Gate (center) and his wife (right) have been barred from two villages for their Christian faith. Yet, they remain firm in their faith in Jesus Christ.
Gate (center) and his wife (right) have been barred from two villages for their Christian faith. Yet, they remain firm in their faith in Jesus Christ.
Mar. 18, 2021 | Laos

Family Barred from Two Villages for Christian Faith

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Shortly after Gate and his wife became Christians, his parents and the leader of their village forced the couple and their young child out of their village because of their faith. With no place to stay, Gate started to build a home for his family on farmland he owned in another village about a mile away. Learning of the family’s faith, the leader of that village threatened to arrest Gate if he did not stop the construction. Although they have no home and only rice to eat, Gate and his wife remain strong in their faith. Pray that the Lord will grant permission for Gate to build a temporary home on his own land. Pray that Gate and his family will not be discouraged. Pray that the Lord will provide all of the family’s necessities in addition to shelter.

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  • Thank you Father that Gate and his family are building their house on you and on your Word and that is a firm foundation which will not be shaken. I thank you that you see them and love them and you are a good Father. Show them your abundant love and grow them more and more into the image of your Son through all that is happening each and everyday.
    Becky G - New Zealand
  • Dear Jesus, thank you for this man of courage. Protect Gate and his family from violence. Allow the village leaders to allow Gate to build on his own land. Comfort and encourage Gate and his family. May they persevere in their faith. Bring more people to know You, Jesus, because of their witness.
    Patrecia J - USA
  • Thank you JESUS for the life of Gate and his family, may your name be praised for their lives forever, LORD! Please touch the hearts of Gates family to be linearned to him and also a change of heart to the Authorities, that he would be accommodated in his own hometown and land, may you strengthen Gate never to give up on his faith in Christ JESUS Amen!
    Chima U - Switzerland
  • Father, I pray in the name of Jesus for Gate & his family to be blessed with permission to build on the land they own. I ask that all those who have shown hostility toward him will be convicted of their wrong doing & will release control of Gates land. I pray for his family to grow strong in their faith & for his parents to open their hearts to you
    Tracey B - USA
  • Holy Spirit, anoint Gate and his wife with power and love to break through the hard hearts of their persecutors, in Jesus name
    mark h - USA
  • Thank You, Father, for our brother Gate and his family! We agree together that You will provide all of their needs according to your riches in glory in Christ Jesus and that You will encourage them in their faith by Your presence. Speak to his family, convict them of hardheartedness, and bring them to salvation by the witness of these dear ones.
    Gina A - USA
  • In Jesus Name we pray for our brothers & sisters around the world that are being persecuted for their faith in Jesus our Lord and as You Lord remember we are made of the dust and can do no thing without you John 15:5 strengthen each one with the power of Your Holy Spirit to overcome and continue in the faith & may no weapon formed against them prosper
    barry p - USA
  • Dear Father, please protect Gate and his wife and child. Allow them to build the home they need on their land without further persecution. May others see their boldness, their kindness, and their faith in Jesus and want what they have - a life in Jesus. Wrap Your arms of peace around Gate and his family. Bring a great awakening to Laos!
    Tricia G - USA
  • Holy Father, we are your children who look to you. Provide for Gate and his family as they are unsettled because of your name. Move in the hearts of his Father and the leaders to see the greatness of your name.
    Rachel Albro H - USA
  • Father, thank you that Gate and his wife are staying strong in their faith and following Jesus even through these difficulties. May they experience peace and joy that comes from you. Give them courage and protection and provide for all their needs. Do whatever it takes to draw their family and friends and enemies in the villages to Jesus. Thank you.
    Vicki Y - USA
  • Father, may You continually supply all of Gate's need according to Your riches in glory by Christ Jesus. May Gate and his family find favor with others who have influence with the village leader so that he grants peremission for Gate to build a temporary home on his own land. Regardless of the leader's decision, encourage Gate to faithfully obey Jesus.
    Patrick V - USA
  • Lord I pray for a home for Gate and his family. I pray for provision that is mighty and strong and proof of Your protection and love. I pray that it becomes a place of worship for all to see and that they open their doors to other to proclaim faith in You. I pray for their child to grow and up and know You deeply and choose to walk with You.
    Joy H - USA
  • O hope you love Gate and good family! Be their dwelling place, their refuge, their very present help in trouble. May he be allowed to build a permanent house and serve you and the community with peace, joy, goodness that brings many of their enemies into faith. May they have and eat your Word. May it be sweeter than honey to their spirit, soul, body.
    Lori R - USA
  • Heavenly Father, we praise you for the saving faith that Gate and his family have in the shed blood of Jesus. By your grace, increase their faith in you as they witness your provision for a house and sufficient food. May their families hearts be softened to truth of Jesus as they see you provide for Gate. Bring glory to yourself O God. Pat USA
    Patricia S - USA
  • In the glorious name of King Jesus, our heavenly Father, Jehovah Nissi, our Banner, we praise You for faithfulness of this Gate and family. We praise You that they can sing Your praises. We ask for banner of protection be on them and angels from heaven to sing with and to minister to them. So Be It. Amen
    Gary F - USA
  • Lord Jesus, we praise You for Gate's faith and ask You to provide the needs of his family for shelter. Lord, move believers from neighboring villages to take Gate and his family in and provide their needs for food, clothing and shelter. Fill Gate with love and grace for his persecutors so that he can return to share the love of Jesus with them, amen.
    Forrest B - USA
  • Thank you, Lord, for the faith of these believers. Please help them now as they have been ousted and humbled because of their faith. Grant that Gate would be able to build a home. Keep them encouraged and provide all that they need. Through your hand, show others about your truth and care.
    emily g - USA
  • Dear Lord,
    I pray for Gate and his family. They have given up so much for the sake of following You. Bless them and encourage them as they continue to stand for You. Move in the hearts of those who persecute them, allowing them to build a home. Provide for their needs - physically and spiritually. Surround them with Your wings!
    In Jesus'name, Amen
    Madison F - USA
  • Dear Lord may your mercy and favor rest on Gate and his wife. Please provide for them a home under the shelter of your wing. We thank you for their safety dear Lord. Thank you for their testimony. Provide for all of their needs in Jesus name we pray. Amen
    Mona C - USA
  • Thank You for the strong faith of Gate and his wife. May they continue to have unity and hope in You and walk forward in obedience, trusting Your care. I pray that they would find favor in the eyes of the village leader and be able to build a new home. May Gate be able to financially provide for his family and may they have joy as they wait.
    Danielle H - USA
  • Dear Lord, We lift up Gate & his wife, & praise you for their faith & faithfulness. Please give them health, strength, and a home and livelihood. We pray for his family & all who are persecuting them, that they too will come to know and love you. We lift up Laos, that precious land, and ask your Holy Spirit will sweep the nation bringing harmony. Amen
    Susan G - Australia
  • Dear Lord, provide a place for Gate & his family to live. Give them wholesome food and water. Bring encouragement and fellowship thru VOM. May your favor rain down on those who help them. Open the eyes of those who are blinded in their sin. May they see Jesus, the Messiah. Grow this family in strength and faithfulness. In Jesus we pray, amen.
    SM D - USA
  • Father, praise You for the strong courageous faith of Gate and his wife as they are persecuted for loving Jesus. Keep them in Your tender care and provide for them each hour. Grant through Your ways the permission for Gate to build a home on his land. May the people around them be drawn to their joy and love and desire to know the God Whom they serve
    Gail M - USA
  • Heavenly Father, we pray for Gate and his family that you put your Holy Angel's around them and protect them from the enemy. We asked that you will meet all their needs. We asked that you open the eyes of their enemies to see you,and experience your forgiveness of sins. May you deliver them from the power of evil to your kingdom. Acts26:18 in Jesus n
    Kibar H - USA
  • Help Gate and his family move into the big city so he can support his family better and have more opportunities for them.
    Debbie V - USA
  • Father God, I thank you for the faith of Gate and his family. I thank you that they love you and are a great witness for the gospel. I pray that you will provide for all their needs. Please help them to have a safe home and place to live. Give them security and everything they need. Please help them to share their faith with others and draw people to J
    Julia F - USA
  • In the good name of Jesus, our heavenly Father, God of redemption, as brothers and sisters in Christ we lift up Gate and family to You. We praise You for their faithfulness. We ask for a hedge of protection on them and angels directly from heaven to minister to him and family. So Be It. Amen
    Gary F - USA
  • Oh Father, we pray for Gate and his family; not that you'd take away their hardships, but that you strengthen them in faith. Please supply all of their needs according to your good will, and help them get closer to you. Let them shine for your glory, and may the lost around them may see your marvelous light; in the name of Jesus, amen!
    Edwin P - USA
  • Lord, please provide a way for Gate and his family to build a temporary home on his own land. Strengthen their faith and help them to know that they serve as examples to us of standing fast in the face of persecution. Thank You for providing for their needs and give them wisdom on how to handle each situation. 1 Peter 4:14
    Betty A - USA
  • Dear Lord I pray that you would allow Gate to build a temporary home. I pray that you would strengthen both Gate and his family. I pray that you would provide their necessities. I also pray that you would soften the hearts of their persecutors. In your name Jesus I pray, Amen.
    Ann D - USA
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