One of the burned Nigerien churches.
One of the burned Nigerien churches.
Jul. 04, 2019 | Niger

Mob Torches Churches After Mosque Sermon

[232] prayers in [15] nations have been posted for Church members after attacks.

A mob of Muslim radicals attacked two churches in Niger’s third largest city on June 13 following an imam’s inflammatory message. The protestors burned an Assemblies of God church in the Zaria neighborhood, along with the pastor’s car, as well as the Life to the Full Christian Church. The imam in Zaria had denounced a new government bill on the exercise of worship, saying it was against Islam, though he later said he had misunderstood the bill. Police arrested 178 rioters following the attacks. No one was injured in the attacks, but the Assemblies of God church was completely destroyed. “Please pray for the Christians in Niger,” a VOM contact said. “Many are afraid.”

Write your own prayer for Church members after attacks

  • Lord, You are there. Help your people remain strong in you. Banish fears, help them press in to you for every need. Bring peace to this troubled nation. Visit those against you in dreams, send signs and wonders. Provide for your church, may the new dynamic resulting from this only cause salvation to increase. Bless this nation I pray in your name.
    kathy C - USA
  • Father, I pray for my family in Niger. I pray you give them strengthen as they fight the enemy of their souls. I pray you give them boldness as you did Peter. Give them wisdom and guidance as they deal with the government and those who oppose your Word. I pray you open the eyes of those blinded by the devil. May the see they need you. Move, Lord.
    polly c - USA
  • Help our brothers and sisters rebuild their churches.
    Debbie V - USA
  • You told us, Lord, that if they hated You they would hate those who follow You. May those whose churches were destroyed continue to follow You faithfully despite their fear. Thank You that no one was injured. Deliver them from hatred and the desire to retaliate, and teach them how to live in the midst of persecution. Provide meeting places for them.
    Toni D - USA
  • Father, I thank You for increased boldness for them, as Your Spirit drives them into prayer. Let their genuine love for You be known! Let praise arise! Thank You for teaching us all how to keep pursuing You no matter what! Keep us in Your love Father! Specifically I pray for perfect love to cast out fear from the believers in Niger, as they show love.
    Sindre Hellenes G - Norway
  • Oh Lord Jesus, I do pray for these precious believers and ask that they would be surrounded by Your comfort and peace during this time. May they continue to astound the Muslim world with their forgiveness and grace in rebuilding, may the gospel continue to be boldly proclaimed, and may Your children not give into fear but trust Your care for them.
    Danielle H - USA
  • Lord I lift up these churches and pray against fear and the attacks of the enemy. I pray for Your heart to be so visible through them. I pray for their witness in the city to be so full and palpable and the aroma of life. I pray for funds to rebuild what was lost and pray for an expansion as a result of such things. I pray for Your hope to consume them
    Joy H - USA
  • Jesus, turn the eyes of Your people in Niger to see this situation from Your perspective. Help them see the many ways You have protected them, and to know the reality of Your plans for them, plans that no one can interfere with. Make their eternal security with You something they are sure of.
    Elizabeth M - USA
  • Father I pray protection around my fellow Saints . I pray the church will be rebuilt better and bigger than it was before the attack and that the gospel will continue to go forth . Thank you Father in Jesus mighty name I pray
    Ann S - USA
  • Lord nothing is out of your sight, Thank you for the protection of the congregation. Thank you for the arrests following the attack. Lord I pray that these people would be reminded of the truth that there is nothing that can separate them from your love and that there is nothing to fear for you are their God. In Jesus name Amen
    Dria K - USA
  • Father, we lift up our dear family in Niger! May fear be far from them. May they have the peace that transcends all understanding & rest completely even at night. May they go to a new place in their faith walk with You. We also lift up the persecutors & may they have their eyes & hearts opened in Jesus' Name! Lift up the imam as You speaktohisheart
    Lisa T - USA
  • Merciful Father, Almighty GOD, Defender of the weak, we thank You for the reminders that we have much to do on earth. May it be Your will to protect Your Church in Niger from violent non-believers, Lord Jesus. May Your love overcome the hateful hearts of Muslims in that land. May Your grace abound and lift up the souls of fellow Christians. AMEN.
    Sirian T - USA
  • Dear Lord, we lift up our brothers & sisters in Niger, comfort, bless & strengthen them, let them know you are with them, and love them so dearly. We thank you for any government moves to reduce religious persecution. We pray for increasing moderation in Islam, with ordinary Muslims increasingly rejecting violence & fanaticism. Bless Niger mightily,
    Susan G - Australia
  • Praying for Christians in Niger. Help them in their fears to trust in You and continue to do Your work. praying for their protection. Praying for the muslim people in Niger that many would hear the gospel and be saved
    margaret m - USA
  • Most High God, protect your faithful in Niger, stop the attacks, in Jesus name
    mark h - USA
  • Father God I pray that you would bring peace and courage to our brothers and sisters in Niger. We pray that your peace will sustain them and help them to keep growing in their faith and not be shaken. But they will find an even deeper walk with you. May you provide for them a place to meet again so that their voices will rise in praise to you.
    Paula L - USA
  • Father, I pray for the Christians of Niger, I cannot imagine what they must be going through. I pray that your angels would surround them and bring them peace and comfort. I pray that they may continue following you with boldness and with courage. I pray that there would be unity among the Christians and that they would lift each other up Father.
    naphtalee S - USA
  • Lord, please be with Your church in Niger. Help them to know Your strength and peace in the midst of these great trials. Please bring to justice those who destroyed the church. Appear to them in dreams and may they come to know You! Save them, O God-- may they respond in faith! Help those who live in fear after this-- encourage and hold them up,OGod
    Amy G - USA
  • God, I lift up my brothers and sisters in Niger to you. I pray that their faith will be more powerful than their fear. I am thankful no one was injured in these attacks, and I pray you will provide a new place of worship for the Assemblies of God congregation. I pray for the Muslim persecutors, that they would repent while there is yet time.
    Curtis M - USA
  • Dear Lord,
    I pray for Your Presence of peace to come and fill each and every believer's heart in Niger. Take away their fear and let their trust in You be strong and unshakable. Encourage them and strengthen them even in the face of this persecution. May they feel Your Spirit with them. Help them to rebuild. And through this, may others come to You.
    Madison F - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Father, Please send Your guardian angels to protect the Christians from their persecutors. Help them to have joy in face of this trial. May the Lord give them peace during the storm. May they show forth the love of Jesus to all with whom they have contact.
    Rebecca L - USA
  • "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church".
    Sanjoey K - Bahrain
  • Heavenly Father, I pray that the members of these two churches remain strong in the faith in our Savior Jesus Christ; that though people may attack structures where they worship our Lord GOD, that these radicals can never tear down one's commitment to the only one and true GOD. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
    Wilson C - USA
    At last am here to tell everyone that the Love Spell worked very faster than i thought. I couldn't believe when after 3 months without seeing my eyes on my husband, he just came back to me with his knees on the ground apologizing and asking for forgiveness, saying he still loves me and he wants me back.
    Sheila L - USA
  • Father God, I pray that your compassion and comfort will wash over the Christians in Niger to drive out their fear. May you help them rebuild the churches which were burned. May you grant the Church members courage and boldness to share the peace of God through Christ with their neighbors, bringing protesters to repentance. Thank you, for your love!
    Diana F - USA
  • Dear God & Father, I pray for believers in Niger: Protect, provide for comfort, strengthen, encourage & guide them. May they stay strong in faith, hope & love, committed to Christ & growing in numbers & maturity. Lift all fear from their hearts. Bring their persecutors, particularly the imam in Zaria, to repentance. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
    Lisa D - USA
  • Father, encourage our Nigerien brothers and sisters in-Christ during this season of loss and gently remind them that You've not given them a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, enable Your children to exhibit love toward their persecutors and have the mind of Christ concerning the Imam's message.
    Patrick V - USA
  • Dear God & Father, I pray for Niger's believers: Protect, provide for, comfort, strengthen, encourage & guide them. May they stay strong & united in faith, hope & love, committed to Christ & growing in numbers & maturity. Lift fear from their hearts. Bring their persecutors to repentance, particularly the imam in Zaria. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
    Lisa D - USA
  • Father, Your word tells us to not be afraid, but when the enemy comes in like this it makes it difficult. Your word is truth and these believers can stand upon Your truths. You are an ever present help in trouble! For You have not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. May these truths guide and direct. In Jesus name, Amen
    Bruce B - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Father I amen these previous prayers. Be the Light that shines brightly out of their hearts. Perfect love casts out all fear. Provide them their place of worship. Be glorified. If they keep their eyes on You, You shall keep them. I pray for Spirit of Peace & Enlightenment among the Muslims. Lift the veil off their eyes. IJ Gracious NA.
    Johnathan K - USA
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