Tohar Haydarov was unexpectedly released from prison in Uzbekistan after serving almost seven years. (photo credit: WWM)
Tohar Haydarov was unexpectedly released from prison in Uzbekistan after serving almost seven years. (photo credit: WWM)
Dec. 02, 2016 | Uzbekistan

Praise God for the Unexpected Release of Tohar Haydarov

[381] prayers in [23] nations have been posted for Tohar Haydarov.

Tohar Haydarov was released from prison on Nov. 8, 2016, after serving six years and 10 months of a 10-year prison sentence. “God heard the prayers of many Christians,” believers told Forum 18. “We are thankful to everybody who prayed for him and sent letters to him while in prison.” Uzbek Christians told Forum 18 that Tohar was released because of good behavior but that authorities kept his release quiet and no one was there to meet him at the prison. Please continue to pray for Tohar, as he may face parole or other restrictions on his activities.

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  • Praying
    Carla M - USA
  • You are in my prayers.
    Natalie H - USA
  • Lord we pray for Tohar. He has been through a lot for standing up for his faith. Please bless him, heal him, and reveal your purpose for his life Lord. We thank you, amen.
    Michael M - USA
  • Malachi 3:17 They shall be mine, says the Lord of hosts, in the day when I make up my treasured possession, and I will spare them as a man spares his son who serves him. 18 Then once more you shall see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between one who serves God and one who does not serve him.
    Layne N - USA
  • Thank you Father for the release of Tohar. Watch over him and encourage and strengthen him. In your Holy Name, Jesus.
    Pierrette W - Canada
  • Dear GOD & FATHER JESUS CHRIST, (Isaiah 9.6) Please give everyone the wisdom to ask for the HOLY SPIRIT (LUKE 11:13) as well as YOUR wisdom (JAMES 1:5), AMEN.
    eric H - USA
  • Father we thank You for Tohar's release. Father I am not sure what to ask for Tohar now but You know what he needs and will see that he receives all he needs. Thank you in Jesus name
    Martha S - USA
  • Thank you for releasing Tohar from prison, Lord. I pray that you will continue to strengthen his faith and encourage him in You. Protect him and his family and give them peace. I pray that You will give him wisdom and guidance in all that He does for Your Kingdom. Help him to find favor in all that He does for You. Amen
    Zoe B - USA
  • What joy to read the news of Tohar's release. Lord please continue to protect him as he deals with life after release. Guide him , heal his memories and continue to pour out Your blessings on him
    Peg C - USA
  • Thank You, God! Please continue to bless Tohar's life.
    Scott B - USA
  • Praise the Lord!
    Vicki D - USA
  • Lord I lift up your name and give you thanks and praise for Tohar's release. Continue to fill him with your Holy Spirit and watch over and protect him. In Jesus name Amen
    Bob T - USA
  • Thank You for the great gift of this release! May he and his family be filled with Your courage and wisdom as they seek to follow You in this new season. May he be enabled to speak of You and minister to others without interference and may those he interacted with in the prison be drawn towards You.
    Danielle H - USA
  • Father, I praise You for Tohar's unexpected early release from prison. Thank You that Tohar was able to endure persecution and suffering and will again have an opportunity to minister for you outside the prison walls. I pray that the local authorities will not severely restrict Tohar's activities and allow him the liberty to serve other people's needs.
    Patrick V - USA
  • Lord I apply your words of Psalm 37, You know the days of the blameless and their heritage will remain forever. They are not put to shame in evil times, in the days of famine they have abundance. I pray for the spiritual heritage of Mr. Haydarov. Protect him to remain faithful as a worker in the harvest of souls. Thank your for his release.
    Rachel Albro H - USA
  • Thank you LORD
    Angela H - USA
  • Lord God, thank You again for Tohar's early release, for answering many prayers for him! May he be completely free, no conditions. May he rejoice always in the God of his salvation. In the Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen.
    Christienne D - USA
  • Thank you for the early release of Tohar who we had prayed for earlier. Please provide protection for him in his community and help him to continue to share the gospel. I pray for his persecutors to be saved. In Jesus Name, amen.
    Cynthia H - USA
  • Praying!!!
    Earl H - USA
  • God I praise you for releasing Tohar from prison early. I pray that you will continue to bring him closer to you and use him to spread your gospel. You are so good God and I know that you always have a plan. I pray that you would be with Tohar as he may face parole or restrictions, that you would not let this hinder him in any way. Bless this country!
    Rachel R - USA
  • Dear Lord, I pray for this believer, Tohar, as he recovers from the imprisonment he suffered. I pray for grace and comfort and strength. Please provide his every need and use him to be a testimony for You. Thank you that he has been safely returned to his loved ones. I pray regarding any restrictions he may be facing that he would have courage & peace.
    Dawn B - USA
  • Father, I praise You and thank You for releasing Bro. Tohar! Lord, You who rule in the affairs of men, please continue to rule in Tohar's life and Your will be done concerning what parole and other restrictions he may face. Your kingdom come, Your will be done in his life, in Jesus Name, I pray, Amen.
    Anne S - USA
  • Thank You Lord. Embolden he and his family to continue to be the light in their surroundings.
    barbara w - USA
  • Thank you so much, Father, for looking after your son and His family. I pray that you would heal this family of all the things they endured the past 7 years. Keep their faith in You strong and keep their love for each other strong. In Jesus' Name, amen.
    Deb B - USA
  • Hallelujah GOD!!! Hallelujah!!!
    Alen H - USA
  • Praises, Lord, for Tohar's release! May he continue his work in spreading Your word. Amen.
    Barb R - USA
  • We praise you God for brother Tohar's release from prison. Thank you for the faithfulness of Tohar and his family. Please fill them with your Spirit and inexpressible joy. Continue to work with them and through them.
    Kendall P - USA
    Please give this precious Believers favor, and surround him with YOUR Mighty angels. Thank YOU for liberating Tohar ! Spread YOUR HOLY LIGHT in this very dark area. Convict souls being used by the enemy, and send millions of Soul Winners to this region. IN JESUS' NAME , AMEN !!
    Doris G - USA
  • Father in Lord Jesus name, thank You for the release of Tohar. Father, grant him to be wise and that he may go forth unhindered to fulfill the good works You prepared for him to walk in. Help him that he may help, strengthen and encourage others in the Body, there. Let it be in his nation that Your Kingdom come and Your will is done. Thank You and Amen
    Janet R - USA
  • Father, I thank you for the release of Tohar Haydarov. Protect him and give grace that he may continue his work.
    Darlene E - USA
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