New believers often experience the worst persecution.
New believers often experience the worst persecution.
Jan. 02, 2020 | Vietnam

Report- All Churches in Region Facing Persecution

[264] prayers in [14] nations have been posted for Church members after church closings.

Front-line workers ministering to tribal groups in south-central Vietnam report that every single church in their region is facing difficulties. The believers said Christians are being watched and that many churches have been shut down. At one church, police arrived during Sunday worship and took away Bibles, chairs, tables and five motorbikes. They then expelled believers from the church and sealed the doors. At another church, officials removed the walls and roof of the church building and forbade believers from meeting for worship. At a third church, which has over 100 members, police took away 52 chairs, a musical instrument and two amplifiers. They also beat the pastor and removed a cross from the wall, along with a banner proclaiming “Glorify God.” Pray for the Christians in this region.

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  • Almighty God, give hope to your children in Vietnam. Show them a way to gather & encourage each other even in this treacherous situation. Holy Spirit pour yourself out to these. Give them supernatural wisdom to overcome these obstacles to worship. Preserve the believers & strengthen their faithfulness. Restore the losses they have had. In Jesus Name.
    SM D - USA
  • Father, please bless the believers in this community. May the light of your glorious gospel shine through but keep them hidden from the evil works of the adversary. Thwart and confound the enemy's evil works. Give them safe places to praise and worship you. Remind these faithful believers that you are storing rewards for them in the new age with Jesus.
    Joyce A - USA
  • The Lord Jesus Bind and Rebuke Satan, His hosts, the officials, and others from using anything against the Body of Christ in south-central Vietnam. Lord Jesus, Please Open and Give Different hearts to those of the officials and others to You, and Cause them to Truly Repent, Believe in, and Follow You according to Your Will, In Jesus' Holy Name, Amen.
    Marcia H - USA
  • Lord Jesus, Please Grant the Body of Christ in south-central Vietnam Your Protection, Fortitude, Comfort; Healing for their hearts, minds, bodies, and souls, Growth in You, Favor, Justice, Way to fellowship, minister, and spread Your Gospel to others and each other, Spiritual and Physical Provision, and Blessed Assurance, In Jesus Christ Name, Amen.
    Marcia H - USA
  • HOLY FATHER, IN JESUS' NAME, we Plead the Holy Blood of Your Son Jesus Christ, and lift the Body of Christ in south-central Vietnam up to You ; Thank You for Blessing them to Believe in, and Follow You,endure harrassment and beatings, items being taken out, walls and roofs being removed, and churches shut down by the officials, In Jesus' Name, Amen.
    Marcia H - USA
  • Dear God, Please help all these persecuted children of yours. Please be close to them and hear the words of their hearts. May your presence make them strong. Please don't let them give in to hopelessness or fear. And please help their persecutors to know you as well. Please protect and restore these people. Thank you, God. In Jesus' name, Amen
    Rae M - USA
  • Father God, may your holy will be done Vietnam. Please anoint the people of this country with your Spirit. May your Word not be quieted. May you comfort those who are mourning due to loss of their church. Father have mercy on this country. In the name of Jesus, AMEN
    Sarah L - USA
  • Our Father, thank You for Your work in Vietnam. Please help all Christians and give thrm skillfull wisdom in every hardships. Thank You for taking care of them.In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen
    Maria D - Finland
  • Dear Lord, please watch over the church members of Vietnam. I pray you will touch them and comfort them with the Holy Spirit, and give them the peace in knowing their redemption draws near.
    Stacy H - USA
  • Heavenly Father, please bless and keep all churches in Vietnam who are facing persecution and oppression. They are having all Christian items taken from them. Surround them with Your angels and deliver them from evil. i ask for this in Jesus' Name, amen.
    Barbara B - USA
  • Help these church members reopen their churches and show the government their stupidity.
    Debbie V - USA
  • Please Lord, please cause these authorities to stop attacking Your people and be drawn to You. Please Lord allow Your people to receive everything back that they've lost in even more abundance. Please Lord please allow them to worship and meet together freely in the MIghty Name of Jesus, amen.
    Pmandy Y - USA
  • My Dear Heavenly Father, You are the almighty creator of this universe, yet you care for each of us frail & sinful human beings on this earth. We praise you for loving us, each as unworthy of your love as we are. We praise your name as our Savior and Refuge. Lord Jesus, encourage, protect, & strengthen my brothers and sisters in Vietnam. Bind Satan.
    Kathy H - USA
  • Lord Jesus, I do pray that these Christians would be strengthened as they face increased persecution. Please give them unity and hope as they look to the promised reality in heaven. May they be a clear and loving example of Your truth, and continue to walk in obedience despite the challenges. Please soften and transform the government to know You.
    Danielle H - USA
  • Lord Jesus, you told us that those who desire to live righteously by faith in you will be persecuted. And as we see this happen here in South Vietnam, I pray for the Holy Spirit to sustain the faith of these believers as they face the overt opposition. Though their sign was removed, may they continue to "Glorify God." May you hear our prayers. Amen.
    Diana F - USA
  • Lord, we long to see You lifted up in Vietnam as the One True God, and that the beatings and persecution cease. May these Believers find You faithful to sustain them in their faith and daily needs. Bring the persecutors to saving faith in You, that they may find forgiveness and new life. Lord, may You indeed be glorified in Vietnam.
    Beth P - USA
  • Father, I pray for my brothers and sisters in Vietnam. I pray you shower them with your strength and peace. I pray you give them wisdom and boldness. I pray you speak to the hearts of those who oppose them. May your Spirit open their eyes to truth. Guide your children. Help them not to get discouraged. Pour out your anointing upon them.
    Polly C - USA
  • Every day we cry out to God for the lives of the prisoners and their families. We ask Him to comfort them, provide clean water, food, warmth and medicine, but above all, release! He is with His people in their pain. This is a mystery and unsearchable, but somehow He remains Faithful. May He grant the prisoners perseverance and sustain them.
    christine s - USA
  • Dear Lord, please give strength and courage to the Believers in Vietnam and put favor for them into the hearts of government officials. Let them rejoice in your providence and help them increase their faith to carry on. Bring Your gospel to even more people in the region, and bring glory to your name. In Jesus's name we pray, amen.
    Samantha H - USA
  • Sad to think that removing a few chairs would quench the move of The Holy Spirit! No problem! Sit on the floor and Still Glorify God! Father, strengthen these, your precious children and meet them Wherever 2 or more are gathered to give them wisdom and grace in Jesus' Name!
    Ace M - USA
  • Oh Lord God in Heaven, let Christ be proclaimed in this region and throughout Vietnam. Cause those who close down churches to be brought to their knees in repentance and an understanding of Jesus. Let your children rejoice in the face of persecution.
    Joan B - USA
  • Father I pray that the government would relent. May your church in Vietnam be more zealous for you then ever before. In Jesus name amen.
    David H - USA
  • Jesus, you suffer well! We in the west don't understand of have any fruit because of spiritual suffering. May you use our empty words, fill them up with you durning Spirit and may the churches experience abundant joy, abundant contentment so that their testimony will brake the power of Satan in their region. Because of You only Lord Jesus.
    anneke b - South Africa
  • Father, please bring comfort to your children that are being persecuted. Give them the strength and endurance to continue serving you and being a witness for you. Calm their fears and give them the peace that only you can in the midst of their persecution. Reveal yourself to those that are harming them, and may they come to know You! I love you all!
    Brandy F - USA
  • Father I pray for the church and all believers in this area to know that nothing separates them from your Love, give to each wisdom, strength and endurance to faithfully continue to be your witnesses. Father please change the hearts of their persecutors, pour out your Holy Spirit and bring the lost to Faith I'm Christ. Provide a safe place for worship
    Marian P - USA
  • Father, Heavenly King! Please comfort your children in Vietnam, hurt and persecuted. Please convict the authorities to leave your children along to worship. Change their hearts. Please give joy to these believers and allow them to meet and continue with their walk on their faith for you. Amen
    Isabel S - USA
  • Dear Jesus, come to the assistance of Your brave Christian people in this region. Send Your Holy Spirit in power to bring joy and healing of hearts, minds and bodies. Bring unity among all Christian people that they may work together and share places of worship. Comfort and strengthen the families with small children.
    Patrecia J - USA
  • Heavenly Father, I pray that You would bind the evil spirit that is working through the police . I ask that You would put a hedge of thorns around the churches that are open , and the police would be blind to them. Comfort and strengthen the body of believers. May they feel Your protection and continue to praise You. Save those who are persecuting.
    Martha F - USA
  • Lord, please be near to these churches and their leaders as they are facing this persecution. Help them to know You are near. Fight for them in the heavenlies, Father. Send Your miracles or dreams to reveal Yourself to their enemies. May they have strength to serve You in the midst of this battle, Abba. Please guide them and give them great wisdom
    Amy G - USA
  • Lord may You be so near to the believers in Vietnam. May they cling to Your goodness and may You hold them in the palm of Your hand. May they have hope and courage that shouts of Your praise and who You are. May you heal physical wounds and give peace in abundant measures so all who claim You as Savior are not lacking any good thing. Be near.
    Joy H - USA
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