Authorities placed a seal on the doors of one of the closed churches.
Authorities placed a seal on the doors of one of the closed churches.
Mar. 08, 2018 | Algeria

Pray for Churches Closed by Authorities

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On Tuesday, Feb. 27, police closed two churches in Oran after informing them that they did not have state approval to operate. Since December, government officials have visited 25 of 45 churches affiliated with Algeria’s main protestant church. And on Nov. 9, 2017, a church that had trained and discipled more than 7,000 former Muslims since 1997 was forced to close its doors. Authorities claimed it had been illegally printing the Gospels and other publications for evangelism. Pray that these churches will find new places to meet and that believers throughout Algeria will support and strengthen one another. Pray that their faith will be a bright light in their predominantly Muslim nation.

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  • Loving Lord please stand beside Algerian churches being closed. Bring dreams and visions of you to those who persecute them. May their faith be a light in this predominantly Muslim nation. In the mighty, powerful and precious name of Jesus Amen.
    Linda R - Australia
  • Keep your Church growing and give it hope and joy and peace and love.
    Mark M - USA
  • Father come to the aid of believers in Algeria, and strengthened their resilience despite the challenges, comfort them and. Provide other meeting places for them, thou art the most God, no weapon form against you can prosper, weaken the hand of the persecutors and grant boldness, unity and determination to your people to stand against their enemies
    Joyce D - United Kingdom
  • Father, please open the closed Churches in Algeria. Help all Christians, protect Coptic Christians from persecution. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
    Merike O - Finland
  • Father comfort these believers in all their afflictions so they will be able to comfort those who are in any affliction with the comfort with which they are comforted by You. Let them know just as the sufferings of Christ are theirs in abundance, so also their comfort is abundant through Christ. Fill them with your joy and peace.
    Kendall P - USA
  • Lord your church is under attack all over the world Father, please protect your church Lord, please continue to allow your people to come together and worship you Father! Please protect your people Lord! Work in the hearts and minds of the authorities over these people and open their eyes to see your glory Father, I pray and ask in Jesus name, amen!
    Amy R - USA
  • Father I pray for the Christians in Algeria that though the Church doors are closed but the door to their hearts remain open for Christ. May they not be discouraged by what the authorities have done what with steadfast Spirit continue to serve you. May they find a new place of worship and continue to bring the Light of Christ to Algeria in Jesus Name.
    Sipho S - South Africa
  • Lord I praise You for all the work that has been done among these churches and the thousands who have been trained to know and follow You. I pray Lord that You would sustain these believers and that they would draw near to You through time in community and time to encourage each other. I pray for the light of Christ to shine brighter than any other.
    Joy H - USA
  • Father, thank You for the Church in Oran. Please be with them and strengthen them. I pray that the churches there would have wisdom and insight on how to meet and I pray for believers throughout Algeria to support and strengthen one another. Please may they be a light to the nation and many nations. In the Name of Yeshua, Amen.
    Kia W - USA
  • Father give these believers a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of you, let the eyes of their hearts be enlightened, so they will know the hope of your calling, the riches of the glory of your inheritance in the saints, the surpassing greatness of your power toward those who believe. Rescue them from those who are disobedient.
    Kendall P - USA
  • By the power and authority of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ we command the forces of darkness to be cast down, to be bound in the abyss. Flee before the children of the Living God. Praise God we have the victory against the devil and all his works. Christ is risen!
    julia i - USA
  • Lord please watch over the Algerian believers and help them keep strong in their faith while they search for new places to meet. Please help them continue to bring more of their Muslim friends and neighbors to the faith. Give them courage to speak out and share the love of Jesus.
    Susan E - USA
  • Favor protection
    timothy y - USA
  • Father thank you for the faithfulness of these believers. Fill them with the power of Christ's resurrection as they share in his suffering. Open a door for your word, so that they may speak forth the mystery of Christ; that they may make it clear in the way they ought to speak. Let them feel the peace of Christ.
    Kendall P - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Father, I lift up my Algerian brethren and ask that You give them strong faith and perseverance in the face of persecution. I pray that you will provide other places for them to meet and that they will be a bright light in the darkness. May Muslims see their love and strong faith and be convicted of their need for Christ. In Jesus Name
    Catherine P - USA
  • Dear Lord, please send Your Holy Spirit into the hearts and lives of these believers. Strengthen their faith and protect them from evil. Soften the hearts of those that hate them, so that they, too, will become followers of Jesus Christ and come to know what love really is.
    Betty A - USA
  • Jesus I pray for the Church in Algeria.
    Amanda J - USA
  • Heavenly Father, we pray that Your righteousness and justice will flow like a mighty river over the matter of churches functioning in Algeria. That the authorities will relent and turn away from closing down churches under any pretext. We pray also that the faith of the church members will be straighten and they will be there for one another.
    Everett T - USA
  • Father, I pray you move in this area and strengthen the believers there. I pray you give them wisdom and boldness in dealing with the authorities. I pray the authorities' eyes would be open to the truth. I pray your Spirit would speak to their hearts. Move on the behalf of your children, may they feel your presence wherever they worship, move..
    polly c - USA
  • Dear Merciful Lord, I pray that even these churches are closing through the enforcement of the evil dark powers that work against your light, I pray that these churches being closed may have reunion somewhere safe and be able to give you praise and worship under your protecting mighty hand. I pray this in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.
    Kevin Q - USA
  • Jesus there is power in your name. Let this be the truth these believers stand in. Give them courage and unmeasurable love for the lost beyond human understanding so that they become the church outside of the sealed doors. I pray that when your will deems it that those doors will open once again doubling in genuine believers. Amen!
    Ingrid V - USA
  • Lord, I pray for the brothers and sisters who have lost the use of their church facilities. May they still meet together to encourage one another. I pray for the government of Algeria who does the bidding of Satan. Father, may You convict the leaders of the wrong they have committed against Your people. This I do pray now. Amen.
    joey S - USA
  • Lord, I ask that the light of the gospel would not go out in Algeria. I thank you for the work that has been done there but now many things have been shut down by the enemy may that not be so but that you would push the darkness back and save souls in Algeria that the believers would come together in unity and encourage one another. In Jesus name amen
    Nancy G - USA
  • Father provide a new place of worship for this closed church in Algeria. Use this trial to strengthen your church and protect her from evil. Uphold them with joy and a conviction that you are worth all suffering. Provide shelter, community, fellowship and strength to these believers and as they trust you overwhelm them with love and mercy for all.
    Atacy U - USA
  • Father provide a new place of worship for this closed church in Algeria. Use this trial to strengthen your church and protect her from evil. Uphold them with joy and a conviction that you are worth all suffering. Provide shelter, community, fellowship and strength to these believers and as they trust you overwhelm them with love and mercy for all.
    Atacy U - USA
  • Father please protect your Churches in Algeria from evil and harm. Let your light shine in Algeria bringing millions of Muslims to you. Let them know that you are their King and Savior. They are your children and have been led astray by darkness. Let your Christian Church in Algeria be the spark to ignite the fire for you Jesus. They need you . Amen.
    Laurie T - USA
  • Father honor your promise to meet the needs of those who seek you first. Rescue them from those who are disobedient. Fill them with your peace and joy as they have been counted worthy to suffer for you. Remind them they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them. Let them not be alarmed by their opponents but to trust in you.
    Kendall P - USA
  • Father, this looks very bleak for these believers who have been so faithful. Thank you for raising up a congregation that has trained so many former Muslims! We ask that this congregation will continue to be faithful and find places to meet. Help them find new ways to continue their discipleship ministry.
    Brenda M - USA
  • Dear Lord, Please hear my prayer for the members of closed churches in Algeria, that they may be encouraged in their efforts in spite of these circumstances. Help them to understand it is not of their own strength, but yours, and provide them alternate venues for fellowship, that they may continue abiding in your word and not be discouraged. Amen.
    Tracy L - USA
  • Father God, I pray in Jesus Name for the churches in Algeria under persecution by reason that they are not Muslim. Please uphold the Algerian Christians by Your Mighty right hand to stand strong in Christ & conquer the works of the devil, lead many to Salvation in Jesus & worship You in Spirit and in Truth! Protect & provide 4 every need I ask in Yesu
    Mary K S - USA
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