In spite of attacks against them, this church in Zanzibar, Tanzania continues to meet.
In spite of attacks against them, this church in Zanzibar, Tanzania continues to meet.
Sep. 07, 2017 | Tanzania

Pray for Christians Whose Possessions Were Taken

[380] prayers in [23] nations have been posted for Tanzanian Christians.

A pastor and several church members in a southeastern Tanzanian village had all of their belongings and cash confiscated after they refused to contribute to a ceremony involving witchcraft. Village leaders had called witch doctors to remove “curses” on their village, and everyone in the community was required to make a donation for the ceremony. Because the ceremony involved witchcraft, the Christians refused to contribute. Angered by the Christians’ refusal, village leaders forced their way into the pastor’s house and took his possessions. They later did the same to other church members, even taking a large amount of cash from a young man who had saved the money to pay for his wedding. When the Christians turned to police for help, the police called them “idiots and ignorant fools.” Village leaders then threatened the pastor and told him they intended to destroy the church and get rid of all Christians in the village. Pray that these believers will not be intimidated and that their possessions will be returned.

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  • Holy Father, please reveal the unrighteous deception among those who perish because they do not receive the love of the truth that they may be saved. Deliver these faithful believers from unreasonable and wicked men. Establish and guard them from the evil one and direct their hearts into the love of God and the patience of Christ
    Julie C - USA
  • Our Father in heaven. Please returned the posessions of the Tanzanian Christians. Strengthen them in faith and let them do good and pray. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
    Merike O - Finland
  • Dear Heavenly Father I amen these previous prayers. I commit this into Your Hands as we have prayed. In Jesus' Mighty Name amen.
    Johnathan K - USA
  • Father I pray for Tanzanian Christians who lost their possession to their attackers that it may be restored to them. May they never give up hope because of what happened to them but be strengthened to continue to worship and to share their faith with others in Jesus Name, Amen.
    Sipho S - South Africa
  • Lord, please return all that was stolen!
    Linda D - Korea, South
  • May these people of yours be filled with joy and strength as they stand firm in your holy name Jesus. Save souls in their community and country I pray. Pam F - Usa
    Pamela F - USA
  • Oh God, bless the faithfulness of Your servants. May they be salt and light to their dying community.
    Scott B - USA
  • This is the devil's work and we are not ignorant of his ways, O Mighty God. Intervene for these who are trusting in you and make away for what has been stolen to be restored. Raise up one to pay for the wedding of the man who had his wedding stolen.
    Kathleen R - USA
  • Oh Lord keep this pastor and the congregation strong. May this young man's be returned for his wedding. Pray for the religious police force that feel the Christians brought this on themselves
    Stephen M - USA
  • Heavenly Father, we ask that You remember the Christians in general and the pastor whose possessions have been taken and their lives and church have been targeted for destruction. We also pray, O LORD, that You touch the hearts of the authorities and communities, including the witch doctors who practice ungodly rituals. To You be the glory! Amen.
    Everett T - USA
  • Lord I pray that your Holy Spirit shower the couple to wed with eternal riches! Empower the Christians in this village with healing hands so that all who live there come to know you are the only true God and that they may turn from witchcraft and put their hope in you. May these Christians be yur light shining the way to your kingdom! Amen.
    Ingrid V - USA
  • Lord, please provide for this pastor and the other families who are needing to eat , O God. Please help them to get their property back, and I pray against the evil one who is attacking this city. May their eyes be opened through Your Word and acts there. Perform healings to testify Who is truly powerful. O God, please be near and comfort and guide..
    Amy G - USA
  • Lord, You rule in the affairs of men; You are in control, i pray that these believers will not be intimidated, i pray that their possessions will be returned and that the village leaders will not destroy the church and get rid of all the Christians in the village. Father, turn the tables on them, let them see Your power through these Christians. Amen.
    Anne S - USA
  • Lord I pray for the Christians in Tanzania who have been robbed of their belongings. I pray Lord that you would help them regain their belongings. Protect their lives from the threats they have received. Open the eyes of those who persecute them so that they come to know you, the Only One God, and your love.
    Pierrette W - Canada
  • Heavenly Father, I pray for the Christians under attack in the Tanzanian village. You are their rock, their fortress and their deliverer. Hear their cry for help from Your holy temple and rescue them. Bring them into a spacious place and surround them with Your protection. And let what has been taken from them be restored. In Yeshua's name, Amen.
    Michelle B - USA
  • Dear Lord, thank you for always being with us. I pray for healing for those persecuted and forced to flee homes, comfort for family and friends of those lost or injured, security for those sharing You despite threats, and salvation to those who are persecuting your Church. I pray Your light would shine for many to see through these trials. Amen
    Olga G - USA
  • Father, I pray for this congregation and their leaders that they would stand tall and strong against the wiles of the devil. Thank You that they are still meeting. May You encourage them thru these times and may the authorities do their job in protecting people and property. This I do pray Father. Amen.
    joey S - USA
  • Father, bless these believers and give them joy and strength.
    Margaret D - USA
  • Thank You for the steadfast faith of these believers. May they believe You and Your goodness over all earthly things and continue to walk in obedience. Please soften the hearts of their attackers; may they return the physical belongings but even more, may they be softened to hear the truth of Your gospel and respond in belief.
    Danielle H - USA
  • Holy Father,strengthen Your children who are facing persecution.May their conduct glorify You and shame those who are accusing them.May Your children's trust in You be a witness to others in the dark and be a light that draws those who need salvation to You through Jesus Christ. Let Your children know that they are loved by us. In Jesus' name, Amen
    Eli S - USA
  • Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised!
    Jesus, You are Lord, You are Lord. You are risen from the dead and You are Lord. Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! We ask You to reveal Yourself to our brothers and sisters in this village, and to all the people who live there.
    Maurie C - USA
  • Father, thank you for these strong, dear brothers and sisters of ours. Thank you for their faithful witness for You. Use their stories as inspiration for us all. Continue to strengthen their faith and love for the Truth of Jesus Christ. In your great strength and Love, provide for them, bring the return of their belongings, and change many hearts.
    Patrick F - USA
  • Lord I pray the hearts of these leaders will be softened and turn toward You. I pray for supernatural strength, perseverance and provision for these believers. I pray that You would protect them so that countless will come to know You through their testimony.
    Tricia W - USA
  • Dear Heavenly Father

    We pray that you administer your Angels to our christian people in one of Villages in the country of Tanzania, we pray to you Lord that you protect them at this very time and return there posessions from the Village leaders, we also pray for these Village Leaders to turn to you Lord not what they believe in.

    Joe g - New Zealand
  • Father give them strength in this hard and difficult time. Carry them in Jesus name Amen
    Jamie L - USA
  • Lord thank you for their strong stand. You are able to return their possession 30, 60, 100 fold and much much more. Thank you for them not contributing to that nonsense. Bless them. Amen.
    Reatha G - USA
  • Righteous Father, We pray for strengthened faith for all that have been involved in this attack. We pray that You will bless their enemies that they may be able to come to Jesus by the Holy Spirit's power and conviction. Thank you for deep revelation of how their suffering will produce a greater weight of the glory of Jesus in their lives and witness
    MARI S - USA
  • God I pray for the pastor and the church members in southeastern Tanzania as their belongings have been taken. I pray that these believers will not be intimidates and that their possessions will be returned. I pray that You will use them to share your gospel with the people in their village and that Your Holy Spirit will be at work there.
    Rachel R - USA
  • Father God, I pray protection over these believers! Psalm 91 says "He will give His angels charge over us,to guard us in all of our ways",! Ii pray that no weapon formed against them will prosper, and that those who would do them harm will repent and turn to You, as their Savior and Lord! May the believers keep their eyes on Jesus Christ!
    Carolyn L - USA
  • Father, I ask Your peace and power to come upon this situation. I ask for the return of the stolen possessions of these Christians and for the police to do their job of bringing justice into this situation. Enable the believers to love with the love of Christ their enemies and to stand firm as You lead them. Guide them in all they say or do
    Gail M - USA
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