The 11 families are shown with food they purchased with VOM's help.
The 11 families are shown with food they purchased with VOM's help.
Mar. 04, 2016 | Mexico

Pray for 11 Families Expelled from Their Village Because of Christian Faith

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Eleven families in Chiapas, Mexico, were expelled from their village earlier this month because of their Christian faith. Over the past year, the Christians have faced increasing harassment from those opposed to their evangelism. Zapatista rebels arrested three Christian leaders and accused them of creating division in the community. The men were released after paying 1,500 pesos each, but they were warned that they could be imprisoned if they continued to preach the gospel or meet for worship services. The Zapatistas then forced the 11 Christian families to leave the village and their homes behind.

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  • Dear Lord- You know the hearts of these leaders. Bless them for their faith and give them courage. Provide for them and comfort them in the loss of their homes. Unite the families in boldness and guide their steps. In your Holy name I pray. Amen!
    Colleen S - USA
  • Lord, you are King of all. We pray for your sovereign provision for these families.
    Margaret D - USA
  • Father God I pray for the 11 families in Christ in Maxico for growth spiritually and to hold on to Christ. Let the law take its course against those who persecute them and be brought to justice. I pray the rule of law in that country to be applied all the time by the government. I ask all that in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Dumezweni M - South Africa
  • Lord, put these families in community with love, peace, truth and kindness.
    Linda D - Korea, South
  • Praying
    Carla M - USA
  • Father God, I ask that you protect and help the families in Chiapas and intervene on their behalf. Thank You for the provision You have given them through VOM. Help us to show the generosity of our Lord and Savior JESUS by supporting VOM in their godly mission to show Your love in tangible ways. It's in His mighty name I pray.
    Kathy G - USA
  • Dear LORD God Alimighty, I lift up these 11 families to You. Let them find rest, prosperity, peace wherever You would have them go. Please Deliver their village and other areas from the Zapatistas; and I pray the rebels too will be saved. Help The families to forgive their persecutors. Thank You,LORD in Jesus' Name. Amen.
    Christienne D - USA
  • Father in heaven I lift up these families and pray that You alone will watch over them and faithfully provide their daily needs. Comfort them as they suffer loss of their homes and livelihood. May their latter days be better than the former days as u restore all that the devil has stolen from them cos oh God own and created everything in Jesus name
    Tina K - USA
  • Lord I pray for the 11 families who were forced to leave their village because of their faith. May they never be discouraged. May you please come closer to them so that they may be comforted by your presence in their hearts, may hope rise within their spirit to be strong and bold to continue in faith. Give them peace where they are, in Jesus Name
    Sipho S - South Africa
  • Father, Be with all those individuals forced out. Let what happened not to totally discourage them. Make them all strong in You, give them Lasting FAITH in the days ahead. Bless and protect these brothers and sisters as they go about there journey. Give them aid, peace and protection. Forgive those Zapatista Rebels for they know not what they do.
    Deidre S - USA
  • Heavenly Father, I pray Lord for these 11 families. I pray Lord that you will blind the enemy, the adversary, and keep him from bothering these believers. I pray Lord for all these people who are giving these people trouble. That they will be followers of Jesus. In Christ's name, Amen
    Kevin G - USA
  • Lord Jesus, I ask you to help these families in every way they need. Also to give them strength to carry on with witnessing. May many be saved through their work. Protect them. Thank you Lord. Pamela
    Pamela F - USA
  • Father, when Your Son told His followers to take up their cross and follow Him, he was asking for complete surrender to His leadership. These brothers and sisters have refused to deny Him and thus have lost earthly homes and belongings. Bless them abundantly with all they need in their new place. Use them to continue to preach the gospel fervently.
    Laura F - USA
  • We are praying for you here in Texas. You " ..can do all things through Christ who gives you strength". We love you and God Bless
    Charles O - USA
  • O Father from whom all good things come I loose to Your attention the eleven families expelled from their village in Chiapas for sharing the Truth of Your gospel. Father I ask that all their practical needs will be continually met as long as is necessary. I pray that they will not be afraid to preach Your message. Comfort them and build their faith,
    Chris N - New Zealand
  • Dear Father, I pray Your protection and guidance for these families as they face leaving their homes behind. Lead them to the place of Your choosing that the gospel might continue to spread among receptive hearts. In Jesus' name, Amen.
    Lynne W - USA
  • Father, we lift to you these 11 Christian families in Mexico, who need your wisdom and grace.They need your strength and love to guide them in your way. They were expelled and need your direction, grace and love to help them as they look for a place to live.They left their homes behind as they were told to leave and how they need mercy, love and peace
    Sandy F - Ethiopia
  • In Mexico, Father! So close to home! Be with these Christian brothers and sisters, Lord, and grant them safety. Fill them with Your Spirit so that they, like Paul, are courageous for Your sake. Assure them of Your love for them, and let their lights shine for You so that those around them see Jesus, alive and at work in our world. In Jesus' name.
    Sue R - USA
  • Dear awesome Father, I pray for these families, for provision and mercy in their situation. Please bless them and keep them safe from harm. In Jesus name.
    lisa m - USA
  • I pray for all these eleven families and all others who are persecuted for their faith in Christ.
    Barbara T - USA
  • Dear Father,

    Be glorified, and work in this situation for your glory, so that men and women know that you exist and have an eternally good plan for your life.
    mark m - USA
  • Father You have promised to never leave nor forsake us, so we know that You have not left these brothers and sisters. It does not matter where they are located, but we ask You to make them flourish wherever they are. Soften the hearts of the Zapatistas and shine light into their darkness. Bring many to salvation because of the lives of these families
    Antoinette D - USA
  • Abba Father I bring these families before You asking for Your divine provision of protection from the enemy and the necessary provisions to provide for their every need. In Jesus name I pray amen.
    Carol P - USA
    Please Bless and Comfort these Christians as YOU bring Light, Revelation and Renewed minds into this region . Strengthen them Physically, Mentally and Spiritually as YOU Surround them with YOUR Mighty angels for Protection. IN JESUS NAME. AMEN !!
    Doris G - USA
  • Father God, I beseech You in Jesus Holy name, to surround these families with your loving protection in the Spiritual realm from all attacks by that serpent satan and his demons, protect them completely from the evil that others have committed, keeping it from ever happening again. Lord, bless them, and cover them with Your Grace, In Jesus Name! AMEN!
    Pastor Rolf A - USA
  • Abba, Father may we open our hand wide to provide and share with those of our brothers in need, to share a blessing and encouragement in Jesus wonderful Name. AMEN
    Robert B - USA
  • Lord Jesus, we ask for provision for these families and new homes. We pray that they can continue their evangelism without harassment. Amen
    Pa J - USA
  • Lord, how tragic. I ask Father, that You would be their shelter and their protection. Lord, provide what is needed for these families. May You comfort them thru Your word and thru one another. This I do pray. Amen.
    joey S - USA
  • Father, provide for these 11 families all that they need and that they will know You more and trust You more and love You more. May they be a blessing to their enemies, pray for them continually, love them in Your love (because they do not know what they are doing) and do good to them so Your name will be greatly exalted in Mexico in Jesus' name. Thx!
    Mariel C - USA
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