The ultra-Orthodox oppose Eitan's evangelistic work.
The ultra-Orthodox oppose Eitan's evangelistic work.
Mar. 15, 2018 | Israel

Pray for a Family of Messianic Jews Facing Threats for Evangelistic Work

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Eitan and his family, who are Messianic Jews, face threats from ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel because of Eitan’s work on videos for the One for Israel YouTube ministry. Eitan, his wife and their young child were forced to move after they received death threats. In addition, their car was sabotaged and bags of feces were thrown into their garden. Those threatening Eitan’s family have learned of his new address and distributed flyers including his picture, full name and address throughout the neighborhood. Pray that the Lord will protect Eitan and his family and that the neighbors will ignore the flyers. Pray that his family will experience God’s peace and that those opposing his work will come to know Jesus as the promised Messiah. (Source: Middle East Concern)

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  • thank you LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST for the True Believers in Israel,O'LORD JESUS i ask for your protection over your servants Eitan whole family O'LORD that you FILL THEM IN THE POWER OF YOUR HOLY SPIRIT KEEP THEM, LEAD GUIDE AND PROTECT THEM. O LORD may there be such awesome Powerful move of your HOLY SPIRIT that all in Israel come to SALVATION,AMEN!!
    scattered sheep s - USA
  • Dear Lord, please stand beside Eitan and his family as they minister for you, Please bring dreams and visions of you to those who persecute them, that their neighbours will ignore the flyers being distributed about them. May his family experience your peace. In the powerful and mighty name of Jesus. Amen.
    Linda R - Australia
  • Our Father, we praise Your good Name and ask Your blessing for Eitan and Family. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen
    Merike O - Finland
  • Grant them extra grace and joy and bring millions of Jews to Jesus
    Mark M - USA
  • Bo, Yeshua! Shalom to Eitan and his family. Father, in the name of Yeshua HaBen Elohim, I ask you to send your angels daily to encompass and protect them while they commit to the work of Messiah. Death will not avail over them, and their enemies will either be scattered or they will come to know Messiah through Eitan. Amen!
    Daniel K - USA
  • Fear is the enemy. Our Father, let Eitan and Family fear no more. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
    Merike O - Finland
  • Our Father, thank You for Your faithfullness. Thank You for loving all Jews and Greeks as well as Eitan and his family. Please protect our hearts from violance and let our thoughts be a thought of peace. Please protect Eitan and his family. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
    Merike O - Finland
  • Our Father in heaven. Thank You for remember Eitan and his family. Thank You for taking care and helping them. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
    Merike O - Finland
  • Dearest Father-God,
    Eitan and his family are in the center of some of the most intense Spiritual Warfare on this whole Earth.
    satan does not want anyone to know Jesus, but he has a special hatred for The Jews and The Land.
    Keep Eitan and his family steadfast - rooted and grounded in The Truth of Your Love through Jesus The Messiah. Jesus is Lord!!!
    Stephanie M - USA
  • Oh Lord, Your children in Israel are not wanting to accept the fact that Jesus is the Messiah. Help them to see this as true, and help them to come to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Please protect Eitan and his family, and allow his YouTube ministry to continue. Bless Eitan and his family in ways they would not expect. In Jesus' name, amen.
    Tricia G - USA
  • Lord,

    To even think an ultra-orthodox Jew would threaten the lives of Christians is as despicable as Hitler. Lord you have called them hateful people and they have destroyed Judah many times because of this hate. Change them Father. Give them a heart of their unaccepted Messiah. Lord protect the Eitan's. Teach them to love as Jesus loved them and us.
    paul c - USA
  • Dear Abba, Thank You for the ministry of Eitan and his family! If it were not effective, the devil would not attack it. Please give them Your peace that passes understanding, and may his neighbors ignore the flyers. May they continue to be effective witnesses for You. Protect them and the work they do. In Jesus name, amen
    Christina P - USA
  • Father give these believers a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of you, let the eyes of their hearts be enlightened, so they will know the hope of your calling, the riches of the glory of your inheritance in the saints, the surpassing greatness of your power toward those who believe. Rescue them from those who are disobedient.
    Kendall P - USA
  • Lord God in Heaven, I pray a hedge of protection upon Eitan and his family Lord, I pray you would protect them all the days of their lives Lord! Father I thank you for their faithfulness Lord and pray they would preserver until the end Lord! I pray others would see your love through them Lord and they too would come to know Christ as Savior! In Him.
    Amy R - USA
  • Father Lord of all, I pray for Eitan and Family that they may receive peace and comfort in the hearts accompanied with boldness to continue serving our Lord Jesus Christ. May all the threats of those opposing them fail. May their plans and schemes fail. May the neighborhood ignore all flyers distributed but receive the Light Christ in Jesus Name, Amen.
    Sipho S - South Africa
  • Father I pray against fear for Eitan's family and I pray for safety in their new location. I pray for allies in their new neighborhood and for believers to come alongside them. I pray for more opened eyes and hearts among the Jews to see the Messiah as Christ and to believe in Him. I ask for continued courage and wisdom for Eitan as he leads his family
    Joy H - USA
  • Father God comfort and protect Eitan and his family. Let them live in peace to serve You where ever they live. Let no weapon formed against them prosper and every tongue that rises against them in judgement condemn I pray in Jesus Name Amen.
    Norma C - USA
  • Continue to help Eitan and his family to spread the word of God all over the Youtube. Protect them Lord as only you can do. Let people come to the saving grace of Jesus and bring others. Amen.
    Reatha G - USA
  • Father, thank You so much for Eitan and his family. Please look with favor on Eitan and may Eitan always remember the sacrifice You gave in the blood of Yeshua. I pray for safety and peace to overwhelm Eitan and his family. Please keep them as the apple of Your eye. Please eliminate any anxiety and help them to be bold in You. In the Name of Yeshua.
    Kia W - USA
  • Father thank you for the faithfulness of these believers. Fill them with the power of Christ's resurrection as they share in his suffering. Open a door for your word, so that they may speak forth the mystery of Christ; that they may make it clear in the way they ought to speak. Let them feel the peace of Christ.
    Kendall P - USA
  • Dear Jesus, protect this precious family and this brave man Eitan. Guard him and send Your angels to protect him and his family. Convict the people who are persecuting him of their wickedness and remind them how they were treated under Nazi Germany and help them come to the truth of salvation.
    Patrecia J - USA
  • Father God, thank you for the faith of Eitan and his family in the face of opposition. Protect them from the schemes of the evil one who wants to destroy their work and Ministry. May he be cast down and rendered impotent. Protect them from harm and intimidation, and give them courage and boldness to press forward with the work you have given them.
    Ruth W - USA
  • Lord, Your chosen stiff necked people are wicked. Teach them repentance. Bless Eitan and his family as they follow You. Give them peace, joy, hope, safety and boldness. Israel, wake up, time is short, judgment is coming. Jesus is Lord and King. There is salvation in no other. Amen
    ej L - USA
  • Lord, we pray for Eitan and his family. We pray for protection from gang violence coming to their house. Now that their address has been spread-- We pray that others would be inspired to bring gifts of encouragement and to start meeting together. We pray for intimacy, direction, and forgiveness to be the centre of Eitan's life.
    Latesha B - United Kingdom
  • By the power and authority of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ we command the forces of darkness to be cast down, to be bound in the abyss. Flee before the children of the Living God. Praise God we have the victory against the devil and all his works. Christ is risen!
    julia i - USA
  • We pray for those who are being persecuted for righteousness sake. We call them blessed and declare that no one will be able to harm them because they are followers of what is good. We pray they will not afraid -1 Peter 3:13-17. No weapon formed against them shall prosper and every tongue that rises against them shall be shown to be in the wrong-Is 54.
    Rob N - USA
  • Father, protect Eitan and his family from further harassment and fear. Soften the hearts of those who oppose them and bring them to Christ, as you did the Apostle Paul.
    Carol R - USA
  • May the Lord bring the plans of your enemies to fail, And bless your ministry!
    june v - USA
  • Father honor your promise to meet the needs of those who seek you first. Rescue them from those who are disobedient. Fill them with your peace and joy as they have been counted worthy to suffer for you. Remind them they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them. Let them not be alarmed by their opponents but to trust in you.
    Kendall P - USA
  • Dear Lord, I lift up Eitan and his family to you and commend them to your protective care. Please give them strong faith and not to lose heart. Convict their persecutors that what they are doing is an offence to a loving God. Pour out Your Spirit upon Israel and open their eyes to the truth that Jesus is the Messiah. In Jesus' Name, Amen
    Catherine P - USA
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