Officials imposed a hefty fine on impoverished Christians in this unregistered village church in Xuzhou, Henan.
Officials imposed a hefty fine on impoverished Christians in this unregistered village church in Xuzhou, Henan.
Feb. 22, 2018 | China

Pray for Churches Facing Large Fines and New Restrictions

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New Religious Affairs Regulations went into effect on Feb. 1, causing many believers to fear for the future of their house churches. In addition, house churches in Henan have received notices that their services will be suspended. They are contacting lawyers in preparation for a legal battle. On Feb. 13, officials fined an unregistered village in Henan province $3,154.30 for building a church without approval from the religious affairs bureau. They also ordered the church to remove its cross and raise the Chinese flag. Many Christians in the province expect persecution to increase following the Chinese New Year. Pray that these believers will remain firm in their faith and continue to love those who persecute them.

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  • Dear Lord, we pray for your Church in China. Persecution is increasing in Henan and other provinces. May those who persecute receive dreams and visions of You so they too may come to know You as the Way, the Truth and the Life and bring about change for all your followers and potential new believers in China. In the mighty and powerful name of Jesus.
    Linda R - Australia
  • Step in to help these dear, needy saints, Oh Lord. Their need is great; but, your provision is greater. Love their enemies.
    Mark M - USA
  • Heavenly Father we cry out to you for these Believers to be their Refuge their portion in the land of the living. Attend to their cry for they are brought very low, deliver them from their persecutors, for they are stronger than they. Bring their souls out of prison, that they may praise your name and may the righteous surround them. Psalm 142
    Julie C - USA
  • Thank You, Father, for remember the people of China. Please help them. Help all the fined Churches and find the way to let them be open to public. Help all Christians under persecution and be their strength. You are our firm place in all tribulations. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
    Merike O - Finland
  • Dear God, strengthen your people. Remind them of your presence. Let your Word spread and faith grow even in the most unlikeliest of places. Thy will be done. Amen.
    Delphine H - USA
  • Jesus, strengthen your people and provide for them in spite of China's persecution.
    michele r - USA
  • Lord, please lead us all to look to you and you alone as whole and complete provision every day. Thank you for peace in all situations. We join with these Chinese christians who are firm in their faith and who continue to follow you in loving their enemies.
    Linda D - Korea, South
  • Father let these believers rejoice in You always. Let their gentle spirit be known to all men. Let them be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let their requests be made known to You. Let your peace, which surpasses all comprehension, guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
    Kendall P - USA
  • Father I pray for the fined Churches in China. May they find grace to receive funds to pay legal charges. May they be strengthened and encouraged to continue to serve God. May their hearts not be dismayed by their persecutors instead to love and pray for them. May they continue to share the Love and Grace of Christ to the nation in Jesus Name, Amen.
    Sipho S - South Africa
  • Father thank You for the Church in China, Thank You for the Church in Henan, Please be with them in the midst of this persecution. Help them remain strong in the faith. I pray for love and forgiveness in the hearts of Christians in Henan and in all those persecuted for Your Name's Sake. Please give these churches wisdom and fellowship.
    Kia W - USA
  • Father let these believers know Christ and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death; in order to attain the resurrection from the dead. Forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, let them press on toward the goal for the prize of Your upward call in Christ Jesus.
    Kendall P - USA
  • Dear Jesus give wisdom and courage to these Christians. Help them not to give up and bless and provide for them. Convict the leaders of their wrong. Bring many new believers to know Uou because of these people of courage!
    Patrecia J - USA
  • Father comfort these believers in all their afflictions so they will be able to comfort those who are in any affliction with the comfort with which they are comforted by You. Let them know just as the sufferings of Christ are theirs in abundance, so also their comfort is abundant through Christ. Fill them with your joy and peace.
    Kendall P - USA
  • Father, I lift this Body of Christ up to you. I thank you for their faith in this hour of persecution. I pray for the Grace to Love their enemies as would Christ. I pray that you stir them and draw them closer to you, and that they continue to meet. I thank you for this example of believers in China. What ever it takes.. bring the officials to you.
    Rachel P - Romania
  • Remember the brethen in China, O LORD, that they will be able to worship in a manner that is pleasing and honoring to You. Remember the Chinese authorities, that they will recognize and respect those who desire to worship the religion or faith of their choice. And we pray that the authorities themselves will be led to Christ in the process.
    Everett T - USA
  • Heavenly Father, Guide these Your people and give them the strength to STAND. I pray that they sense Your Presence, and not fear what man can do to them, but know that You will fight for them. I pray that they forgive and pray for those who persecute them so that their eyes (the persecutors) will be opened to You and Your Truth. In Jesus' name, Amen.
    Michelle B - USA
  • Heavenly Father, as these believers face these new regulations, may they stand firm on Your word: "the authorities that exist have been established by God.... Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities ... to give to everyone what you owe them: ... if respect, then respect" and "We must obey God" for HE is SOVEREIGN. In Jesus' name, amen
    Carol S - USA
  • Father, guide these believers. Help them to lean upon your strength as they face the enemy. I pray you help them to share your love to those who try and stop them. Help them to remain faithful to the truth. Speak to each heart who hears your word may they have their eyes opened. Strengthen your children, comfort them, pour out your Spirit.
    polly c - USA
  • Lord Ipray that these Christians would remain strong in their faith during this time of persecution. I pray you would help them find a way to meet together should they succeed at shutting down their buildings. I pray that the real church which is the people would be seen by the people around them and people would be added. In Jesus name amen.
    Nancy G - USA
  • Father thank you for the faithfulness of these believers. Fill them with the power of Christ's resurrection as they share in his suffering. Open a door for your word, so that they may speak forth the mystery of Christ; that they may make it clear in the way they ought to speak. Let them feel the peace of Christ.
    Kendall P - USA
  • Father, thank You that all things work together for those who love You and are called according to Your purpose. Although the tightening restrictions appear to be bad for the Chinese Church we know that You can use even them to purify and strengthen Your Bride, as well as to spread the gospel to as yet unevangelized areas just as You have done before.
    Antoinette D - USA
  • Jesus I pray the persecution does not get worse but only gets better. I pray for you to change the hearts and minds of the authorities in China who are so against these churches. I pray they will be able to continue worshipping and that they will not have to replace their crosses.
    Joann J - USA
  • Father please protect all of your Church houses in China. Let them grow and flourish without restraint from officials. Open their eyes and ears to you and let them seek you with all of their hearts, minds and souls Jesus. These officials are your children - please don't let them continue in ignorance and fear. In your name Jesus we pray.
    Laurie T - USA
  • Dear Lord in the midst of persection i know it becomes hard to love those who persecute us i pray for the believers in Henan give them grace to love those who persecute them. May they grow in faith knowing that the reward that awaits them is greater than what they are going through now in Jesus Might Name.Cover them under your shelter in Jesus Name
    Maryann T - Kenya
  • My Child I am here for you. I know the desires of your heart. I know every intimate detail of your life. I am with you always. Don’t ever feel you are alone for I am with you till the end of time. I will walk through the valley of death with you. Do not fear!
    Estelle S - USA
    Deidre S - USA
  • Lord, help these Churches who are facing large fines, to stand strong and remain faithful to You and to your Word. Give them courage to stay on the straight path, when they are pressured to veer from it, and compromise. Help them to only compromise where it will glorify You, and not compromise when you need them to stand strong and do right.
    mark m - USA
  • Lord Jesus Christ I pray for those in the Chinese government to show restraint, grace and mercy toward the home churches in China. Turn their hearts to you Jesus and use this interaction with the home churches to move those in government departments to accept you as their Rock and Lord and Savior. Nothings impossible with you.
    william j - USA
  • I pray Father God that You shower Your people in Henan with Your glory, wisdom, protection, abundant provision, speedy healing, love, joy, peace, much growth in Christ, that others there will join them in Christ, for them to expect much less persecution & freedom, that laws will change there, so they can be free to worship in Jesus' name, amen!
    Sheela G - USA
  • Father God, in Jesus' Name, I pray for these believers. It is an honor to do so. I pray that they remain firm in their faith and love those who persecute them. I also pray that they prevail supernaturally and legally against those who want to close their services or interfere with their worship. May Your perfect will prevail in this situation. Amen!
    Robert P - USA
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