This couple was forced to flee their home in Iraq even though they didn't want to.
This couple was forced to flee their home in Iraq even though they didn't want to.
Aug. 10, 2017 | Middle East

Pray for Ceger and Naza, Who Fled Their Home After Death Threats

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After years of threats, attacks and ostracism by their Muslim families, “Ceger” and his wife, “Naza,” finally had to leave their home in Iraq. The Kurdish couple, who became believers in 2008, faced opposition from family members as soon as they converted to Christianity. Although they were determined to stay in Iraq and share the love of Christ with their families, death threats from Naza’s brother earlier this year persuaded the couple that it was time to leave. Other believers helped arrange their move to another country in the Middle East, where they have since joined an evangelical church and shared about the importance of spreading the gospel among Muslims. “They have not stopped sharing their faith in spite of the cost that came along with this in their homeland,” a VOM contact said. Pray for them as they continue to adjust, and thank God that he has walked with them in the valley of the shadow of death.

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  • Father God, continue to guide Ceger and Naza in the way you want them to go. Help them to be good witnesses for you. I pray for their families also, that you would change their hearts and woo then to you. Help Ceger and Naza to adapt well to their new surroundings. Amen
    Pierrette W - Canada
  • God you are a rod and staff to your sheep. Guide ceger and Naza with wisdom and love. Place joy upon their hearts and keep their minds steadfast on you. Place favor upon them in this new home and guard them from all evil. Let them speak truth to all and let others receive your truth with repentance and grace. Heal through them and use them mightily.
    Atacy U - USA
  • Ceger and Naza we ask Gods blessings upon you for your strength and courage in the face of trials. May he open doors for you in your new place of service to the Master. We love you as fellow believers in the faith. Michael P .
    Michael P - USA
  • Father, I thank you for this outstanding example of true faith and trust in you. Please strengthen Ceger and Naza as they continue their faith journey. I pray that they would be so blessed by You that others would see and want what they have! I pray that You would give them supernatural power through the Holy Spirit to have joy in the midst of trial.
    matthew g - USA
  • Father I thank you for the salvation of the soul of the couple. Guide them as they continue to grow in you and adjust to their new community. Help them to remain strong in the faith despite the opposition and persecution they face. Touch their families and let them realise the love of Christ and come to the knowledge of his salvation...Amen
    Sola O - Nigeria
  • I pray for Ceger and Naza that you may use them where they are living now. Let them speak about their faith boldly. Protect them; let them be used to bring many more to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Protect them from the threat of death. I pray that that they will not fear their enemies; give them wisdom through the studying of the Bible.
    Steph S - USA
  • Here are Your Children, Ceger & Naza, Lord we pray for them with their desire to share You to others. It seems remote for them to reach their relatives for You but You will lead them at Your time so they too will be saved. Meanwhile, strengthen the faith of Ceger & Naza. You love them so much & will keep them with You wherever they may go, You promised
    rian P - Philippines
  • Lord God in heaven, although this couple had to flee their homeland, may they be aware of their new home, heaven. May that truth spur them on, and provide energy for the battle. In Jesus name amen.
    David H - USA
  • Thank you Father for sheoherding Ceger and Naza as they managed to relocate. May You continue to provide for them in their new home and may they also be inspired to spread Your Word so that those still living in the dark receive Your light. May You also provide for VOM so that they continue to assist those in need. May Your grace be enough for us. Amen
    Lovemore N - Zimbabwe
  • Sweet Merciful Father, I lift up Ceger and Naza to You. Fill them with your Holy Spirit, giving them peace and comfort, courage and grace as they do the work for your Kingdom. Send Your Holy Spirit to hover over their families, opening their eyes to the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Reuniting both families, in love and forgiveness. In Jesus Name
    Miranda N - USA
  • Lord I pray for Ceger & Naza I ask for your peace love & joy of the Lord to remain upon this couple .Thank you for them please continue to use them & May your Holy Spirit continue to lead them all over the World giving you glory wherever country they go to.Lord bless their families in Iraq & keep them in touch. I thank you for them in Jesus name Amen.
    lexton s - New Zealand
  • Thank You Father, for your protection over this couple. Thank You too for their continued faithfulness to sharing the Gospel of Christ. My God, I pray that You would continue to use them wherever you send them.
    Matt H - USA
  • Heavenly Father, thank You for delivering Ceger and Naza from danger. I pray they continue to share their faith in Christ with unbelievers and that they successfully transition to the new life they've found.
    Your will be done in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.
    Jeremy F - USA
  • Dear Father God, With the freedom we have to worship You , We don't know what it is like to worship You in another country. Father , Thank You for the strength given to Ceger and Naza to follow You under all the opposition . I pray that they will adjust in the new place so they can be free to walk in faith.
    Mary W - USA
  • Lord thank you for Ceger and Naza and their faithfulness and desiree to share the gospel with others! Thank you for making a way for them to leave and find a new home, thank you for getting them in a church where they can worship with their brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you for your mercy upon them I pray you would protect them always. In Him.
    Amy R - USA
  • Wow Jesus, thank you for the faith that you have given to this couple. Set them ablaze with passion for the lost! Even more Lord! Fill them with truth so they will never be shaken. But so they stand firmly on Your word! That you will never leave or forsake them. And that nothing can seperate them from Your love! That You are worthy of everying!
    Piet K - Netherlands
  • Father in the name of Jesus we ask for Your mighty help on these Your children and give them peace. You know their circumstances and what needs to be done. Show them Your glory and give them wisdom to know what to do. Amen
    Roger C - USA
  • Father, thank you for keeping Ceger and Naza safe. Nurture them in their love for each other, adjustment to their new home, and opportunities for evangelism.
    Margaret D - USA
  • Father God,
    Thank You for walking with Ceger and Naza, in the valley of the shadow of death. Please open their families' hearts to receive Your truth, and Your Son, as Savior and LORD. Praise You for their perseverance in sharing their faith, despite the cost. Help them to continue to adjust well, and reach many Muslims in their new country.
    Debbie D - USA
  • Praying.
    Anne Margaret H - USA
  • Lord God, watch over Ceger and Naza. Help them to realize that no matter where they are, You have a purpose and a plan for their lives! Help them to adjust to their new home and continue to grow and share their faith and love for You!
    Kim S - USA
  • Dear God thank you for your faithfulness and mercy on Ceger and Naza. Grand them focus and guidance as they adjust to their new home. We love you Jesus
    Maria F - USA
  • Father God, bless this couple and use them mightily to reach the lost in their new home country, in Jesus name.
    mark h - USA
  • This couple is an inspiration to other Christians Lord, give them courage and increase their faith. Subdue and change the Muslims they preach to. Change all Muslims, Lord and show them clearly they worship a weak and false god, that You are the only true God.
    Jay T - USA
  • Dear Father, guide these Your children and walk with them as they get used to living far from home. Multiply their ministry in their new home, that many may come to know You through them. Meanwhile, reach out to their family members back in Iraq, so that they may all one day worship You together around Your throne. Amen.
    Karen I - USA
  • Abba! May Ceger and Naza experience the joy of doing Your will, as Your word is written in their hearts. I thank You that You are working in them both to will and do Your good pleasure and that You will provide all they need to do Your will. In Yeshua's name
    Randal A - USA
  • Lord, thank you for the faithfulness of this young couple. thank you for the love they have for you and the love you have for them. please bless them as they continue to share the gospel and grow the seeds they planted while still in Iraq. May they see their family and friends be transformed by the renewing of their souls. In Jesus name, Amen.
    caroline c - USA
  • Father God, Thank you for your protection on Ceger and Naza, and leading them to an strong church. May they use the experience growing up in a Muslim country to relate to Muslims and befriend them as Jesus befriended in his culture his fellow Jewish people. May they fulfill their calling by spending time hearing from the Lord and going forward boldly.
    Jim E - USA
  • Dear Father, Thank you for protecting this couple and helping them to settle elsewhere. Thank you that they found a church where they are. Thank YOU for the burden You've given them for Muslims; use them to reach that people group. Strengthen their marriage and give them wisdom. I pray for the salvation of their family. In Jesus' Name, Amen.
    Stephanie S - USA
  • Father God thank for Ceger and Naza that you have been with them through all trials they faced in their own country of Iraq. Help them Lord as they continue to walk with and be strengthened in the Lord. I ask all that in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Dumezweni M - South Africa
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