The gospel is penetrating even Nepal's most far-flung villages.
The gospel is penetrating even Nepal's most far-flung villages.
Mar. 21, 2019 | Nepal

Christians Blamed for Villagers' Deaths

[260] prayers in [15] nations have been posted for Gianprakash and His Family.

When five people died within a week in a small Nepalese village last January, the only Christian family in the Hindu village was blamed for the deaths. Gianprakash and his family were asked to leave the village because they were following a foreign God. One night, six young men came to Gianprakash’s home, shouting and trying to break down the door. When Gianprakash asked them why they were disturbing his family, one of the young men said, “We know the death spirit is here, and that’s why five people are dead!” Before leaving, they broke the home’s water cistern. Gianprakash and his family have temporarily moved to another city. Pray for them as they return home, and pray that these villagers will come to know Christ.

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  • LORD Thank you for the truth of the Gospel and that you bring life not death. I pray that this family has the words to make this understanding possible to their neighbors. I also pray that this family of believers would have all their needs supplied according to your riches in Heaven and on Earth. In Jesus name Amen
    Dria K - USA
  • Father we pray for Gianprakash's village to come out of darkness and into Your light. Bless this little family wherever they are now. Strengthen them and use them in this place and prepare them for the ministry You have for them at their return. Lord Jesus You are the Lord of life; reveal that to those who think You are the spirit of death and darkness
    Toni D - USA
  • Our Father, please send calls of faith to Nepal and save this people. They have put their faith in manmade shrines and serve false gods. Be merciful and let them turn from their hindu ways and set their hopes in the Only Living God Who can help them . Thank You for saving Gianprakash and his family. Please help them and meet their needs. ITNO Jesus C.A
    Merike O - Finland
  • Bring millions to faith in Jesus through your gospel. Grant them peace and joy and eternal hope. Love and life through them. Make them see that you are Lord of all, that your troops outnumber, outrank and over power all of the troops of earth and hell. We are waiting for that time.
    mark m - USA
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    Lakhan K - Comoros
  • Gianprakash and his family, find peace and happiness in their new city and the villagers to realized their mistake.
    Debbie V - USA
  • Heavenly Father, Glory be your name forever! You are worthy! Thank you very much for Gianprakash & family's safety. Please forgive the villagers. Holy Spirit, pls bring the whole village to Christ. In Jesus' name, the veil around their eyes, ears, hearts & mind are removed now. Protect the family w your mighty hand, Father. Provide & restore them Amen
    MJ D - United Arab Emirates
  • Jesus,I know you can cause miracles that can tell this village that your Word WAS and Is correct.Let other villagers stand up and defend these Christians and let them speak to the elders to see sense.Lord let village Christians be protected and give them shelter, warm food and clothes and a refuge Jesus to live forever under your care.Thank you Jesus.
    Cheryl S - Australia
  • Father, please protect this family and heal them from the experience that they have gone through. Please provide jobs for them and allow them to be encouraged by other believers. Please convict the individuals that persecuted them as to also get to know You and their God. Amen
    Isabel S - USA
  • Psalm 1
    4 Not so the wicked!
    They are like chaff
    that the wind blows away.
    5 Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment,
    nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous.
    6 For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous,
    but the way of the wicked will perish.
    Layne N - USA
  • Father I pray for Gianprakash and his family that they would experience the peace that surpasses all understanding. I pray that they understand that the enemy is Satan and that they are to love and bless their persecutors. I pray for their persecutors that they would come to experience the love of Christ.
    Paul K - USA
  • Father I pray for protection for your people! I pray that you would guide and direct our paths! I pray Father that you would help the actions of the evangelists to go unseen by their persecutors! Open the eyes of the lost Lord that they would see your glory! I ask and pray in Jesus name, amen.
    Amy R - USA
  • Lord, bring light to darkened hearts, may they find truth. Help this family as they trust you in this trial. Thank you for providing in another city, but you know their longings for home. Use every bit of this event to furthur your kingdom, bless your people and bring salvation to this nation, in your name, amen
    kathy C - USA
  • Father give this family wisdom to make the most of their opportunities to witness. Let their speech always be with grace so they will know how to respond to each person. Let them be anxious for nothing but let them in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving make their requests know to You and let your peace guard their hearts.
    Kendall P - USA
  • Lord,
    Bless and protect Gianprakash and his family from dander. Cover them in the Mighty name of Jesus, Amen
    Deidre S - USA
  • "... 'You are my servant, I have chosen you and not cast you off'; fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
    Isaiah 41:9"-"10
    Lord, we believe Your faithful promises to this dear family. Help & comfort them, & bring this village to Christ!
    Carrie H - USA
  • Father, bless and provide for Gianprakash and his family during this time of persecution. Let them hear from You as to what You would have them do. May justice and truth prevail on their behalf. Work all this for good for them as they continue to serve You. Bring revival and a spiritual awakening to this nation. In Jesus Name!
    Carolyn L - USA
  • please be with this family, God, and help them to know that you are always with them and will lead them on the right path. Be with the people who are criticizing them and help them to come to know you, and forgive them. Please provide for the family and keep them safe. amen.
    raegan k - USA
  • I really hope that this family can stay safe, and you, God, are in control of that. I pray that this village no longer has anger against this innocent family, and that they will turn to you. Help all those who died, as they were most likely not believers.
    Rylee V - USA
  • Father, thank You for Gianprakash and his family. I pray for their protection and that You would bless them and provide them with everything that they need. I pray that as they return home they would find favor with the villagers and that the villagers would come to know You as the Messiah. In the Name of Yeshua i pray, Amen.
    Kia W - USA
  • Father, grant peace, security and stability to Gianprakash and his family during this tumultuous time. Provide knowledge, understanding, discernment and wisdom as Gianprakash and his family return home and reintegrate with the other villagers. Especially those who are blatantly hostile to You, the kingdom of God, and the saving grace of the Lord Jesus.
    Patrick V - USA
  • Holy Father, bless Gianprakash and his family during this time of trial. Let those who have accused them of bringing death see that You are the giver of health and life. May this turn of events be just the beginning of a harvest unlike any seen in these areas. In Jesus' name, Amen
    Eli S - USA
  • Father God, let the fear in the villagers lead them to the truth of salvation in Jesus Christ alone. Please vindicate this family and let TRUTH reign in the village and all of Nepal. Please encourage and comfort this family and bring them friends in Jesus. Let the villagers know the love that comes from the people of Christ. All for Your glory.
    Kathy G - USA
  • Father God let her hand of grace and mercy be upon your servant Gianprakash and his family for protection. I pray that you make a way for them to return back to their home village and live there in peace. I pray for the villagers to come to the knowledge of the truth which is Christ Jesus. Let your light shine through the darkness and truth to set the
    Dumezweni M - South Africa
  • Lord God, please comfort and strengthen this family. May they know Your courage as they return home and have the grace to love those who persecute them. May the villagers be drawn to Your gospel and know You as You truly are. Change and transform hearts and provide this family with the support they need to remain steadfast.
    Danielle H - USA
  • May the foolish hearts of the villagers not continue to be darkened. When the G. family returns to their village, please keep them safe; have your angels shield them with holy protection. May the villagers be convicted of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment; may they come to Christ through this loving and godly family which continues to follow you.
    Laura N - USA
  • Lord I lift up this family and pray that Your living water, overflowing, abundant and able to save, would wash over them. I pray for strength and truth as they live out the Gospel and I pray that they would hold fast to what you have taught them and showed them thus far. I pray for more villagers to drink the water that won't run dry and become Yours.
    Joy H - USA
  • Heavenly Father, please continue to strengthen and protect Gianprakash and his family and sustain them through their faithfulness. Bless them so they are allowed to return to their home and live out their Faith and spread the Good News of our Savior. Touch the hearts of the persecutors so they come to know you as Lord and Savior. Amen.
    Carolyn S - USA
  • Dear God & Father, I pray for Gianprakash & his family: Protect, provide for, comfort, strengthen, encourage & guide them. May they stand firm in faith, committed to Christ. May they their lives draw the villagers around them to Jesus, especially the families of those who have died. Bring those responsible for all this to repentance. Amen.
    Lisa D - USA
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