One of the burned homes
One of the burned homes
Jan. 28, 2021 | Nigeria

Ongoing Attacks in Northern Nigeria

[214] prayers in [17] nations have been posted for Christians in Gora Gan.

Christians in the Gora Gan community sent urgent requests for prayer as they were under attack by Fulani militants. The area has experienced repeated incursions by Fulani attackers against the Christians there. Last year, attackers killed seven while burning down thirteen homes, and in July 2020, the militants displaced 500 in an attack that left eight dead. After the January 2021 attacks, Christians sent photos of burned homes and churches. Attacks against Christians continue throughout northern Nigeria. Continue to pray that believers in this region would reach their persecutors and remain strong amid the opposition.

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  • Jesus, comfort and assist the Christians in Gora Gan. Give them wisdom and discernment as to what to do in their future. Heal those grieving their murdered loved ones and friends. Convict the leaders who are allowing this destruction or participating in the violence to turn from this evil. Help each person struggling to heal, forgive and provide.
    Patrecia J - USA
  • Our Father, I pray the light of your Word & Love will dispel the darkness in the hearts of those who need deliverance from fear & hatred toward those who have put their faith in You. Bring resources & encouragement to those who are suffering persecution & great loss as they continue to hold fast to your promises of forgiveness & eternal life.
    Tracey B - USA
  • Dear Father, protect your saints in Gora Gan and Northern Nigeria. Strengthen their hearts with our prayers. Awaken the dark hearts to your love & forgiveness in all of Nigeria. Soon you will come for your church, and we want to be ready. Give them hope and peace, thru Jesus Our Lord. May your name be exalted. Amen
    SM D - USA
  • All mighty God protect the brothers and the sisters in Gora Gan from evil doers that want to cause them devastating harm.Holy Spirit fill their hearts with love and peace to over come evil by doing good.Help them to be firm in their faith in Jesus and guide them to pray one for another.Jesus is the Way,the Truth and the Life.Thank you God for Jesus.
    Ivan C - USA
  • Heavenly, Father wrap a hedge of protection around your followers in Nigeria. Give them Your comfort, strength, and courage as they face this dark time. Soften the hearts of their persecutors so they may see Your light through these believers. God bless and protect them. In Jesus precious, holy name we pray. Amen
    Tracy H - USA
  • Our Father,please help all the Christians in Nigeria. Please let them live and work for You.It is written that nothing can separate us from Your Love. We are still weak in spirit,please strengthen us in faith. Please don't let the them whip All the Love out of us. It is heart to watch our loved one suffering. Please help us. In the name of Jeesus. Amen
    Maria D - Finland
  • 6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
    Layne N - USA
  • Almighty God, help these your children and the communities that are living in fear for their lives in Gora Gan. Deliver them from the evil that has engulfed the northern regions of Nigeria. Holy Spirit let your hand be upon these families and your peace to keep their hearts and minds knowing that you are there in their afflictions.
    Dumezweni M - South Africa
  • Oh Father, please rend the heavens and come down to change the horrific situation in Nigeria. Strengthen and comfort their hearts. Heal them. May they experience a closeness with Jesus like never before. Use them to draw others to Christ. Glorify yourself in your people and turn these awful situations into something good. Thank you. Amen.
    Vicki Y - USA
  • Heavenly Father, I ask you to protect your saints in Nigeria. They are under constant attack because they love you. Strengthen their faith. May it be a strong witness to their tormentors. Provide the materials they need to encourage and grow strong. May they feel the prayers of us around the world who love them. In Jesus powerful name we pray, AMEN.
    SM D - USA
  • Dear Father, today I lift Nigeria to you. Children are being stolen and held captive by extremists. Please protect them and return them to their school and families. I pray you would save them from trafficking. Do not allow these young boys and girls be defiled. Give them safety under your protective wings. Dear Jesus, I pray, AMEN
    SM D - USA
  • Dear God may you intervene here. Christians are called to be peace makers a trait the enemy preys on. So I pray in the blood of Jesus Christ from Calvary that the Fulani militants hearts be melted and if that not be Your will Father that they implode on each other. A house divided against itself cannot stand. I pray the enemy's tactics are divided!
    Amanda W - USA
  • Lord
    We lift up to You our brothers and sisters in Gora Gan - they have suffered and continue to suffer so much for the sake of Your Name. Over and over they have chosen to endure loss and hardship to stay faithful to You. Bless them mightily! They are an amazing lesson for us all. May they be filled with courage and love. Provide for their needs! Amen
    Madison F - USA
  • God, I come to You on behalf of my brothers and sisters in Gora Gan, and throughout northern Nigeria. I pray for each believer, that they would remain faithful despite the risk. I pray You would protect each one, that they can rest in Your Strong presence. I pray for the unbelievers who seek their harm. I pray they would each repent and receive Jesus.
    Curtis M - USA
  • Lord I pray for those grieving the loss of their loved ones and angry about the pain. I pray they would bring it all to You and that they would feel Your loving arms of comfort and hope. I pray Father for their homes to be fixed and for their children to have places to lay their heads and be at peace. I pray for strength amidst the attacks.
    Joy H - USA
  • Lord Jesus, Give my NIgerian family strength as they endure these attacks! I ask that You richly bless those who take them in and provide food, shelter and safety to them. I also pray that the attackers may open their eyes and feel Your conviction of what they are doing . Let Your people see Your salvation Lord. Let them know Your love and power.
    Patricia W - USA
  • Take care of our brothers and sisters in Gora Gora.
    Debbie V - USA
  • Father, I pray for my brothers and sisters in Gora Gan. Lord, pour out your Spirit of boldness, strength, comfort upon them. I pray they know you are with them. Help them to forgive and walk in your love and strength. Give them wisdom as they share your love. Deal with the hearts of those who persecute them. Move Father, Jesus, comfort and save.
    Polly C - USA
  • Dear Lord and Father of us all,
    Please rain down upon the Christians in Northern Nigeria your Holy Spirit. They need your upholding love and grace in these times of darkness. Their spirits are strong in You. Their hearts are full of You. Their lives are in Your hands. Bring them your Peace and Comfort. Amen
    Constance B - USA
  • Heavenly Father, I lift your children in Nigeria to you. Encourage them. Provide for them. Protect them. Help them know that believers around the world care about them and send our love and prayers to them in their suffering. I thank you for their faith in Jesus. Keep them strong. In Jesus Name, AMEN
    SM D - USA
  • Father, I lift up the Christians in Nigeria, asking for strength, wisdom, perseverance in the midst of persecution, and courage for them. Help them remain firmly seated in You. May they reflect Your love and light to the people around them. Open the hearts of their persecutors by the power of Your Holy Spirit, that they may also follow you. Thank you
    Charlene P - USA
  • Father I pray for our dear brothers and sisters in Nigeria who face such terrible persecution. I pray that they would be comforted and remain strong. I pray that the government would step in and put a stop to these brutal crimes. I pray for justice for the militants and a heart of repentance from them. God bless our brothers and sisters in Nigeria.
    Paul K - USA
  • Lord, we pray that YOU would reach the persecutors through Your children. Speak to their hearts & open their eyes. Minister strength courage & all they need iJN. May the kingdom of darkness be turned upside down for You as many place their faith in You. May believers see Your mighty loving Father hand at work & know You are WITH THEM in Jesus' Name
    Lisa T - USA
  • In the kingship of Jesus, our heavenly Father, El Shaddai, as brothers and sisters in Christ, we bless You for faithfulness of NIgerian believers and in Gora Gan. We ask for that no harm come upon them like Jabez prayed, that a hedge of protection be on them and angels directly from heaven come to minister to them. Amen.
    Gary F - USA
  • Father, You are in control of all things. Lord, I pray for Christians in Gora Gan. I cannot imagine what it is like there, but the courage of those there gives me hope. Lord, I pray that Christians in the area will remain strong and kept safe. I ask that those persecuting them will be overwhelmed by their actions and be brought to Your Son. Amen
    Spencer B - USA
  • Father, you see the danger and the fierce persecution these in northern Nigeria are facing. Please give them peace and help them through the difficulties they face. Please minister mightily to those who have suffered the loss of loved ones and friends. Help them to rejoice that these are now with You in heaven. Thank you that you are there.
    Vicki W - USA
  • Heavenly Father, I come in the mighty name of Jesus, giving You thanks for blessing those who undergo persecution, May Your face shine upon them with favor,. Your angels protect & surround them, I pray no weapon formed against them shall prosper. I pray Lord that everything they do in Your name prospers and grows for God's glory, Amen!
    Mary G - USA
  • Father, I pray in Jesus Name that You will deliver the Christians in Nigeria from the enemy who seeks to destroy their homes & lives. I pray that the needs of your children will be met with shelter & provision & places to worship. I pray comfort for those who are grieving the loss of family & friends. Guide & protect them as they share Jesus's Love.
    Tracey B - USA
  • Dear Father in Heaven, our hearts are so burdened for our brothers and sisters in Northern (and all of) Nigeria. Please place your hand upon these believers as they live out their faith and please protect them in the Name of Jesus! May the gospel spread and more people hostile to Christianity ACCEPT CHRIST because of the Good News they hear!
    Jennifer T - USA
  • Father God, I thank You in the name of our Lord and Savior for these prayers going out on behalf of Your people who are suffering terribly. In the NAME of JESUS, I ask You to send DIVINE RELIEF to the believers in Nigeria. Please help and protect Your people and convict the wicked of their sins. We trust Your ways and know Your mighty deeds.
    Kathy G - USA
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