The number of believers began growing faster than the leaders expected, leading to a need for Bibles.
The number of believers began growing faster than the leaders expected, leading to a need for Bibles.
Jan. 28, 2021 | Iran

A Surge of Bibles into Iran

[192] prayers in [13] nations have been posted for Believers needing Bibles.

Believers in Iran training new Christians realized the house churches were growing at such a rate that they needed to smuggle Bibles into the country. The believers began training Iranian Christians to help them grow in their own faith and to be able to form churches on their own. In the space of about a year, the movement has grown to nearly 400 believers inside Iran and 82 house churches. Less than 12 months ago, the leaders of the group realized the new believers needed Bibles, so they began to bring them in from the outside. To date, they have brought in more than 20,000 Bibles for the fast-growing church in Iran. Pray for the fulfillment of these believers’ vision to plant churches in all 31 of Iran’s states.

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  • Dear Jesus we PRAISE YOU for these major movements in Iran. Dear Father, we pray for the miraculous vision of a church in every Iran state be in accordance with Your will. If You will it Father, we do it. I pray over each one of the individuals involved in this God. You know each heart. May You pour Your love and peace into them. They are so loved.
    Amanda W - USA
  • Dear Lord, We praise you for 20,000 bibles, and the church's need for them. Please bless and expand the work these wonderful brothers & sisters are doing, Lord, and help us in the West see them as role models, that we will bring the church alive in Australia and other nations as these precious Iranian brothers and sisters are doing in Iran.
    Susan G - Australia
  • Lord,
    I stand in awe at how You are moving in hearts & providing ways to bring Your Word to those who seek it! We pray the church would continue to grow - that no evil would be able to stand in their way, that no difficulty would wear them down. Bless them with courage, strength & wisdom as they work to advance Your Kingdom! In the name of Jesus, Amen
    Madison F - USA
  • I praise You God for Your grace on these Bible smuggler's lives. You tell us to write the vision down, and wait for it; that it will surely come. I agree in Jesus Name that churches will be in all 31 Iranian states. May each one saved be a witness of Christ to their families; His Love, faith, and humility. May government leaders' hearts turn to Christ.
    Jim E - USA
  • God, I join with these Iranian brothers and sisters in desiring Your Holy Word to come into that nation. I rejoice that 20,000 copies have come in, and pray for that number to increase abundantly. I pray for the safety and protection of all those involved in transporting Bibles into Iran. I pray these Bibles will be used to strengthen the growing body
    Curtis M - USA
  • Lord I pray for seeds to be scattered and planted all over Iran. I pray Lord for believers to sink deep into to Your truth and for roots of new believers to sink deeply and be rooted as well. I pray Lord for the hearts of those who are desperate for Your Word and I pray Your Word would satisfy their souls deeply and lead them to Your love.
    Joy H - USA
  • Help all those who need Bibles get them for Easter.
    Debbie V - USA
  • Father, continue to work miracles in Iran. Deal with the hearts of those who hear your Word. Continue to make a way where there seems to be no way. Bless your children with wisdom and boldness as they continue to work for you. Watch over them, protect them, bless their work. Father, lay upon your children's hearts love and generosity. Open our eyes!
    polly c - USA
  • Father, I lift up the need for Your Word in Your growing church in Iran. May You enable workers to bring in bibles to nourish, encourage, and teach your church. May all the states in Iran grow churches, to bring others into salvation. May Your light shine in this darkness. Open the hearts of the people in Iran to Your word; I ask this in Jesus name.
    Charlene P - USA
  • Jesus, these believers are diligent in the work to which you have called them. Allow many bibles to find there way to these Iranian believers. Protect the transporters and the transported books. Bring hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands to you through the teaching of these men and women and through scripture to hey can read from their own Bible.
    John H - USA
  • Father I pray that our brothers and sisters in Iran will have access to your sacred scriptures. I pray that they will be able to study and grow in their faith. I thank you for the this great news of the demand for bibles and that your church is growing. God bless these dear believers and I pray they will be a source of love and hope in that land.
    Paul K - USA
  • Father God, continue to spread these house churches like wildfire across all 31 states of Iran. Provide Bibles and good teaching. Raise up leaders to Shepherd your people and disciple them. Continue to move in these exciting ways in Iran. IJNA
    Kevin R - USA
  • How awesome is Your work in this land Lord! Carry on in Jesus' Name!! Draw those now in the dark into Your marvelous light! Strengthen Your believers in Your Word & through fellowship. Bring every Bible that is needed safely into Your land. We proclaim thebanner of Jesus Christ over this land in Your Name Lord!
    Lisa T - USA
  • Hallelujah, Lord. Where Your Word goes out it will not return void. I thank you for this mass "invasion" of the Bible into Iran, into the hands of Your children that they may be discipled and grow in Christ. Hide the work of the smugglers from officials so that many more can be distributed throughout all the states of Iran. Amen.
    Joan B - USA
  • In the kingship of Jesus, our heavenly Father, El Shaddai, as brothers and sisters in Christ, we bless You for faithfulness of Iranian believers needing Bibles. We ask for that no harm come upon them like Jabez prayed, that a hedge of protection be on them and angels directly from heaven come to minister to them. Amen.
    Gary F - USA
  • Lord, I am amazed at Your work and praise You for raising up believers in Iran!! Lord I pray for protection, provision, favor and multiplication of fruitfulness to the believers who are smuggling Bibles to Iran. I pray for protection of these new believers and that receiving these Bibles they would be strengthened and encouraged in their faith in You.
    Michele C - USA
  • Father, what a blessing to hear of so many who have come to Christ! And so many churches that have been started. I thank you that in this troubled time we live in, your Spirit continues to draw all men to yourself! Please hasten the work and continue to bless and save until all the lost are found! Come quickly, Lord Jesus!
    Vicki W - USA
  • Father God, I thank you that nothing can stop your Word from going forth into all nations. No government will be able to thwart your purpose to spread the Gospel of your Son Jesus into every nation including Iran. Continue to multiply and strengthen your people there. Praise and glory and honor be to your name for the miracle of salvation in Iran
    Matthew E - USA
  • Abba, I give YOU praise for the brethren there in Iran and their hunger for You and The Word! Rain down Your divine blessings upon them I pray. Increase the members of each church as You did in The book of Acts. Bless them indeed My Lord I pray and Enlarge their territory. Thank You for their obedience in serving You. Bless them I pray in Jesus name.
    Yahliah M - USA
  • Father the doors in Iran are opening for Your Word to be shared among those who are hungry for the joy & freedom found in Jesus & we praise you for this opportunity to bring Bibles into the country for those who need them. I pray for those leading the house churches to be filled with your Wisdom & Grace as they disciple &equip believers to live for you
    Tracey B - USA
  • Dear Father in Heaven, We praise you for the Bibles needed and used in Iran! Thank you for the rapidly growing church there and the need for Bibles. Your Word is Truth and we pray more Bibles can be brought into Iran so others there can know you better and belong to you! May those of us in the 'west' cherish and read our Bibles with the same hunger!
    Jennifer T - USA
  • Father, I praise You for all new believers in Iran. By Your grace, may their elders in Christ help them and train them to know you better. Let them be a blessing to each other in unity and promoting the gospel to all of Iran. Please protect and help those currently being oppressed and persecution for the name of Jesus so the gospel will go forward.
    Kathy G - USA
  • Lord please send bibles and those to receive them. And please don't let the word come back void. Protect your word and let there be a great harvest. In Jesus name Amen.
    David A - USA
  • Father we give you praise for the new believers in Iran. Help them to continue the work of the gospel in these states. Protect the leaders and give them wisdom. Provide more bibles so that the believers can grow in you and be witnesses for your Kingdom. In Jesus Christ name amen
    Diane E - Canada
  • Father, Thank you for the growth of home churches in Iran and I pray that you will allow Bibles to be distributed to new converts who need to grow in their faith. I pray that the fulfillment of these believer's vision to plant churches in all 31 of Iran's states will come to pass.
    Betty D - USA
  • Dear Lord, I thank you for these believers, I thank you for the churches that have been created and I pray for your hand of prosperity on these children of yours. I pray that you would help them get plenty of Bibles and that your Holy Spirit would work in the hearts of mankind in Iran. I pray protection and prosperity in Jesus name, amen
    Miranda H - USA
  • Thank You dear God for releasing Your Spirit into the country of Iran! I pray that more and more will be saved and that salvation will even appear in the houses of those in powerful government positions. Thank You for providing Your Word to them. May You continue to bless those who hope and trust in You!
    Patricia W - USA
  • Father, Thank you for the courage and zeal of these new believers in Iran. May their churches grow as salt and light in the darkness throughout Iran and the Middle East. Protect these churches physically, and may their courage be an inspiration to many more in that region. Amen.
    Stephen Y - USA
  • Praise your holy name, O LORD. Your mercy and love is shining forth to these people. They are hungry for your Word. Please provide Bibles to these growing churches. Protect and guide these church planters and those who come to you as a result. Multiply their efforts in all they do. Praise the LORD. Amen.
    SM D - USA
  • Dear God & Father, I pray for Christians in Iran planting churches: Protec t, provide for, comfort, strengthen, encourage & guide them. May they stay strong & united in faith, hope & love, committed to Christ. May these believers be able to plant churches in each of Iran's 31 states. May Bibles get into the hands of new believers. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
    Lisa D - USA
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