Police officials interact with members of another church at a police station.
Police officials interact with members of another church at a police station.
Jun. 13, 2019 | China

Officials Plan to Turn Church into Hotel

[219] prayers in [22] nations have been posted for Christians in Henan Province.

Officials in central Henan province recently informed some church leaders of their intent to seize the church’s building and turn it into a hotel. Although the church is a member of the officially recognized Three-Self Patriotic Movement, officials banned the church from meeting last year. The church continued to meet, but in May 2019 authorities told church leaders they would arrest church members if they gathered for worship again. Church members are undecided on how to respond. In 2018, the government closed hundreds of churches in Henan province and removed crosses from other church buildings. Pray for the wisdom of church leaders and members as they decide how to approach officials, and pray for all Christians in Henan province who are facing these restrictions.

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  • Please Lord I pray for wisdom for Christians in China for how to deal with these situations. I pray for authorities to have supernatural favor upon Your people. I pray that they would be drawn to You as well and that Christians in China would be able to worship You freely in the Mighty Name of Jesus, amen.
    Pmandy Y - USA
  • God, I want to pray for these brothers and sisters as they face this time of persecution and trial. I ask for you to give them wisdom and discernment as how to proceed. I also pray for all those who are persecuting them, knowing the time is short. I earnestly desire for each soul to repent and believe while it is still light.
    Curtis M - USA
  • Lord, your spirit hovers over hotels and your spirit hovers over church buildings. No one can hide from you. No one can run from your presence. You are worthy, Lord, to receive grace and peace and glory and honor and blessing.
    Linda D - Korea, South
  • Lord, please speak into the heart of every single construction worker, contractor, architect, buyer, realtor, builder and every single person affiliated with taking church properties for commercial gain. Talk to them in booming voice in dreams. Show each the outcome of harming your little ones.
    Linda D - Korea, South
  • Father, give these people wisdom and strength to endure. May they press into you deeply and find everything they need in you personally. Provide ways for them to meet, protect them from harm. Bind satans attempts to kill Christianity in China, and only furthur your work throught these trials. Give great peace and grace to your people. amen
    kathy C - USA
  • Father in Heaven, please grant Your people wisdom on how to deal with this matter. Please soften the hearts of the officials and those who have made the restrictions. Please help all those who face restrictions in their country. Please help Your people to overcome these restrictions, and be able to worship You. Please grant them peace. Amen.
    Sarah M - USA
  • Help our fellow Christians find a better location to build a church.
    Debbie V - USA
  • Lord God, I exalt Your Holy Name and thank You for my precious brothers & sisters in China enduring persecution for Your Name- their example shines forth encouragement even as I pray they be encouraged! If the government is allowed to dishonor YOUR house, I pray that YOU OVERCOME EACH WHO STAY there BY YOUR MOST HOLY SPIRIT! In Jesus Name!
    Jeanne D
    Jeanne D - USA
  • Lord we pray for our brothers & sisters in China as they encounter continued prosecution but we thank you their love & faith in you. May you continue to lift them up & encourage & strengthen them with your presence. We also pray for wisdom for the church leaders on how best to deal with the govt but know that you will provide a place for them.
    Lynn S - USA
  • We pray for the Christians in China as they undergo persecution at the hand of the government. You said that all who desired to live godly lives would experience persecution. Grant wisdom to church leaders in approaching officials regarding gathering, and to know how to conduct themselves in a manner that would bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Toni D - USA
  • oh Lord the gates of hell cannot rail against Your kingdom. Lord I pray for the people of China, that your good news may prevail and be shared even more as this persecution and attempt stop it. Give wisdom to church leaders and members re: how to approach officials. Help all Christians in Henan province who are facing these restrictions to not give up
    margaret m - USA
  • Father, I pray for your wisdom in the church leaders and members in the churches in Henan Province to know how to approach officials as they face these restrictions. May you go before them as you promised, putting the words in their mouths to say and may you change the hearts and decisions of the officials. For your glory! Encourage your children!
    Paula L - USA
  • Lord Jesus I pray that you may impart wisdom and understanding to all church leaders in the Henan Province. I pray that you may put a hedge around each church member of the Henan Province and please keep them safe. I bind every opposition in the name of Jesus of Nazareth and that these precious churches in Henan can continue to thrive in you, amen.
    Luz G - USA
  • Lord, we ask that church leadership in Henan province would know how to respond officially to these closures while at the same time continuing to meet privately in ever spreading and growing groups. Please raise up the leadership and homes for more and more gatherings to take place so that the large church building model becomes irrelevant for now amen
    Matt B - USA
  • Lord Jesus, we Plead Your Holy Blood over the church leaders and the Body of Christ, along with everything that's known and unknown, spoken and unspoken. Please Grant them Your Protection, Fortitude, Growth in You, Favor, Way to fellowship and spread Your Gospel to others and each other, Provision, and Blessed Assurance, In Jesus' Holy Name, Amen.
    Marcia H - USA
  • LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, IN JESUS' HOLY NAME, we lift the church leaders and the Body of Christ in Henan Province up to You; The Lord Jesus Bind and Rebuke Satan, His hosts, and the government from using anything against them. Thank You for Blessing the Body of Christ to endure persecution and churches being closed down, In Jesus Christ Name, Amen.
    Marcia H - USA
  • God You are present & glorifies wherever Your children gather to praise & worship. You are enthroned in the praises of Your people. Please answer peace to them.May your presence be ever so strong that when churches are converted to hotels people will have visions & hear Your voice calling them to You.Protect these children of Your God to endure trials
  • Dear Lord,
    I pray for Christians in the Henan Providence. Be with them and guide them what they should do and how to respond to this persecution. Give them courage and love and peace in You. Cover them with Your wings. May Your Name be glorified!
    In Jesus name, Amen
    Madison F - USA
  • Our Father, please help all Christians in Henan Province, please strengthen them in faith and meet their needs. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
    Merike O - Finland
  • Yes, Lord Jesus, I ask that You give these leaders wisdom on how to lead their flocks. Provide a way for them to worship You! Let the government see the good results of Christian worship. Let them see the love, Lord! Open their eyes to Your truth! Bind the the church members together to provide for each other and encourage each other in Your name.
    Patricia W - USA
  • Heavenly Father I pray in Your Son Jesus Christ's Most Holy Name to the One True God Most High in Heaven For Healing and Restoration and protection for All Christians and for the conversion of all others to Christianity,Amen
    Jeffrey F - USA
  • Lord God, we do ask for Your wisdom to guide these believers. May they respond to the governing authorities in a way that brings You glory, and may they continue to meet together in obedience to You. Please strengthen the Henan church as they suffer, and may this serve to unify believers and cause the gospel to spread even further.
    Danielle H - USA
  • Father God i pray that you will give all our Brothers and Sisters favor in every area of their lives. Make a way where there seems to be no way. In Jesus Mighty Name Amen.
    Yvonne T - USA
  • LORD, I pray that the Holy Spirit speaks through these church leaders and members in Henan when they approach the authorities. Make them humble and bold witnesses of Jesus Christ so that the conscience of the authority officials be pricked and they turn to you. Never allow the joy of serving you and your wisdom depart from Christians in Henan. Amen.
    Joana P - Puerto Rico
  • Save this Church, Oh God. Make sure that Christians have a place to gather, so they can worship you and fellowship with each other. Make sure they know that Jesus is Lord of all creation, including all principalities and powers and governments. The devil and all of hell will not stand against your Church, advancing on the bloody ground of saints.
    mark m - USA
  • Father, we have been praying for the Church in China for some time, and it is discouraging to hear that the closure and seizure of buildings continues. We trust you in your wisdom and mighty power, that all of this is for a reason. Please use it to strengthen your people in the ways that they need it. We join our hearts with theirs and ask for help.
    Brenda M - USA
  • Accomplish Your purposes and plans regarding this building. These people are your church and this building belongs to them. Therefore it is yours protected with your Spirit and with your angels. I pray for wisdom of the church leaders and members and also great favor as they approach the officials. Grow the churches in Henan province strong.
    Lori R - USA
  • Lord,
    Thank You for this church in the Henan Province and their willingness to follow You despite the threat of state persecution. I pray that You would provide them with wisdom in how to proceed with their worship and their dealings with government officials. Please strengthen them in their faith and bring them closer to You each day.
    Lysander S - USA
  • Thank You LORD because ONLY the counsel of God shall stand in this matter! The inheritance of the saints cannot be snatched and given to the heathen, LORD arise that the Henan Province will know that You are God and that You rule in the affairs of men in the name of Jesus Christ!
    Cherechi E - Nigeria
  • Dear God & Father, I pray for believers in Henan Province: Protect, provide for, comfort, strengthen, encourage & guide them. May they stay strong in faith, hope & love, committed to Christ & growing in numbers & maturity. Guide them, especially their leaders, in dealing with officials. May they be able to practice their faith. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
    Lisa D - USA
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