Esmail and his wife no longer have a means of financial support.
Esmail and his wife no longer have a means of financial support.
Sep. 14, 2017 | Pakistan

Pray for Esmail, Unemployed After an Attack by Colleagues

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A Pakistani Christian man lost his taxi business recently after two Muslim colleagues destroyed his car. “Esmail” was never shy about sharing his Christian faith, and when he began driving a taxi several years ago he continued sharing it with other taxi drivers, even giving a Bible to one especially interested colleague. But two other drivers disapproved of Esmail’s boldness, accusing him of trying to persuade Muslims to give up their faith. A village leader warned Esmail to stop sharing his faith with Muslims, but the two angry drivers decided a more severe punishment was in order. They smashed into Esmail’s car with a truck, destroying his taxi and sole means of financial support. Esmail was badly injured in the incident and had to borrow money to pay for medical treatment. Pray for Esmail and his wife, who now have no way of supporting themselves. Pray for Esmail’s healing, and thank God for their strong faith.

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  • Dear Lord you are Jehovah Jireh provide for Email and the family as they have pit their faith in You lord may they never lack and suffer shame in Jesus Name. Make a way where there is no way and may your glory be with this family. Lord may their faith not faint and I pray that through them more and will come to the ligr of Christ in Jesus Name. Amen
    Maryann T - Kenya
  • Lord I ask that your healing hand be over Esmail, heal his body quickly and restore to him his strength. Holy Spirit minister to his soul, calm any fears, and bring your word to his heart and mind, reminding him that these are all temporary trials. He is a son of the eternal kingdom of the only God. May he rest in this knowledge. Amen.
    Ingrid V - USA
  • Lord please heal Esmail. And please give him the wisdom to trust in You alone Jesus. To not trust on what he sees but to trust on the Lord who created heaven and earth! Please increase his faith, and fill him with Joy and love! That his passion will grow even stronger! Thank You Lord for saving this man! Thank you for his passion, thank You Jesus!
    Piet K - Netherlands
  • Father God, I pray for Esmail and ask that you would heal him quickly and help him to get back to his feet. I also thank you for Esmail and his wife's faith in you. Even amongst persecution they are standing strong in their faith. I pray that you would help them with financial support as well and increase their faith so they can share the good news.
    David A - USA
  • O Lord, fight those who fight with me!
    Attack those who attack me! Assure me with these words: “I am your deliverer!”
    May those who seek my life be embarrassed and humiliated!
    May those who plan to harm me be turned back and ashamed! Then I will rejoice in the Lord
    and be happy because of his deliverance. (from Psalms 35)
    Michelle B - USA
  • (cont'd) Heavenly Father, I pray that You cover Esmail and his wife with Your protection. Open a window of blessings and provision that the enemy cannot close or destroy. Restore what was taken from Esmail, and heal him in the face of his enemies so that they see and know that You are God and repent of their sins. In Yeshua’s bame, Amen.
    Michelle B - USA
  • Father God, thank you for the faith You have given Esmail and his wife. Thank you for preserving his life. Please continue to heal his body, strengthen his faith, and show him how to support he and his wife. Help him to forgive those who did this and may they see in his response to what has happened as reason to seek to know You. In Jesus' name, Amen
    Rena B - USA
  • Father God, by the power of Your Holy Spirit, I ask that You restore Esmail to full-health in the name of Jesus. Please encourage and strengthen his and his wife's hearts and lead them in Your new purpose for them that will flourish and succeed far-beyond what their attackers intended. Please protect and provide for them both. Thank You, Father God.
    Kathy G - USA
  • Father God I pray for Esmail for grace and mercy to find means of income and living. Let your hand be with him and keep from evil so that he may not cause pain. Bless him and his wife in deed. I pray for open heaven of blessings and favor upon the family. I ask all that in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Dumezweni M - South Africa
  • Lord, we ask you to make a way where it seems there is no way. As you empowered David against Goliath, please help Esmail to have victory over the enemy. Please provide for their daily needs and use them greatly to expand your Kingdom. May those who destroyed his car come to faith in you.
    Brenda M - USA
  • Dear God, You know our needs before we do, and Your Word says You will provide for them. Please send Your Holy Spirit to Esmail and his wife and surround them with peace and healing. Please continue to strengthen their faith in the face of persecution.
    Betty A - USA
  • Dear Father, Thank You for this brother's powerful life lived in faith. As you heal Esmail, supply the funds for his medical debt and lead him to another job where he can serve You even better. Encourage him and his dear wife as they watch You at work in their lives. Amen
    Laura F - USA
  • My Child I am here for you. I know the desires of your heart. I know every intimate detail of your life. I am with you always. Don’t ever feel you are alone for I am with you till the end of time. I will walk through the valley of death with you. Do not fear!
    Estelle S - USA
  • Dear Lord, thank you for always being with us. I pray for healing for those persecuted and forced to flee homes, comfort for family and friends of those lost or injured, security for those sharing You despite threats, and salvation to those who are persecuting your Church. I pray Your light would shine for many to see through these trials. Amen
    Olga G - USA
  • Holy Father, I do pray for this brother and his family that they would look to You for their needs. I pray that other brothers and sisters would rally around him and give him support. Father, thank You that he shares Jesus with others. Amen
    joey S - USA
  • Dear God, forgive them for they know not what they do! Strengthen the faith of these believers. Restore to Esmail all that was destroyed and heal his the name of Jesus! Bringi conviction and judgment on the perpetrators of this crime. May the Body of Christ come around Esmail and his family to support and bless them! In Jesus Name
    Carolyn L - USA
  • Father, I pray that our Pakistani brother, Esmail, and his dear wife will continue to look to You as their sole source of healing, comfort and provision during this discouraging series of events. You are more than able to sustain them in these trials and I pray that Your loving-kindness will be evident to all who know them, especially their attackers.
    Patrick V - USA
  • Father your word says "all these things will be added" to those who seek your kingdom first. I thank you for Esmail's faithfulness in seeking your kingdom first and seeking to lead others to you. Please heal his body and provide for his needs and the needs of his wife. Continue to fill them with your peace, joy and power.
    Kendall P - USA
  • Thank You for Esmail and the courage you have given him. May his love for You and desire to share You only grow, may his body heal quickly, and may he be provided for supernaturally. Give him and his wife unity and a deepening faith in Your goodness. Soften the hearts of his attackers and bring them to see the truth of who You are.
    Danielle H - USA
  • Dear Father, we thank you for Esmail's faithfulness in sharing the Good News. We pray for healing for his physical body, and also for the emotional trauma. Somehow provide him with a means of financial income. Grant him the grace to forgive his attackers and just shower your blessing upon him.
    In the name of Jesus, Amen.
    Lois Y - USA
  • Father, thank you for Esmail's boldness. I pray for your provision for him and his wife. touch his body with healing. Thank you for his faithfulness.
    Darlene E - USA
  • Father ,Esmail has obeyed you and has not shrunk back from sharing his faith,please reward his obedience and courage with your healing and meet his financial and emotional needs.Continue to give he and his wife strength and peace through faith in Christ. May the seeds he has planted grow into saving faith that he can see his work is not in vain.
    Dean B - USA
  • Lord, I cannot imagine the stress that "Esmail" and his wife are facing now that he is without a means of financial support. We ask You for supernatural provision of their needs and that believers would rally to help provide their needs. Father overwhelm this couple with Your peace and grace and may they demonstrate mercy to their persecutors. Amen.
    Matt B - USA
  • Holy Father, I pray for my brother Esmail. Bless his faith in You and provide him with a taxi so he can continue to earn a living and tell others about Jesus. May his faith in You be a witness to those who destroyed his car. May they see the truth in Jesus and come to repentance. May Esmail's love be a light to those in darkness. In Jesus' name,Amen
    Eli S - USA
  • Dear Daddy, please provide for Your son and Your daughter. May Your blessings flow to Esmail and his wife in wonderful ways they could have never imagined. Please bring justice to the men involved in attacking Esmail. Please draw them to Yourself. In Jesus' name, amen.
    Tricia G - USA
  • Father, thank you for Esmail's obedience to you to share his faith, a testimony of how you are worth so much more than everything the world has to offer! Give he and his wife increased faith and a greater maturity through this trial. May he share his faith even more now. Please provide for their financial needs and for his full healing! In Jesus Name!
    Alex B - USA
  • Lord I thank you for esmail's witnessing and strong christian faith, I pray you will turn the two men to christianity, and to god (you) (acts 26:18 kjv), Lord I pray esmail's car will be fixed by VOM ministry so he can begin supporting himself and his wife again and I pray he will have a speedy healing recovery from his injury. In jesus name. amen.
    Misha B - USA
  • Father, in Jesus' name thank you for Esmail and his wife! They have great courage and faith and are devoted to YOU. Thank you for protecting Esmail, heal him, and send them the support and provision that they need to continue to love and witness for you. Provide further opportunities to share Jesus through this trial. God, change the hearts of many!
    Patrick F - USA
  • Lord, provide Esmail with opportunities for employment. Bless him as he shares Christ. Heal his body and let his spirit soar with hope. Amen
    ej L - USA
  • Lord of heaven and Earth, please wrap your loving arms around Esmail and his wife. Heal his body and encourage his spirit of evangelism. Provide for them and protect them from further harm. Please make this loss an opportunity for something greater that demonstrates your love and power to all who see. Convict those who attacked him of your truth. Amen
    Liane F - USA
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