Samina (right) has been pressured by her Muslim co-workers to convert to reject Jesus Christ. She is working to provide for her family as her husband Amjed (left) suffers from kidney disease.
Samina (right) has been pressured by her Muslim co-workers to convert to reject Jesus Christ. She is working to provide for her family as her husband Amjed (left) suffers from kidney disease.
Apr. 08, 2021 | Pakistan

Woman Working to Provide for Family Pressured to Convert to Islam

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In 2016, Samina Masih started working in a factory to support her family and cover her husband’s medical expenses. Amjed, her husband, has suffered from kidney disease for six years and requires dialysis three times a week. Recently, as Samina prayed at work, her Muslim co-workers stopped her and pressured her to convert to Islam. Amjed and Samina are remaining strong in their faith, praying regularly at home and at church. Pray for the couple to continue to be encouraged as they navigate Amjed’s health challenges, their financial troubles and persecution at Samina’s job. Pray for Amjed to be healed from his disease, and pray for God’s provision for their family and for Samina to continue to exhibit God’s grace and truth at work.

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  • Dear Jesus, help Samina and Amjed Masih. Continue to give courage to this brave couple. We ask for physical healing for Amjed. We pray that they will be given a future and a hope. Provide for all their needs.
    Patrecia J - USA
  • Father we bless your most holy name for the life of Samina and Amjed Masih, thank you LORD for their lives and for all you have been doing and continues to in their lives, may your name be glorified forever in their lives forever! Please LORD! May you Stretch your healing hands upon your son Amjed Masih, heal him from the kidney deasees in JESUS name
    Chima U - Switzerland
  • Father thank You for Samina and Amjed. I pray that You would be their Provider and give them what they need to cover all expenses. I pray for healing for Amjed. I pray for provision for this family. I pray that Your grace and favor would be with them. In the Name of Yeshua, Amen.
    Kia W - USA
  • Lord Jesus, I ask You to heal our brother Amjed of this disease, letting all of those around him recognize Your goodness and leading them to repentance. Strengthen our sister Samina at work, giving her supernatural courage and peace. Bless their home with Your presence, provision, and grace.
    Gina A - USA
  • Lord, thank You for these believers' constant faith. Uphold them and strengthen them with Your Word and Your Spirit's leading and comfort and wisdom. Help them to be strengthened by other believers there. Please ease the persecution at her work- may she continue to witness through it. Please heal Amjed- may that show Your glory if it be Your will!
    Amy G - USA
  • Father, I know you are able but to speak and Amjed would be completely healed. I ask you to move on the behalf of this couple who are serving you. I pray you work a miracle for them. Give Samina wisdom in dealing with those at work. Open their eyes to the truth. Move on your children's behalf. We know you can turn this around for you glory. touch them.
    Polly C - USA
  • I do pray that You would comfort this sweet couple as they suffer. Please give Samina strength to continue in her job, and to show love to her difficult coworkers. May they be protected, and continue to see physical provision for their family. I pray that You would heal Amjed from his kidney disease, and give him strength to suffer well.
    Danielle H - USA
  • Holy Spirit, anoint these persecuted to keep a strong faith and please heal Amjed's kidneys as a sign of you power, in Jesus name
    mark h - USA
  • Father God, I ask in the name of Jesus for full-healing of Amjed's afflictions. Please make a path for Samina and Amjed going forward and protect them, dear Lord. Let Your Holy Spirit encourage them and bless them in their faith. You know what they need and You are able to provide. Please show them the way. I thank You Lord in Jesus' name.
    Kathy G - USA
  • In the name of Jesus, our heavenly Father, Elohim, as brothers and sisters in Christ, we praise You for great faith of Samina and Amjed. We ask for a hedge of protection on them and angels from heaven to minister to them. So Be It. Amen
    Gary F - USA
  • In Jesus Name we pray for our brothers & sisters around the world that are being persecuted for their faith in Jesus our Lord and as You Lord remember we are made of the dust and can do no thing without you John 15:5 strengthen each one with the power of Your Holy Spirit to overcome and continue in the faith & may no weapon formed against them prosper
    barry p - USA
  • Father God, Please hold this family in the palm of your hand. Give them the strength to hold tight to you despite the stressors. Heal Amjed and strengthen his body. Give Samina wisdom at work and let the other workers be drawn to you through her faith. Stop the persecution, provide for them physically, financially, spiritually and emotionally. Amen
    Liane F - USA
  • Dear Father, how powerful Samina's faith is! Strenghten her, Lord. Encourage her in the Spirit. Please provide wisodom to Amjed's doctors and help him get teh care he needs. Lord, may you provide what they need and may their friends & co workers see YOU in the midst of it all.
    Corinna H - USA
  • Dear Father, thank You for Samina's faith in You. Help her to share Jesus with her co-workers, and may many of them come to accept You. Please help Samina and Amjed with their finances, heal Amjed from kidney disease, encourage them through the love of others and by Your Holy Spirit, and protect them from persecution. Awaken Pakistan to You!
    Tricia G - USA
  • In the great name of Jesus, our heavenly Father, as brothers and sisters in Christ we unite our hearts in prayer for Samina, Amjed and family. We praise You for their faithfulness. We praise You that they got up and walked spiritually. We ask for a hedge of protection on them and angels directly from heaven to minister to them. So be it. Amen
    Gary F - USA
  • Sovereign Lord, I lift up Samina and Amjed and ask for the protection and provision. May they be a blessing to others in spite of the persecution they are facing. Give them opportunities to show love to others and share their faith in Jesus. Please bring healing to Amjed's body and help him to regain strength. Please bless Samina in her workplace. Amen
    Julia F - USA
  • Father, you see the great need of this family and I am thankful that you have kept them persevering in spite of the pressures they are facing. Please let them see your hand full of grace and compassion move mightily in their behalf. I pray for continued sustenance and for healing for Amjed. Most of all keep them strong in truth and in Christ.
    Vicki W - USA
  • Almighty God creator of heaven and earth give sister Samina and brother Amjed the strenght and the wisdom to do your will.We can do all things in Christ that strenghtens us.Holy Spirit fill them with your love and peace.Lord restore the health of Amjed and protect them.God is good all the time.In Jesus all things will be restored on earth.
    Ivan C - USA
  • Father, may Your blessings rain down on Samina and Amjed as they persevere every day to make a living and deal with his kidney disease. May they be encouraged physically and mentally to face each day and reject the lies of Satan. May the hope in Christ lift them up and strengthen their every day lives. May Your power sustain them. In Jesus, Amen.
    Bruce B - USA
  • Father I pray for this precious couple who have placed their faith in you & remained faithful through many trials, physical & financial. I ask that You would place a protecting covering around Samina as she continues to work among her Muslim Co-workers who are in darkness. I pray that revival will come to those in Pakistan & lives be changed.
    Tracey B - USA
  • Heavenly Feather, protect and bless the Masih family. Give Samina favor at work and empower her to be a witness to those who trying to convert her. In Jesus name, Amen!!
    Maria R - USA
  • God, I pray for this couple! I pray You would heal Amjed of his kidney disease, and save this family from the expense & hardship, and bring glory to You. I pray You would protect Samina at work, and for her to be used by You to reach her Muslim coworkers for Christ. I pray You will continue to meet all their needs, as they serve You in a hostile land.
    Curtis M - USA
  • Father, bless and encourage Samina and Amjed as they place their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. May Amjed no longer suffer from kidney disease but experience full and complete healing through Your divine intervention. Strengthen Samina as she provides for her family and help her to continue to exhibit grace and truth to her co-workers and persecutors.
    Patrick V - USA
  • Father I do ask your intervention in Samina situation, I do pray that you come to their rescue, Lord you know their struggles . And the unnecessary pressure that Satan has heap on them, I do pray for speedily intervention silent the enemy and please help that she will not be thrown out of her job, she has enough problem she need your help,
    Joyce D - United Kingdom
  • Dear Lord,
    We ask that You would pour out Your love, comfort & peace on Samina & Amjed Masih. Keep them strong in the faith. Encourage them as they walk forward day by day. We ask that You would touch Amjed with healing, that he would be completely healed of this disease. May Samina be strengthen. Above all, may You be glorified in them and thru them!
    Madison F - USA
  • Heavenly Father, thank you for these precious believers. Please continue to provide and strengthen them, amaze them with your love. I pray for your healing hand upon Ahmed, please heal his body and encourage Samina as she works. Help her to be such a bright shining light to the Muslims she works with, that they become believers.
    In Jesus,
    Lis S - USA
  • Father, thank you Samina and Amjed continue to follow Jesus despite difficulties in their lives. Please provide for all their needs. Protect them from evil. May they trust You fully and grow closer to You every day. Please draw unbelievers in Pakistan to Jesus. Thank you for the wonderful way you have worked and will continue to work in their lives.
    Vicki Y - USA
  • God, please graciously continue to provide for this family. May they put their trust wholly in you for all their needs.
    Rebecca H - New Zealand
  • Father in Your bountiful grace & kindness please cause Amjed to improve in health. Please protect Samina from those who would wish her harm & strengthen her to resist the constant harassment at work. May she be a sweet smelling sacrifice in that factory so that others will be drawn to Christ. Help them walk in Your Spirit each day by Your grace.
    Carolann P - Canada
  • Father God, please strengthen Samina to hold on and not give in to the pressure at her job-to keep trusting you for deliverance. They are doing the right thing by continuing to pray as your Word instructs. You are well aware of their needs and concerns and will not leave them nor forsake them. Please blanket them with love, peace and protection, Lord.
    Kira F - USA
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