Gao Zhisheng is a prominent human rights lawyers who has been repeatedly arrested, imprisoned and tortured for defending Christians and other minority groups in China. (Photo credit: China Aid]
Oct. 09, 2015 | China

Pray for Gao Zhisheng, Kidnapped by Authorities

Prominent human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng was kidnapped by state police on Sept. 24, just hours after the public release of an interview in which he discussed his previous imprisonment and torture. Authorities brought him back to his home on Sept. 25, and he remains under house arrest with no access to medical care or to a shower. In the interview, he told reporters that he did not hate his persecutors and that he was prepared to be tortured again because “torture can’t truly hurt” him anymore. Known for defending Christians in China, he has been repeatedly arrested, imprisoned and tortured since 2005. Read More.

This was one of seven churches burned down in Tanzania by suspected Islamic extremists
Oct. 09, 2015 | Tanzania

Pray for Seven Churches Attacked by Arsonists

In late September, Muslim extremists burned seven churches within a week in northwestern Tanzania. Three churches were burned on Sept. 22 and four more on Sept. 27. One church, the Living Water International Church, suffered its third arson attack in two years. Each time the 70-member church attempts to upgrade its tin structure to a cement building, it is set on fire and forced to start over. Read More.

Please Pray

The most common request of persecuted Christians is “PRAY FOR US.” One of the ways we answer their request is through participation in the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP), which we observe on the first Sunday of each November. Our goal is simple: We want EVERY CHURCH to “Remember them that are in bonds …” on IDOP Sunday (Heb. 13:3).

We also want Christians worldwide to pray throughout the year for those who suffer because of their Christian witness.

Watch VOM’s IDOP videos … share with your friends … and pray for the persecuted.

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The Voice of the Martyrs

The Voice of the Martyrs is a non-profit, inter-denominational Christian organization dedicated to assisting the persecuted church worldwide. VOM was founded in 1967 by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, who was imprisoned 14 years in Communist Romania for his faith in Christ. His wife, Sabina, was imprisoned for three years. In the 1960s, Richard, Sabina, and their son, Mihai, were ransomed out of Romania and came to the United States. Through their travels, the Wurmbrands spread the message of the atrocities that Christians face in restricted nations, while establishing a network of offices dedicated to assisting the persecuted church. The Voice of the Martyrs continues in this mission around the world today.