A front-line worker witness God's healing power in the life of a young boy.
A front-line worker witness God's healing power in the life of a young boy.
Jun. 18, 2020 | Central Asia

Boy Gives Jesus Glory for Healing

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When a young boy got extremely sick, a front-line worker in the village accompanied him and his family to a hospital. While in the waiting room, the 10-year-old began to cry at the thought that he might be permanently confined to a wheelchair. The front-line worker then prayed for his healing, and within minutes the boy was able to walk again, surprising the front-line worker. But when the boy told his Muslim father that Jesus had healed him, he grew angry. “Never say that again,” his father told him. “It was Allah and his prophet, Muhammad, who healed you!” The boy’s father is afraid their relatives will shame them, but the boy is determined to tell everyone what happened to him. Pray for the family’s wisdom, boldness and courage.

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  • Father thank You for healing the young boy. Thank You that You are a healer and You are willing to heal. I thank You Father for CHristians throughout Central Asia. Please bless them with Your word and Holy Spirit. Father, I pray that You would continue to work in this young boy's heart and continue the healing in his heart and bless him with wisdom.
    Kia W - USA
  • O Lord May your name alone be praised and no other! Never allow this young man to forget who healed him. Continue to grow him in faith by learning and living your Word and also his fatherfamily. Use this to ignite a fire of your Holy Spirit to grow your church in this region. To you be the glory and praise! Amen
    Lori R - USA
  • Thank you, Lord God, for healing this young man. And I thank you that he is determined to praise you publicly. I pray that you would protect him and help him grow in his faith and knowledge of you. I pray for his father and his entire family that your Holy Spirit will guide them to know Jesus as their savior. Glorify your holy name. In Jesus name, Amen
    Julia F - USA
  • Thank You Daddy for this young boy who has witnessed Your touch. LORD this touch will be an indelible one in his life and will be a testimony to his generation to bring many to Christ including his father in the name of Jesus Christ!
    Cherechi E - Nigeria
  • Thank You Daddy for this young boy who has witnessed Your touch. LORD this touch will be an indelible one in his life and will be a testimony to his generation to bring many to Christ including his father in the name of Jesus Christ!
    Cherechi E - Nigeria
  • Lord,
    Thank You for healing this boy and using this front-line worker for Your glory. I pray that this boy would not forget this experience and stand strong in the truth of knowing that You are a mighty God who has the power to heal and to save. Grant his family wisdom, boldness and courage to embrace the Gospel and Your loving grace.
    Lysander S - USA
  • Lord God I praise You alone for healing this boy. Give him the assurance that it was the Lord Jesus Christ that he may continue to be a witness to his father & others. Lord protect his family. Melt the father's heart with truth. Thank You Lord God Almighty.
    Denice D - USA
  • Praises to You Father!! May this boy's courage influence the rest of the family! Draw each of them to Your beauty Lord in Jesus' Name. Give the family wisdom, courage, & the boldness they need to respond to this. May the boy's faith grow to be unshakeable, and may he never look back. Remind him he is under Your wing in Jesus' Name, we believe!
    Lisa T - USA
  • Father God, dear Jesus, Lord and Healer: I praise you for doing what no one else can do. Let the power of the name of Jesus to heal, save, and resurrect the dead go throughout ALL of Asia and around the world. Protect the minds of the children so they can see Jesus and remember His goodness. Give them Your word and thank You for Your servants.
    Kathy G - USA
  • Father, thank You for healing this CA child and guide him as he shares his story. May his father's heart be softened for he knows the truth and may in time he and the family come to believe in the God Who heals. May many friends and relatives of this family come to know Christ because of this healing. Bring Your glory out of this entire situation.
    Gail M - USA
  • Father, out of the mouth of babes, you are glorified. Please give this young boy protection as he wants to proclaim the truth of his healing. I pray that you will also turn the heart of his father to you and that he, too will proclaim Christ. Please let this be a mighty testimony to Muslims and let there be those who will be saved through it.
    Vicki W - USA
  • Praise You merciful God for restoring health of body and mind through Jesus Christ to this young boy. Continue to give him light and strength and to love whatever is true and pure and lovely following the example of our Savior. Defend him from all dangers of soul and body. By Your love and power, draw his father into the kingdom of God.
    Julie C - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Father,
    Thank you for the young boy that was healed! Thank you that He wants to tell everyone about Jesus healing Him. Please send someone that can disciple him. Save His family too LORD. Be glorified in the lives of this boy & His family. Keep them all grounded in sound doctrine & give them all wisdom, courage & boldness in You! Amen!
    Caroline O - USA
  • Almighty GOD, we praise You for Your compassion on healing a young boy in Central Asia by Your mercy and grace, Lord Jesus. We pray for the hearts and minds of his Muslim family as they process Your mighty works, Lord Yeshua. May You allow them to wisely testify Your power and glory to their neighbors. AMEN.
    Sirian T - USA
  • God, I give thanks that you are a God who heals, and for this boy who has become a faithful witness to your goodness and mercy. I pray that pressure from his family or community would never cause him to turn from the Lord. I pray you will use his testimony to reach others in his family and in his community to the truth of the Gospel.
    Curtis M - USA
  • Father bless this young boy and bring salvation to his home. He is the product of your son's healing power. Open the eyes of his Father and bring his entire family to their knees putting their faith in Jesus.
    Matthew S - USA
  • Praise your name, Lord, for healing this young boy physically as well as opening his eyes to know it was Jesus who did it! Please keep him and guard his young faith in the midst of his father's anger and fear. May the light of Jesus shine through this young man so much his father's heart will see as well. Save his whole family for your glory! Amen.
    Diana F - USA
  • Let this joyful testimony of healing by the hand of our Lord Jesus not be hidden, but continue to embolden this boy to tell the truth and be believed. One day, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of the Father! Let his father be ashamed to hide the truth and stand by this testimony, in Jesus' Name.
  • Heavenly Father, I am so thankful that You touched this boy and brought healing to his body. May the Holy Spirit bring clarity to this family that Christ Jesus is the healer. Let the news of this healing spread. May this boy continue to share the truth with all who seek to know how he was healed.
    sandra s - USA
  • Father, thank you for healing this boy. May his family recognize who really healed him and choose to follow Jesus as God. Give them courage. May others be drawn to Jesus because of this miracle. Thank you. Amen.
    Vicki Y - USA
  • Amazing Lord Jesus, Your power has been seen here in and through a brave prayer and a believing heart. The fact is undeniable, though the enemy would have it be. Protect this worker, this child, this testimony and cause it to be the reason that many in this family, neighborhood, community, in all Central Asia come to You. According to your Good Will.
    E P - USA
  • I pray this boy will have the boldness to continue testifying for his faith and for You. May he not be silenced. I bind fear in his father's life in the Name of Jesus. Please touch and change his father's heart. Arouse great hunger and questions in his father's heart and may he seek you with all his heart and find you. May fear not stop him!
    Cheryl W - USA
  • Father God wrap this young believer up in the bosom of Your arms. May he grow in grace and mercy daily. Strengthen him in his faith and protect him from all harm, hurt or danger. Touch the hearts of his parents and give them boldness to acknowledge where their son's healing came from. Give them peace and comfort. In Jesus Name Amen.
    Norma C - USA
  • Father what the mouth of babes can do. Please use this boy to continue spreading the gospel and to always remember who healed him. That he would continue to be a witness for you. May his family finally understand the love of Jesus. Amen
    Isabel S - USA
  • Faithful God, We praise You for Your Mighty acts to heal and deliver. We pray for this boy to follow You. Please disciple him and affirm him of no condemnation (shame) In Christ. Give boldness. Fill him with the Holy Spirit to guide him into all the truth. Turn the heart of this child to love, forgive and honor his dad, praying for him and family. Save
    Jim E - USA
  • Thank you, Lord. You show yourself mighty and faithful. Please continue this work to completion for the boy and all he encounters.
    emily g - USA
  • Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on our faithful.
    Peter K - USA
  • dear father, i thank you for this dear boy whom you healed and now is your son in jesus. i pray that you will fill his family's heart with the holy spirit also and keep them out of harm's way. please let this boy continue to grow in faith and keep him close to you. and may he lead others to you also. in jesus name, amen
    esther l - Germany
  • Thank you, Jesus, for healing this boy and giving him a mission to tell others the truth about Your goodness! I pray that many will be freed from deception and bondage to Islam and trust Christ as their Savior! In Jesus Name, AMen.
    Mrs. H - USA
  • Thank You Jesus for the courage of this little boy! Use his story and his love for his family to bring them to You! Give them courage to give up everything for Your Name, oh Lord, and bring many others to You through their message. Amen!
    Taylor A - USA
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