A Syrian woman collects food aid from a church at a previous distribution.
A Syrian woman collects food aid from a church at a previous distribution.
Jun. 25, 2020 | Syria

Border Closures Complicate Relief Efforts

[174] prayers in [15] nations have been posted for Christians serving the needy.

Border closures related to coronavirus suppression have complicated an already difficult situation in Syria. The closures have halted the transport of food aid and have also prevented pastors from traveling into and out of the country. A VOM contact reports that food prices have skyrocketed with the devaluation of Syrian currency. Medicine prices have increased as much as 60 percent, and many expect a further 500 percent rise in prices. The VOM contact said he plans to purchase food for his relief program on credit until the borders open. Churches have been feeding many of the internally displaced since the beginning of the civil war. Pray for ministry leaders trying to serve the needy.

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  • Lord, have mercy on your children in Syria and save them miraculously from this hardship. Open up the way for them to receive food and medicine, and I pray that you would give pastors unique and creative means to minister and evangelize in Syria. Remove unjust leadership in that country and allow them to recover from so much war and suffering, Father!
    Brad H - USA
  • Thank you for the pastors and VOM workers for their efforts, not only in the lives of Your saints, but also in the lives of refugees in Syria. We pray not only for Your provisions for these folks, but also that they may come to know the Giver of these provisions; and have new lives in Christ.
    Meg K. P - USA
  • Heavenly Father, I thank You for the relief efforts of my brothers and sisters in Christ in Syria. I pray for abundance of necessary provisions, pressed down, shaken together, and running over. Please provide them with Your Peace and calm, Your Strength, Your Protection so that their faith will grow. In Jesus' name, Amen.
    Michelle B - USA
  • LORD,
    We Thank You for the church., and for them stepping up to help in people's time of need. Flood the church with much more food, provision, water, supplies so they can continue to be a vessel of help and aide. Thank You Lord for the miracles You are doing now. In Christ name Amen
    Deidre S - USA
  • Lord give provision and a way for it to get to those in need. Make a way Lord as only you can. Amaze those in Syria who trust you by showing your tangible love to them. Open the borders and let not only food and supplies come in but Your Word and the message of the cross. Bring salvation to Syria in a mighty fire. Bring it with boldness and love.
    Atacy U - USA
  • Father thank You for the Syrians and thank You for VOM. I pray for Your mercy over that nation. I pray that they would find relief Jesus and that they would be ok. I pray for the churches there - please strengthen them and help those who are hungry, need medicine and are displaced. In the Name of Yeshua, Amen.
    Kia W - USA
  • Father God, please continue to take care of your people in spite of these extra difficult circumstances. Provide for the Ministries that are reaching out to the hungry and the hurting. It's such a huge need, and this is such a small prayer, but I pray does your will would be done in Syria. IJNA
    Kevin R - USA
  • Dear Lord, Please bless our brothers & sisters in Syria and those working for VOM with food and the resources they need in serving you and others. We ask for great giving at this time that many may be part of your ministries. Amen
    Susan G - Australia
  • Lord God Almighty, I come with a plea for mercy and help in the midst of the increased struggles for Syrian refugees and those trying to serve them. I pray for a means that goes beyond human limits to bring provision to these needy ones. Please bring an end to the coronavirus in such a way that exalts your name among the nations. Amen.
    Diana F - USA
  • Father, Work in this dire situation to provide food and medication for the Christians in Syria. Thank you for the churches who been feeding many of the internally displaced. I pray that you will supply these churches with the necessary resources to help these people who are in desperate need.
    Betty D - USA
  • dear father, i thank you for the churches feeding your children in syria. i pray that your children will stay healthy, fed, and safe during this epidemic. please guide the VOM workers to find a way into the country to provide more aid. i thank you for all of them. please give everybody strength and keep them close to you during this trial, amen
    esther l - Germany
  • Father God, thank you for those churches that have been feeding many of the internally displaced since the beginning of the civil war. i pray, Lord, for ministry leaders trying to serve the needy and ask that You provide what they need, that others will step up and help. I pray the civil war will end and borders will open up. In Jesus' name.
    Helen W - USA
  • Thank you Father for how you have used your church in Syria to feed the needy, to be true light in a dark place. Provide for them all they need, monies beyond what they could have ever imagined to buy food, medicines and supplies. Grow your Kingdom there.
    Lori R - USA
  • Lord, as you multiplied the loaves and fishes, supply all the needs of thy servants. Let this miracle of love and provision stir many hearts to salvation.
    Margaret D - USA
  • Father God, when I feel sorry for myself during these hard times due to the coronavirus, please help me to remember my brethren in Syria who are suffering. I ask that You bless the VOM workers and other Christians for their selflessness Sand dedication to helping those less fortunate. Please end this virus soon for them. In Jesus's Name I pray. Amen.
    Mary I - USA
  • Father, thank You for Your people who are reaching out to people in need to support and provide for those needs. I ask that You will make the needed food and medicine available to be distributed. In the midst of these labors of love, please let Jesus be seen in Your people. Strengthen people in their faith and trust in You as they see Your love.
    Karen K - USA
  • LORD we speak Your mercy over Syria!Thank You for thus far You have brought believers & the work of ministry in Syria.Daddy we ask for insight for ministry leaders and all believers on how to serve the needy during these critical times.Daddy provide for the needs of Your church in Syria and also for the needy and may this be an avenue to draw men to Yu
    Cherechi E - Nigeria
  • Lord,
    Thank You for the church in Syria. I pray that You would be glorified through Your provision to the needy and that they may recognize that they can depend on the Lord Almighty for all of their needs. May You use these hardships to work together for our good and lead many to Christ through the suffering of Christians. What comfort we have in You!
    Lysander S - USA
  • Abba! I thank You that it is not by might nor by power, but by Your Holy Spirit that our brethren in and around Syria will deliver all that is necessary for the refugees. That will let their light shine by their good deeds and our Lord God will receive glory. In Yeshua's name
    Randal A - USA
  • Dear God & Father, I pray for Christians serving the needy in Syria: Protect, provide for, comfort, strengthen, encourage & guide them. May they stay strong & united in faith, hope & love, committed to Christ. Supply the needs of those they serve & open their hearts to Christ. May this help rebuild the Church in Syria. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
    Lisa D - USA
  • Father, so many needs for our Syrian family. My God will supply all Your needs acc to His riches in Christ Jesus. Lord we are believing food & med prices will NOT skyrocket in Jesus' Name. We lift up the ministry leaders as they serve the needy. May the loaves of bread & the fish be broken IJN & multiply to overflow! Lord let them see Your mHandw
    Lisa T - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Father. You know the needs of your children. Help them to continue giving help to the needy. In Jesus's name. Amen.
    Karen C - USA
  • Please provide needed food and medicines to these weary believers. Fix what's broken and comfort the broken-hearted. Give us access to help the troubled Syrians and may they see Your love.
    Pam M - USA
  • Father, we know troubles will come until Your blessed Son Jesus returns to this earth. Please send Your word mightily to the people of Syria to draw them to Him during times of such uncertainty. Thank you for sending divine healing and help through Your church to show the love of Christ. May we be faithful in our deeds for the sake of Your gospel.
    Kathy G - USA
  • Father, we ask for Your intervention in the Syrian crisis, for healing of those with Covid, for provision of medicine and food and other needs of the people. Thank You for the work of the church with the displaced and provide all that they need to serve and strength and grace to continue. May many desire to know Christ through their loving service
    Gail M - USA
  • Blessed Father we ask you to please help the nation of Syria and the people who need your help with food, shelter, clothes, and medical attention.
    In Jesus name, Amen.
    Randy S - USA
  • Father, you see the suffering and need happening world wide because of the covid crisis. This is a desperate and serious need that the Syrian Christians are facing. Please open the way that they can get the help and relief that is so badly needed. Bless and enable those seeking to help be able to find ways to get help to them. You will do it.
    Vicki W - USA
  • Father in heaven, open avenues for food relief in Syria. May supplies find there way to these needed people. Father give opportunities for believers to share physical relief, but more important spiritual relief. In Jesus name amen.
    David H - USA
  • Father God provide for all these children of yours, in Jesus name
    mark h - USA
  • Lord, thank You for giving these Christians the desire to serve those less fortunate and I pray that you will supply them with what is needed. You said that "as you do for the least of these, you do as unto Me", so I pray you will bless them for doing for the least of these and allow for abundance and overflow to occur in a place of lack. In Jesus name
    Miranda J - USA
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