Mohammed found Jesus online.
Mohammed found Jesus online.
Jul. 12, 2018 | Gaza Strip

Young Muslim Learns About Jesus Online

[167] prayers in [13] nations have been posted for Mohammed.

After hearing a university professor mention the name of Jesus four years ago, Mohammed began to seek information about Christianity online, eventually connecting with a group of Christians. His new interest in Jesus soon led to conflict with family members. When his sister saw him watching a Christian TV program, she reported him to their father, who then restricted Mohammed’s access to the Internet and social media for the next year. When Mohammed graduated from college, his father again granted him Internet privileges, assuming his Christian “phase” was over. But instead, Mohammed met a pastor online who was willing to teach him, and he began reading the Bible on his own. One day, Mohammed told his family that Islam was a false religion and that they should follow Jesus Christ. His family attacked him, kicked him out of the house and eventually told him he was no longer part of the family. Despite the pain and loneliness, Mohammed continued to grow in faith. “It is true that I am deprived of the grace of the family,” he said, “but I am not deprived of the Lord’s grace.” Pray that Mohammed will remain faithful and that the Lord will supply his needs.

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  • Mohammed, all the praise and glory to God Almighty, the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Moses who wants all to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, who died for all. May the Lord keep you and continue to bless you so that you too will be a blessing to those who are seeking the Truth, Amen
    Tony d - Philippines
  • Your Holiness, what a strong and powerful thing Mohammed did, to tell his family his beliefs and accepting whatever punishment he would endure whilst still keeping his faith. Please help Mohammed to keep his faith and will you help him to survive with the supplies that you give him. May he always follow in your foot steps Lord!

    May God Bless You!
    Betsy S - USA
  • Lord Jesus, thank You for answering my prayers, that You would use even the internet to bring people to Christ! Thank you for the testimony of our brother Mohammed. Please bless him and provide for his needs. Remind him that our Savior Jesus suffered too, and has promised to never leave him. Open his family's eyes that they find Christ as well.
    Carrie H - USA
  • Lord Jesus please strengthen Mohammed in the faith that you are the bread of life that came down from heaven. Lord please use this young man to boldly proclaim the gospel and lead those that are lost to repent and trust you. Amen.
    william j - USA
  • Lord I pray that Mohammed will remain faithful and that you will supply his needs. Provide he with a place where live. Strength he in his faith. Fill Mohammed with your Holy Spirit. Continue using he for your glory preaching the gospel and winning souls for the kingdom of heaven. Listen to his prayers. Protect he from more attacks. Amen.
    Cristian G - Colombia
  • Lord, I praise You for the powerful testimony of Your grace in Mohammed's life. Comfort him in his pain & loneliness, Spirit. I pray that he will remain faithful & continue to grow in his faith. Supply all of his needs as You have promised You will for all Your children. Convict his family of their spiritual needs & of their sin against You. Amen.
    Marlyne P - USA
  • Praise God for this young man who did not give up on learning the truth of Jesus! Keep up your faith in Jesus!
    Sue D - USA
  • Lord God, increase the faith of Mohammed and encouraged him to go on with Jesus in spite of everything. Surround him with you many Christian friends and new community in Jesus name healing with your Holy Spirit Amen!!!
    Jennie P - USA
  • Gsther, please give Muhammad the strength to stand. Help him to grow closer to you each day. Lord, keep him from temptation and deliver him from evil. Please meet his every need; full measure, pressed down and running over. Thank you for your love and constant care for your people. I'm Jesus name I pray.
    Lee A - USA
  • Almighty God, I pray that You will continue to strengthen Mohammed to grow in grace and in knowledge of You. Provide him with safe opportunities for good Christian fellowship, service and worship. Work in the hearts of family members and friends that they would prayerfully consider the claims of Christ and be saved also. In Jesus' Mighty Name I pray.
    Rose T - USA
  • Thank You Jesus for Mohammed. I commit him into Your hands, supply all his needs Lord. Open Your word to him daily and grant him really deep relationship with You. May You fill him with The Holy Ghost in Jesus name I pray. Amen
    Ruby J - Nigeria
  • Jesus, thank you for pursuing Mohammed and drawing him to You through so many obstacles. Please continue to fill him with Your love, and bring many more people to Your salvation through his witness. Especially soften the hearts of his family, and through their longing to see him, make them willing to listen to You.
    Elizabeth M - USA
  • Praise You Lord for Mohammed. Increase his faith and love. Supply his needs of every sort. Open the eyes of his family so that they too may know Jesus.
    Terry K - USA
  • Praise you God most high for Mohammed and his conversion, his perseverance despite the loss of his family, and his testimony for you. Thank you for the people who helped him come to Christ. Provide for his physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Convict his family to seek you and be transformed by you. May Mohammed prosper in your purpose for him.
    Liane F - USA
  • Father and Creator, I pray for Mohammed. Lord I can't imagine the pain he must feel by losing his family. But Lord I pray that give him clarity, as it appears You already have. I pray that You show him that he has also gained a family in all believers around the world. I pray that Your gospel be taught to his family and that they accept salvation. Amen
    Steven M - USA
  • Lord we pray for this dear brother that you will lead him in his walk with you. May your hand guide and keep him and use him to witness to a lost and dying world, Amen
    jeff h - USA
  • Dear Lord, thank You that greater are You inside of Mohammed than the enemy that is in the world. I speak that no weapon formed against him shall succeed. Continue to strengthen and grow him in his faith. I pray for salvation for his family. Amen.
    Fabiana C - USA
  • Dear God & Father, I thank You for Mohammed. Protect, provide for, comfort, strengthen & guide him. May he remain faithful & supply his needs, especially during this time. Bring Mohammed's family members to repentance. May they be reconciled to You & to Mohammed. May many come to Jesus via the Internet. In Jesus' Name. Amen.
    Lisa D - USA
  • Father God,thank You for draw Mohammed closer to You, Lord, continue bless him and protecting him. Lord, let grow in the Lord, and be a great witness to Your name. Equip him and bless him. Meet all his needs. I pray for his parents. Lord, You open their eyes too. In Jesus' name, Amen.
    Radhika V - India
  • Father, I praise you for the work that you have done in bringing Mohammed to yourself. I pray that you continue to fill him with your comfort, wisdom, and great love. Help him to stand for truth at all cost. Continue to supply what he needs to be an authentic witness for you. Amen
    Rodrecus H - USA
  • Mohammed I pray the Lord Jesus gives you the strength and courage to enhance your faith.He has great plans for you. Remember you are not alone. In Jesus name. Amen
    John C - USA
  • Dear Lord, You have the power to connect Mohammed with his Christian family members, so I ask that you do so immediately. May Your strength in his weakness amaze and confound his former friends and family, causing a major shift in the foundation of Satan's stronghold. In the matchless name of Jesus, Amen.
    Nancy H - USA
  • Lord Jesus, Please Forgive and Have Mercy on the family members, Please Change and Open their hearts, minds, bodies, and souls to You, Cause them to know that You are The Way, The Truth, and The Life, and Truly Repent, Believe You, Follow, and Grow in You according to Your Will, In Jesus' Holy Name, Amen.
    Marcia H - USA
  • Heavenly Father, thank You for the faith of Mohammed & the plans You have to prosper him & give him a hope & a future. Continue to grow him in the grace & knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Bring his family to repentance & salvation in Jesus Christ. Make him always faithful to You & provide for his every need in Jesus name, Amen.
    Jill T - USA
  • Lord Jesus, Mohammad needs You more than ever; Please Order his steps, Grant him Your Protection, Fortitude, Comfort, Complete Healing, Growth in You, Favor, Justice, Way to spread Your Gospel and Fellowship with others in the Body of Christ, Spiritual and Physical Provision, Safe Housing, and Blessed Assurance, In Jesus Christ Name, Amen.
    Marcia H - USA
  • Thank You God that Mohammed can find his refuge and strength in You, an ever-present help in trouble. Please remove the spiritual blinders from his family's eyes so that they will also accept the Lord Jesus and be saved, Amen.
    Ane I - Tonga
  • OUR FATHER, IN JESUS' HOLY NAME, we lift Your son Mohammad up to You. Thank You for Choosing Mohammad to Believe in and Follow You, spread Your Gospel to his family members, also endure being kicked out of the house, and not being part of the family anymore. The Lord Jesus Bind and Rebuke Satan, His hosts, and family, In Jesus Christ Name, Amen.
    Marcia H - USA
  • In the name of Lord Jesus, I praise you, Father, for Mohammed's faith and growth in Christ and ask that you give your angels charge over him to protect him and help him stay faithful. Father, you provide ALL we need and I pray this child of yours will sense your presence and trust you will supply all his needs. Prompt him to seek your kingdom on eart
    Jacquie W - USA
  • Triune God- Thank You for Mohammed's obedience God to Your call on his life. Thank You for what You are doing for him, in him & through him! Increase his endurance & strengthen him God to continually seek You & Your ways! Let his light shine so bright & faith be so strong that his family will repent & cry out to You Jesus for Your saving grace! Amen.
    Kisha M - USA
  • Thank you God that Mohammed is not deprived of your grace, nor will he ever be. Please meet his needs every day and restore his relationship with his family.
    Rebecca H - New Zealand
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