The pastor and his family serve in a difficult part of the Middle East.
The pastor and his family serve in a difficult part of the Middle East.
Feb. 04, 2021 | Middle East

Extremists Threaten Pastor with Knives

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A pastor and his family haven’t left their home for more than 30 days after receiving threats from extremists. The pastor serves in a difficult area of the Middle East and has lived under pressure for many years. Recently, an extremist group began sending threatening messages to his phone. Some of the messages contained video of the extremists holding large knives and making motions as though they were going to slit his throat. His persecutors also appeared at his front door one day with automatic weapons, but the pastor and his family weren’t there. After the attackers left, the family remained at home for a full month to avoid trouble. Local police have not been helpful. The VOM worker who spoke to them said, “His wife was a bit emotional when I asked her about how she was handling it with the kids, but they seem determined to stay there and love their neighbors.” Pray for protection and good opportunities for this family.

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  • God I pray over this man and His family. Jesus, please divinely protect Him. Remind him he is so blessed to be persecuted for righteous sake. Please God let him not be harmed. I pray a bold faith God. One that has concrete peace and faith in the will of our Father. May he walk in safety and be granted divine wisdom in Jesus holiest name Dear God.
    Amanda W - USA
  • Father, I thank so so much for this Pastor & his family's faithfulness to you in the midst of such evil. Lord, comfort them with your presence and keep them under your wing of protection. Father I pray any evil that comes against them would fail and that their persecutors would surrender to you Jesus. Father send your army of angels over this family
    Miranda B - USA
  • Father God, I pray for courage and boldness for the Pastor and his family providing safety, wisdom and knowledge in continuing their mission in this region. I pray You bless them opportunities not known to the enemy to move forward winning souls, I ask that You send help through Your Spirit in these troubled areas and families. In Christ
    Pat D - Canada
  • Dear Lord, please bless, comfort & strengthen this precious pastor and his wife, family and church. Protect them Lord, keep them safe, give them strong wisdom & discernment as to the actions you would have them do. We praise you for them, and for their faith and faithfulness.
    Susan G - Australia
  • Lord, please be with this family. I pray you send your angels to fight the evil forces coming against them. Lead them and carry them in every way. Carry them and use our prayers to uphold them. Help the church to rally around them, O God. Help the local officials to do their jobs and prtoect them. Appear in dreams those opposing them and You.
    Amy G - USA
  • Lord, I pray for this pastor and his family. Lord May You protect them, provide for them, strengthen them in confidence and boldness for You. Lord I pray that You would do a work in the hearts and lives of those threatening them that they would repent and receive You. May You grant unity in You for this pastor and his wife.
    Michele C - USA
  • Lord I pray for this pastor and his family and ask for protection and a covering for them. I pray You would surround them with angels and keep them safe. I pray they would continue claiming King Jesus as their Lord and clinging to You. I pray for You to hold them and keep them close to You. I pray for Your hope and Your Word to encourage them.
    Joy H - USA
  • God, I pray You will take control of this situation, and guide and direct this beloved family on how to proceed. I pray for their safety and their faithful witness. I pray You use this situation to bring glory to Yourself, and for those persecutors to repent of their sinful activities and desires, and come to Jesus. They need new hearts and minds!
    Curtis M - USA
  • Dear Lord, calm the fears of this threatened family. May they feel your strength and power and protection. Strike fear of your judgement on their tormentors. Prepare a place for them if you desire them to leave. May their neighbors and town grasp your love and forgiveness. Open their hard and deceived hearts to your message. In Jesus Name. Amen
    SM D - USA
  • Father God, please continue to protect this good pastor and his family. Let the extremists hear of your love and receive salvation in the name of Jesus. Lord, I pray that that the gospel will be shouted from the rooftops in the Middle East and many will hear and receive the free gift of salvation in Jesus. Amen.
    Julia F - USA
  • Dear God, Please protect this dear Pastor and family from these extremists and provide for their needs as well, especially the children's education. We who are locked down because of Covid understand the isolation, but not the terror of threats. Please soften the hearts of these extremists and even bring some to Christ because to Pastor's testimony.
    Martha T - USA
  • Dear Lord, thank You for these believers. Give them wisdom for each situation they face. Strengthen their faith and help them to feel comfort and courage from the Holy Spirit. Keep them safe! Soften the hearts of their persecutors so that they too may know the love of Jesus and focus on eternal life--not just life on earth.
    Betty A - USA
  • In the loving name of Jesus, our heavenly Father, the Great Shepherd, as brothers and sisters in Christ, we praise You for faithfulness of threatened pastor and family. We ask that You will shepherd them and they will shepherd others. We ask that a hedge of protection be on them and angels directly from heaven minister to them. Amen.
    Gary F - USA
  • Father, give this pastor and his family the love and courage to continue in Your work in the midst of their persecution. Soften the hearts of the extremists as they watch this family remain strong in Your service. In the mighty name of Christ Jesus, Amen!
    Linda R - USA
  • Father, give this pastor and his family the love and courage to continue in Your work in the midst of their persecution. Soften the hearts of the extremists as they watch this family remain strong in Your service. In the mighty name of Christ Jesus, Amen!
    Linda R - USA
  • Protect our brother and his family from evil, harm and give them courage.
    Debbie V - USA
  • Father, please watch over this pastor and his family. I pray you give him wisdom and strength to deal with this situation. Lord, they need you to move. Show them what they are to do. I pray you speak to the hearts of those who are threatening them. Move upon them. Open their eyes, deal with their hearts. I pray the authorities would see to protect.
    polly c - USA
  • Lord, protect this precious family. May they find strength & peace in You, & may they grow in wisdom, favor, boldness, & love. May their persecutors see Your love in them & come to know You. May they have good opportunities to share their faith with others. Strengthen their faith & open their eyes to Your goodness, faithfulness, provision & love.
    Chiara F - South Africa
  • Heavenly Father, You allow trials and tribulations in our lives to help us to grow and be strengthened. You also promise to be with us during these times. Lord, please bring the Pastor & his family a sense of peace, beyond understanding, that only You can provide. Keep them safe and help their mission of salvation not be halted, but to grow immensely!
    Donna H - USA
  • Father God, I pray for the paster and his family safety. Lift them up each and everyday with divine wisdom to continue to believe and trust in your holy Word. Give them peace to know that no weapons formed against them shall prosper. I pray that will continue to fellowship and bring others to Christ. In Jesus name I pray, amen.
    Kymberly S - USA
  • Lord I lift this pastor & his family. Please strengthen their faith. Please move in the hearts of the ones who persecute them. Let them have visions & dreams & come to him like Paul after his conversion! Please continue to use them to be a light in the region & protect them with your mighty angels Lord. We pray for your light to shine Jesus, AMEN!
    Niccole E - USA
  • Thank You, Lord, that You have given this dear family authority, power, "physical & mental strength & ability over all the power the enemy possesses & nothing shall in any way harm them." (Lk10:19) Give Grace for them to dwell in the secret place of absolute faith in Your Word so they can abide under the Shadow of Your Wings. Send strong encouragement.
    Jennifer P - USA
  • Dear Father, what a frightening situation this Pastor and family are in. Give them calm assurance of your love and protection. Do what needs to be done to insure their safety. May their neighbors open up their hearts to you and stop persecution of this family. Provide for them. In Jesus Name, AMEN
    SM D - USA
  • Father, this family in the Middle East faces persecution and danger from Muslims. They stand for Jesus and want to be Your witnesses. Bless and protect them from all evil, Lord. Enable them to leave their home in safety and cause those who threaten them to come to Christ and change their lives. Supply their needs and have Your hand upon them, Lord. Ame
    Alan G - USA
  • Jesus, I lift up this pastor and his family, as they undergo threats from the extremists. Guide them, protect them, hold them in your hands. May they shine for you in the darkness around them. Keep fear away from them, and may they show Your love to their neighbors and families. Open the hearts of people around them to You. May their work bear fruit.
    Charlene P - USA
  • Be a strong tower around them and a rock below them. Bring about strength, peace, wisdom, courage and hope upon their minds. Protect them from thoughts that are not completely grounded in your goodness and protection. Provide in every way from them. Bring victory in a beautiful way in this situation. We praise You that you are preparing a home for them
    Atacy U - USA
  • Lord, I ask that your angelic host provide protection to or this pastor, his family, his flock. May his tormentors come to know you personally or make known to them the protection you provide so that they flee and resolve to never again threaten these people. Provide the spiritual, mental and physical sustenance they need to live peacefully and boldly
    John H - USA
  • Father I pray for protection for this threatened pastor and his family. I pray for strength , boldness and wisdom for our dear brother in Christ. I pray that his persecutors will be able to hear the message of the gospel and repent. I pray that his wife will be strengthened and hold firm in the faith. God bless this pastor and his family.
    Paul K - USA
  • Father God, please help this family as they remain steadfast in their faith, determined to stay in their community and love their neighbors with the love of Christ. I pray for their protection and good opportunities for this family. Open the hearts of these extremists to see their need of a Savior, Jesus Christ and that they come to know Him.
    Helen W - USA
  • Father God, I pray for safety for this pastor, his wife & children. Protect them from harm, so that they may live without fear & continue to do the work you have called them to do. Grant them an extra measure of your peace, grant them courage & grant them wisdom. Enable them to continue to shine the light of your love in their community. Amen.
    Mike M - USA
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