Churches in Zanzibar have been under assault for decades.
Churches in Zanzibar have been under assault for decades.
Sep. 10, 2020 | Tanzania

Pastor and His Wife in Zanzibar Assaulted

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Vandals attacked the Calvary Mission Church in Mwamboni, Zanzibar on Feb. 24 and Feb. 29, 2020. Before the attack, Pastor Philemon Mafilili, 51, said he had received threats from a local official. This man had told the pastor to “leave as soon as possible, because the Muslim community does not want a church here.” On Feb. 24, a group of radical Muslims came to the church armed with machetes, hammers and a container of gasoline, intending to set the church on fire. Church members who were nearby intervened, but the attackers beat the pastor’s wife before running away. Five days later, they were back. This time they had machetes, axes and knives, and they assaulted the pastor, sending him to the hospital. Pray for Pastor Philemon, his wife and all the Christians in the area.

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  • Lord, I pray for Pastor Philemon, his wife, and all the Christians around Zanzibar or Tanzania area. Could you please bring these persecuted peoples faith and Your strength? Please convict these Muslims of Your Gospel and bring them into a deeper knowledge of the love of Christ. You can do all things Lord, in Jesus name, Amen.
    Samuel Y - USA
  • Lord Jesus, please arm Pastor Philemon and his family with Your mighty armor. Shield them from the evil that's trying to tear them down. Bless them with physical and mental strength and determination. May they never forget You are with them always.
    Andrea K - USA
  • Dear Lord, we raise up the Pastors and the church members in Zanzibar. The Muslims are placing them under attack. Although they are attacking with weapons of this world, let our Christian brothers and sister put on the armor of God to fight back. Help the Christians to show the Muslims the love of God and let Yours be all the praise, honor & glory!Amen
    Donna H - USA
  • Lord bless these families that are standing strong in their faith for you despite the hardship and cruel treatment they are receiving from their village. Open the eyes of those in their village to see Your truth as they watch these families strength in faith for You and how you will provide for them despite all the village tries to do to harm them.
    Angie E - USA
  • God, I pray for Pastor Philemon, his family, and each Christian in Tanzania. I pray they will remain faithful despite the costs in such a troubled land. I pray You will use these believers in a mighty way to shine light and reach the lost in a land filled with darkness. I pray for their Muslim persecutors, knowing they need Jesus Christ in their lives.
    Curtis M - USA
  • Lord I pray for the Calvary Mission Church in Mwamboni, Zanzibar. Help them as they are persecuted and threatened by local Muslim community. Help them to love these lost people and forgive. May Pastor Philemon recover from his wounds. Help his wife to stay strong and provide their needs. Help the persecuted Church in Zanzibar.
    margaret m - USA
  • Lord, we pray for Pastor Philemon, his wife & all the Christians in this area. May they sense Your Presence with them & be comforted. You have not given them a spirit of fear but of Power, love & a sound mind. Fill them with You, Lord! Help them forgive and love their persecutors, that they may join us in prayer for the salvation of their attackers!
    Sharon C - USA
  • Father, what are they to do? Lord, the enemy is wanting to destroy your children and your Word. Move in this area. Give your children the wisdom and boldness to do your will. Guide them. Give them strength to face the enemy. Help them to face fear. Help them forgive. Open the eyes of those who want to stop them. Pour out your Holy Spirit. Move, Father
    polly c - USA
  • For all those persecuted for the lords work and to all our brothers and sisters in the lord i pray when you all pass away you may R I P this to me dose not only mean rest in peace but intended to mean by prayer risen in peace at the time of the resurrection of the dead to live forever this time this is my prayer for all those in JESUS love your all
    Themis K - Australia
  • Heavenly FATHER, we come before YOU pleading for the innocent worshippers who were apart of the senseless violent assaults cared out against those devout servants that attend this spoken of Church. We humbly ask for a speedy recovery for the pastor and any others that may have been viciously attacked during this wicked ambush. In JESUS name amen.
    anthony c - USA
  • Father, this is a difficult and dangerous time for this church in Tanzania and I am sure many other churches. Please encourage the Christians their and help them to remain strong in faith and trusting you as you meet their needs in Christ Jesus. Work in the hearts of their persecutors and turn many to Christ. Please bring peace in Tanzania.
    Vicki W - USA
  • Lord, please be with these brave believers. Help Pastor Philemon to recover well and quickly from his injuries. Protect his wife and children. Help this whole church to stay united in these harrowing times. Please help the officials to stop harrassing them. Open their hearts to the Gospel. Guide and direct in all things for Pastor and his flock.
    Amy G - USA
  • Dear Lord,
    I pray for Pastor Philemon, and his family, and the Church in Zanzibar. Give them them comfort and strength as they are spreading the Gospel. I pray that they stay strong in their faith, and they persevere through this hard time. Reveal yourself, Lord, to the city of Mwamboni. In Your name I pray, Amen.
    Aubrey L - USA
  • Heavenly Father, please protect the believers in Zanzibar. As they continue to hold fast to their faith in Christ, remove the scales from the eyes of their persecutors. Bring them to a saving knowledge of Christ Jesus. In the name of Christ Jesus, AMEN!
    Linda R - USA
  • Dear Lord,
    We lift up Pastor Philemon, his wife, family and his entire church to You in this persecution. Give them heal, grace and comfort. Help them to forgive and love these people even now. Send Your Angels to guard and watch over them. Be a shield about them by night and day. May their witness be powerful to all, drawing many to know You as Lord
    Madison F - USA
  • Dear God & Father, I pray for Pastor Philemon, his wife and all the Christians in the area: Protect, provide for, comfort, strengthen, encourage & guide them. May they stay strong in faith, hope & love, committed to Christ. Bring radical Muslims to repentance. Give the pastor & his wife full recoveries. Sustain area believers. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
    Lisa D - USA
  • Lord God, I pray for the people of Zanzibar that their eyes would be opened to the gospel and that you would draw them into your kingdom. Thank you for the Christians who minister there like Pastor Philemon and his family. Please protect them and help them, Lord. Guide them as they make decisions and answer their prayers. Glorify the name of Jesus.amen
    Julia F - USA
  • Dear Pastor Philemon, I thank God for you and your wife: for your love for the Lord Jesus Christ and His church, demonstrated in your willingness to suffer for the gospel of need be. God give you courage and wisdom to know and to do His will in the power of the Holy Spirit. May He guide you and protect you and enable you to be lights for Christ.
    Jane C - USA
  • Lord, it is humbling to even read of such courage in the face of persecution let alone live it. Thank you for your promise to strengthen Pastor Philemon & his wife, to never leave or forsake them. In Jesus' name, I ask that you infuse them with unwavering faith & courage & that you use their testimony to turn the hearts of their persecutors. Amen!
    Lori B - USA
  • Lord I lift Pastor Philemon, his wife and all of the christians in Mwamboni up to you. Please protect them and provide for them as you have promised in your word. In Jesus name I ask. Amen!!!!
    Jackie S - USA
  • Help Pastor Philemon to know how to respond to these radical muslims. Give him grace, wisdom, & loving compassion, thru Your Holy Spirit. Help his church to be steadfast in facing persecution and to be prayerful & open to Your working in & thru them in this situation. May all they say & do exemplify Christ. Bring speedy healing to Philemon & wife.
    Carolann P - Canada
  • Heavenly Father I pray for complete,healing for Pastor Philemon and his wife. I pray for salvation for the perpetrators, may they repent and come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. I pray for courage and peace for the Church in Zanzibar. May the continue in forgiveness and love for those who persecute them. Amen.
    Fabiana C - USA
  • The Lord our Healer, heal Pastor Philemon and his wife from their injuries so marvelously that it gives hope to them and other believers in the area and shows Your Power to the ones who attacked them. Reveal Yourself in Zanzibar and let Your Church rise in the face of persecution. Amen!
    Joan B - USA
  • Jesus be this group of believers, strengthening them and building their trust in You in all circumstances. Protect this church as they boldly and bravely proclaim Your truths.
    Rosemary M - USA
  • Father God, stop the persecution of your faithful in Zanzibar, in Jesus name
    mark h - USA
  • Almighty Father God. Have mercy on Pastor Philemon and his family. Please heal him from his wounds, protect his family and congregation. Lord Jesus, give them strength and courage to continue the good fight. Share the love of Christ and preach the Gospel. We pray for peace with the villagers and their salvation. In the Wonderful Name of Jesus Amen
    Alvin A - USA
  • Lord heal their injuries. Help them forgive and love their oppressors. Protect them from further attacks and bless their ministry. In Jesus name.
    Clifford T - Canada
  • Oh Jesus I ask for your supernatural protection for pasta philemon and his family I pray Lord Jesus for these attackers that they would come to know you and love you. I pray that They experience your peace open up the people's hearts in this place Lord that they would come to know you. Amen
    Bronwyn L - Australia
  • Dear God I commit Pastor Philemon and family to your mercies, do Father stop the aggressors deal with their heart, grant them peace and bound the devil in his tract as he torment mankind to violence against the innocent, grant them peace and love for others, strengthened pastor to be bold and lean on your Almighty strong arms, nd pray for the enemys
    Joyce D - United Kingdom
  • Holy father, thank you for preserving the lives of pastor Philemon and his wife. Please continue to heal their physical and spiritual wounds, provide for their needs, and protect them. Revive them with your Word and in your righteousness so that their persecutors may also be drawn to your truth. May your way and your salvation be known in Tanzania
    Julie C - USA
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