Illustrating the difficult choices converts are sometimes forced make, Faven's son was left behind with his father in Eritrea.
Illustrating the difficult choices converts are sometimes forced make, Faven's son was left behind with his father in Eritrea.
Apr. 25, 2019 | Eritrea

Christian Convert Misses Son Left Behind

[260] prayers in [16] nations have been posted for Faven.

After Faven came to know Christ, she suddenly had to leave Eritrea. She was able to take only two of her children with her, leaving a son behind. “Pray for my other son, who is still in Eritrea with his dad and being taught Islam,” she said. “I miss him and I want him to be strong in Christ.” Her other children are doing well in their adopted country, though one of her sons has been asking why his father is a Muslim. Faven is unsure how to answer him. “Let us continue praying for them as a family and to trust the Lord to answer all the hard questions,” the VOM worker said. Faven hopes her entire family will come to know Christ.

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  • Thank You for the grace You have shown to our sister in allowing her to leave Eritrea with two of her children. We pray for her and for her family during this time of separation from the son who stayed behind. Strengthen this boy, and may he remember the Christian teaching he received from his mother, and even be a witness to his Muslim father.
    Toni D - USA
  • Heavenly Father, thank you for saving Faven and her children from Islam. I ask that through your miraculous ways Faven can get back her child that she had to leave behind. May your divine intervention restores this family and reunite the father of the children with their mother and he be converted to Jesus Christ. In Jesus Christ name, I pray. Amen.
    Joana P - Puerto Rico
  • Dear Jesus I lift up Faven to you and her family we pray Lord that you will restore that family and that her husband will come to know Jesus. I pray your hand on this situation and your will to be done always. Your mercy on these children may they come to have a strong faith in Jesus amen
    Maria F - USA
  • Our Father, You know this little boy who was left behind. Be merciful and guide him to find a place in his heart for his sanctuary. Please keep him. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
    Merike O - Finland
  • Bring millions to faith in Jesus through your gospel. Grant them peace and joy and eternal hope. Love and life through them. Make them see that you are Lord of all, that your troops outnumber, outrank and over power all of the troops of earth and hell. We are waiting for that time.
    mark m - USA
  • Contact Dr.Zuma if you need help to reunite your relationship via email: or call him ++2348105150446
    Lakhan K - Comoros
  • Thank you that this women chose you over her son. But, she misses her son dearly. Bring her son to faith; and, bring the son to the mother. Make him a great warrior for Jesus, leading many souls to heaven.
    Mark M - USA
  • Father, I join with this woman in praying her entire family will come to know Christ as Lord and Savior. I pray she realizes you do hear and answer the prayers of your children. I pray for the son and father who are following the teachings of Islam, instead of the life-changing teachings of the Lord.
    Curtis M - USA
  • Abba thank you for the VOM front line workers who risk their lives to be a witness and help the believers. May you grant the desire of Faven's heart. May her family be united in Christ. Jesus may Your name be known in entire African continent. Give them hope of better life and opportunities to learn more about Jesus. May they be strong Believers in Chr
  • Father, we lift up Faven and cannot imagine being forced to make such a difficult choice. We pray for Your protection over her son and pray that they can be reunited very soon. We pray that Faven's entire family will come to Jesus, including her Muslim husband. We pray these things in Jesus' holy and precious Name, Amen.
    Julie M - USA
  • Help Favin reunite with his son.
    Debbie V - USA
  • Dear Lord Jesus Christ we pray that Faven's son comes to know Christ and his father is as well and that Faven would be reunited with her family in Christ amen
    Brian T - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Father, yes Lord yes! Save ALL of Faven's family I pray & reunited them for Your Glory & their witness to the watching world of how mighty & powerful You are Lord. Keep Faven strong in the faith & Lord comfort her giving mother's heart as she misses her son! Bring them all back together soon I pray! Give her Your wisdom in Your Word. Amen
    Caroline O - USA
  • Lord God, please transform the hearts of Faven's husband and son. May they come to know and believe You, and may the family be reunited by Your power and grace. I ask that Faven would have great wisdom as she raises her other two children, and that they would have the grace to believe You in the midst of their suffering.
    Danielle H - USA
  • Father, Faven's heartbreak and concern for her son left behind is overwhelming. Comfort Faven and give her peace in spite of the seperation and uncertainty. I pray that the child's father will not abuse of harm him in anyway. Open the father's eyes to realize that Jesus Christ, not Allah or Mohammad, is the only way, truth and life. Cause him to repent
    Patrick V - USA
  • Dear Lord,
    I pray for my sister, Faven. Be with her in a powerful way and comfort her as she misses her son. Provide a way for him to be reunited with her. Give them all strength in the Faith. May all of those in her family come to Salvation. Bless her and keep her and guide her in all that she does.
    In the blessed and holy name of Jesus Christ, Amen
    Madison F - USA
  • Father, bless this dear child of yours and give her wisdom as to answer her child about his father. May her husband be converted to you
    Protect the son that stayed with him and may he be found by you.
    Darlene E - USA
  • Jesus, thank you for blessing Faven and her family with coming to the knowledge of your Salvation. I come in agreement with my sister in Christ that you can do the impossible and met her husband and son right there in Eritrea. Bless them with a dream or a witness that can direct them to the Father of Lights and reunite them in this world. Amen!
    Stephen M - USA
  • Father of hope, I pray for Faven, her children, and her Husband. Please keep Faven and her children strong in their faith, and please bring her husband and her son towards you. Help them to find a deep love for you. I pray for the safety and comfort of Faven and her two children as they make their adopted country their new home. Please keep them close
    Sarah M - USA
  • Dear Lord Jesus please give Faven the answers to all the questions that she may have. Lord I ask for a hedge of protection for the son and husband that were left behind. Minister to their hearts and help them to turn from their ways and come running to You. Continue to minister to Faven two little ones that she was able to get to safety. Amen.
    Kathy B - USA
  • Father, thank You for bringing Faven to saving faith. Please encourage her even now, strengthen her and her children that are with her and comfort her in regard to her son she had to leave behind. Please bring her entire family to know Christ and reunite this family, in Jesus name.
    Vera B - USA
  • Father God I pray for the family that has been torn apart for your light to shine in the heart of the father figure in the family. Let the man see the truth of gospel and come into the knowledge of the truth that is Christ Jesus our Lord and saviour. Give Faven the strength to persevere in hope that she will be joined with her son again.
    Dumezweni M - South Africa
  • Heavenly Father, You see Your daughter Faven and know that Eritrea is a place hostile to You and all who are Yours, but Your power is not diminished. Encourage and give wisdom to Faven and her 2 children. Strengthen them in Your Word. We pray for her husband and son who remain in Eritrea and lost in Islam. Provide a way for them to see Jesus as Lord
    Pamela S - USA
  • Lord,
    Thank You for Faven and her children and their willingness to follow You, despite the issues that has caused with their family. I pray that they will come together and that You would guide them in all of their tough questions. I also pray that they may be reconciled and all of them will come to a saving faith in Jesus and gorw closer to You.
    Lysander S - USA
  • Dearest Lord Jesus, thank You for Faven. Please protect her little boy from lies and false religion. Please reunite him with his mother and siblings, safely away from Eritrea. Please save his father and other relations as well. In Your Name, above all names. Amen.
    Christienne D - USA
  • Lord, I pray for ths mother that she can get your love and peace when she is worried.I pray that you open the heart of her husband so he comes to accept you.I pray soon that he reunites and I pray that obstacles dissipate.If this is not your will Lord, give Faven food shelter and peace from mental torture.Let Life be filled with friends to help her.
    Cheryl S - Australia
  • Lord, let the Brokenness of Favin's heart emit the fragrance of confidence in your love. Keep the fire of love for her and his two daughters burning in her husband's heart.
    Susanne M - USA
  • Father it is also Your desire that Faven's entire family come to know You. Please work in their lives in mighty ways. Comfort Faven and let her know that Your presence is everywhere and Your Holy Spirit is working at all times in mighty ways. Help her to keep her eyes on you and to keep trusting You. Amen.
    Cheryl W - USA
  • My prayers are with you, and all our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. I also pray that those who persecute you will come to know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Hold fast to your faith. Great is your reward in heaven.
    David B - USA
  • Thank you for Faven. Thank you for her devotion and commitment to you first Jesus even over her son. I pray that this kind of obedience would bring her whole family to Christ in Jesus name. Please protect her little son who is being brought up as a Muslim and miraculously bring him to faith in Christ. I pray this for her husband as well. In Jesus name
    Nancy G - USA
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