A man and others returned to their church to worship after it had been burned in January 2015.
A man and others returned to their church to worship after it had been burned in January 2015.
Aug. 12, 2016 | Niger

Pray for Pastors and Other Christian Workers as Persecution Increases

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Pastors and other Christian workers face increasing persecution in this Muslim-majority nation. At the request of local Christian leaders, VOM sponsored 12 conferences throughout Niger in June, providing 120 churches with training and resources to help them respond to persecution and spread the gospel. Please pray for these pastors and Christian workers as they continue to plant churches, evangelize and educate Christians on how to live as Christ followers in an Islamic society.

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  • Father, I'll pray on behalf of the Pastors and other Christian workers. Please provide them in full measure and let them be victorious with You. Let us take back what the devil has stolen. I declare that the souls of the people of Niger belongs to the Lord YHWH. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
    Merike O - Finland
  • Lord, send your peace. Send your protection. Give stamina and discernment. And do the same for me.
    Linda D - Korea, South
  • Praying
    Carla M - USA
  • Dear GOD & FATHER JESUS CHRIST, (Isaiah 9.6) Please give everyone the wisdom to ask for the HOLY SPIRIT (LUKE 11:13) as well as YOUR wisdom (JAMES 1:5), AMEN.
    eric H - USA
  • Lord, let the seeds of thy church give an increase a hundred fold and may your workers be confirmed in the true teachings of the Christian church. Thank you for this training--let it be useful again and again as they win souls to Christ.
    Margaret D - USA
  • Thank You, Lord, for Your servants, the Pastors and workers in Niger, and their work for Your church. Help them to successfully plant and nurture churches and equip Your children to hold fast to You and live as Christ followers, despite persecution. Bless all in Niger who desire to be filled with Your Spirit; may they be satisfied. In Christ, Amen.
    Craig M - USA
  • Father God I pray for pastors and christian worker in the Niger region who are facing persecution for spreading the gospel - give them strength to do your work. Fill them with your anointing and power for a harvest of multitudes of souls to your kingdom. I ask all that in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Dumezweni M - South Africa
  • Our FATHER please protect the Pastors
    Teresa H - USA
  • Lord, I pray of the Christian church in Niger. Do not allow their suffering to go unanswered. God transform the culture around them by saving millions of souls their. Raise up great men and women who will proclaim your name no matter what. Allow them to shine like lights and transform the hearts of those who are around them. Save so many people there.
    James M - USA
  • Our Faithful Father in heaven, Hallowed be Thy name. I am committing all Christians into your tender care especially in the Middle Eastern and African Christians as they share their father with non Christian. I am asking you to guide and protect then from danger from their enemies, in Jesus name. Amen.
    Joyce D - United Kingdom
  • Mighty God, Thy will be done in their lives and all the people of Niger. Protect them and save the souls of the Muslims...as you are doing now. Thank you Lord. Pam F - USA
    Pamela F - USA
  • You are not forgotten here in Texas. We are praying for you. We love you
    Charles O - USA
    Craig C - USA
  • Dear lord In Jesus name I pray the muslim-majority citizens and governments hearts will be softened and come to know Christ as their savior. I pray Christian religion of Christ will get established in their country and everywhere else; I pray there will be peace everywhere; So Worship, Prayer, thanksgiving, and Christian living can begin there. Amen.
    Misha B - USA
  • Dear Father God, I pray for the protection of Christian pastors and workers in Niger and in every land that is hostile to the Gospel. Please keep them, encourage them, and bless the work of their hands. Bring more and more Muslims and others, especially leaders and rulers, to You Lord. In Jesus's Name. Thank You, Lord. Amen.
    Christienne D - USA
  • Father, pour out your Spirit. May it fall, May souls be won, encouraged, healed, uplifted, delivered. Break the chains Satan has. Rise up within your children. Go before them, make a way, use them for your glory. Rebuke the spirit of fear. Give them boldness and wisdom. Speak to the hearts of those they witness to, may they see their need for you.
    polly c - USA
  • My Child I am here for you. I know the desires of your heart. I know every intimate detail of your life. I am with you always and forever. Don’t ever feel you are alone for I am with you till the end of your time here on earth. I will walk through the valley of death with you. You are a child of God uniquely made in my Image. Do not fear!
    Estelle S - USA
  • Father God, we see the intense increase of persecution to those who are "called according to Your purpose" and Lord we know that you will build your church and the gates of hell will not prevail! Father may those who serve the god of this world be given hearts of flesh upon repentance as they hear the truth from these faithful brethren! Amen
    Cheryl C - USA
  • Thank You Dadi for the resilience of the Niger church, despite the increase in persecution. LORD grant believers wisdom on how to spread Your word.Grant them access and resources to plant more churches and cause Islam to see the light of the gospel and brought to repentance in Jesus name! Amen
    Cherechi E - Nigeria
  • (cont.) about and pray for persecuted CHRISTIANS of the world. These are brave men and women who face obstacles that I fear, are coming to America because of our GODLY indifference. I realize the holy, awesomeness of the only GOD and HIS plan of salvation for the those who want it. Truely, HE is worth all. Please help these with all your means.
    Bobby C - USA
  • FATHER GOD, i thank YOU for allowing me to be a supporter of VOM. It is a burden on my heart that I wish more people had. It is my duty and honor to pray for my brothers and sisters in these satan controlled countries. I am honored to be a prayer warrior for CHRIST especially to the less fortunate. This internet site gives me a place to learn ( cont.)
    Bobby C - USA
  • Abba pour out Your Spirit on these pastors & Christian workers as they spread the gospel of Christ! Surround them with warring Angels doing battle for them & protect them from all harm! Provide their every need & fill them to overflowing with Your joy that is their strength! Let them feel Your love & presence always. In Jesus mighty name I ask, Amen
    Lora K - USA
  • Father, in Lord Jesus name I thank You for those sent to disciple nations. Thank You for providing fellow laborer st of work with the brethren in Niger. Lord, let the sowing of the WORD bring a bountiful harvest in Niger. I ask You to send those to open the eyes of the people in Niger to turn them from darkness to light, and from Satan to Your power.
    Janet R - USA
  • Father, thank you for providing training resources from the VOM. Plant seeds for evangelism and bring forth an abundance of churches. Keep these leaders protected and give them your wisdom to follow as they advance your gospel. In Jesus Name, Amen.
    Salina C - USA
  • Father, thank You for the VOM sponsored conferences that were conducted throughout Niger. I pray that the fruit from these conferences will produce a hundred fold increase in the lives of the Christians who will be the recipients of this instruction. I pray that You will encourage the pastors and front-line workers as they share Your word with others.
    Patrick V - USA
  • Heavenly Father , I pray for the safety of Pastors and other Christians those who under this threats , may you strengthen them to continue to do your will . Open the eyes of the hard heart peoples to know the saviour of the world . Lord please open their blindness of heart and help them to learn more about your salvation . In Jesus name I pray Amen.
    Mahil G - India
  • Father, thank you for the sacrifice these pastors and workers make for other believers and non-believers. I praise You for the conferences that they were able to attend and may they, with your wisdom, implement what they learned for the benefit of their churches and the people of Niger. Please protect them and help them to completely rely on You. Amen
    Vicki Y - USA
  • Thank You for these conferences, God. Help those who participated to put into practice the things that they learned. Thank You that they were able to encourage one another to stand strong in the faith. Bless them and the churches they pastor, and use them to reach their communities despite the persecution they experience. Thank You for resources.
    Antoinette D - USA
  • Dear Lord, I pray for these pastors and for all believers in Niger, for encouragement and strength and comfort. Enable them to stand for Christ in the midst of opposition from the Muslim community. May those who now live in darkness see clearly the light of Christ in these believers and turn from Islam to Christ to follow him and walk in light. Amen
    Catherine P - USA
  • Dear God, we know that as darkness of persecution grows, Your light shines brighter in these faithful believers. Help them to take what they learned at these conferences that they might stand up against their persecutors and boldly share the gospel. Oh that work of those who are against You would be thwarted and unsuccessful.
    Joan B - USA
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