Rinat and Richa face increasing pressure because they lead a house church.
Rinat and Richa face increasing pressure because they lead a house church.
Oct. 11, 2018 | Central Asia

Christian Couple Faces Increasing Persecution for Evangelism

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Rinat and Richa face increasing pressure from authorities and family members for their evangelistic work, which includes leading a secret house church, distributing Christian literature and sharing the gospel in their restricted nation. Rinat, a taxi driver, has been harassed by secret police for sharing the gospel with his passengers and has since started working in another area. Richa, who owns her own business, recently served jail time after being falsely accused by a client; she and Rinat had to sell their apartment to pay her fine. In addition, their families continue to pressure them to leave Christianity, saying their lives will return to normal when they do. Pray that truth and justice will prevail and for a quick resolution to Richa’s ongoing legal problems. Pray for the couple’s health, as they have endured high levels of stress, and pray for fruitful ministry work despite these challenges.

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  • Father, how grateful we are that you have promised not to forsake us when we are persecuted. I ask that in the middle of these problems, that Your word will be shown through the way Rinat and Richa face the increasing pressure. Let their lives look like Jesus. Please refine their faith and joy through their sufferings. Be glorified in them.
    Karen K - USA
  • Our Father, bless Rinat and Richa in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen
    Merike O - Finland
  • Help Rinat and Richa to remain faithful in Christ, regardless if the cost to them or their kids. Help them see that the best thing they can do for their kids is to teach them to stand and suffer for our Master
    Mark M - USA
  • Oh Lord, please strengthen Rinat and Richa today. Help them to know they are not alone and that their brothers and sisters around the world stand with them. Free them from anxiety as they fill their minds with your promises, and provide for all their needs. Protect their faith, their marriage and family. May they have courage to continue faithfully.
    Jackie V - USA
  • Dear Lord, Please bless Rinat & Richat mightily in this time of persecution. Let them know your love & presence strongly. Give them wisdom & discernment in their actions. Please let truth & justice prevail. Protect their health, their family & their faith.
    Susan G - Australia
  • Fear is the enemy. Our Father, let Rinat and Richa fear no more. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.
    Merike O - Finland
  • Father, I can't imagine what this family is going through. I pray you strengthen them and guide them in their decisions. I pray you provide all their needs. I pray you help them financially, and may they feel your presence with them through all this. I pray you lead them. Father, go before them and fight their battle. Speak to their family, open eyes.
    polly c - USA
  • Our Father, on Your Name's sake we are humiliated, they are taken away our jobs, apartments, our belongings and they are burning down Your Holy Book. Our friends leave us and still we feel pity for them, 'cause they have it all and they are still the poorest. Have mercy on our enemies and let us live and work for You. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen
    Merike O - Finland
  • Father I lift this couple before you, I ask that you sustain them in what they are enduring. Strengthen their faith that they may withstand the pressure. I ask for fruit for their ministry work. Protect their physical health also . May you be honored in all of this. amen.
    Elaine H - USA
  • Heavenly Father, please give this couple relief from the awful persecution they are under. Restore to them what the enemy has stolen from them. Encourage them by letting them see fruit from their continued walk with You!!
    sandra s - USA
  • Father thank You for Rinat and Richa. Please provide them with strength and great faith in You. Please protect and keep them and their families safe. I pray that truth and justice will prevail in all their court cases. Please keep them healthy strong and fruitful. In the Name of Yeshua Amen.
    Kia W - USA
  • Lord Jesus, You know every human's heart. You have chosen Richa n Rinat to be Your children, they were so brave and convicted that You are the only Way, Truth n Life. Please continue Your work through them despite these challenges and may You equip them with Your anointing so that they become salt n light wherever they may go. In Jesus name Amen
    Welly C - Indonesia
  • Lord I pray for Rinat and Richa, protect them and give them hope, encouragement, tangible love, and divine health. Please don't let the enemy wear them out but just the opposite- that they would be more on fire than ever for you and would be very fruitful for the Kingdom. Raise up a standard against the enemy on their behalf. In Jesus' Name, Amen.
    Nancy G - USA
  • Abba be with Rina and Richa every moment so the enemy retreats. May they be stopped from harassment.May your presence push the enemy away. May you seal their forrhead with Your name so the enemy will flee when it sees it. May you cover them with blood of Jesus to guarantee protection. Spare their life to draw many into the kingdom Jesus mighty God
  • Lord Jesus please be with Rinat and Richa and the wonderful work they have been doing for you. Please be with them in finding new accommodation and not being out of pocket because of the fine. Keep them healthy as they endure high stress levels. May they have fruitful ministry work despite challenges. In Jesus mighty and powerful name. Amen
    Linda R - Australia
  • Father God, I praise You that Rinat and Richa know the truth that rejecting Christ will NOT give them a "normal life." I pray the authorities will come to understand that there is no freedom without Jesus Christ, Savior and Lord. Please help this family and protect them Lord. Jesus is the Truth and we pray that truth will prevail against the lies.
    Kathy G - USA
  • Lord, you know all things. You are everywhere. You allow all circumstances to shape your beloved humanity. Please allow Rinat and Richa to see you, cling to you, trust in you, and allow you to bear fruit through them during health issues, high levels of stress, legal problems, challenges. Thank you for working for good in all things.
    Linda D - Korea, South
  • Dear Lord, we pray for Rinat, Richa and their children. Break forth Your righteousness in truth and in justice. Let not the accuser prosper, Jesus is our advocate. Settle quickly this dispute of false allegations. The peace of Christ be upon them, let the fruit of the Spirit break forth and multiply! Give them love, strength & hope unstoppable.
    Peg B - USA
  • Almighty God I pray for our brother and sister Rinat and Richa and their lovely children for hope health and healing spiritually and emotionally in these trying times. I pray for joy to flood their hearts and minds and focus on the positive supernatural. Let them understand that you are with them and you'll never leave them nor forsake them in times of
    Dumezweni M - South Africa
  • Lord please be near to Rinat and Richa and keep them healthy and well, ease their stress level Lord and help their ministry work to be fruitful Father I ask. Lord surround them with your people and show them the love of Christ Father. Be near to them and help them to remain firm in their faith, meet their needs physically, mentally, and spiritually.
    Amy R - USA
  • Lord God, You know the great need this dear brother and his family have. Help them to remain strong in the face of this adversity. Please provide and protect them from future problems. May they abound in spiritual growth, love and wisdom in sharing Truth with the lost. Help them face the challenges before them. Provide financially. Keep them safe. Am
    Martha M - USA
  • Father I pray Colossians 1:10-12 for Rinat and Richa. Let them be filled with the knowledge of your will, to walk in a manner worthy of you, bearing fruit in every good work, increasing in the knowledge of you. Strengthen them according to your might, for endurance and patience with joy, giving thanks to you the provider of an eternal inheritance.
    Rachel Albro H - USA
  • Thank you for this faithful family, Father! Cover them with your peace and protection. Give them health and favor in the legal system. Open the eyes of their family members to see the eternal hope that is available to them in Jesus' death and resurrection. Bring many to faith in Jesus through the witness of Rinat and Richa.
    Barbara B - USA
  • Dear Lord, please provide justice for Rinat, Richa, and others who are being attacked. Lead, guide, and protect them, and strengthen their faith in the face of this persecution. Soften the hearts of their enemies so that they too may know the love of Christ.
    Betty A - USA
  • I praise God for your faithfulness. persecution is painful, but we must rely on the Lord for He is worthy of our time and attention. He will never leave you. so lean on Him as He is your only comfort. may He in His grace either convert these persecutors or get them them out of the way. till He comes again, God's speed believer of the Lord.
    Donald F - USA
  • Father God,
    Praise You that my brother, Rinat, and my sister, Richa have been willing to suffer for following You. Please bring justice and truth and a quick resolution to Richa's ongoing legal problems. Protect their health, and grant them fruitful ministry work despite these challenges. Open their families' hearts to receiving You. In Jesus
    Debbie D - USA
  • Thank You for Rinat and Richa's faithfulness despite the pressure to abandon their faith. Encourage them that these troubles have come because their lives are a threat to the kingdom of darkness. May their children and their families see that following Christ brings inexplicable joy in the midst of hardship. You are their hope, health and deliverance.
    Toni D - USA
  • Psalm20:1The Lord hear thee in the day of trouble; The Name Of The God of Jacob defend thee;2 Send thee help from the sanctuary and strengthen thee out of Zion5 We will rejoice in thy salvation, and in The Name Of Our God we will set up our banners: The Lord fulfil all thy petitions.6 Now...9 Save, Lord: let The King hear us when we call.
    James H - USA
  • Gracious and almighty God, I pray for Rinat and Richa that they may have your perfect peace in lieu of the stress they have been suffering. I pray that truth and justice will prevail and that there will be a favorable and quick resolution to Richa's legal problems. I pray that you will give them in good health and their ministry will bear much fruit.
    Linda W - USA
  • Dear Lord,
    We ask for Your courage and wisdom in the lives of this precious couple.
    Protect them and give them joy and strength even in this difficulty.
    Cause their enemies to change their hearts toward this family and toward the Gospel.
    Diana M-USA
    Diana M - USA
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