Sisir is happy to be back with family after two years in prison for his faith.
Sisir is happy to be back with family after two years in prison for his faith.
Sep. 13, 2018 | Bangladesh

Christian Convert Released from Prison

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A Christian convert from Islam who had been imprisoned for more than two years was released on bail recently. Sisir Islam became a believer in 2012 and immediately began sharing Jesus with others in his community, leading 17 friends to Christ. On Sept. 23, 2014, after returning home from a VOM-supported training center, Sisir was charged with the murder of a local business man. He later learned that Muslim leaders in his village had accused him of the murder as retribution for his conversion to Christianity. The prison guards and prisoners treated Sisir poorly while he was imprisoned, and he was frequently ill. Finally, in July 2018, he was released on bail and returned home to recover. Thank God for Sisir’s faithful witness, and pray for his full recovery.

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  • I pray in the name of Jesus that Sisir Islam continues his walk of faith and that he not give in to despair. Please God help him have a full recovery and that he continues to witness to others in his area. Please let him know that Christians around the world are supporting him and praying for him daily. I pray for his joy as well.
    Brian E - USA
  • John 8:31-36. Father God,thank you for setting the captive free. Watch over each and every one of your people where ever they may be, hide them from the hand of the enemy and cover them in your blood in Jesus name.
    Janet M - USA
  • Thank you for this brother's release. Please protect, provide and continue to use him. In Jesus Name, amen.
    Debbie M - USA
  • Matt 8:17 NKJV that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet, saying: "He Himself took our infirmities And bore our sicknesses." Thank you Lord for brother Sisir's release from prison in the name of Jesus Christ. I pray for his ministry in leading multitudes to Christ Jesus to grow in that nation. Give him strength and growth.
    Dumezweni M - South Africa
  • Heavenly Father, thank you for setting Sisir free, and keeping his spirit intact while he was in prison, may he have a quick physical and spiritual recovery. Lord, please give him strength, while he faces these upcoming challenges, and may he grow spiritually through these trials. Bless Sisir for his strength and courage for sharing Jesus with others
    Jackson P - USA
  • Dear Jesus, how wonderful you are, thank you for your grace for Sisir. We lift him before you for speedy recovery. May your strength, mercy and love be his portion. And Pls dear God grant his accusers your mercy to surrender to your Lordship. In your name I pray. Amen.
    Miss D - USA
  • Most Sacred Heart of Jesus have Mercy on us. Dear Lord, Protect us, keep us, save us. Deliver us from evil. Amen
    Jacqueline H - USA
  • Dear Father in Heaven, we sing praises in our hearts to you for your Goodness! Thank you for blessing Sisir while he was in prison, and for wonderfully releasing him to be with him family. I pray that you will give him boldness to share his faith with others and that you will give him and his family peace. In Jesus' name, Amen.
    Pat R - USA
  • Father God, Thank you for sustaining Sisir while in prison both in his faith and in his body. Thank you for his release on bail. I pray he will make a full recovery physically, his faith will continue to strengthen, and the charges against him will be dropped altogether and promptly. May others see You in him. In Jesus' name, Amen
    Rena B - USA
  • Dear lord please give Sisir strength. I pray that because of this persecution his faith in you would only grow. For even the bible says that we as Christians will be persecuted. 1 Peter 4:12 - Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal among you, which comes upon you for your testing, as though some strange thing were happening to you. Amen.
    James B - USA
  • Father God, thank You for Sisir and his passion for You. Thank You for his release. Bless him and give him Your favor in every way. Heal his body. Heal him mentally & emotionally from his mistreatment in prison. Fill him with Your peace & joy & life. Use him & his witness powerfully. Shine Your light in Bangladesh. IJNA
    Kevin R - USA
  • Father I thank you for Sisir's release from prison. I lift his health before you that it ask you would return. I Father to vindicate him that the charges be dropped and that those who falsely accused him would be made known to all. At the same time use Sisir to draw others to you by the way he lives his life in all of this. Amen
    Elaine H - USA
  • I thank YOU, LORD,for the faith of Sisir and the great faith that he has shown in sharing his love for CHRIST with the lost around him. I thank YOU for his freedom and pray that in or out of prison he will continue to be used by YOU to bring a great harvest of souls into the Kingdom.
    Paul H - USA
  • I pray for Sisir as he is back with his family. He in his early years as a believer has been found worthy to suffer for Your name's sake. Strengthen him continually as he adapts again to being out of prison. Protect him and continue using him to share the gospel and disciple others. I pray that a spiritual revival led by Your Holy Spirit May breakout.
    Sarah L - USA
  • Dear God & Father, I praise You for Sisir's faith & for his release from prison! May he fully recover from his experience & may justice prevail. May he readjust to his family and community. Surroung Sisir with Christian community. Bring his persecutors to repentance. May his faith continue to be a light to those around them.. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
    Lisa D - USA
  • Praise God for relaxing this young man. May he now be filled with new life of your Spirit. Lead him and show him the direction as to how to win unbelievers to Jesus
    Benedicta N - USA
  • Dear Lord, Thank you for everything You have done for us. Heavenly Father, I thank you for Sisir's strong faith. I thank you for his freedom. I pray for Sisir to have a full recovery, and for you to watch over his family and keep them safe. Please help him to gain all his strength back. Use Sisir for Your kingdom and Your glory. In Jesus name, Amen.
    Emory J - USA
  • Dear God, thank you for protecting and watching over Sisir while he was enduring persecution. Thank you for giving him the courage to share the gospel even in the face of danger. I pray you will continue to help and provide for him as he recovers from imprisonment. Please help him to never be discouraged when facing trials and to always persevere.
    Garrett O - USA
  • Father thank you for releasing this brother. We pray for his full recovery and continuing witness in the community.
    Margaret D - USA
  • Thank you Father for the life of Sisar. He has suffered for the sake of Jesus and shared Him and the Gospel with others. Please bring complete healing and peace to his mind and body.
    Nancy P - USA
  • Thank you so much for Sisir's faithfulness, Lord. Please help him continue to grow and turn others to you. I pray that his witness in hardship will convert many, like his forefathers in the faith. Please help him now recover fully, and go on to further health and work for you.
    emily g - USA
  • Papa God
    Thank you so much for your faithfulness and how you have released our brother Sisir from prison. Lord we ask for grace and that you would heal him completely and restore him to full health. We thank you for your healing power. I ask you would use Sisir like a Joseph to advance your kingdom in Bangladesh and that many would come to know Jesus.
    Alan H - USA
  • Lord God, Thank You for your sustaining power is Sisir's life. He has endured great hardships for Your Name. I ask that You bring about a complete healing for this dear brother in Christ, both physical & emotional. May he adjust to life outside of prison and find his life returning to normal. Please protect him & his family from further persecution.
    Linda H - USA
  • I thank the Lord.
    Clint D - USA
  • Father, we remember and THANK You for Your words that tell us, "NOTHING will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus, our Lord" (Romans 8:35-39). Thank you for releasing Sisir. Please heal all he has endured as he transitions back home. Protect him and surround him with many loving hands in the name of Jesus.
    Kathy G - USA
  • Dear God & Father, I pray for Sisir: Protect, provide for, comfort, strengthen, encourage & guide him. I thank You for his release from prison. May he remain strong in faith & recover from his experience. May he readjust to life with his family & community. May he remain a faithful witness for Jesus & surround him with a Christian community. Amen.
    Lisa D - USA
  • Praise You Father thank you for Sisir's release. I pray that all charges will be dropped. I pray that the man that accused him and the man that was murdered family would be drawn to You. Please greatly encouraged this precious man and his family and please bless them abundantly in the Mighty Name if Jesus, amen.
    Pmandy Y - USA
  • Heavenly Father, thank you so so much for the faith and witness of Sisir's life. Continue to help heal his body and heart so he is encouraged to be your witness for Jesus love. Breathe O Breath of God that will open hearts to desire to seek you and your great love. Help VOM volunteers be safe and ready to work for these beautiful people and families.
    Tami T - USA
  • Dear Merciful Father, grant that Sisir grow healthy in is body and his faith and I pray all that have come in contact with him have believed on Your name. Bless him and his family openly and may his testimony be a powerful tool to lead others to You. Amen
    Della H - USA
  • Lord, praised be you for delivering brother Sisir from this trail! His faith has been tested and we pray for your encouragement and healing so he may be renewed, refreshed and joyful knowing his G- d has overcome the world. In Jesus name, Amen.
    Tracy L - USA
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