A young man experienced transformation after being set free.
A young man experienced transformation after being set free.
Sep. 03, 2020 | Laos

Transformation for Young Man

[290] prayers in [15] nations have been posted for Khamla and family.

Khamla was devastated when his wife left him. One day, as he walked past the Buddhist temple in extreme sorrow, something that looked like a small bird hit him in the chest. He became a strange person, violently strong and unable to communicate. His parents and the community were so desperate that they locked him in a cage. His parents made many animal sacrifices to the spirits and invited multiple witch doctors to help him, but nothing worked. Finally, they turned to the Christians, who sent believers to pray every day. After a month of prayers, Khamla calmly told his father he was ready to leave the cage. He, his parents and siblings all gave their lives to Christ after witnessing Khamla’s transformation, and many others in the village began to show interest in Christianity. This worried village authorities, and they declared that Khamla and his family could remain Christians, but no one else in the village could. They also said that Khamla and his family could not lead others to Christ. “Pray they will know what to do and that the Lord breaks down these barriers, as many saw the healing miracle of the Lord,” a VOM partner wrote.

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  • Praise You, Jesus, for healing Khamla. Praise to You, Jesus, that his family turned to You. Thank you that the village is allowing them to continue to worship Jesus. May the village leaders realize Your power and turn to Jesus. Give this new family wisdom and discernment as to how to witness to their village""how to deliver others by Jesus' power.
    Patrecia J - USA
  • Father, thank you for saving Khamla &his family from the power of this demon. May this village remember how Khamla was during his possession. Remind them that only Jesus saves! Only HE has the power to cast out evil. Open their eyes to see this evil & turn their hearts to YOU ALONE for protection & salvation. Bless Khamla & his family. Make them strong
    SM D - USA
  • Father, I praise you for the prayers of the Christians in Laos that brought salvation after Khamla's miraculous healing and transformation. May so many come to Christ that the village authorities will not be able to stop it. Thank you for the boldness of Your servants in Christ and bless them greatly for the sake of the gospel.
    Kathy G - USA
  • Father God, thank You for healing Khamla and for his family coming to know You as Lord of all. Please give him and his family wisdom to witness to others about Your wonderful love. Soften the hearts of the village officials so that they will allow others to worship You, and also come to know and love You. In Jesus's Name. I pray. Amen.
    Mary I - USA
  • Father in heaven, I thank you Lord for this miracle. I pray that you be with Khamla and his family, and that you guide Khamla, his family, and the others towards you. Please show Khamla and his family your will for their way, and give them the strength to follow it. In Jesus's name, Amen
    Gina W - USA
  • I pray for this beautiful family in Laos and my brother who seemed to be deeply affected by something that a lot of folks experience. Thank you for aiding him through and out of his pain and for bringing this miracle into the sight of many more people. May they stay strong in the faith and lead others to your son amidst opposition. Break down barriers
    Angela L - USA
  • Help Khamla and his family keep the faith.
    Debbie V - USA
  • Thank You for miraculously bringing Khamla and his family to faith in You. Please give them wisdom as they seek to be a witness in their community. May the village authorities be softened to Your gospel message and receive it for themselves, as well as allow others in the village to hear and respond. May this produce great fruit for Your glory.
    Danielle H - USA
  • Praise to You Father that truly the prayers of the righteous avail much! I ask God that the Spirit on the inside of Khamla and his family will stir up the hearts of their neighbors and community members. You are the One who reveals Yourself to the hearts of men, so continue to do the work. Give them ways to share and show Your love to people around the
    Miranda J - USA
  • Dear God, I thank You for this powerful story. I thank You for the transformation You performed on this man and his family. I pray these will each remain faithful, and that You would guide their paths and use them to continue reaching the lost in their community. I pray for all those who were told they could not be Christians. I pray they will remain.
    Curtis M - USA
  • Father thank you for the amazing witness of Khamla and his family and please protect and provide for them as they continue to bring others to you! In Jesus powerful name Amen!
    Sarah H - USA
  • So exciting to see power of God deliver Kamala! The book of acts in this village! May God give divine strategies to thwart the enemy. May the fear of God fall upon that village and surrounding areas! Release your glory oh God Amen!
    Lisa C - USA
  • Lord, I pray you would turn these village leaders to Christ. You can do all things Lord, as Trevor P said, thank you for Khamla's salvation. Please water the seeds of Your word in these village leaders' hearts and please convict them of Your truth. Please keep working here and create a harvest. You are Almighty Lord, thank You. In Jesus name, Amen.
    Samuel Y - USA
  • Father, we thank you for Khamla's salvation and deliverance from demonic oppression. We pray that the authorities will recognise the power of Jesus and lift their ban on evangelism. We pray that the whole village will be converted to the Gospel of Christ and that many more healings and deliverances will take place as revival breaks out in the region.
    Trevor P - United Kingdom
  • Thank you for the beautiful transformation you made for Khamla and his family. Open the eyes of those around them to believe Your truth and come to salvation. Continue to use this family to open hearts and minds to You and away from Buddism and animism. Send you Holy Spirit to prepare the way. Give Khamla wisdom and knowledgea to share with others.
    Angie E - USA
  • Father, we praise You for Your miraculous work in Khamla's life! We come into agreement that Your will be accomplished in this village, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Bring Your loving conviction upon the villagers as they continue to witness Your transforming power in this family. Show Yourself mightier than any idol, until they cannot deny Your love!
    Gina A - USA
  • Lord, thank you for Khamla's testimony. Thank you that You brought him and his family to a saving faith. I pray that even with restrictions many will come to saving faith in You through your Holy Word and as You use their testimonies. Help them to stay strong in You and do Your will.
    margaret m - USA
  • Father, I don't know what happened to Khamla before you, but I know the change after you. I pray you continue to help him and his family grow in knowledge of your Word. I pray their walk grows deeper with you, and for those in their village that they too would grow. Give them wisdom in handling this. Father, move in this situation. Set them all free.
    polly c - USA
  • For all those persecuted for the lords work and to all our brothers and sisters in the lord i pray when you all pass away you may R I P this to me dose not only mean rest in peace but intended to mean by prayer risen in peace at the time of the resurrection of the dead to live forever this time this is my prayer for all those in JESUS love your all
    Themis K - Australia
  • Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! You have taken what was meant for evil and turned around for good and for Your Glory! Thank You for Your hand of protection on Khamla and his family. I thank You, Lord that You will indeed break down the barriers of opposition so the other villagers will be able to openly praise You as well!
    Michelle B - USA
  • Lord God, Thank you for the miraculous transformation you have made in the lives of Khamla and his family. Oh that the officials would not respond in fear and hatred but rather see Your Almighty Power to heal and destroy strongholds, and rejoice and be set free. Allow Khamla and his family to share the gospel. Amen.
    Joan B - USA
  • Lord, thank You so much for demonstrating Your power to this village and these people. What a witness to Your glory. Thank You for freeing Khamla and for his whole family seeing You! Lord, thank You for Your moving in this situation. Please help the family know how to wisely and discreetly still witness. Give them peace and direction in it all!
    Amy G - USA
  • Thank you, Lord, for working in Laos. Please continue to mature this man and the faith of those that witnessed your power. Break down any barriers in the way to full transformation there.
    emily g - USA
  • Dear Lord,
    We praise and thank You that Khamla, and his family, have been spiritually set free! Thank You for this miracle You have done in him! Guide them in how to respond to the authorities that wish to stop their witness. So many saw this; open all the hearts in the village to know You. Let the power of Your love overcome all else!
    In Jesus, Amen
    Madison F - USA
  • Dear Father in heaven, thank you for rescuing Khamla from the powers of darkness. Father, I pray that Khamla and his family would grow in the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ through Your word. May they discover and know the God of the bible that they might be able to share their new faith from a firm foundation. Please provide bibles and a leader.
    Jane C - USA
  • Praise you Jesus for your healing power! I ask in the name of Jesus that others will come to you despite the opposition from the local authorities. Help them make wise decisions while leading others to Christ! Amen!!
    Jackie S - USA
  • Holy father, thank you for the powerful deliverance and subsequent conversion of Khamla & his family. Continue to strengthen them with all might according to your glorious power for all patience and long-suffering with joy. Protect them from the powers of darkness, provide for them, and use them powerfully as a light in their community
    Julie C - USA
  • Father and creator of the universe. Give Khamal and his family the wisdom and the discernment of the Holy Spirit on what to do. Give them strength and courage to continue in the faith and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. We pray for many of the villagers to come to the saving grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. In Jesus Precious Name Amen.
    Alvin A - USA
  • This story reminds me of Paul's transformation on the road to Damascus. Lord, we don't know how or when you may reveal yourself, but you do! Thank you for the Christians who prayed for Khamla after other things did not work and all the people who were able to witness your glory through prayer & Khamla's healing. May others continue to know you in Laos!
    Michelle D - USA
  • Praise be to You, O' LORD, the healer of this precious family and the souls of all who come unto You. May your deep blessing given unto them replicate into the community around them, producing a hunger to know You and to seek You will all their hearts. Bring many more unto Your table of truth in this precious community. Amen!
    Eric A - USA
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