US Pastor John Cao may spend the next several years in prison.
US Pastor John Cao may spend the next several years in prison.
May. 18, 2018 | China

U.S. Pastor Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison for Missionary Work

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A court recently sentenced North Carolina pastor John Cao, 58, to seven years in prison and fined him $3,000 for “organizing illegal border crossings.” The pastor, who has been detained since his arrest in March 2017, allegedly crossed the China-Myanmar border to minister to 2,000 impoverished minority children in Myanmar’s norther Wa state. He also helped build 16 schools there after building more than a dozen schools in China. Pray for the pastor’s wife, who is an American citizen, and their two sons. Experts believe his arrest and sentencing are related to the ruling Communist Party’s attempts to control the house church movement. Pray that he remains firm in faith, as he faces an uncertain future behind bars, and that he will continue to be a light amid spiritual darkness.

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  • Please bless Pastor John Cao and provide for him and his family. Release him from prison, give him the peace of your presence. Stop the persecution in China.
    Liane F - USA
  • Thank you for this man and his faithful service to you and your kingdom. What satan means for evil, turn to eternal good. Bring millions to faith through this latest bout of suffering. Grant this man strength in you, and great grace, forgiveness for others, and peace. Help his family and his Church.
    Mark M - USA
  • Thank You, Father for remember John Cao's case. Thank You for taking care of him. Please release him. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
    Merike O - Finland
  • Father, Bless this faithful man and his family and draw them so close to you that they feel your true presence, love, joy, and friendship. Praise you and thanks for the unknown believers like Pastor Cao on the frontlines of this war. Bless him by using each and every child his life touched greatly and powerfully. Protect this man in jail.
    In Jesus Name
    Cathleen W - USA
  • Father, thank You for being the Lord of the Harvest. For using Brother John in China and Myanmar to advance Your kingdom. As he faces an uncertain with regard to men, we trust Your plans for him. During his incarceration use him to reach his fellow prisoners and guards. Bless his wife and children, and use the Church to care for them in his absence.
    Toni D - USA
  • Heavenly Father, I pray your peace, comfort and strength to dear Brother John and his precious family. I praise you Lord for daily provision of their every need, for your abiding Holy Spirit. Continue to shine Your light and love through them - that lost souls would see Jesus in their lives and desire to know Him. Be thou exalted O Lord. Amen
    Karen S - Australia
  • Lord,
    Thank You for John Cao and his willingness to minister to children in Myanmar and China despite the persecution he faces for doing so. I pray that You will strengthen him in his faith and that he may continue to be a light to all those whom he encounters. I also pray for his wife, that her spirits may be strengthened as she endures.
    Lysander S - USA
  • I pray that John would be encouraged by your word and that his heart would be filled with hope as he remembers and believes Your promises. Sustain and provide for his wife and family and may they have ever strengthening faith. I also ask that he would be released soon, that justice would be done in this case.
    Danielle H - USA
  • Ephesians 6:12-17, I pray for Pastor John Cao the whole Armour of God, that he may stand strong with this battle and for his wife and children the covering of precious blood of Jesus Christ for their protection. Amen
    Mario G - Philippines
  • Release Brother so and allow him to return .
    Debbie V - USA
  • Thank you Lord for Pastor John, even as we pray that you will strengthen at this trying period, pls be with him that he will not lose hope and faith in you. Its a difficult period Lord, pls be with him, intervene and turn the table around in his favor, we pray for his unconditional release. Pls protect and provide for his wife and kids in Jesus name
    funke a - Nigeria
  • Oh Lord, strengthen our brother John and his family and gain the victory even in this dark situation. Touch all of Your children to pray for the suffering and persecuted brothers and sisters. The earth belongs to You Lord and we pray that You would reclaim it from Your evil enemy.
    Janet J - USA
  • Father, strengthen this family as the wait on you to bring John's release. Use him to spread the Gospel in prison. Provide for all of them & surround them with the help needed. Keep them strong in their faith. Let the light & love of Jesus Christ shine through each of them. Help the children & schools to continue to have all that they need, Amen.
    Donna S - USA
  • Dear FATHER GOD JESUS CHRIST, (Isaiah 9:6)

    Please saturate Your Church with Your HOLY SPIRIT , AMEN. (Luke 11:13)
    eric H - USA
  • Dear Lord, please soften the hearts of those that wish to persecute Your believers. Help them to see that Christians are not a threat to them--and that justice should prevail for all. Please send protection, peace, an even stronger faith, and comfort for John and for those who wish to spread the Good News in the Name of Jesus, Amen.
    Betty A - USA
  • Dear Lord, the situation for Christians in China we know you see what is happening and pray for John Cao and his prison sentence. Might you awaken the leaders of China to your Gospel through living encounters with you so all their people may have the wonderful opportunity to become followers of you. Help him to remain firm in his faith. In Jesus na
    Linda R - Australia
  • Give Pastor Cao strength for an uncertain future with man but a certain one with you. Help him to stay strong and also his family. In Jesus' name. Amen.
    Reatha G - USA
  • Father, please give courage and strength to brother John during this time. May he trust You completely no matter the consequences. Please do what it takes to release him from prison, but give him boldness to share Jesus with others in darkness and without hope. Please provide for his family and also grow their faith through this situation.
    Vicki Y - USA
  • Father in the name of Jesus I ask that Pastor Cao will be reminded how incredibly great Holy Spirits power is to help those who believe Jesus. It is that same mighty power that raised Christ from the dead and seated him in the place of honor at God's right hand in heaven remind him He is the light that shows Jesus love to those in spiritual darkness.
    Debby S - USA
  • Dear Lord, Please bless Pastor John, his church, his family & all he ministers to. Give them comfort, Lord, and strong knowledge that you are in charge, and all is well. Thank you so much for their work, Lord. May it have powerful wide reaching effects, with many growing in love for you, and in turn reaching out to others for you. Amen
    Susan G - Australia
  • Dear Jesus, we lift up Pastor John Cao and his family to You. Thank You for his generous heart and helping hands. Many children are benefitting from his love for You. Clearly he loves the children, just as You do. Give him strength and guidance and his family. We ask for quick release. Use his voice to bring others to You, Lord.Your will be done.
    Peg B - USA
  • Dear Father I pray for John Cao detained for Gospel work. Comfort him and remind him always that You are with him. Give hope and comfort to his family and let them rely on Your grace and mercy. Forgive the persecutors and save them Father while there is still time. I pray in Jesus Name. Amen
    Zanele E M - South Africa
  • Father, help John to be strong in his captivity. May he now Your presence and help each day. Strengthen his wife and family and continue to provide for each need as it arises. May the faith of all those he has touched be strengthened in You and Truth. Lord, may the suffering of Your children lead to the saving of more souls. Amen
    Martha M - USA
  • Dear Jesus,
    Please be with pastor John Cao. I pray that you will bring him peace and strength each day. Lord, help the Gospel to continue to spread in Myanma and help pastor John to still be a light wherever he is. Please remind him that You are all powerful and that You will never leave him or forsake him. Please bring peace to his wife as well. Amen.
    Samantha M - USA
  • Father, I pray for this brother, I pray he feels your presence and know you have not forgotten him that you see where he is. I pray you strengthen and comfort him and his family while they endure this. I pray you help him remain faithful and use his while in prison to share the truth with other prisoners. Move on his behalf , may your will be done.
    polly c - USA
  • Put Paul's spirit of rejoicing into pastor John Cao, dear Lord. That joy while Paul was imprisoned with Silas by the Philippian jailer. Assure him of Your care and protection as well as his family's. Keep his eyes focused in You no matter what. Then bring him out of jail free again.
    In Jesus Name, we pray, we believe and we expect for pastor John Cao
    rian P - Philippines
  • Thanks Lord that You reign over the earth. I pray that Your will be done on earth as it's done in heaven. Please bless the family of this man. That he and his family will be strengthened in faith through all these circumstances.
    Piet K - Netherlands
  • Dear Heavenly Father
    Thank you for the fruitful ministry of John Cao. I pray that he remains close to your heart as he experiences a very difficult life in prison in China. May his story be brought to light throughout the world to expose the persecution Christians face in China. I also ask for comfort for his family. Amen
    Denise F - USA
  • o, lord hear the prayers off your children intervene for my bro & may he hear a date for his release
    john b - Ireland
  • Father God,
    Praise You for John Cao's ministry to iimpoverished minority children in Myanmar's northern Wa state.Strengthen his wife, and their two sons. Please help him to remain firm in the faith, and that he will continue to be a light amid spiritual darkness. In Jesus' name, Amen
    Debbie D - USA
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