Bibles

[166] prayers in [15] nations have been posted for those who received Bibles.

A Persian house church leader had two boxes of Farsi New Testaments in the trunk of his car. When he saw that he was approaching a police checkpoint, he pulled over and left the boxes of Bibles on the side of the road. Later that night, the police chief saw the boxes on the roadside and thought they might contain contraband, so he put them in his truck and took them home. Once he got home and opened the boxes, he discovered the boxes were filled with Bibles and wasn’t sure what to do with them. Since the Persian New Year was approaching, he decided to give the Bibles to each family member and guest at his home. A VOM worker reported that when one of the women who received a Bible called the contact information inside of it and was asked who gave her the New Testament, she replied, “My family friend. He is the police chief.” Pray that the police chief and those who received the Bibles will find salvation in Christ through them. Pray that Bible distributors in Iran will continue to find creative ways of delivering Bibles into the country.

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  • Thank you for the people who donated so that the Bibles could be purchased. Thank you for the police chief who gave them to family and friends. Guard these people as they read the Bible. Guide them to Christians who will disciple them.
    Patrecia J - USA
  • Jesus, praise to You that these Bibles were not destroyed. Praise to You for the good will of the police chief. Guard his life. May each Bible be used to glorify You and being many to know You, Jesus. Send Your Holy Spirit to help the people understand what they are reading and turn to You for Life. Help them find Christians to encourage them.
    Patrecia J - USA
  • Let this message of the cross be in the hearts and minds of those who are receiving the Bibles. This word will spread and touch the uttermost parts of that nation. I ask all that in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Dumezweni M - South Africa
  • Father, I love to see the way you can work through even those who are not yet believers. Thank you that you set the heart of this police chief to spread the Bibles. I thank you that your Word will not come back void and I pray that you will save many and encourage those who are already saved as they now have a Bible. Be glorified.
    Vicki W - USA
  • Father, we praise You for Your Word being distributed in Iran and pray Your Word will have free course in this nation. We pray for a mighty outpouring of Your Holy Spirit in Iran, on this police chief and all those who received Bibles. Open the eyes, ears and hearts of these people to know Jesus and receive Him as Lord and Savior. In Jesus name, Amen.
    Scott H - USA
  • It's no secret what God can do, to him be all the glory, cover all Christians in Iran and do help that police office tobesave, Father open the eyes and heart of all those who has receive those bibles, let them be instrument. Of grace that will turn people from darkness to light and from the power of Satan unto. God. In Jesus. Name, Amen
    Joyce D - United Kingdom
  • See how awesome You are Lord on how You distributed Your Word! May those who received Your Word grow strong in it as it becomes a part of them. We are believing for protection for the police chief & others like him as they share Your precious Word. Yes, we are in agreement that all who received YOur Word will be drawn to saving faith in YOu IJN!
    Lisa T - USA
  • Heavenly Father,
    We praise You for the miraculous ways You bring Your Word to searching hearts! We pray for each and every person - the police chief, his family and his friends - that received a Bible, that they would find Your salvation! Move in their souls and bring them the peace and joy that is found only in You!
    In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen
    Madison F - USA
  • LORD, indeed you're a God of miracles! We pray that the word sown will germinate into a strong, vibrant faith bringing light into Iran. In Jesus' name. Amen!
    Rick T - Malaysia
  • Dear Jesus, the ways in which you work are amazing to me. The Bibles got to exactly who you had ordained to get to. Thank you for the police chiefs willingness to give them away and may they open the eyes and hearts of those who received them to your gift of salvation. Bless the friend who contacted the Christian and may that lead to her salvation.Amen
    Debi H - USA
  • Thank you that you work through all kinds of people to fulfill your purposes, Lord, and we praise you for this police chief who distributed your Word. May it be read by many, and may it come alive in hearts to seek you and find you. May this story encourage us all that you always have a plan for good, even when it is different than ours!
    Jackie V - USA
  • Father, how good it is to read good reports that end well. I pray for the brother who started off with the Bibles, give him wisdom and boldness to continue on. I pray for the police chief that he would find you and know the truth that your Word holds. Bless each one who received a Bible. Lord, show people the condition of their hearts. Move
    polly c - USA
  • Dear Lord, We praise you for your greatness and your will being for these bibles to be distributed. Bless all who have them. May many come to know and love you through your Word. Amen
    Susan G - Australia
  • Lord, we praise and thank You for the distribution of bibles in Iran and specifically for this police chief who was willing to give out new testaments to all of his family members! Touch his heart and convict him of his need for a Savior and bring him to radical faith. Touch the lives of the others who received bibles. Bless this distribution process
    Forrest B - USA
  • Father, Thank you for this police chief who distributed your Word. May he receive your Word and believe in Christ. Thank you for people willing to be contacted and to share the gospel. Thank you for the house church leader willing to distribute Bibles. Keep him bold for you. Thank you for working in the darkness to shine your light.

    Laurie P - USA
  • Father God, thank you that these Bibles were found by a faithful man who put them to good use. I praise you that the Word is being distributed in Iran. I pray that many will be blessed through these Bibles and that the gospel will spread and the name of Jesus glorified. Amen.
    Julia F - USA
  • Lord You are so amazing! You find new ways to use us to do Your work. What one might have thought was a futile attempt at distributing bibles, was a means of distributing bibles to the people in power who need to hear about salvation through Your son Jesus Christ and then can make changes, not only in the people in their own lives, but in the country!
    Donna H - USA
  • Father, thank You for the men and women of law enforcement who serve and protect our communities here and overseas. Thank You that this Iranian police chief chose to distribute instead of destroy the Bibles he discovered along the roadside. May the living, powerful and active Word be a catalyst for this police chief and others trusting in Jesus Christ.
    Patrick V - USA
  • God, I am so thankful for the creativity used to distribute these Bibles. I know this was orchestrated by Your mighty hand, and will not return void. I pray the police chief, and each person who has received a Bible, will seek repentance and salvation through the King of Kings. I pray for continued successful efforts to smuggle Bibles into Iran.
    Curtis M - USA
  • Hallelujah! Thank you, Lord, for arranging for this amazing distribution of Bibles in Iran. Let the police chief first of all be turned to the true faith and every Bible that was given out produce faith and even be shared with many hearts that have been opened by your Holy Spirit. Thank you that the Word of God does not return to you void.
  • Jesus, how amazing the police chief gave the Bibles to his family and friends! I praise you for working this way! I pray that he, and everyone who received a copy, come to know you and spread your word Lord. That faith in you would spread like wildfire in Iran. & I pray Bible distributors in Iran will continue to find creative ways to spread your word!
    Katherine S - USA
  • Thank you Father for Your Word. Your Word will find its way into the hands and hearts of people who are hungry for You.
    Rebecca P - USA
  • Thank You, Father, that these Bibles made it into the hands of others in Iran. I pray You would continue to provide ways for the Word to Iranians. I pray those that get these Bibles would read them and come to salvation in Jesus. Please protect those bringing them in and prepare the hearts of those getting Bibles. For Your glory. In Jesus' name, Amen
    Beth G - USA
  • Father we thank you for the lives of these your children in Iran, may your name be glorified in their lives in JESUS name Amen! LORD please may you continue to open the hearts of The people of Iran for JESUS, as their faith grows increasingly by the day, may you oh LORD! Continue to inspire them more on how to share the Bible efficiently in JESUS name
    Chima U - Switzerland
  • Give those Bible distributors protection and strength and find creative ways to delivering Bibles.
    Debbie V - USA
  • My Lord and my God, I ask you to bless this police officer and protect him. He has spread Your Word. I pray that these seeds will find hearts hungry for you. I pray for the Persian house church leader who left the boxes at the side of the road....that he is protected and that his ministry flourishes.
    Denise G - Canada
  • Thank you Dear Father for the miraculous testimony of the Bibles. Please bring bring forth your will on earth in every situation and set of hands that have a copy of your precious Word in this specific situation. In Jesus name.
    Stewart C - Australia
  • Abba! I thank You that as Your word proceeds from Your mouth, it will not return to You void, without accomplishing all that You desire and without succeeding in the matter for which You sent it. Your word is unchained and will unchain many folks in Iran from the power of satan. In Yeshua's name
    Randal A - USA
  • Father God, use these bibles to bring many to saving faith, in Jesus name
    mark h - USA
  • In name of Jesus, our heavenly Father, the great and awesome God, as brothers and sisters in Christ, we praise You for faithfulness of Police chief and others who received Bibles. We ask that Your Word will bring forth spiritual fruit. We pray for a hedge of protection on them and angels directly from heaven to come and minister to them. Amen
    Gary F - USA
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