Militants removed Christians from the bus and shot them to death.
Militants removed Christians from the bus and shot them to death.
Dec. 26, 2019 | Kenya

Ten Killed in Bus Attack

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Gunmen killed 10 people, mostly workers from Nairobi, aboard a bus in northern Kenya on Dec. 6. The Islamist group al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the attack on the passengers, many of whom were traveling to job sites in Mandera, a city on the Somalia-Ethiopia border. The attackers allowed ethnic Somalis, assumed to be Muslim, to stay aboard the bus, while ordering all non-Muslims, assumed to be Christians, to exit the bus and then shooting them. Police arrested suspects, including the bus driver, but a VOM worker said there is no certainty that anyone will be prosecuted. “Please remember all the Christians living in northern Kenya during this month, as many will be traveling back home for Christmas,” the VOM worker wrote. “Pastors in the area are concerned and worried. They know Christians are targeted at this time of the year.”

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  • OLord, give peace & hope to your children. Give safe passage to these Christian workers. Neutralize the evil work of al-Shabab. Thwart their plans & machinations. Disassemble their brotherhood of evil. Turn their evil to good thru Jesus Your Son. Show them Your vision of their lives, harmony, faith,love, in & thru Jesus. Purge the evil from Kenya.
    SM D - USA
  • The Lord Jesus Bind and Rebuke Satan, His hosts, al-Shabab, and others from using anything against the loved ones of the 10 who were killed, and the Body of Christ in Kenya. Lord Jesus, Please Open and Give Different hearts to those in al-Shabab and others to You; Cause them to Truly Repent, Believe in, and Follow You, In Jesus Christ Name, Amen.
    Marcia H - USA
  • Lord Jesus, Please Grant the families of the 10 people who were killed, and the Body of Christ in Kenya Your Protection, Fortitude, Comfort, Healing for their hearts, minds, bodies, and souls, Growth in You, Favor, Justice, Way for those responsible to Be Caught and Held Accountable, and Blessed Assurance, In Thine Holy Name Lord Jesus, Amen.
    Marcia H - USA
  • LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, IN JESUS' NAME, we lift the families of the 10 people who were killed, and the Body of Christ in Kenya up to You; Thank You Blessing the families to endure their loved ones being killed by al-Shabab, and the Body of Christ enduring persecution and attacks; Please Keep them in Your Obedience and Righteousness, In Jesus' Name, Amen.
    Marcia H - USA
  • Father, please bless the movement of your word in this area. Protect and guard the believers in the area that they may continue to hold forth your word. Destroy the work of the evil one who works against the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. Comfort the hearts of those who lost loved ones in this attack and remind them they will be with you for eternity
    Joyce A - USA
  • Dear God,I pray that you may watch over Christians as they travel.My hope is that all of them can make it home for Christmas and back, every year.May the 10 who died in this bus attack rest in peace.Please also help those who witnessed this shooting.May more people come to know you, including members of the al-Shabab group. Thank you.In Jesus' nameAmen
    Rae M - USA
  • Heavenly Father, please receive the souls of those killed in a bus attack in Kenya. Be with their families and enable their families to continue to be strong in faith and trusting in You. I ask for this in Jesus' Name, amen.
    Barbara B - USA
  • Keep these targeted Christians safe.
    Debbie V - USA
  • Lord Jesus, I do pray that Your hand of protection would be on Your children in Kenya. May they have wisdom and boldness to walk in obedience to You, and may they trust You to guide them through the difficult situations they face. May those who seek their lives come to know You and become radical supporters of Truth instead.
    Danielle H - USA
  • Father God, please help the family members of these dear ones who were killed. Please help them forgive the ones who did this evil deed. Please bring them to faith in You. Lord, please protect the many believers in Nairobi. Please strengthen them and fill them with Thy Spirit. Please may they see many people come to faith in You. Amen.
    Doree H - USA
  • Dear Jesus, comfort the families that lost a loved one in this horrible attack. Convict the killers to repent and turn to you, Jesus.
    Patrecia J - USA
  • In the Name of the Son of God Jesus Christ crucified for eternal life, ENOUGH!
    Father,I ask in the Holy Spirit working mighty in Jesus name that this be stopped.
    That your children in this situation are blessed and healed.
    That they know thier lost loved ones are with you because they knew Your Son and what He did on the cross for us all.
    In Jesus name
    Bruce M - USA
  • Heavenly Father, I praise and honor you, for you are worthy to be praised. I am praying for the persecuted church in Kenya and all over the world. Keep them steadfast and unmovable in there belief in You, for our labor is not in vain in You oh God. I pray for their family members, keep safe and trusting You, for You have gone to prepare a place for us
    Marlene D - USA
  • Father, whether in season or out of season I pray that our Kenyan brothers and sisters in-Christ will exercise caution and care as they travel about the country. The adversary roams about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour and I pray the Kenyan believers won't allow themselves to be easy targets and fall prey to wicked men and evil schemes.
    Patrick V - USA
  • Father God, May You have mercy on the souls of those killed in this attack and bring comfort and support to their loved ones. Somehow may those who did the killing come to repentance. Please increase our faith and courage and continue to show us how You would have us spread Your good news in this world! In Jesus' name, amen
    Rena B - USA
  • LORD JESUS we shall do as you said through Paul our Apostle.
    Remember the persecuted as if you were persecuted as well.
    In our minds we will put ourselves in their shoes.
    Your brother in CHRIST
    E. Dean
    Eddie D - USA
  • Father God, have mercy on the surviving families and friends of these martyrs. Still the terror that such events are meant to stir, and let believers know Your love in ways they couldn't have without this tragedy. Prod the Church in easier circumstances with the examples of these folks who claim the name of Jesus at risk of their lives.
    Errol C - USA
  • Lord, praying for justice in this case. Oh Lord help the families of those killed as they grieve their loss. Protect Christians as they go about their day to day living and help them not to fear but to look to You for strength and peace. Courage and joy. No matter what they go through. Praying for Your work and church in Kenya.
    margaret m - USA
  • Protect these brothers and sisters Lord. Strengthen these pastors to continue in the faith preaching the gospel fearlessly as they should.
    Austin M - USA
  • Lord have mercy upon thy Church and speed thy salvation to all peoples. Protect thy believers in Kenya and all Africa. Give rest to the souls of the slaughtered as they cry to thee for thy return.
    Margaret D - USA
  • Father it is so hard for me to understand how these things like this happen to christians in areas around the world unlike where I live. Help me understand how much this happens so I can pray more often for my persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray for protection for all in Northern Kenya and around the world. All in your mighty name
    Jackie S - USA
  • Let you hand of grace be upon the Christians in northern Kenya as they face atrocities and attacks by militants. I pray for those who have lost love ones through these attacks to be comforted by the fact that they did not die in vain. They are with the Father in heaven in the journey of eternity.
    Dumezweni M - South Africa
  • Lord, this is a crying out shame..true work of evil.. I pray these people who are killing christians will suffer the consequences and the targeted people will receive peace and freedom..stay strong.. And keep the faith..In jesus name Amen..
    Brittani P - USA
  • Please God, comfort the grieving who are mourning their loved ones killed in this bus attack. Preserve the faithful saints and keep them from all harm. May the murderous al-Shabab group members be brought to justice and repentance. In Jesus' Name. Thank You. Amen.
    Christienne D - USA
  • Dear Lord in heaven, please send Your strength to these believers in Kenya. We know You will provide for their needs. Their faith in the face of persecution is an example to everyone else. May they be reminded of 1 Peter 4:14--"If you are insulted for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you."
    Betty A - USA
  • Please provide safety to all persecuted Christian's and provision also bring Justice to the people who were shot ,and be w the families of the victims ,and please give comfort ,peace and rest to all persecuted Christian's and help get and make a way for the vom workers to get to the persecuted and missionaries and free Bible's out across restricted a
    Sherry S - USA
  • Dear God & Father, I pray for Christians in northern Kenya: Protect, provide for, comfort, strengthen, encourage & guide them. May they stay strong & united in faith, hope & love, committed to Christ & growing in numbers & maturity. Open the hearts of extremists to You; may their changed hearts help stabilize this region & bring peace. Amen.
    Lisa D - USA
    In Jesus abiding name I pray on behalf of those in harms way! Amen
    Deidre S - USA
  • Father to pray your children will be protected and that the ones who covered the tracks would be caught or understand the consequences of sin but father I pray they repent and come to you I pray that when persecution comes ur children would put on the breastplate and preach the gospel and be provided for in JNIPA
    Josef S - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Father I amen these previous prayers. Comfort those who have lost loved ones. I commit all of this Your Hands. Do what You must, but save the souls of the perpetrators. Let Your Light shine to shatter the darkness in Kenya. Your Arm is not too short it cannot save. No one stands against You. In Jesus' Mighty Name amen.
    Johnathan K - USA
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