Neighbors posted protest signs against Pastor Tigor's house church.
Neighbors posted protest signs against Pastor Tigor's house church.
Aug. 29, 2019 | Indonesia

Community Forces Church to Close Building

[216] prayers in [16] nations have been posted for Pastor Tigor and congregation.

Officials closed a church in Central Indonesia after neighbors protested its existence. Pastor Tigor Yunus Sitorus built a home in the Bantul neighborhood in 2003 intending for it to double as a house church. When community members learned he was using the house for non-Muslim religious activity, they protested. “We are the Muslim majority; we are obliged to keep the faith of our children and grandchildren, whose faith can be tainted in the long run if influenced by the existence of the church,” they said. Authorities granted Pastor Tigor a church building permit on Jan. 15. However, after continued conflict, an official revoked the permit on July 26 and forced the congregation to worship elsewhere. Indonesia has religious freedom, but communities and Muslim extremist groups often influence local officials to act in favor of the Muslim majority. Pray that the church will continue to gather despite the loss of their building.

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  • Dear God,May Your Spirit intercede.I pray that these brothers and sisters can continue to meet,and May the Spirit be with them.I pray for wisdom for the people so they may be able to navigate the situation.May those who oppose them have a change of heart.Thank You.In Jesus'name, Amen
    Rae M - USA
  • Lord, I pray that you would strengthen this church in these times of persecution. Please bless them and give them the courage to stand strong in their faith. Please soften the hearts of those in the community and let your light shine. I pray that you spare the green and take the ripe and that your will be done forever and always. Amen.
    Cassie K - USA
  • Dear God,
    Please continue to reveal your hand upon your people. We pray together in your name to lift up our brother in Christ Pastor Tigor Yunus Sitorus and others who have been affected by having the church close down. We know that you will make a way when there seems no way. You have the last say. In Jesus name,amen.
    Amanda A - USA
  • Our Father, thank You for remember Pastor Tigor's case. Strengthen all Christians in faith and let them gather together and worship You in unity. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen
    Merike O - Finland
  • God, I ask that you provide a place of worship for these brothers and sisters. I thank you for this faithful pastor and each person who gathers with him to worship and praise the Lord. I pray you will continue to protect him, and strengthen and guide him in a land which desperately needs the good news of Jesus Christ.
    Curtis M - USA
  • Lord Jesus, please give Pastor Tigor wisdom as he seeks to lead this church. May they trust You and Your guidance in their lives, and may their responses bring You glory. I pray that the gospel would spread through this neighborhood and that those who hear and respond would be radically transformed by Your Spirit.
    Danielle H - USA
  • O Lord our GOD, we praise You for the faith and strength that Pastor Tigor and his congregation have shown in the Muslim majority country of Indonesia. May Your truth, love, and grace shone brightly through Your followers that their neighbors know who You are. We pray for that safety of our brothers and sisters as they serve You, Lord Jesus. AMEN.
    Sirian T - USA
  • Father, I understand the neighbor's feelings for they feel they have truth and want their children to follow, but we know the TRUTH. I pray you would open the eyes of those opposing this church. I pray you would give your children the right words to speak to help the Muslims see You. Move upon the neighbors, soften their hearts with your Spirit.
    polly c - USA
  • Help Pastor Tigor get a newer and safer and bigger building.
    Debbie V - USA
  • Dear Lord, we pray that Pastor Tigor and his church will continue to meet and grow without persecution from the authorities and Muslim community. Uphold the freedom of religion and protect this church through your Holy Spirit that it may continue to meet and grow in Jesus name amen.
    Connie V - USA
  • Pastor Tigor be strong in the Lord with are with you in spirit and in truth as fellow heir of the kingdom of God. Be encouraged by the fact that God is at work watching your going in and going out. Father God let your hand of grace and mercy be with him and the congregation in these trying time. All things work together for good of the church.
    Dumezweni M - South Africa
  • O Heavenly Father, we proclaim the greatness of Your Name that cause fear and jealousy from the non-believers of Bantul, in central Indonesia. We ask for Your shield over our body of Christ so that they may gatger to worship and serve You in love to their hateful neighbors. We pray for Your Holy Spirit to soften the hearts, Lord Jesus.
    Sirian T - USA
  • Holy Father, fill Your children with joy and confidence in Your power and goodness. Let Your light shine through them, despite the opposition, so that those living in darkness will be drawn to You. Put a hedge around and protect them. In Jesus' name, Amen
    Eli S - USA
  • Dear Lord,
    I pray for Pastor Tigor and his congregation; bless them for standing for Your name. May they continue to meet together and encourage one another even without their building. Bless them with all they need. Give them courage for the days ahead. Guide and direct them in all that they do.
    In Jesus's Holy name I pray, Amen
    Madison F - USA
  • The light has gone out of this neighborhood by the ousting of Pastor Tigor and the church. May the community recognize this fact. Bless him, his family, and those of his house church as they relocate, and plant them as a gospel seed for the blessing of those in the new location. Encourage them and provide for the building of another meeting place.
    Antoinette D - USA
  • Heavenly Father, we know that we fight not against flesh & blood but against powers & principalities. I pray you cast out the strongholds that are causing the trouble for Pastor Tigor. I pray that he be able to safely worship & share the gospel. Please put a hedge of protection around this pastor & his church. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.
    Beverly M - USA
  • God please provide for this congregation a new church building and place favor for the pastor and his congregants into the hearts of the officials and those in authority over the region. Soften the hearts of those in the community towards your son Jesus Christ and all of His followers. Amen.
    Samantha H - USA
  • Father God, support this church and the faithful, protect them and bless them in Jesus name
    mark h - USA
  • Heavenly Father, I pray that Pastor Tigor be able to continue gathering his flock despite of the adversity. LORD, provide them with a secure and safe place where they can praise and worship you freely. May they be in good spirit and be an example for the Muslim community; open their eyes to your good news. In Jesus Christ's name. Amen.
    Joana P - Puerto Rico
  • Father, please provide a way for the church to continue to meet in safety. Give them courage to continue to gather and protect them. May they follow Jesus fully. May those who oppose them see Jesus living through them and be drawn to the Savior. Amen.
    Vicki Y - USA
  • Father, may Pastor Tigor and the congregation not grow weary or faint because of the hostility they've encountered from neighbors and governing officials. I pray that they will put on the whole armor of God and stand against the wiles and schemes of the devil. Regardless of where they gather together, I pray that they will worship in spirit and truth.
    Patrick V - USA
  • Father, we pray for fellow believers everywhere. Please continue to protect those who love and worship You in countries where they are persecuted. May we keep ever vigilant in our own countries because it could happen anywhere, if we aren't careful and attentive. Cause a change of heart with the government authorities regarding their permit. IJN, Amen
    Connie A - USA
  • Father in the name of Jesus Christ thank you for Pastor Tigor and congregation. You will build your church and the gates of hell will not prevail
    KIDOCHUKWU U - Nigeria
  • Father let these believers not be alarmed by their opponents, let be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let them make their requests known to you and let your peace which passes all comprehension guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Give them eternal comfort and good hope by your grace.
    Kendall P - USA
  • Father I pray that Pastor Tigor will not be intimidated by the threats of the local people. He will be strengthened by your power. I ask that they will not be discouraged by the closure of the church, rather this will boost their resolve to continue to gather and shine the light in their community. Amen
    Sola O - Nigeria
  • Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on Your faithful.
    Peter K - USA
  • Please Lord please give these precious brothers and sisters back Your building. Please cause the government to have great favor towards them as well as their persecutors in the Mighty Name of Jesus amen.
    Pmandy Y - USA
  • Dear God & Father, I pray for Pastor Tigor & his congregation: Protect, provide for, comfort strengthen, encourage & guide them. May they stay strong & united in faith, hope & love, committed to Christ & growing in numbers & maturity. May they keep meeting despite the building closure. Bring those behind these building closures to repentance.
    Lisa D - USA
  • Lord I pray for a strong, flourishing church in this city and a space to meet that is better than what this house could have been. I ask for Your provision and for Your heart to sweep over and do what only You can do. I pray for healing, miracles, and peace to flow from the church members and for freedom to bring the aroma of life to the city.
    Joy H - USA
  • Dear God & Father, I pray for Pastor Tigor & his congregation: Protect, provide for, comfort, strengthen, encourage & guide them. May they stay strong & united in faith, hope & love, committed to Christ & growing in numbers & maturity. May they keep gathering despite the building closure. Bring those behind these building closures to repentance. Amen.
    Lisa D - USA
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