"Ahanti" and her baby are doing well after an attack on her church in India on April 15.
"Ahanti" and her baby are doing well after an attack on her church in India on April 15.
May. 13, 2016 | India

Pray for "Ahanti", Who Underwent Emergency C-Section After Attack on Church

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A young woman required an emergency C-section after an attack by Hindu radicals on April 15 at the Full Gospel Church. Members of the Bhagath Singh group (an RSS subsidiary) rushed into the church and told the Christians they would be killed if they continued to pray. When some of the believers continued to pray and sing, the radicals began shoving and pulling church members. A young pregnant woman, "Ahanti", was thrown to the ground, causing deep pain and stress to her unborn baby. After an emergency C-section, Ahanti and her premature daughter are both doing well. Recently, the Bhagath Singh group has been trying to force the village’s 15 Christian families to convert back to Hinduism.

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  • Our heavenly Father we pray for Ahanit and daughter who love You with all their hearts. We ask for a hedge of protection on them and angels from heaven to come and encourage them. We ask for the healing touch of Jesus on them. In the name of Jesus. Amen
    Gary F - USA
  • Lord send your health to this mother and child!
    Linda D - Korea, South
  • Praying
    Carla M - USA
  • Father, I ask for Your divine care over Ahanti and all the believers in India. Grow her and her baby in great health and wisdom through Your word. Please disrupt the evil plans of cowardly and sinful men in that region so that Your gospel of peace through Jesus Christ our Lord will go forth. Please protect those most vulnerable. Thank You, Father.
    Kathy G - USA
  • Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the safe delivery of Ahanti's baby, and the faith shown by her and her fellow Christians despite persecution. Bless, protect and heal those injured in the attack. Increase their zeal to exemplify your love and turn to you the hearts of the Hindu extremists. In your name, Amen.
    Craig M - USA
  • Lord, I thank You for protecting Ahanti and her baby! You are love. I ask that Ahanti's attackers and all of those against Christians in India will see the Truth and turn from their ways. I pray for a great future for AhantI and her daughter. May they be great witnesses for You. In Jesus's Name. Thank God. Amen.
    Christienne D - USA
  • I thank you, Lord, that Ahanti and her baby survived this violent attack. Please be with her and the members of her group and help them resist the efforts of the Bhagath Singh group to force them away from their faith in You. Amen
    William T - USA
  • Thank you God for saving Ahanti, the baby and the church. Father I pray for the protection of the christians in India. please Father give them boldness and courage to continue serving you. I pray for the well-being of the child and mother. I dedicate the child to you to know you and serve you always in Jesus Name, Amen.
    Sipho S - South Africa
  • Father In Jesus name I pray that You will draw all the people being touched by these warriors closer to you, and open the eyes of their hearts as well as their minds to understand the scriptures. Also give them ears to hear and I also pray that you do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond anything we can ask for or think of. Thank you in advance AMEN
    Mark M - USA
  • Lord we thank you for the safety of Ahanti and her daughter! Your grace can be shown in all situations. Lord I pray for the safety of these two along with the provision of people and resources to help them at this time. Lord soften the hearts of those that are persecuting christians in this area, allow them to see Your love through this, Amen
    Bryan S - USA
  • Father, thank You for Your protection over Ahanti and her baby. Please continue to keep them safe from those who would harm them. Please also strengthen and encourage the members of the Full Gospel Church, and may they not be cowed by threats from the Bhagath Singh group. Glorify Your name in them, so that members of Bhagath Singh may repent. Amein!
    Embriette H - USA
  • Lord, we pray that Ahanti will make a full recovery and that her child will be safe and healthy. We pray for their future. She was a brave woman to have kept praying. Let her witness bring some of her attackers to their salvation.
    Michael M - USA
  • Praise God!!! Thank You Father for keeping and protecting Ahanti and her daughter....Forgive her attackers for they know not what they do. Open there eyes to LOVE, and Jesus!!! Transform there broken hearts. Watch over your children in India. Keep them strong and connected to you. Don't let the Devil win and take them back to the Islam FAITH.
    Deidre S - USA
  • Praise God!!! Thank You Father for keeping and protecting Ahanti and her daughter....Forgive her attackers for they know not what they do. Open there eyes to LOVE, and Jesus!!! Transform there broken hearts. Watch over your children in India. Keep them strong and connected to you. Don't let the Devil win and take them back to the Islam FAITH.
    Deidre S - USA
  • Lord,
    Thank you for Ahanti and the members of the Full Gospel Church. I pray for the health of Ahanti and her baby, as well as for the other church members who were attacked. I pray that the leaders of the Bhagath Singh group will be confronted by the love of Christ and embrace Him as their Lord and Saviour.
    Lysander S - USA
  • Dear Lord: Please be with Ahanti and her baby. May all of these persecuted Christians be safe and well as they worship you. Dear Lord, please pour Your Spirit out to the unbelievers as well as these loyal followers of You. Please guide them, strengthen them, and give them peace. We love You, Lord. Thank you for taking c are of them. Love, Rachel
    Rachel E - USA
  • Lord protect Ahanti and support all of your martyrs, missionaries and followers from persecution, oppression and violence. In Jesus name we pray.
    Brigitte L - United Kingdom
  • Dear Father in Jesus Name thank You for the safe delivery of Ahanti & her baby daughter Keep them safe & provide for their needs Keep safe & provide for the needs of the 15 Christian families Keep their faith strong Remove all doubts & fears from all so all will come to You through Jesus our Lord Bless & protect all people & animals Thank You Lord Amen
    Lynn J - USA
  • Heavenly Father, thank you Lord for protecting Ahanti and her child. Lord, You are good and holy and perfect. You are our Lord and I thank You and love You for remaining faithful to us Lord. With love. In Jesus name I pray, amen.
    Jason H - USA
  • Lord God, thank you for sparing Ahanti and her baby. Lord God, please stop this evil. Send your angels to fight in the spiritual realms against this darkness. O God, please be near this young woman and her baby and their family. Provide, protect, and guide them. Help them as they move on from this. Help the church and families under fire. Unify!
    Amy G - USA
  • Thank you that Ahanti and her baby are healthy. I pray that you will continue to heal them, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Protect them an their church from any further attacks. Work in the hearts of their attackers to see your truth. Put a hedge of protection around the Full Gospel Church and all the Christians in India. Amen.
    rachel n - USA
  • Dear Father thank you for sparing the life of this beautiful baby girl and her mother. I ask that you continue to protect them and their believing neighbors. Lord allow their light to shine brighter than ever among their village. Move the heart of those who lead in their area to compassion that they may act in peace towards your children. Amen
    Ingrid V - USA
  • Praying for those who had been attacked and this new baby, that it will be able to grow with encouragement of your word. I pray that you continue to show this new family your ways & that you remind them Lord that you have a plan for everyone. I pray for peace,strength,love,comfort & a continued study for this new family. We pray in your high name, amen
    Allison B - USA
  • Praying for those who attacked this congregation. Praying their eyes to be opened and they be enlightened with the truth and follow Jesus. Praying they will no longer force others to go back into Hinduism. Praying for peace and safety for the congregation in Jesus.
    Maggie K - USA
  • Thank you Lord for your mercy on this woman and her child. Thank you that you protect your people even in the face of imminent danger. Lord Jesus send your Holy Spirit to convict the members of the Bhagat Singh group and any terrorist group trying to defame you and hurt your people. Give Ahanti & her baby resources needed to be safe and healthy. Amen!
    Schivon B - USA
  • Thank you Lord for protecting Ahanti and her child. I pray that the leaders of India intervene to insure freedom for all religions in their country. May the true light of your wisdom shine on the members of Bhagath Singh.
    Henry P - USA
  • Dear Heavenly father, we ask for protection and encouragement for these families, may they be steadfast in their faith, please let them endure in their trials and may they draw others to the love of Jesus, watch over them dear Lord and bless Ahanti and her precious baby in Jesus name Amen
    Shaunagh N - United Kingdom
  • Dear Lord Jesus, I thak you for saving the lives of this woman and her child. I ask you to protect this church and its congregation and cause them to be strong and grow in you. I ask you to show yourself real to those evil men who did this and save their souls. Thank you Lord. Pamela USA
    Pamela F - USA
  • Father,
    Please continue to bless and protect Ahanti and her child and all the Christians in her village. Remember, wherever two or more are gathered together, He is among you. May He touch the hearts the radicals and turn them from their evil purpose. May God continue to give you strength and boldness to resist them. Amen and God bless.
    Gerald M - USA
  • Father, we pray for Ahanti and her tiny baby; give them health and strength and meet all their needs. Be with all their church members; keep them strong in faith. Protect these 15 Christian families and give them Your wisdom in all they say and do. We thank You that You'll be nearer to them than a brother.
    Debbie G - USA
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