Christians in India risk attacks by Hindu radicals when they worship in church.
Christians in India risk attacks by Hindu radicals when they worship in church.
Feb. 18, 2021 | India

Pregnant Mother Beaten, Loses Baby

[383] prayers in [22] nations have been posted for Lila.

Radical Hindus recently attacked Christians in India, beating several church members, including a pastor, and killing an unborn baby. One extremist assaulted Lila Bhai, who was eight months pregnant with her second child. The man kicked her stomach, leaving her writhing in pain. After the attackers left, Lila was taken to the hospital. Her unborn boy, however, did not survive the attack. Members of the church and the pastor went to the police station to report the killing, but the officers would not hear their case. A lawyer has since been appointed to pursue the case in court. Pray for Lila’s continued physical healing and for her and her family’s ongoing spiritual and emotional healing. Pray for Lila as a mother, who cares for her young handicapped daughter. Pray that the attackers are brought to justice and hear the gospel during the process.

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  • Dear Jesus, I continue to ask You to comfort, heal and give new hope to Lila after the loss of her precious child last year.
    Patrecia J - USA
  • Dear Jesus, last year Lila lost her precious baby. Continue to comfort her and heal her body and mind. Protect her and the other Christians from harm and fear. Convict the officials to protect the Christians and prosecute the men who cause the violence.
    Patrecia J - USA
  • Dear Jesus, Lila lost her precious baby boy. Comfort her in this horrible loss. May the attackers repent and seek forgiveness from You. Help all those harmed and traumatized. Convict the hearts of the officials to charge the attackers.
    Patrecia J - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for Lila and her daughter. I pray that they may feel your comfort, I pray for justice for Lila. I pray Father that Lila will always know that you are there and seek you in all things. may you bless this family as they go forward. In Jesus Holy name Amen
    Laura O - USA
  • Father, Help.
    Gustav J - USA
  • Oh Father, what a tragedy that Lila's baby was killed in this senseless attack but we know that her battle and ours is not against flesh and blood but spiritual forces of darkness in the heavenly places. Please bring grace and healing to Lila's body, mind, soul and spirit after the tragic loss of her baby and fill her with love for her persecutors.
    Forrest B - USA
  • Lord, be with Lila, her child and her fellow believers. It's obvious that local law enforcement are, at a minimum, hostile to followers of the way and may very well be cooperating with these attackers.
    The loss of a late term baby is always very hard on any woman but especially under these conditions.
    Lord give her comfort, strength and love. I'm sorry
    Gary G - USA
  • Lord Jesus, we pray for Your peace in this young mother's life and that she will have grace to forgive her attackers. Father, strengthen her with Your Spirit as she cares for her daughter. I believe You to reward this gift of suffering that she has given for Your Name's sake. May she find beauty for ashes and the oil of joy in her mourning.
    Gina A - USA
  • Dear Father, Please minister mightily to Lila and bring healing to her emotionally and physically. As all things work for good, please bring good out of such a tragic incident. Work in the hearts of the attackers. I do pray for justice and the attackers will come to Christ.
    Vicki W - USA
  • Lord bring the attackers who killed Lila's child to justice, protect her from any further violence but if anything turn this evil act into something good which only you can do. Let that attackers convert by all means but hear the cries of this poor mother who lost her beloved child in Jesus' name I pray amen.
    Angela L - USA
  • God our Father, when Your faithful gather Your light shines all around them and darkness comprehends it not but You can separate those hurried in utter darkness and bring them into the light of Christ.
    Cover them as well with your precious blood and give them a new spirit, clean mind, pure heart to LOVE
    Christians for their faith.
  • All mighty God give sister Lila the strenght and wisdom to confront the lose of her unborn child.
    Holy Spirit fill her heart with love and peace to overcome evil with good.Help her to stand firm in her faith in Jesus.All mighty God thank you for giving us Jesus.In Jesus all things will be restored on earth.God protect sister Lila and her daughter.
    Ivan C - USA
  • Lord, we don't always understand why things happen the way they do in this world- it is just a fallen and broken world. We grieve with Lila over the loss of her baby as we know you do. Give her comfort that only God can give her in such a tragedy. Bless her with five more sons one day! Especially bless her with deep intimacy with You. In Jesus, amen.
    Nancy G - USA
  • Father, we know that You love Lila Bhai and grieve with her over the wickedness of men in the loss of her baby. That You are a God of justice, and that You will carry out justice for her, even if not in the courts of men. Encourage her in caring for her handicapped child. Thank You that she has a strong support system in the pastor and church family.
    Toni D - USA
  • Dear Father,
    Please give to Lila your peace. Please comfort her during this time of grief. Heal her body and give her grace that she can forgive her persecutors. Please provide for Lila and her young daughter their every need. Encourage her so that she will continue to stand in the face of adversity. In Yeshua's name. Amen.
    Denise J - USA
  • Dear Lord, continue to heal Lila's body and bring friends and family to comfort and care for her. Mend her broken heart for her baby. May she feel your special love and understanding as a Father who suffered for His Son. Bless her with another child one day at the right time. Now, Father, bless Lila and her family. Provide for their needs. Thru Jesus.
    SM D - USA
  • Dear Lila, as my sister in Christ I grieve with you over the loss of your baby. Draw closer to God for the peace that can only come from a close relationship with him. Dear God, we know you love Lila and her daughter and will bless them with everything they need. We pray their attackers are brought to justice and, in that process will come to know you
    Ginger B - USA
  • In the name of Jesus, our heavenly Father, El Shaddai, as brothers and sisters in Christ we praise You for faithfulness of Lila and family. We ask that they continue to build Your temple spiritually and physically. We ask for a hedge of protection on them and angels sent directly from heaven to minister to them. Amen
    Gary F - USA
  • God, please have Lila be fully healed from this horrible attack. I pray for her church and pastor as well, please let them suffer for the name of Jesus well. I also pray for peace as well for Lila and her Church and pastor. Please, dear Heavenly Father, please change the hearts and minds of radical Hindus. Also, please let the lawyer win in court. Amen
    Brian E - USA
  • Dearest Father, thank You for Your precious daughter, Lila. Please heal her deep wound, fill the void left by the absence of her unborn child, and continue to heal her husband and family spiritually, emotionally, and physically. May justice be done and may the perpetrators of the evil be saved. In all things, LORD, be glorified. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
    Christienne D - USA
  • May the Lord bless and protect you; may the Lord's face radiate with joy because of you; may he be gracious to you, show you his favor, and give you his peace.
    Mary-Ellen V - USA
  • Lord I lift my sister Lila to you for strength, comfort, & peace. We pray for the attackers that you would appear to them in dreams & visions & that they would repent & give their lives to you. Please help Lila to heal both physically & spiritually. I pray for your justice to be served & that these people would be charged for their crime. TY Jesus Amen
    Niccole E - USA
  • 6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
    Layne N - USA
  • Almighty God, for this precious Lila, we pray for your deep comfort and healing in her heart. Thank you for sparing her life so she can care for daughter. Give her strength. Provide healing for the family. May the attackers be brought to justice and hear the gospel and have converted hearts because of witness of Lila and family. Jesus name. Patusa
    Patricia S - USA
  • Father, I ask for justice for this little baby boy and healing for Lila and her family.
    Linda B - USA
  • In the name of Jesus, our heavenly Father, King Eternal, we thank and praise You today for faithfulness of Lila. We ask for healing. We thank and praise You for access to Your Word. We ask for a hedge of protection on her and family and angels directly from heaven to teach and minister to them. Amen
    Gary F - USA
  • Father, thank You that this dear baby is with You safe in Heaven. please comfort and heal the mother, reminding her of the certainty that she'll see her baby again and be with himher for all eternity. Pour out your Grace on her to keep going forward in her walk with You, strengthened inwardly and outwardly. Thank You.
    Jennifer P - USA
  • LORD I know that you were there when that incident took place and you are there in Lila's family and in her life to lift her up. I pray for complete healing and speedy recovery for her. I ask all that in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Dumezweni M - South Africa
  • Father God I continue to lift up Lila Bhai in India. Please heal her body mind and spirit after this vicious attack. Please fill her with Your peace and forgiveness each day and provide for all her needs. Please let Lila and her daughter trust You each day! Please let Lila know we are praying for her and her family! In Jesus precious name Amen
    Sarah H - USA
  • Father, please heal this precious mother in her grief and physical pain. I pray for healing on all those you experienced this terrible trauma. I ask for justice on those who killed this innocent one and for those who were involved in the attack. I pray for their salvation as well. In Jesus Name, amen
    Debbie M - USA
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