Pastor Quang suffered broken ribs, a broken nose and numerous other injuries when he and an associate pastor were attacked on Jan. 18 in southern Vietnam.
Pastor Quang suffered broken ribs, a broken nose and numerous other injuries when he and an associate pastor were attacked on Jan. 18 in southern Vietnam.
Jan. 29, 2015 | Vietnam

Pray for Pastor Quang, Who Was Beaten by Unknown Attackers

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Pastor Quang and his associate pastor were attacked by five men on Sunday afternoon, Jan. 18, near a Bible school that Pastor Quang founded in southern Vietnam. The attackers threw bricks and rocks at the pastors until they collapsed to the ground, and then kicked them repeatedly. Pastor Quang suffered broken ribs, a broken nose and injuries to his jaw and teeth. He has been arrested in the past because of his evangelical work and has faced violent attacks from both local authorities and hired thugs. Many church leaders and students affiliated with the Bible school have also been arrested, beaten and harassed. VOM Australia is helping pay the pastors' medical expenses. No one has been arrested in connection with the attack.

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  • Dear Heavenly Father I amen these previous prayers from 6 years ago. Thank You he is still faithful as You show me. May Your peace rest upon him & his family. Your Light through him continue to shine in everything that he does. Thank You Father for loving him & bringing him through these years. Provide abundantly for them. In Jesus' Gracious Name amen.
    Johnathan K - USA
  • Father please help Pastor Quang to continue his courageous work. Help him to be able to love those who seek his harm.
    Rebecca H - New Zealand
  • I pray that people will stop trying to persuade other people to believe things they don't currently believe and cease assuming that they know better. Until people learn to mind their own business, and realise that if God can't spread his own word it isn't encumbent on them to butt in on his behalf then other people will continue to tell 'em to fuck off
    Tim R - United Kingdom
  • In the name of Jesus, our heavenly Father, as brothers and sisters in Christ we lift up Pastor Quang, these Vietnaemsse churches that they will continually be found in Christ, that a hedge of protection be on them and angels directly from heaven minister to them. Amen
    Gary F - USA
  • Father God, even in these older prayer requests, we know that You have followed these blessed saints of yours. I ask for your continued hearing of Pastor Quang in whatever his current circumstances and be with all the saints in Vietnam. Lead many to Christ, Lord, so Your people will know that their faith has brought fruit in eternity.
    Kathy G - USA
  • Praying
    Carla M - USA
  • Thank you for providing help for these your children. Heal them and provide help for them. Save the souls of the ones who did this evil. Give these men strength and hope to carry on. PF
    Pamela F - USA
  • Dear Jesus, please help this precious pastor to heal physically and emotionally. Help his family. Lord, give him hope in You.
    Patrecia J - USA
  • Father, Your help is needed in Vietnam. I thank You for Your protection and I ask You to continue to let Pastor Quang live victorious life for You. Let him enjoy Your goodness and meet his every need. Heal him completely in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
    Maria D - Finland
  • Dear Heavenly Father,

    Please help your dear servants, who have suffered much for you name, at the hands of your enemies. Help them to have your eternal hope and peace, and your agape love for their enemies. Help them to grow closer to you through this tragedy, and to love into the kingdom, those who will otherwise spend eternity in hell. Amen.
    mark m - USA
  • Thank You Father for our wonderful brother, Pastor Quang and the associate pastor. Thank You for calling this faithful brother; keep him strong in faith. I pray for the Holy Spirit to guard and protect him. Bless his church with faith to rebuild and stand against persecutions. They are greatly blessed, may their ministry grow in love. In Jesus, Amen
    Jacqueline H - USA
    Please Protect this Precious Christian, Pastor Quang. Bless and Heal him and his members . Surround them with YOUR fiercest of angels to shield them from all harm. .Give them favor with the enemy and help them to establish YOUR Covenant in the Earth and win many souls. Strengthen, Teach, and Encourage them. IN JESUS' NAME. AMEN.
    Doris G - USA
  • We are praying for you. You are not forgotten here in Dallas, Tx. Keep the faith, we love you
    Charles O - USA
  • Father please bless Pastor Quang and his church. May he continue to provide your word to others in a peaceful manner. In Jesus name, Amen.
    Karla B - USA
  • I pray that God will empower him with the Holy Spirit to withstand any persecution that comes his way. I pray that he will be able to led many people to the Lord.

    Karen P - USA
  • Father in Heaven, I praise Your name! Please continue to heal Pastor Quang and be glorified through it all. Help him persevere. Let this push him forward to continue testifying to the gospel of Christ. Let the Kingdom of Heaven be expanded greatly because of this. You work the good from the bad always (Romans 8:28). In Jesus name, amen.
    Trina F - USA
  • Lord I pray for dear Pastor Quang beaten by 5 men for his witness for You. Please bless him and heal him that he might continue to pastor his church. Help him that he remains strong in You. Bless others attacked and arrested.
    In Jesus Name I pray,
    Joel H - USA
  • Father, Please be with this pastor and give him protection, provision and peace. Continue to bless his work and keep him from discouragement. Thank you In Jesus name Amen
    Linda C - USA
  • Hail Mary Full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee, blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.
    Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death Amen.
    Elizabeth S - USA
  • Our Father, we praise you for the conmitment of my brother Pastor Quang and his fellow laborers . Grant then supernatural healing, strengthen them and give them peace. Touch his attackers that they may know the pardon of their sins and the beauty of walking with your Son, Jesus. Amen
    Donna S - USA
  • Dear God I ask that you please heal, and protect this precious child of yours. Please keep his courage strong to stand for you, and do your work. Bless him, and those with him greatly. Wrap your arms of love around him, and comfort & heal this precious man. In Jesus's precious name we ask this. Amen
    Corrine P - USA
  • Dear Lord, remember Pastor Quang. Give him everything he needs to press on. Thank you for sparing his life and may his attackers come to know the error of their ways and know Christ. Amen.
    Everett T - USA
  • Dear Lord, remember Pastor Quang. Give him everything he needs to press on. Thank you for sparing his life and may his attackers come to know the error of their ways and know Christ. Amen.
    Everett T - USA
  • Father in the name of Jesus, please Lord wrap your loving and protective arms around my brother. Please do whatever it takes to make his persecutors see the error of their ways. They have done my brothers much harm. May the Lord repay them according to their works. Please reveal yourself unmistakably to the attackers and draw them to them to Jesus.
    Andramedia R - USA
  • Dear pastor to recover fast..give physical healing and peace of mind.strengthen his belief in you.bless his family.all three generations to come until you those who persicutef him to turn to you and be rout vessels.bless pastor beyond Ali measure.
    Ananda R - Sri Lanka
  • Lord just help them as only you can. Give them strength. Heal them. Protect them from all evil.
    brenda p - USA
  • Almighty God we lift Pastor Quang to you. Father quickly heal his broken body, restore his strength, renew his passion, guide his steps, provide for his daily needs, remove any fear that resides in him, hug him, love on him, may he see Your hand at work on his behalf. Bless those like him who stand, often alone, who are warriors for You. Protect them!
    Richard B - USA
  • I also pray for quick healing in Jesus name, and for the strength to continue.
    Jim M - USA
  • Almighty Father: Thank you for Pastor Quong's humble testimony of how You live in him and shine forth Your light through him. He is an living sacrifice who bears witness of Your power and might before unbelievers. Turn the hearts of his tormentors to You and cause them to put their faith in You. Lift up our dear brother Quong. Strengthen his faith Amen
    Susan S - USA
  • Father please protect Pastor Quang from further evil and harm. Heal and strengthen his body and faith to continue to bring others to You. Bring to justice those who have harmed him and heal the darkness in their minds and souls so that they repent and vow to help protect other Christians and become Christians themselves. Jesus bring your healing peace
    Laurie T - USA
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