Church members begged the mob to stop destroying their church. (World Watch Monitor photo)
Church members begged the mob to stop destroying their church. (World Watch Monitor photo)
Jan. 27, 2017 | Sri Lanka

Pray for Kamal Wasantha, Church Leader Threatened

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Kamal Wasantha, a church leader who converted from Buddhism to Christianity, received death threats from a Buddhist monk for leading a church of 20 individuals and 15 families in Sri Lanka. The church has grown rapidly, and the monk has demanded that the church stop services or face “severe punishment.”  On January 5, the monk led a large mob armed with sticks, iron bars and knives. The church was destroyed, but Wasantha says that the church will not retaliate and will continue to meet together for worship and prayer.  Please pray for Kamal Wasantha and the church members.

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  • Dear Lord, I pray for safety for this church. Please wrap your loving arms around them, and help their persecutors see your light. In your name, amen
    Olga G - USA
  • Lord, thank You for Kamal Wasantha and for the commitment that he and his flock of believers are making to stand firm against the devil and against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places that are threatening them. Give them wisdom and insight to know that their battle is not and will never be against flesh and blood. In Jesus' name
    Matt B - USA
  • Lord, send your love to Sri Lanka!
    Linda D - Korea, South
  • Praying
    Carla M - USA
  • Dear God, when Your kingdom is growing and prospering Satan will try to destroy people's faith. We pray that You will bless this congregation and by not retaliating they will be a witness for kingdom. I ask for protection as they serve You.
    Mary W - USA
  • I grieve for your circumstances, Jesus said we would be persecuted by those who believe in False God's. I personally thank you for forgiving your enemies. Pray for them and hopefully convert them to Jesus. Your doing a wonderful work for the Father. Depend on Jesus for all your needs and he will Bless you abundantly Satan can't win, he's been defeated.
    Joseph L - USA
  • Father please protect Kamal, his family and his Church members from evil and harm. Restore their Church and make it stronger than ever. Let your kingdom grow in Sri Lanka. Please heal the darkness in the monk and his fear so that he helps his Christian brothers and sisters and becomes your biggest advocate. Give Kamal unbreakable faith. Amen.
    Laurie T - USA
  • Please God help this church to grow and increase because of their courage and desire to keep worshipping no matter the threats of the enemy. God is our refuge and strength a very present help In trouble.
    Sandra D - USA
  • I am praying for here in Dallas Tx.
    Charles O - USA
  • Thank you for this church Leader. Please increase his hunger for knowing You Jesus! Please protect them and let signs and wonders follow him. That many will see the truth and love of Jesus. That lives will be changed by the gospel he preaches. And that he will know you Jesus more and more! Amen
    Piet K - Netherlands
    Please give this precious Believer, Kamal favor , and surround him with YOUR Mighty angels . Comfort him, letting him know that YOU are with him! Spread YOUR HOLY LIGHT in this very dark area. Convict souls being used by the enemy, and send millions of Soul Winners to this region. IN JESUS' NAME , AMEN !!
    Doris G - USA
  • Our Father,
    Please be with Pastor Wasantha and his congregation as they face these difficulties. Please provide a new church building for them, and let them grow spiritually, more and more deeply in love with Your Son every day. Let their peaceful lack of retaliation aid in bringing many Buddhists to Christ in Sri Lanka.
    In Jesus Name,
    L.G. D - USA
  • Father, I am grateful that the Christians will not retaliate and help them to forgive. Please provide a new church and all the needed resources. Give the people courage and peace, trusting in You, as they continue to meet to worship You. May those who attacked see the love of Jesus and be drawn to Him. Amen.
    Vicki Y - USA
  • You are in my prayers.
    Natalie H - USA
  • Dear FATHER GOD JESUS CHRIST (Isaiah 9:6 ),
    Please saturate Kamal Wasantharide and your Church Bride in Sri Lanka , their spirits, souls and bodies with your HOLY SPIRIT. ( Luke 11:13 ) Thank You. AMEN.
    eric H - USA
  • Lord thank You that all are safe & that YOU put it in their hearts to not retaliate. Continue to grant them forgiveness & grace as they process, and thank You for covering them with Your wing as they continue to meet together. May they feel nothing but peace. May Kamal & all the members be strengthened & have a new resolve after this experience.Amen
    Lisa T - USA
  • Lord, Jesus, I pray that your faithful brethren in Sri Lanka would soon have a new church. I pray you would keep them safe from the Buddhist monks and any mob that might come against them. Please help them to forgive their enemies. I thank you that they have agreed to continue to fellowship and not to retaliate. In Jesus' Name. Amen
    Julie E - USA
  • 1 Timothy 3:10 You, however, have followed my teaching, my conduct, my aim in life, my faith, my patience, my love, my steadfastness, 11 my persecutions and sufferings that happened to me at Antioch, at Iconium, and at Lystra—which persecutions I endured; yet from them all the Lord rescued me.
    Layne N - USA
  • Heavenly Father, You are Ever Present & we pray for Kamal & other church members' strength and hope as they spread the Gospel. Please provide a ministry so large that the monk will be afraid to come against them. Provide this monk an opportunity for Salvation and if he does not accept Your Free Gift then please take him out of the situation.
    Pat B - USA
  • Praise God for our Brother Kamal Wasanta's courage and faithfulness . Lord be his strength and joy . May your name be glorified through him and through his work for the Kingdom of God . Protect him and the church , sustain them and provide for them in a miraculous way . In Jesus name Amen
    Rik and camille R - USA
  • Jesus you were tempted and threatened in all ways as we are; grant my dear fellow workers the knowledge, wisdom, understanding and revelation to see you in every situation and to keep strong knowing they're not alone. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.
    Pauline B - USA
  • Lord, give this church the peace in knowing that the church is the people, not the building, and help them to continue meeting in the midst of this obstacle that has been thrown their way. Give them a fire for You God, and help them continue growing and sharing the Gospel message with others. In Jesus name, Amen.
    Lianna T - USA
  • Lord please protect Kamal Wasantha and his church as they continue to spread the gospel in Sri Lanka.
    LaQuita B - USA
  • Father, we pray for Kamal and ask that you will use his lack of retaliation to send a message to all who hear of this case. Let them see that Buddhism is not a religion of peace, as they claim, but they are inspired by the same father of lies that resorts to violence when he doesn't get his way. Please cause the church in Sri Lanka to thrive.
    Brenda M - USA
  • Lord, how it must have grieved the hearts of church members to watch their building be destroyed, and how your heart must have grieved as well. Thank you that your Church is not limited to a building. Please strengthen and encourage these believers and use this tragedy for good to show many others the truth. Bring them joy, peace, and hope, dear Lord.
    Jackie V - USA
  • Father, thank You for protecting KW from the threatened death by the Buddhist monk. Thank You for giving KW courage and please continue to protect him and the members of his church. Please give these believers great faith and great peace as they continue to walk Your way. Give the leaders wisdom as they rebuild their church and continue their ministry.
    christa s - USA
  • And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God; For I shall yet praise Him, The help of my countenance and my God. Vindicate me, O God, And plead my cause against an ungodly nation;This is Psalm 43 that I am praying for you. Love to you from Dianne
    Dianne H - USA
  • I pray that God protect you and your members from all hurt or harm. No weapon formed will prosper. God is able to do all things but fail. Kamal Wasantha fear not God is with you. Be abundantly blessed in Jesus holy name.
    Yulanda J - USA
  • Eternal Father in Heaven, be with Kamal and the other church members. Give them the peace to hold on to your Holy Word that will never pass away. Help them to hold on to your unchanging hand that will never leave nor forsake them. Holy Spirit speak to them so they will know that great is their reward in Heaven!!! In Jesus name Amen!!!
    Geria M - USA
  • En el nombre de Jesus declaro bendiciones para el hermano, que no importe padre celestial donde hagan las reuniones para adorarte lo que importa es que te alaben de corazon padre, escucha sus oraciones y ruegos,,,, en el Nombre PODEROSO DE JESUS,,,,,, AMEN
    Meyling M - Nicaragua
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