Dabay's daughter and the entire family are still grieving the pastor's death.
Dabay's daughter and the entire family are still grieving the pastor's death.
Feb. 17, 2017 | India

Pray for Dabay, Widow of a Martyred Pastor

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Dabay Madhi lost her husband, Pastor Gurumurthi Madhi, a year and a half ago when he was abducted and killed by a communist guerrilla group. Members of the Maoist Naxalites abducted Pastor Madhi, who led two churches in India, in August 2015 and held him for 24 hours before shooting him to death. The guerrillas subsequently closed both churches, one of which had 200 members. Dabay, 24, now struggles to raise their three young children alone. Pray for Dabay, their three children and the pastor’s mother, who lives with them.

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  • Father,

    In Jesus name, please give this family peace, comfort, and protection. Please help the to develop another church building, gain more members, and have the government respect the people's beliefs. Please help the government to understand Your teaching teach a person to be a better person-not a bad person. In Jesus name, amen.
    chloe j - USA
  • God, you are a father to widows and orphans. I pray that you will be so close to Dabay and her family. Meet every need she has and let it be a testimony to everyone around her
    sandra s - USA
  • Dear Daddy we call you Daddy because that is what you are to us. Always there, Always loving, Always merciful and full of grace. Please Blessed One meet every need of this widow who has lost so much and full her life with joy unspeakable. Thanks for your goodness In Jesus name Amen
    Alice T - USA
  • Eternal Father, bless Dabay, her three children and her mother in-law. Comfort them and make them to grow in faith. Let them not consider their circumstances but let them consider your grace and mercy and that you are able to provide for them. Let them walk in your will. Let them to trust in you and not lose hope. In Jesus' Name, Amen.
    Andre K - USA
  • Lord, it seem so hard that this faithful person who gave their life for you would have the circumstance with their family left behind. God reveal your glory to this family as you provide for them help them to see your daily provision, experience your joy your peace and your Love that surpasses understanding amen
    Julie R - USA
  • Father God almighty i pray to you as the only provider that my you supply this widow in her family needs. Lord you are the one who provided manna in the wilderness for your children and i believe you will also support this family. In the name of Jesus Christ i pray. Amen
    Precious N - South Africa
  • I will pray for you and family daily, l won't stop, Amen
    Maria M - USA
  • Gracious Father in Heaven, we pray for Dabay to help and strengthen her and her children. May all their needs be provided for. Jesus, help the people around them to feel Your love so they will help them. May this horrible deed change the hearts of the people to turn to Jesus. To see that You, God, are the only solution. We pray in Your Holy Name. Amen
    Julia N - Sweden
  • Lord Jesus, comfort Dabay and her children. Lord Jesus provide all they need and keep them safe. Amen.
    Andrew S - USA
  • Lord God, please encourage Dabay to persevere in Your name keeping eternity in mind. Please provide for her family. Please draw the body of Christ around her to comfort her and her children. Please help them in all the ways they need. Please help them worship You. Please carry them as You are so compassionate and gentile. Thank You Father, amen
    Gina L - USA
  • Dear Father, please continue to comfort Dabay and her family. Please encourage them and give them peace that only You can give. Also Lord, they need protection and for You to provide for their needs. May they all continue to grow closer to You.
    Vicki Y - USA
  • Father, please protect Dabay and her children and provide help and support to meet their needs. Most of all heal their hearts and may they trust in You to be their Father. Fill them with love and may they know joy in seeing others come to Christ through this heartbreak. In Jesus' Name.
    janie b - USA
  • Heavenly Father I pray for Dabay and her family. Please bring healing to their brokenness provide for them emotionally and financially. Meet their every need I pray, Protect and sustain them and cover them with your peace. Strengthen their faith that it may not fail and bring them hope in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.
    Xakia D - United Kingdom
  • Father, i pray for the comfort of the Spirit and provision for every need for your dear ones in Jesus' name.
    Aubrey E - USA
  • God of all glory, I stand in the gap of my sister Dabay, her children and mother, father you are the only one who can console this family, some of them may be asking, where was God when our loved one was brutally murdered? Father touch the heart of each one of them, may the peace of God that bypasses human understanding keep their mind in christ Jesus.
    jacqueline k - Kenya
  • Adoni may Your light shine in Debay family,be their comfort,strength,sustainer,may the church family give moral support to them,show love,compassion,fill them with eternal hope God.Holy Spirit fill them with courage to go on with life,lift their depressed spirit,may the joy of the Lord be their strength.Lead them by the hand&give answers to their praye
  • Please Lord please greatly comfort this family with a peace that transcends all understanding and please bless them with 100 fold more than they've lost in this life and the life to come, in the Mighty Name of Jesus, amen
    Pmandy Y - USA
  • God comfort her. bless Dabay with encouragement today, I pray that she will have courage and confidence and know how much you love her. Help her children to grow up and be courageous followers of you!! i love you and trust you JESUS. Help Dabay in her grief. you are faithful in the midst of this
    Kelsey L - USA
  • Lord Almighty, Minister comfort to your grieving children. Please draw them close to you--let them know your Fatherhood, your care for the widow and orphan, especially toward those who have lost their lives to gain eternal life. Fill them with hope and peace and purpose in the name of Jesus. Please bring to repentance those who did this evil. Amen.
    Laura H - USA
  • Lord, may the truth that Your grace is sufficient become a reality to Dabay today. Provide for her physical and emotional needs as only You can. i pray this in Jesus name. Amen.
    Bill S - USA
  • Lord, you promised in Your word to be a husband to the widow and your daughter Dubay needs you. Thank You for giving her the strength to carry-on and to trust You and not give up. May the joy of the Lord be her strength and may she experience your peace in a supernatural way. Bless her father and keep her in Jesus' name Amen!
    Lynda M - USA
  • Dear God and Father, I pray for Dababy, a widow struggling to raise three children: Give her and her children protection, provision, comfort, strength and answers. I pray these things also for the martyred pastor's mother, who lives with them. I pray these things also for the 200 members of his two churches. Bring the attackers to repentance. Amen.
    Lisa D - USA
  • Lord I lift this family up to you and pray that you provide for their every need. Fill them with your Holy Spirit and let the light of Jesus shine through them. May their testimony of how great you are bring many more into your kingdom. In Jesus name Amen
    Bob T - USA
  • Father, I grieve with this mother and her family. Please lift their spirits. Comfort and guide and provide for their needs. May this man's death result in many coming to faith in Jesus, even those who tortured and killed him. May this guerrilla group be stopped and believers continue to hold fast to the Truth. Let them live in power, not in fear.
    Barbara B - USA
  • Oh Father, please strengthen and encourage this dear sister. Be their full supply of love and forgiveness. Help them to overcome the evil one by their faith in your Word. Give them the joy of the Lord. Support them as only You truly can. Please help all the saints there to look to You and live faithfully, lovingly and boldly. Save many lost souls. Amen
    Martha M - USA
  • Dear God, I pray for my Sister in Christ Dabay& family. Lord I pray Your Peace, Healing & Protection in their hearts and minds through You Christ Jesus. Allow for them to know that You will never leave nor forsake them. Even in this difficult time, allow for them to continue to walk in Your Truth & in Your Light as hope for others. In Jesus name Amen!
    Geria M - USA
  • Dear Jesus, I pray for Dabay Madhi whose husband was martyred. I pray you would help her with her grief at losing her husband, pray you would provide a means of good support for Dabay and her three children and mother-in-law. Comfort Pastor Mahdi's mother as well. Be with them all, pour your love on them, bless them. In Jesus Name.
    Julie E - USA
  • Dear Merciful Lord Jesus please shower Dabay my sister in Christ with your loving kindness and let her know that you will never leave her nor forsake her. Please let your Holy Spirit comfort her and wrap her in your loving arms and reassure her that You will provide all if her needs. Amen
    Christopher J - USA
  • Father, I pray for Dabay and her family that you would stand with them. Holy Spirit , comfort them in this time, give them direction and strength. I ask you that you would provide for them in every way. I also pray for the two churches, that you would comfort them also and raise up strong and faithful leaders. Raise up an Army! in your name Jesus!
    itzel v - USA
  • dear lord,

    please be with dabay as she raises her children. bring Christians to her aide. help her to continue on in the faith of Jesus Christ.
    Thomas R - USA
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