Pastor Hamid Shabanov.
Pastor Hamid Shabanov.
Jan. 05, 2017 | Azerbaijan

Pray for a Pastor Whose Home Was Raided by Police

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Police raided Pastor Hamid Shabanov’s home during a morning worship service on Nov. 26 in Azerbaijan. After declaring the worship service illegal, police took 10 men and 16 women to police headquarters, where they were forced to provide a written explanation of their activities. Police also confiscated all Bibles and Christian materials belonging to the church and its members. While 22 of the adults were released at around 8 p.m., Pastor Hamid Shabanov and three others were held for questioning until about 11 p.m. Authorities have repeatedly harassed the pastor, his family and his church. In 2013, he was fined more than a year’s wages for holding an unregistered worship service. In 2008, he was charged with possessing an illegal weapon, after a gun was planted in his home.

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  • Lord send your peace!
    Linda D - Korea, South
  • Our Father, Thank You for Your work in Azerbaijan. Please help Pastor Hamid Shabanov, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
    Merike O - Finland
  • Lord, please give Pastor Hamid confirmation of your presence with him today. Help him to trust you amidst the injustice being done against he and his family. May every obstacle just build their faith stronger. May they have a holy realization that eternity is coming soon, just around the corner and may they plead with their persecutors to repent.
    Boyd M - USA
  • Lord, we bless and praise Your name for pastor Hamid Shabanov's relentless stand for Jesus there in Azerbaijan and Father, we ask for Your protective hedge around his ministry and family and that during this persecution that You would raise up even more believers to minister, boldly proclaiming the gospel and making disciples and gathering for worship!
    Matt B - USA
  • Father, please provide financially, spiritually, and physically for all their needs. Miraculously provide 2 years wages as a witness to those who know of the 2013 fine. Provide better Bible and Christian materials than were taken. Let the light of these dear ones shine so brightly and with such radiant love that many believe in Your Name.
    Lynne G - USA
  • Praying
    Carla M - USA
  • Do not be afraid, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. (Luke 12:32)
    And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)
    Jerry D - USA
  • dear lord, please give Brother Hamid the encouragement, confort , and strength
    Chen L - Taiwan
  • Dear Lord, please help those of yours who are hurting. Please be their comfort and savior, keep them safe from those who wish to harm them. I pray for their persecutors that they would find you in the midst of their persecution, as Saul once did. in your name, amen
    Olga G - USA
  • Please Lord I pray that the fear of the Lord would fall on the persecutors of this precious brother and brothers and sisters. I pray that they would come to know You. Please bless them with 100 fold more than they've lost in this life and the life to come, in the Mighty Name of Jesus, amen
    Pmandy Y - USA
  • I am praying for here in Dallas Tx.
    Charles O - USA
  • You are in my prayers.
    Natalie H - USA
  • Lord, we pray Pastor Hamid's focus on You will grow stronger through all the harassment and false accusations. We pray that he and the members of his church will show the patience and love of your Son Jesus Christ to the police and not complain. This is Your will and we pray that it will lead to salvation for the unsaved.
    Michael M - USA
  • Father comfort your son and his family in every way. May no harm come to them as the enemy sees "the Blood" and pass over them. Protect them in all your ways and strengthen then. In Jesus' name. Amen
    Pauline B - USA
  • Father, some pay such a big price to live uncompromisingly righteous lives. Lord we pray You supply His needs, pay his debts, grant unity in his family to go forward in obeying You despite the cost. May Your light shine brightly in their area of Azerbaijan. May the gospel be clearly presented and Your Spirit reveal Jesus to all. We proclaim You Lord.
    Janine D - USA
  • Wonderful Faithful Father, Amen to the prayers said for Pastor Hamid! Please use this distress to bless him and further the spread of the Good News of Jesus and the forgiveness of sins. Bless Your Holy Name!
    Mike R - USA
  • Dear Lord, I thank you for Pastor Hamid and for the strong faith you have given him. Please strengthen him to continue to minister in such a difficult place and assure him of your love and constant presence. Encourage him, Lord! May he glorify you in all that he does. In Jesus' name, Amen
    Nancy S - USA
  • Lord Jesus, I pray for this Pastor that the loving hand of almighty God would be upon him and his congregation. As they and many here are praying for him; Please, I pray that he would be released from custody. That you would convict the evildoers to leave the pastor alone. In Jesus name Amen
    Randy Jay R - USA
  • Father we bind the demonic realm and speak light into this situation. We declare freedom and wholeness that you maybe glorified.
    Gary L - USA
  • Abba, in Jesus' name I ask that You not only free this pastor, but bring every police officer involved, every official involved in this harassment to faith in Jesus Christ. Please cause these charges to be dropped, please provide all this pastor needs and protect his family. Open the doors of this country wide open to Jesus and save millions, please.
    Mrs. R. S - USA
  • Abba, please give encouragement and Your peace to Pastor Hamid today. You are doing great things and the enemy doesn't like to lose and Your wonderful servant's faithfulness continues to bring the lost to You. Father, please continue to help him reach those around him with Your love and let him know he is not alone. In Jesus name
    Jennifer H - USA
  • Father, You who rule in the affairs of men, rule in Pastor Hamid's life and don't let him be discouraged. Help him to see that he is in a battle for his life and that You will fight his battles as he daily submits to You. Meet all of his needs and his church's needs according to Your riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Bless Pastor Hamid, in Jesus Name
    Anne S - USA
  • Precious Lord, we pray for Pastor Hamid and his fellow believers to be able to worship under your loving hand, and to be cleared of all charges lodged by the enemy. The fact they planted an illegal weapon in the pastor's home is evidence of God presence and power, and how the enemy fears Him. All praise and glory to God.
    Meg K. P - USA
  • God, please bless Pastor Shabanov through this ordeal with the authorities. Help him to be like the apostles who went away from their persecution rejoicing. You are a great God, and you give us peace and love and hope and joy in times when the world would not have them. Please let these Christians rejoice in their suffering & use it as an opportunity.
    Dana G - USA
  • Oh Father, we know You care about Pastor Hamid Shabanov and his family. Please protect them and those whom he serves. Please allow church services to grow and grow in Azerbaijan. Stop the persecution there, and call the government officials to Yourself in dreams, visions, and more. Bring a great awakening to Azerbaijan, dear Father. In Jesus.
    Tricia G - USA
  • Lord, defend this pastor from the jackels harrassing him and turn back all their conspiracy and evil. Increase your flock and save the
    Afghan people.
    Margaret D - USA
  • Father, how good it is to know you are still in control, you see all things, justice will be served. I pray for this pastor who is falsely accused. Move on his behalf. Strengthen him, help him to forgive those who persecute him and his church. Strengthen his congregation. Convict the hearts of their persecutors, open their eyes. Move Oh God
    polly c - USA
  • Father thank you for the life of your servant Pastor Hamid Shabanov Lord pls help him and fellow Christian members in their persecutions and strengthen them from glory to glory foward ever and backward never in the name of Jesus Christ Amen
    John B - Switzerland
  • May God give you strength to continue walking in His plans. May God protect you, your family, and your church and see all the persecutions you face. May He bring justice for the sake of His righteousness and Truth. May He be glorified through your sufferings and use it to strengthen His Church, not break it down.
    Laura H - USA
  • Father, bless Pastor Hamid Shabanov with your peace. Provide for him, his family & his church. Make them strong in the Lord & in his power, with the full armor of God, taking their stand against the enemy. Put your warrior angels around them & protect them from harm. Use all the materials taken to spread the Gospel & redeem this evil against Hamid.
    Donna S - USA
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